National InKart Championships 2019
Round Four Race Report (PDF Download)

Spring Championships Round 4

Qualifying 1
17 karts headed out onto the circuit for the first time to initiate the first qualifying. In the dry conditions, the opening laps were fast with Ronnie Coburn topping the timing sheets with a big margin to the rest of his competitors. The chequered flag was shown after 10 minutes of qualifying with Coburn being able to hold the fastest lap time through-out the race. Rupert Versallion, George Barker and Harrison Leach were the only drivers to get within a second of Coburn. As for the Junior participants, Adam Thomas clocked in a 59:798 to top the category with Kip Morgan finishing second, only 0.2 seconds behind.

Qualifying 2
Half way through the qualifying session, Sam Cole was the only driver to enter the 58 second lap, with Nathan Ampofo-Anim placed in second, 0.6 seconds from Cole. It wasn’t long until Nathan Ampofo-Anim clocked in the fastest lap of the session, 0.1 seconds faster than Cole. The chequered flag was flown and 3 drivers were in the 58 seconds to end a very close qualifying session. Daniel Watson was the quickest Junior driver who completed the qualifying session in 3rd overall, who was 1.4 seconds fastest than his fellow in-category competitors.

B Final
Daniel Cebula started on pole, with Max Fallon in second and Jotham Ampofo-Anim in third. All drivers safely got away in order with Michael Dalton getting a great start enabling him to jump from 4th to 1st after just one lap. Once Dalton saw clean air, he started pushing to create a second to his competitors who were following him. After a few laps, he had created a 1.4 second gap to second but Max Fallon, who was in third position, was the fastest driver on track attempting to chase down the leaders. After Dalton had caught up to the back-markers he lost some momentum trying to make his way through which allowed Cebula and Fallon to make their way past. The top 3 drivers in Cadet’s were having an intense battle battling for position. Zain Nasir, who was sitting in third on lap 10, was involved in an incident at Turn 4 which led to the Race Director suspending the race to allow a Marshal to assist the driver. The race was suspended for 6 minutes and once the driver was safely back into the Pit Lane, the race was resumed. Fallon took the win, Dalton finished in 2nd and Cebula finished in third.

1st – Max Fallon


2nd – Michael Dalton


3rd – Daniel Cebula


Arjun Ghirra started the B final from Pole, Kian Gamiao and Ollie Bishop rounding up the top three on the grid. At Turn 2, there was a spin by one of Juniors which caused Arish Ahmed, Tom Ryan and Kaiden Buckthorpe to subsequently spin losing out momentum to the rest of the drivers. Fernando Hartogs, who started on the grid in 7th, made some excellent moves in the opening laps promoting himself into 3rd by lap 10. Ghirra, who made an excellent start starting in pole extended his lead to 2 seconds, with no sign of his competitors catching him. The race was suspended after an incident at Turn 4 involving a cadet driver, once the race was resumed there was one lap under green conditions where Gamiao closed the margin to race leader, Ghirra, to 1 second. Lloyd Kay finished in third.

1st – Arjun Ghirra


2nd – Kian Gamiao


3rd – Lloyd Kay


A Final
Nathan Ampofo-Anim started in pole after a successful qualifying session, Ronnie Coburn started in second with Sam Cole in third. Coburn made an excellent start and overtook Ampofo-Anim on the opening lap and remained defensive for the remaining of the lap. Versallion made a few late braking moves at Turn 11 to overtake the karts in front of him and promoted himself into 3rd by lap 2. He was then focusing on the top 2 karts in front of him, Ampofo-Anim and Coburn, focusing hard to catch them. As a battle for 4th was commencing, Safo took 2 positions going into National which allowed Versallion to gain a 2 second gap to the karts in the battle. After Ampofo-Anim had dropped down in the early stages on the race, he made his way back up and was on the tail of Versallion, who was in 3rd. Ampofo-Anim took Versallion on lap 12 to take 3rd position in-class. Versallion didn’t allow Ampofo-Anim to drive away and held by him, at Turn 11 on lap 18 Versallion made a late move on Ampofo-Anim to take 3rd position back. Coburn took a prestigious win by 5.4 seconds to Cole in second and Versallion in third.

1st – Ronnie Coburn


2nd – Sam Cole


3rd – Rupert Versallion


Daniel Watson, was the fastest Junior in qualifying, started on pole for the A Final, Callum O’Donnell in second and Adam Thomas in third. Sam Halle-Hinxman, made the most of his opening laps after starting in last place on the grid. By lap 7, Halle-Hinxman was clocking in laps over 1 second faster than anyone on the track and made up to 3rd position. He was on the chase for Kip Morgan and Daniel Watson. It didn’t take long until Halle-Hinxman was in the leading position and marginally breaking a gap to 2nd and 3rd.  Throughout the final, Hedge was also catching the front runners after starting near the back of the grid and made his way through the grid in the 20min final. On the final lap, Hedge got considerably close to Watson and made a very impressive move on the final turn of the final lap to take 2nd position by only 0.1 seconds. Halle-Hinxman completed the final in first position, a staggering 7.7 second win.

1st – Sam Halle-Hinxman


2nd – Ryan Hedge


3rd – Daniel Watson