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Results – Tamworth Inkart Championship – Round 12

Results – Tamworth Inkart Championship – Round 12


Congratulations to those on the Podium for Round 12 of Tamworth's Junior and Senior InKart Championships which took place on Saturday 3rd December 2022. This 12 round Championship has you competing against the best junior and adult amateur outdoor go-karting drivers in the Midlands. Each driver competes in a 10 minute practice, 2 x 10 minute heats and a 12 minute final. Championship points are awarded for finishing positions in the finals with bonus points for fastest laps in each round.

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Cadet BIZ160 - Round 12

1st Hayden Adams
2nd Archie Gale
3rd Blake Southan

Junior SODI RT8 - Round 12

1st Dhena Rohan
2nd Artur Marczak
3rd Henry Parkes

Senior SODI RT8 Lightweight - Round 12

1st Jake Renshaw
2nd Andrew Mcwilliam
3rd Ben Smiles

Senior SODI RT8 Heavyweight - Round 12

1st Stuart Andrew
2nd Darren Holliday
3rd William Emerson

Senior DMAX Lightweight - Round 12

1st Ben Sanders
2nd Casey Baughan
3rd Dillon Davis

Senior DMAX Interweight - Round 12

1st Andy Spencer
2nd William Woods
3rd Joe Hamblett

Senior DMAX Heavyweight - Round 12

1st George Kenning
2nd Kieran Coombs
3rd Alex Bomberg

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