National InKart Championships 2019
Round Nine Race Report (PDF Download)

Qualifying 1
Coburn topped the timing sheet very early on in the qualifying and was able to maintain his top spot through-out the remainder of the session. Max Fallon and George Barker were his immediate threats who posted times within 0.3 seconds of him. By the end of the first qualifying of the day, the top 8 drivers were only within 1 second of each other as Sam Halle-Hinxman placed in 4th as the fastest Junior driver.

Qualifying 2
Daniel Watson sat on the top of the timing sheets for the majority of the qualifying session until Kian Gamiao set the only sub-59 second of the session, 0.3 seconds ahead of Watson. The second qualifying session showed close times like the first, as there was only 1 second covering the top 7 drivers. Rhys Safo placed overall in P3 as the fastest Cadet driver.

B Final
Michael Dalton started on pole, with Zain Nasir in second and Toby Purbrick in third. Dalton anticipated the lights well and was able to get a good start off the line, he managed to build a 2-kart gap to his competitors by the second corner. Nasir and Purbrick, who were placed in P2 and P3, began closing the gap to Dalton on lap 3 but as Purbrick began to put immense pressure on Nasir, Dalton began to extend his lead once again. Behind the action at the front, Luca Brooks and Riley Thatcher, in P4 and P5, began working together to move their way to the front of the grid. Within a few laps, they joined the battle for P2. Brooks and Purbrick began switching positions on lap 18 whilst putting pressure on Nasir. After Brooks took Purbrick on the penultimate lap he was able to stay in front to take P3 overall. Dalton took a momentous win as he crossed the finishing line ahead of Nasir in second.


1st – Michael Dalton


2nd – Zain Nasir


3rd – Luca Brooks


Kip Morgan started on pole for the Junior B Final, with Tom Ryan starting in second and Lloyd Kay in third. All karts anticipated the lights well, allowing them to maintain their positions around the opening corners. Kay and Kaiden Buckthorpe led the pack around and began breaking away from their fellow competitors. Yellow flags at T10 on Lap 2 closed the field together which allowed for some overtaking opportunities after the yellow conditions were lifted. After being caught up in the middle of the pack, Ryan was able to benefit from the closed grid and managed to work his way through into P1, where he stretched his lead within only a few corners. He was able to maintain his position to the end of the race where he completed the Final 5 seconds ahead of P2. However, due to penalties being awarded to some Junior drivers, Morgan and Buckthorpe were demoted 5-place because of previous incidences. This meant that Kay was promoted into P2 and Kyle Carpenter into P3.


1st – Tom Ryan


2nd – Lloyd Kay


3rd – Kyle Carpenter


A Final
Ronnie Coburn started on pole, Max Fallon in second and George Barker in third. All drivers got a good start allowing them to maintain positions and put pressure on the kart in front. Shravan Shanmugavel, who started in 4th, made an impressive move on the inside of T11 which promoted him to P2, he was directly on the tail of Coburn in P1. Coburn had to immediately drive defensively which built up a 4-kart battle behind him for the leading position. As the top 4 karts bunched up, Versallion was able to join the battle. He took a high line at T10 and was able to get in the action as he gained momentum on the exit of the corner. Only 0.6 seconds split the grid from P2 to P5 as all drivers were aiming for the leading position. Shravan Shanmugavel took the lead from Coburn with an overtake at T10 as Fallon followed through to take Coburn a few corners later as Coburn dropped down to P3. Fallon immediately started to set faster lap times as he began closing the gap to Shravan Shanmugavel and was on the back of the leader within no time. Fallon was able to take the win for the Cadet Final A, with Shravan Shanmugavel following closely in P2, Coburn took P3.


1st – Max Fallon


2nd – Shravan Shanmugavel


3rd – Ronnie Coburn


Kian Gamiao started on pole position, with Sam Halle-Hinxman in second and Daniel Watson in third. Hedge get a great start but, unfortunately, was not able to hold his position around the outside of Turn 1 so he settled for P4. Halle-Hinxman made his way into the leading position and immediately broke away from P2 as a bid to take it to the chequered flag. Gamiao was fighting hard to keep in Halle-Hinxman’s slipstream as Watson was also attempting to close the gap to round up the top 3. The battle for the top 3 drivers saw them separated by only 0.3 seconds. As they began challenging for the lead, Callum O’Donnell was able to make it close to the pack and get involved. After a few impressive overtaking manoeuvres, O’Donnell made his way up to P2 by the time he saw the chequered flag, only 0.9 seconds behind the winner, Halle-Hinxman, whilst also taking the fastest lap in the Junior category. Gamiao completed the final in P3.


1st – Sam Halle-Hinxman


2nd – Callum O’Donnell


3rd – Kian Gamiao