National InKart Championships 2019
Round Six Race Report (PDF Download)

Spring Championships Round 6

Qualifying 1
Optimal conditions were delivered to this round’s qualifying sessions with quick lap times emerging within the opening laps. With just over half of the qualifying completed, the top 8 drivers were within 1 second of each other with the top 6 drivers 0.350 seconds apart. By the end of the qualifying session, the drivers were even closer with Nathan Ampofo-Anim topping the timing sheets with Donell Straton very close behind in second. The top 5 drivers were within 0.150 seconds of each other with Ryan Hedge placing in 6th overall and fastest driver in the Junior class.

Qualifying 2
It didn’t take Ronnie Coburn long to top the timing sheets by setting blistering a lap time in qualifying not far from his own lap record. Rhys Safo was in second overall and was 0.635 off Coburns time by the end of the session. The top 7 drivers were within 1 second of each other with Daniel Watson in 5th position overall and fastest Junior driver.

B Final
Charlie Cusack started on pole, with Rupert Versallion in second and Michael Dalton in third. Michael Dalton got a great start and was out in front after the first lap after overtaking the top 2 drivers and creating a marginal gap to Harrison Leach in second. Jotham Ampofo-Anim and Rupert Versallion were battling it out on lap 8 fighting for the 3rd position. Versallion was able to hold off Ampofo-Anim for a few laps until he took Versallion with an impressive overtake and was able to hold him off by only 0.4 seconds by the end of the race. Dalton was increasing his lead in the second half of the race, putting in lap times quicker every lap and being over 0.3 seconds faster than his fellow competitors. On lap 19, Dalton, the race leader, unfortunately received a 5-place penalty after an advantage by contact whilst racing amongst backmarkers. Dalton saw the chequered flag first, however, due to the penalty Harrison Leach got promoted to first, with Toby Purbrick in second and Jotham Ampofo-Anim in third.

1st – Harrison Leach


2nd – Toby Purbrick


3rd – Jotham Ampofo-Anim


Ollie Bishop started in pole, Riley Bettie in second and Adam Thomas in third. Thatcher, who started near the back of the grid for the start, benefitted from a good start as he was able to move up to 2nd by lap 3. Fernando Hartogs received a 5-place penalty for an advantage by contact manoeuvre on lap 4 after a collision, this meant that Hartogs’ place was only provisional. After Bettie got past Bishop for first position, he started to clock in the fastest lap times for the Junior category and was able to create a small lead in front of Lloyd Kay who was still on the chase for the lead. On the final lap, Kay had an incident where he became caught at Turn 2 which dropped him a place in the Standings. Adam Thomas finished in 2nd with Lloyd Kay classifying 3rd.

1st – Riley Bettie


2nd – Adam Thomas


3rd – Lloyd Kay


A Final
Ronnie Coburn started in pole, Rhys Safo in second and Jenson Pughe in third. Ronnie Coburn extended his lead to 2.1 seconds with a battle for 3rd commencing in a 3-kart battle. With 10 minutes remaining, Coburn was over 1 second quicker per lap than his competitors with a 15 second gap to second. After starting near the back of the grid, Barker made massive progress throughout the race with a lap time only 0.5 seconds off the current leader. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for Barker to catch Adam Hill, who was in second, with Barker finishing only 4 seconds behind 2nd. Coburn took the win by a staggering 19.4 seconds and with a lap time over 0.3 seconds faster than his qualifying time. Hill had a successful final finishing 2nd with Barker in third.

1st – Ronnie Coburn


2nd – Adam Hill


3rd – George Barker


Daniel Watson started on pole, with Sam Halle-Hinxman in second and Alex Jackson in third. Tom Ryan got a great start as he anticipated the green flag well. He was able to gain one position immediately at the start to gain 5th position. The top 3 karts in juniors were battling it out for the leading position with only 0.4 seconds between them on lap 5. Sam Halle-Hinxman took the lead on lap 9 after very close racing with Daniel Watson and Alex Jackson, the top three drivers were bumper to bumper. As the top 3 Juniors caught up to a Cadet back marker, things were mixed up as the top 3 positions reversed within one lap. On the same lap, Jackson received a penalty for an un-fair advantage at Turn 6, this meant that he would be demoted 5 positions after the chequered flag. Watson successfully stayed out in the lead and was able to beat Halle-Hinxman to the line. Tom Ryan was promoted to third after Jackson was awarded his penalty.

1st – Daniel Watson


2nd – Sam Halle-Hinxman


3rd – Adam Thomas