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Live Updates: Abi Sanders Defends her SODI World Series in Genk

Live Updates: Abi Sanders Defends her SODI World Series in Genk

Live Updates:

Saturday - Grand Finale

Starting in fifth, Abi had good start and was P3 by turn 3. She was then overtaken illegally so was rightly given the place back, but was then overtaken again straight away at turn 1.

Abi was again in a big group of 10 karts.

She got to the front of the group for several laps. During lap 6 she was then stuck on the outside of the very tight chicane and dropped down to P6.

She then worked her way back up into 4th.

Abi and the French driver in 3rd then got away from the group and had gained 3 seconds on them within 2 laps.

They battled for 3rd position for the remainder of the race and switched positions several times throughout. The French driver was just too quick down all the straights and Abi couldn’t get past her. She ended in a very respectable P4.

This meant P5 overall in the Championship with 167 points; only 7 points off the podium.

Well done Abi!

Saturday - Superheat

It's finals day today, with a Superheat and then a Grand final this afternoon.

Starting 6th, Abi got a better start but was then involved in a massive tussle lasting the first few corners but managed to stay in 6th position.

On lap 3 she made an overtake and climbed to 5th position. The top 4 had already gained a 2 second lead during the fighting.

Abi, now in a battle with a group of 5 karts, had to continue fighting for positions for the next 9 laps of the race. She dropped down to 9th but worked her way back up to 6th.

Abi and the 5th place French driver then pulled away from the rest of the group but Abi was unable to pass her as she was so quick down all 3 straights.

Abi will be starting 5th in the final.

The weather could change and add to the excitement!

Thursday - HEAT 3

Starting P8.

Again not the best standing start from Abi and she lost 2 positions on the first lap, dropping down the P10.

There was another massive group of karts from 3rd down to 14th. Abi was right in the middle of the pack for most of the race and exchanging positions throughout.

She managed to gain multiple places during this time to get herself up to P7. Another tough rough race in a big pack.

Now onto the superheat on Saturday where she will be starting 6th in the grid as a result of her points total from today’s heats.

Thursday - HEAT 2

Starting 13th.

Not a great start as, in a change to the regulations, it is now standing starts but Abi didn’t gain or lose anything on the first few corners and remained in 13th.

Abi was then in a group of 9 karts and was in a very aggressive part of the train. By lap 5 there had been lots of position changes with Abi now in 10th on track in a group of 3 karts pulling away.

She remained with this group of 3 until the final corner. Abi got a run on the person in 9th and gained the position, nearly taking 8th too.

Another tough race but well fought throughout.

Thursday - HEAT 1

Starting 9th.

After a good start, Abi got in a melee at turn 3, going 3 wide, and came off worst but stayed in P9.

After settling down for a lap, Abi went a second quicker than any driver on track and by lap 2 and 3 she had made decisive overtakes and was in P6.

At this point she was half a second quicker than anyone with a fastest lap of 1.41.023 and in the last 3 minutes of the race was in a intense battle for 4th with multiple overtakes but it was tricky to get past as there was no grip on the rubber.

The battle carried on until the end of the race with Abi stuck behind P4.

A very good P5 with the fastest lap of the race.

Wednesday - QUALIFYING

Wednesday was qualifying for Abi at the Sodi World Series in Genk.

She was fastest in the wet in practice but the track quickly dried up for the following 3 qualifying sessions. Abi had to learn the track all over again while trying to secure some good grid positions for tomorrow’s heats.

She managed to qualify 9th, 13th and 8th for tomorrow’s 3 heats. Her sector times were as quick as anyone’s by the end of qualifying but traffic meant that she couldn’t put them all together for her best lap.

Abi Sanders Represents the United Kingdom in Genk

Last year, we sponsored Abi Sanders on her conquests at the SODI World Series in Bratislava. The Daytona Tamworth driver was the only female driver representing the United Kingdom, and she went on to win the Championship in style.

This year, Abi will be defending her title in Genk, racing against 30 of the world's fastest female SODI drivers.

The competition commences on Wednesday afternoon, 3rd July. Abi will be racing in three qualifying rounds on Wednesday, followed by three Heats on Thursday 4th, before a Super Heat and Final on  Saturday 6th July.

In her own words, Abi tends to grow into competitions as they progress, as she familiarises herself with the track, her kart, and the competition around her, growing in confidence race-after-race.

Last year, she was locked in a fierce battle with and eventually overcame the Dutch & Belgian competitors. She knows it will be even more of a challenge in Genk, as the pair local drivers will be more familiar with the track.

Abi has not been short of practice at new circuits, however, having recently made her debut at Daytona Sandown Park and Milton Keynes whilst competing in the Jamie Chadwick Series. She also recently finished Daytona Tamworth's Thursday Night League in third place.

"I've been racing at Daytona Tamworth since I was eleven years old and I'm thankful for their support at the SODI World Series. I started off doing Cadet Practices, and then progressed into the InKart championship, and then eventually onto SuperChamps. I've since won over 50 races in the 4-stroke & DMAX-GT karts, and have been on the podium over 200 times.

I've loved racing in the Jamie Chadwick Series - it's such a great initiative as it brings together so many talented female drivers, and has been brilliant in building a community."

Daytona will be keeping our community updated on Abi's progress via our Instagram and Facebook feeds. You can also stay posted by following Abi's karting page.

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