Could you make it to the top of the Daytona Manchester Cadet Racing League?

Daytona Manchester’s Cadet Racing League launched on Sunday 4th March 2018 with the first Cadet Racing League Sprint race – and the leaderboard is now updated with the standings after the first ever Cadet League Race. It will be updated each Sunday after the Cadet Racing League Races.

We hold  Cadet League Sprint Races at 0930hrs every Sunday. Entry is open to any Cadet Advanced Driver aged 8-13, between 125 and 150cm tall and with an inside leg exceeding 59cm. If your 8-13 year old is taller than this, they may be allowed to race in our Junior Racing League. Each round consists of driver briefing, practice laps and a twenty minute Sprint Race. Entry costs just £25 inc VAT online or £27 inc VAT over the phone or in person.

Drivers score points on their finishing places and drivers’ scores from the last four League Sprints are used to calculate the League Table. Simply book your Cadet Advance Driver into the Cadet Racing League Sprint to join the league leaderboard. Call 03303327870 to book – or book online.


PositionNameRound 8Round 9Round 10Round 11Total
1Alfie Thomas Williams25252525100
2Jamie Norris20201858
3Leo Anderson18182056
4Blake Fitzgerald14181648
5Thomas Cannon161430
6Hugh Parry2020
7Harriet Mccormick1616
8Max Renshaw1616
9Lucas Crossland1414
10Charlie Wyatt1414