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The Overdrive Team Takes on Daytona Tamworth

The Overdrive Team Takes on Daytona Tamworth

Three second-hand karts vs DMAX-GT

Daytona Motorsport recently hosted the team from Overdrive, a popular YouTube channel hosted by the team behind Driver 61. Overdrive's three presenters, Scott Mansell, Will Chandler, and Callum McIntyre, were present for the event. They bought three go-karts from Facebook Marketplace for £400 each. Two of them were in bad condition and one was an old ProKart with two Honda GX160 engines.


The Overdrive team warmed up with some laps around the track. Callum's dual engine kart was by far the fastest, while Will's kart was slow and sturdy. Scott's kart was in terrible condition and had trouble starting. Will's chain came off on his first lap, and his kart broke down again shortly after he fixed it. Fortunately, Daytona's engineering team was on hand to help.


The Overdrive team then faced three challenges: a drag race, a lap time challenge, and a final three-lap race. In the drag race, Callum's ProKart easily won, while Will's slow and steady kart came in second. Scott's failing kart finished last by a considerable distance.


Daytona Tamworth’s lap-time record holder, nicknamed "Andrew the Child" due to his light frame and small stature, drove each of the karts around the track to test their lap time. Scott's kart failed to start again, but with a push start, it finally got going and finished in 1 minute 14 seconds. Will's kart spluttered around the lap and finished slower than Scott's with a time of 1 minute 20 seconds. Callum's dual engine kart expertly drove round the track in a time of 1 minute dead.


In the final challenge, Andrew the Child drove Daytona's 70mph DMAX-GT kart, the UK's fastest publicly available go-kart, and put it head to head against the Overdrive team in each of their karts. The challenge worked based on lap times in the previous round, with a staggered start. The last person to be overtaken by Andrew the Child won. In the end, Callum was the winner, no surprise there, as his kart was by far the fastest. He won the overall challenge and sprayed champagne in the face of his competitors.


Watch the full video:

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