Luke Tapp

Daytona Milton Keynes Engineering

After graduating the National College of Motorsport in Race Mechanics, Luke joined the team as Assistant Head Of Engineering. His responsibility is to ensure the fleets are performing at their best!

Jan Mathes

Daytona Milton Keynes Engineering

From August 2021, Jan joined the team as Head of Engineering. He enjoys preparing the karts for the big events that take place to help ensure they all run as smoothly as possible.

Anthony Brennan

Front-of-House Manager

Anthony joined in March 2021. His prior Front of House Management skills have helped to ensure that all of our guests are well looked after from the moment they arrive to when they leave.

Alistair Pringle

Head of Operations at Daytona Milton Keynes

Alistair has been part of Daytona since August 2018. Alistair oversees all operations at Daytona Milton Keynes and is always available to help!

Rob Tearle

Track Manager at Daytona Milton Keynes

Coming from a Management background, Rob joined the team as the Track Manager back in August 2020. He ensures all events run smoothly and manages the Track Team.

Dan Byrne

Daytona Milton Keynes Catering Manager

Dan has been in the team since October 2017. He has been within the Catering and Hospitality industry for over 8 years. Dan enjoys interacting with guests and adores cooking the famous Smash burger.

Adam Thomas

Daytona Milton Keynes Race Director

Adam has worked his way from a marshal to Assistant Race Director since joining the team. He was previously a student and Daytona was his first ever job.

Seb Derbetrand

Daytona Sandown Park Assistant General Manager

Seb joined straight from college back in July 2017. He has worked his way up to Assistant General Manager. From planning championships to speaking to customers, Seb enjoys the variety in his role.

Henry Fletcher

Daytona Sandown Park Assistant Engineering Manager

Henry joined at the beginning of December as the Head of Engineering at Sandown Park. He loves fixing high performance vehicles and finds it extremely rewarding when the fleet is at 100%.

Liam Sewell

Daytona Sandown Park Engineering Team

Liam’s dedication to Daytona has grown exponentially after joining the team at the age of 16. He joined in November 2015 and has been working at Daytona ever since!

Isabelle Graham

Daytona Head Office Sales Manager

On the 1st June 2021, Isabelle proudly joined the Sales team and has been a brilliant addition to the team! Isabelle loves interacting with people and enjoys working as a team.

Meraz Ali

Daytona Head Office Sales Manager

Meraz joined the sales team in December 2021. Coming from a Business Development background – Meraz has a brilliant ability to provide amazing value for his customers.

Alex Osborne

Daytona Head Office Sales Manager

Charlie Smith

Track Marshal

Ogaga Cribb

Track Marshal

Harrison Mitchell

Track Marshal

Harrison joined in August 2021, coming from the retail industry. He enjoys interacting with customers and helping out at events.