Daytona Milton Keynes International InKart Championships
Round Four Race Report (PDF Download)

SODI RT8 Series

Super Pole Qualifying Top 10

1Olly Hood1:12.174
2Matthew Plumb1:12.575
3Angus Tillyer1:12.766
4Tate Taverner1:12.825
5Joe Williams1:12.835
6William Davison1:13.009
7Kyle Dunford1:13.237
8Charlie Fenton1:13.522
9Scott Taylor1:13.641
10Kasper Marriot1:13.837


Heat 1
Hood got an early break from the karts behind him which allowed him to create a gap to his competitors. He was able to extend this gap to 1.8 second by the end of lap 2. Plumb was demoted to P3 after Angus Tillyer overtook him on the opening lap. Tate Taverner made an impressive move on the next lap at Turn 6 to take P2 from Tillyer as he continued to make his way forward from his grid position. Hood kept extending his lead through-out the race by consistently putting in quick lap times, faster than his competitors. Taverner was unable to challenge Hood for the remainder of the race as Hood had extended his lead further to over 2 seconds. Hood took the chequered flag first, with Taverner second and Tillyer in third. Plumb, who was in P5, made an imposing move on Joe Williams to claim P4 on the last corner of the last lap.

Andy Fryer, who started on pole, drove very defensively around the opening lap as Harvey Reed started to challenge him early on. Emmet Cummins joined the Top 3 battle, which were starting to break away from Barry Morris, who placed in P4. The top 3 drivers continued to battle with each other through the remainder of the race with Fryer able to defend successfully to Reed in second, who finished only 0.1 seconds behind by the end of the Heat. Cummins stuck by the top 2 drivers and completed the heat only 0.5 seconds behind.

Heat 2
Bradley Pollard started in pole with Maddy Withers in second and Kasper Marriot in third. Taverner soon was in the mix in the middle of the pack fighting his way through, with an aim to get to the front of the pack as soon as he could. Pollard promoted himself into P1 after taking Withers on the opening lap and began to drop his lap times in an attempt to extend his leading position. Withers started to defend to the karts behind her which created a battle for P2. By only lap 3, the lead changed as Taverner moved up position. He instantly broke away from his competitors as he was setting consistent fastest lap times. Hood made a very impressive move at Turn 10 after starting near the back of the grid. Taverner took the chequered in P1 with Hood and Taylor following him through.

Barry Weller started in pole position with Ivan Reed in second and John Donnelly in third. All karts got good starts with the top positioned karts positioning themselves defensively to hold onto their position. Donnelly and Reed started to break away from the rest of the pack as they created a small margin to Fryer in third. It didn’t take Fryer long to reel them back in as he was soon on the bumper of Donnelly. On lap 5, Fryer successfully took the lead after close racing in the top 3 positions and was able to hold onto the leading position by only 0.2 seconds by the end of the heat. Reed and Donnelly held onto their positions in P2 and P3.

Hood started on pole with Taverner in second and Plumb in third. Plumb kept his kart firmly on the inside of Turn 1 to defend his position which enabled him to move up to P2. On the exit of Turn 3 Taverner took his position back from Plumb which gave him good momentum to close the gap to Hood who was sitting 0.5 seconds ahead. Taverner caught up to Hood on lap 3 and was able to take the leading position on Turn 11 after a dive on the inside. In the second half of the race, Plumb was on the bumper of Davison whilst attempting to find a gap to challenge his position. After an incident early on, Fenton had starting making his way back up the leader board by driving consistently and clean, he managed to get into 8th by the end of the Final. Taverner took a successful win by 2.2 seconds, from Hood and Davison in second and third respectively.


1st – Tate Taverner


2nd – Olly Hood


3rd – William Davison


Fryer sat on pole for the Heavies category, with Reed in second and Cummins in third. Reed got good momentum from the lights and was able to proceed into P1 on the opening lap. Fryer kept behind him as the 2 top drivers broke away from their competitors early on. By the middle of the Final, Reed and Fryer were over 4 seconds ahead of Donnelly, who was sat in P3. Cummins followed behind closely in P4 as the pair were battling it out on track. Reed successfully remained out in the lead and took the chequered flag 1.9 seconds ahead of Fryer who crossed the line in P2. Cummins had a successful Final with multiple battles, as he crossed the line in P3 after taking Donnelly during their close battle.


1st – Harvey Reed


2nd – Andy Fryer


3rd – Emmett Cummins


DMAX Series

Qualifying Top 10

1L – Alex Simmons1:09.518
2L – Eden Rosenfield1:09.859
3H – Lee Witney1:10.383
4H – Andy Spencer1:10.630
5L – Harry Darby1:10.664
6L – Kyle Dunford1:10.861
7H – Carl Stephens1:10.884
8H – George Hatto1:10.923
9L – Richard Wootten1:10.962
10H – Darren Holliday1:10.967


The Race
Simmons, Rosenfield and Darby led the Light’s category around the opening laps with Simmons and Rosenfield creating a marginal gap to their competitors after Rosenfield getting a tow and following Simmons through. Wootten remained in P5 and started to catch Dunford who was in P4. The two drivers were side by side through the entire race, having a fantastic battle switching positions majority of laps. As the front runners of the Lights category caught up to the back markers in the Heavies, Simmons’ and Rosenfield’s average lap time dropped. Simmons got a small break and gained 1 second on Rosenfield. After a few laps, Simmons had gained 2 seconds on Rosenfield as he was clocking in personal best lap times of the session. In the final stages of the race, Rosenfield picked up his pace and began closing the gap to Simmons, who was out in front. Simmons responded to the chase and kept Rosenfield behind till the chequered flag where Simmons finished only 0.943 seconds ahead. Darby had a clean race finishing in P3.


1st – Alex Simmons


2nd – Eden Rosenfield


3rd – Harry Darby


After a very successful qualifying Witney took pole for the Heavies category, Spencer sat in second place with Stephens in third. Spencer moved up to P1 after the first few laps. Witney held close as the top two drivers created a gap to their competitors. Spencer broke a small gap to Witney. This only lasted 10 laps as Witney was back into P1 on Lap 11 as they began a second battle. On the same lap, Hatto moved into P3 after a 10-lap battle with Stephens. On lap 18, Spencer got awarded a black flag for exceeding the track limits which meant he’d be returning to the pits for a 30 second stop-and-go penalty. This promoted Witney into P1, however, Witney’s luck didn’t last long as he unfortunately picked up a puncture. A quick trip through the pits to swap karts saw him re-join the circuit in P16, P10 in the Heavies category. After Spencer’s and Witney’s trip to the pits; Hatto, Stephens and Holliday got promoted into the top 3 positions and successfully took the chequered flag in that order.


1st – George Hatto


2nd – Carl Stephens


3rd – Darren Holliday