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Daytona Championships

Daytona Championships


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Milton Keynes


The first heat of the day started with an instant 3 place penalty for George Wilamowski as he jumped the start from 3rd position. It ended up being a terrible heat as he also ended up spinning not long after on his own and falling back down the order, and even after trying to climb up again, the penalty would keep him last. Charley Murray started the race on pole and a dominant drive kept him there, with a 5 second lead over Lewis Bowey behind. Logan Cunningham finished ahead of Freddie Jenkins. It was a large gap back to Holly, Max and Joseph all battled to the end of the race between them and finished in that order 25 seconds back as a pack, with lots of small contact. In the Cadets it was a close race between them as Rayaan led the pack to win ahead of Arel, Jacob and Ryan, all finishing within 7 seconds of each other. Caden and Jessica finished further back to pick up some points at the end of the heat.

Heat 2 also saw dramatic start as Tom Justice received a warning for blocking at turn 1 after not leaving the other driver enough room on the inside. He went on to finish second, just ahead of Brandon Edwards. Zayn Perry took the chequered flag while the rest of the Juniors battled and as they tried to lap, inexperience caused enough yellows to keep the cadets bunched up. It was Noah Hammond who won in the cadets ahead of Ted Hayward, Charlie Marden and Leo Sibthorpe.

The third heat had a relatively quiet start as the field kept it clean and spread out throughout the first few laps. The back of the Junior field had a couple of collisions as they fought for a couple more points. It was Charley Murray who won again 2 seconds clear of Freddie. Lewis Bowey had a strong 3rd with George Wilamowski behind and a good race after earlier while Logan just beat Max to 5th. In the Cadets Rayaan lead again to finish in 1st with Ryan 5 seconds back. Jacob Noble would just beat Arel to 3rd by less than a tenth.

Heat 4 would be another half clean start with a small amount of contact. Brandon Edwards would receive a 1 place penalty for a bump and pass at Turn 4, as the Juniors fought for positions, and they all stayed extremely close throughout the race. A couple of the Cadets ended up spinning on their own from the pressure as all the Cadets were also close together. Zayn Perry won another heat. Tom Justice dropped from 2nd to 5th after a penalty. Arthur ended up in 2nd with Michael and Tudor behind. Brandon also received a 1 place penalty for a bump and pass and dropped to 6th. In the Cadets Noah Hammond won with Charlie Marden and Leo Sibthorpe.

In the B final Tudor led from pole to take the chequered flag first in what was a very quiet race ahead of Brandon Edwards. George Wilamowski rounded out the podium 30 seconds back just ahead of Holly Garratt who missed out on the podium, but held 4th from Ody Hole behind. The cadets had a much more interesting race with a couple of spins causing yellow flags, but it was Leo Sibthorpe who took him first win in a final ahead of Ted hayward. Cadan Kavanagh rounded out the B final podiums.

In the A final it was also a quiet race with few incidents, and few battles however Michael put up a good defense to try and hold 4th ahead of Freddie and Arthur as the race ended. A mistake on the second to last lap let Arthur through and then another one at the last corner saw him go wide onto the grass and lose another position. Zayn Perry would pick up his 3rd win of the day and win the A final 7 seconds ahead of Tom Justice who also picked up the fastest lap and just ahead of Charley Murray behind. Lewis Bowey was a few seconds off the podium ahead of the battle behind. In the Cadets Rayaan led a dominant race to win while Arel had a good performance to claim 2nd position and a surprise to him as he also claimed the fastest lap in the cadets. Jacob Noble claimed the final podium position ahead of Charlie Marden. Noah Hammond and Ryan Cafferkey rounded out the days racing.

Thursday Night League (Round 11)


Richard Danby qualified on pole with a 1.56.5 in very wet conditions, and on the extended cliff drop and bus stop layout, both named due to the profile of the turns. Ash Chivers lined up alongside and just under a tenth slower. William Fry started in 3rd with Charlie Sheldrake in 4th, both 1.3 and 3 seconds off pole, a relatively poor qualifying for the penultimate round of the season and championship contenders. James King hopped into a SODI for practice before his DMAX race and lined up in 5th and a second further off.

