Could you make it to the top of the Daytona Manchester Racing League?

Daytona Manchester’s Racing League launched on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the first Racing League Sprint race – and the leaderboard is below.

We hold  League Sprint Races at 1900hrs every Tuesday. Drivers score points on their finishing places and drivers’ scores from the last four League Sprints are used to calculate the League Table. Simply book yourself into the Tuesday night Racing League Sprint to join the league leaderboard. Call 03303327870 to book – or book online.

PositionNameRound 14Round 15Round 16Round 17Total
1George Massey16181650
2Jonny Elliot252550
3Robert Duma202545
4Alastair Davis202040
5Kimberley Degg52530
6Ben Nelson81826
7James Stott-Briggs2020
8Marcin Iwanski1818
9Suhail Naser1818
10Peter Donnelly1616
11Bilaal Hamid1616
12Anne Remoroza1414
13Slawomir Filipiak1414
14Mike Scott1414
15Pawel Antkowiak1212
16Harry Massey1212
17James Tyson1212
18Marcin Giedo1010
19Graham Dineen1010
20Mark Mahon88
21Marshall Slayer88
22Aleksandra Puszcz66