KDS RACING were victorious in the 2018 Daytona 24 Hours, ahead of 44 other teams at Daytona Milton Keynes this weekend. The record breaking entry level was matched by the record breaking 100% race completion by all 45 teams.

Winning by just 7.559 seconds after 24 exciting hours of racing, KDS Racing managed to eke out 1 hour and 36 minutes from their DMAX’s fuel tank in a final stint that saw them finish with just vapour in the tank! The fast chasing Versive – Karting Magazine team managing to cut the deficit from 40 seconds with one hour to go to less than 8 seconds at the chequered flag as both teams completed 1212 laps! Third place went to Team Applewood who’s spirited attempt at the race saw them complete 1211 laps – finishing just one minute behind the lead pair after the 24 hours.

Last year’s winners, Titan Motorsport finished 4th on 1205 laps – their attempt to win back to back races thwarted by a broken Nassau Panel bracket that cost them just over 8 minutes in the Pits overnight.

The Sodi Class race proved equally exciting with JRG Racing winning with 1172 laps, ahead of Last Place who completed 1169 laps as did Where’s The Weighbridge who finished third.

With all 45 teams completing the race, they travelled a collective 62,500 kilometres – the equivalent of 1.5 times around the World, but all drivers and spectators applauded Trey Shannon who completed the race on his own – the seventh time he has raced solo for 24 hours. Trey who raced to raise money for the MoreTourette Association of America completed an amazing 1152 laps and finished 29th overall!

The official results and a gallery of images are below.  Visit the Daytona Milton Keynes Facebook Page where you can see the Facebook Live Videos that were broadcast from the event.

PosTeamClassLapsDiffBest LapBest Lap No.Best Speed
1KDS RacingD24 DMAX121201:05.640665.814 km/h
2Versive – Karting MagazineD24 DMAX12127.559s01:05.6061565.848 km/h
3Team ApplewoodD24 DMAX1211-101:05.5171465.937 km/h
4Titan MotorsportD24 DMAX1205-701:05.7274265.726 km/h
5Top Guns RacingD24 DMAX1201-1101:06.0782865.377 km/h
6Bill & BenD24 DMAX120136.391s01:05.6292765.825 km/h
7Young Guns RacingD24 DMAX1199-1301:05.25513666.202 km/h
8Wildcard D&DD24 DMAX1198-1401:05.90020365.554 km/h
9Off PisteD24 DMAX1194-1801:05.932765.522 km/h
10Raven Motorsport AlphaD24 DMAX1190-2201:05.4241566.031 km/h
11Aldi Sport Team JoestD24 DMAX1184-2801:06.2182165.239 km/h
12Ruthless RacingD24 DMAX1182-3001:06.235765.222 km/h
13MRT – Manchester Racing TeamD24 DMAX1176-3601:06.78433664.686 km/h
14Clive Emson AuctioneersD24 DMAX1173-3901:05.6591465.794 km/h
15JRG RacingD24 SODI1172-4001:09.5169662.144 km/h
16Last PlaceD24 SODI1169-4301:09.87715761.823 km/h
17Raven Motorsport BravoD24 DMAX1167-4501:06.7819764.689 km/h
18Where’s the Weighbridge?D24 SODI116713.896s01:09.88284861.818 km/h
19KDS Racing SODID24 SODI1166-4601:09.9032861.8 km/h
20The Five Dollar HeadsD24 DMAX116616.284s01:06.5163764.947 km/h
21The Christie’s ManchesterD24 DMAX1165-4701:07.0251964.454 km/h
22Rugby Kart ClubD24 SODI1161-5101:09.65071662.024 km/h
23Algorithmic AscendancyD24 SODI1159-5301:10.57282661.214 km/h
24Swindon KartingD24 SODI1158-5401:10.18087461.556 km/h
25KDS Team TamworthD24 SODI1157-5501:10.213761.527 km/h
26#MoreWisemenD24 SODI1155-5701:10.24787161.497 km/h
27Force WindiaD24 SODI1153-5901:10.678112861.122 km/h
28Team MooD24 SODI115319.399s01:10.41055361.355 km/h
29Satellite Racing for TouretteD24 SODI1152-6001:10.9561760.883 km/h
30Satellite RacingD24 SODI1148-6401:10.04987161.671 km/h
31Tomo’s GBD24 SODI1147-6501:10.52015961.259 km/h
32Racing for MalinD24 SODI1146-6601:09.7462261.939 km/h
33Calibre MotorsportD24 SODI11466.459s01:10.72878061.079 km/h
34Team Fake TaxiD24 SODI1144-6801:10.22829061.514 km/h
35Going Going GoneD24 SODI11449.373s01:09.5892262.079 km/h
36#WisemenD24 SODI1141-7101:10.72989361.078 km/h
37PKC All-StarsD24 SODI1140-7201:10.19825261.54 km/h
38The Ellough MentalsD24 SODI1136-7601:10.9051960.927 km/h
39Market MonkiesD24 DMAX1124-8801:07.4281064.068 km/h
40British Racing TedD24 SODI1122-9001:11.19643460.678 km/h
41WSB RacingD24 SODI1108-10401:11.4502260.462 km/h
42Double ZeroD24 DMAX1087-12501:06.5211764.942 km/h
43South Cambs Urgent Medics (Team S.C.U.M)D24 SODI1086-12601:11.07467560.782 km/h
44Crash BandicootD24 SODI1080-13201:10.64379361.153 km/h
45Offset_UKD24 DMAX1056-15601:06.56114064.903 km/h

Day One Images: