Daytona Milton Keynes International InKart Championships
Round Three Race Report (PDF Download)

SODI RT8 Series

Super Pole Qualifying Top 10


Olly Hood



Scott Taylor



Andrew Pearce



H – Barry Morris



H – Gareth Baldwin



Charlie Fenton



William Davison



Joe Williams



Euan Levey



Tate Taverner



Heat 1
Hood took pole with Taylor and Pearce behind. Hood got an awesome start enabling him to get a solid lead on the first lap but an unfortunate spin made him drop back multiple spaces and lost him momentum. After an impressive lap; Tom Bush, who started down on the grid, positioned himself in first position and had a strong and growing lead by lap 3. On the closing laps, Tate Taverner and Joe Williams were having a good battle with Williams on the back of Taverner throughout and not being able to find a way through.  Bush extended his lead to 11 seconds by the end of the race, with Taylor in second and Davison in third, only 0.5 seconds behind second.

In the Heavies, Morris started on pole with Baldwin in second and Donnelly in third. Harvey Reed moved up to second in the initial lap after catching up to the leaders in the wet conditions. Reed was all over the back of Morris’ kart but was unable to get pass him in the first half of the race. On lap 4, Baldwin clocked in the fastest lap time for the Heavy category but had an unfortunate spin at Turn 5 which lost him a lot of time in the race. The leader, Morris also had a spin but at Turn 10 after slightly hitting another kart, this lost him the lead. Reed took the win, Donnelly was 3 seconds behind and Morris in third, after his spin.


Heat 2
Louis Alderton started on pole with Steffan Barreau in second and Bradley Pollard in third. Bush didn’t take long to get into the lead with an aim to extend his lead throughout his race. From the last heat, Bush was the fastest driver by over 1.1 seconds so he was the driver to beat in Heat 2. Taylor followed Bush through the field and was able to get to the front of the grid early on in the race, this was the same for Taverner who was on the tail end of Taylor and trying to get past. Taverner wasn’t able to find a way through and settled with third at the end of the race. By the end of the race, Bush took the win by 9.1 seconds with Taylor and Taverner finishing behind.

Sam Dawson started on pole for the Heavies, Andy Fryer in second and Mark Johnson in third. Reed got to the front as soon as he could which helped Baldwin out as he was able to follow through the pack with Reed. As the Heavy drivers caught up to the back markers in the Light category it mixed the racing up a bit with more karts in the factor. Reed, Baldwin and Donnelly got through as the top three positions and finished in that order with Baldwin taking a brave move at Turn 11 on the last lap to take back a position he lost previously in the race.

Bush took pole for the final after two successful heats. Taylor placed in second and Taverner in third on the grid. Bush was far out in front on the opening lap, no challenge from his other competitors. Pearce overtook two karts on lap 4 which promoted him to 4th position. He was in a battle of 4 karts all aiming to get out in front. Most of the top positions remained constant with Bush being undefeated for the entirety of the round. In the final stages of the race, there was a closing battle for 4th position amongst 3 karts who finished 2 seconds apart each other with Taverner finishing in front of the pack. Davison finished 9.8 seconds behind first, Bush, with Taylor finishing 10 seconds behind second.

1st – Tom Bush


2nd – William Davison


3rd – Scott Taylor


Reed started on pole in the Heavies, Donnelly in second and Fryer in third. All karts were packed together entering Turn 1 which helped Baldwin make up a position. He followed Reed around the opening laps trying to put pressure on. Donnelly caught up to the top two drivers. Baldwin took the lead at Turn 11 on lap 2. Baldwin remained in front of Reed for the upcoming laps and slowly increasing his gap. Reed was back behind Baldwin and putting immense amount of pressure on him for the lead. At Turn 10 on lap 7, Reed got caught up with backmarkers and spun which lost him momentum and also, his position. Baldwin remained out in front with a win for him in his first InKart round! Reed finished in second only 0.3 seconds after his spin a few laps prior with the 2nd fastest lap of the overall race. Donnelly finished in third.


1st – Gareth Baldwin


2nd – Harvey Reed


3rd – John Donnelly


DMAX Series


Qualifying Results


Tobi Shomade



Eden Rosenfield



Alex Simmons



Charlotte Manton



Charlie Fenton



Scott Johnson



H-Lee Witney



H-Carl Stephen



H-Stewart Madden



H-Richard Newton



The Race
Shomade got away with Rosenfield following from the rolling grid start and was able to break a small gap to Simmons in third. Manton drove defensively on the opening lap as Fenton caught up to her, challenging for the position. After the opening lap, Shomade had a small gap from Rosenfield which was closed in the forthcoming laps, with Manton and Simmons following, only a small margin from them and the leaders. They started to catch up to the leaders but soon lost out with a few slower laps. On lap 6, Shomade and Rosenfield caught up to the back markers which allowed Rosenfield to close the gap. On lap 15, there was a position change for first but Shomade took Rosenfield back in the following corner. By lap 19, Simmons was in the chase for the lead as he joined the top 4 battle with Manton. The top 4 positions went into Turn 1 as Shomade lost control and was dragged out by the outside kerb. This allowed Manton to sweep through on the inside and place herself in the top position. Simmons got through as well and started to chase down the leader. On lap 29, Shomade took Simmons on the outside of Turn 6 to take P2. Manton had grown a solid lead of 3 seconds with no sign of the karts behind closing the gap. After 36 laps, Manton took the win with Shomade and Simmons in second and third respectfully.

1st – Charlotte Manton


2nd – Tobi Shomade


3rd – Alex Simmons


In the Heavy category, all drivers got a decent start but Lee Witney unfortunately spun at Turn 1 which lost him his position. Stewart Madden looked strong at Turn 10, being able to close the gap to the karts in front under braking. Carl Stephens, who started in 2nd place, was driving in 1st position and starting to extend his lead which grew to 10 seconds by lap 14. Witney, who had the spin on lap one, made it up to P3, in class, by lap 15. By lap 28, Witney had made it to P2 in the Heavies classification after an impressive drive from the back of the pack with the fastest lap amongst the Heavy drivers. Madden was comfortably in third with no immediate threat from Cook who finished fourth after 40 minutes of racing.


1st – Carl Stephens


2nd – Lee Witney


3rd – Stewart Madden