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Overdrive YouTubers take on 30 Subscribers at Daytona Milton Keynes

Overdrive YouTubers take on 30 Subscribers at Daytona Milton Keynes

In July, the OVERDRIVE team visited Daytona once again, for the third video in under a year, and this time they hit the track at Daytona Milton Keynes.

They invited 30 subscribers to come along and race against Scott Mansell, a former professional racing driver, under the premise that the last person to be overtaken by Scott, who started at the back of the grid, wins $1,000. Every time he overtook somebody, they would be eliminated from the race.

The 30 racers were a mixed bunch, ranging from people that had never raced before, right up to championship kart racers. Dan Munroe, multi SuperChamps winner, was one of the drivers, as was Andrew Strike, who recently achieved the fastest lap at Daytona’s 24 Hours. The OVERDRIVE team also invited the Csperghi twins, young drivers making a name for themselves in the Junior Sprint League. A great race would follow.

There was carnage on the first lap, and a mass pile-up immediately saw a handful of drivers eliminated straight away. The build-up of traffic helped Scott immensely, and he quickly overtook ten drivers.

He capitalised on plenty of mistakes, made some brave moves, albeit sometimes questionable in terms of legality, but soon found himself with just ten drivers left.

To even it up a little bit, they then re-gridded. Without any further spoilers, you can watch the full action below - with a fantastic photo finish:

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