The race had its fair share of battles with being a full 31 driver grid, and many yellows caused by the multiple spins by drivers further down the order as they battled away outside the points. Richard and William found themselves battling back and forth for the lead as they pulled from the pack behind. Ash Chivers and James King fought over the last podium position and Thomas Barson battled Charlie Sheldrake. With lapped traffic and yellow flags, they constantly went back and forth however as the chequered flag ended the race it was Richard who won just 2 seconds in front of William. James King found himself on the podium ahead of Ash who held the fastest lap and Charlie took 5th position. The rest of the drivers who received points were Thomas Barson, Noah Wills, Aiden Jones, Jimi Holder and Mathhew Holloway rounding out the top 10, with Michael Bowles just missing out on a point.


Lee Schnitzler took pole for the DMAX race with a 1.47.4 as the rain continued to fall. James King lined up alongside a massive 1.7 seconds back. Ashley Mayston-King started in 3rd a further 0.7 seconds back with Paul Studd in 4th, 3 seconds off whilst Jimi Holder took a surprise 5th.

Being a much smaller 10 driver grid, there were fewer yellow flags and back markers, however James King spun before the last corner, under yellows on the rolling start and ended up falling to the back as he recovered himself. The first few laps saw a lot of battling as both James Brown and James King tried to make up lost ground. Jimi Holder was one of the drivers who didn’t know which way was forward as he kept spinning and dropping down the field each time. As the race progressed, the skill gap showed itself as the drivers separated. It was Lee who ended in the lead, 19 seconds ahead with the fastest lap and Ashley in second. James King had a great drive back to finish on the podium a further 7 seconds back, as James Brown missed out on a trophy by another 12 seconds. Paul Studd climbed up to 5th and Max Michalski finished ahead of Jimi. Charlie Sheldrake finished in 8th with Charlie Newman and Tom Ludovico rounding out the grid.



For the first time in a while, we returned to the heats format for Superchamps Round 4, and it was going to be in unique wet-dry conditions out on the circuit.

N-35 ST

There was a slightly unlikely winner in the first heat for the N-35 field, with Sinclair Potter-Greene putting together a fantastic run to a victory of about seven seconds ahead of championship leader Nikodem Benonski. They were joined in the top three by Keelan Arnold, who had a pretty quiet time in that third spot. In the Heavyweights, Chris Lomas took his first heat win of the season, ahead of newfound championship leader Kristine Kolodziejski. They were joined in the top three by the ever-quick Ivan Norris.

Sinclair couldn’t quite continue his form in the second heat, this time victory went the way of the fantastic Leo Jackson, who put in a dominant drive ahead of Nikodem Benonski (who would be quite high on the grid heading into the final). Zak Bolton joined them in the top three, and they looked to resume battle in the final. As for the Heavyweights, Kristine returned to the top ahead of Chris Lomas and Ivan Norris.

A Lightweight would not win the final, instead that honour would go to Kristine – winning by a comfortable three seconds. She was miles ahead of her Heavyweight podium, where Ivan Norris was able to squeeze ahead of Kieran Bryant to round out that podium running. As for the Lightweights, there was an entertaining scrap between Leo, Keelan and Nikodem – eventually finishing in that order – with Keelan holding onto second by just a few tenths of a second.


Our first DMAX race was dominated by Alex Jackson, who took victory by a massive eight seconds ahead of lap-record holder Jack Middleton. They were joined in the top three by Tom Duffy, who hasn’t really been able to kick on and win a round so far this season – certainly hoping his fortunes would change here. Kristine continued her dominance in the Heavyweight category, winning that class ahead of the rapidly improving William Hitchcock.

The round sweep was kept alive for Alex Jackson in the second heat, but it was far from straightforward as he found himself in a drag race to the line with Josh Gora, eventually finishing just eight hundredths of a second ahead. Only two tenths of a second separated the entire top three, who were battling all race long, with Joseph Simcock getting himself into that top three. There was no change in the order from the first heat for the Heavyweights, where Kristine once again took a comfortable victory ahead of William.

We saw possibly one of the most entertaining races of the year into the DMAX final, where there was an insane battle between most of the top ten. At the end of the race, Alex Jackson held on to a dramatic victory ahead of a recovering Jacob Holley, who would have won heat two but for a spin in the closing stages, he was still probably happy with second. They were joined on the podium by Joseph Simcock, but he only held on by about four tenths of a second to Jamie Chadwick Series driver Amelia Wolf. Our Heavyweight class was significantly closer, this time Kristine and Will being right next to each other on the circuit, however the championship leader still held on to her round sweep.

It is set to be a busy July as we round out season two of Superchamps at Daytona Tamworth, and we look forward to seeing all of our drivers again soon.


For all Daytona Championship photos and more, please click here.

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