Daytona Milton Keynes 2018 InKart Championships
Round Two Race Report (PDF Download)

National InKart

Cadet Division 2

Tricky conditions were imminent as the weather conditions changed dramatically during the final. Though all drivers accepted the challenge and showed that they can race professionally even though the toughest conditions.

The first heat for Cadets Division 2 started with Charlie Cusack on pole, with Oliver Metrovich in second and Luke Killen in third. Jenson Pooley, at the middle of the pack, got a tremendous start and got his way to 2nd by lap two after some fine late braking at Turn Nine and respected overtaking moves. He was soon on the tail of Cusack, the current leader of the race. The top two drivers soon cleared into the distance and were too fast for the rest of the pack to catch up, they created a massive gap to the other drivers by the end of the race. Harrison Smith, who had started in 5th, had put some competitive lap times on the board to climb up into third finishing only 0.4 seconds in front of Oliver Metrovich.

Heat two started with a reverse grid. This permitted Jake Butland to take pole, with Lloyd Kay and Harrison Smith placed in second and third. Once again Pooley got the best start and drove his way to the front by lap 3. He put his head down and attempted to push the karts pace further, however, Kay was on his tail and wasn’t going to let him drive away with the win. The two front runners were locked together, only a tenth of a second apart. The winner from the first heat, Cusack had an unfortunate race. He started from the back and couldn’t find the pace to catch the leader. He finished in 6th position. Pooley took the win with Kay following only 0.2 seconds behind.

With mixed results in the heats it was Pooley that collected enough points to start from Pole position. Cusack and Smith were placed behind him on the grid. With conditions changing every lap, the drivers had an opportunity to show their talent by now driving on a soaking circuit. By lap two, Jake Butland lunged on the inside of two karts at Turn Two and moved into 3rd position, he was able to maintain his momentum around the following corners but unfortunately, he lost control at Turn 9 (the heaviest braking point on the circuit) which placed him back in fifth position. Pooley adapted to the conditions well, able to clock in times which were 2 seconds faster than any other driver in the opening laps of the race, allowing him to create a healthy gap to the karts behind. Cusack, the fastest driver on track, was unable to keep his consistency following the condition change so unluckily finished in fourth position, a race which he could have been battling at the front. Pooley took the chequered flag first, having an impressive 10 seconds gap to second position, Kay. Metrovich finished in third.


Junior Division 2

With a sold out grid, heats and the finals were going to be interesting for the spectators and for the drivers. Jack Stewart who put a great show in Round 1 returned to challenge for the win once again.

The first heat saw Jack Stewart taking the pole position from a randomly generated grid. With Riley Bettie and Kip Morgan in second and third. Stewart got a tremendous start and was able to gain a 2.1 second advantage on the rest of the pack. William Treanor benefited from the opening laps and got himself into P5 and was fighting Liam Crabb for 4th. With Treanor getting good momentum up the hill into turn 7, he was able to take the inside and take P4 from Crabb. With Stewart driving into the distance, the rest of the pack were left to battle for 2nd position. Whitmore came out strong and took second with Treanor in third.

Heat two started with Malachi Newland, Archie Styant and Fernando Otabil at the front of the grid. As the red lights went out, the race was on. Jamie Rayson got onto Fernando Otabil’s tail putting pressure on him on the opening laps. The battle for fourth commenced with Crabb, Kip Morgan and Charlie Croston although this was soon a battle for third as they caught up to Newland. Rayson, who had got a poor start, proved himself throughout the race by putting in competitive lap times and overtaking two karts on the exit of the last turn to finish a solid 4th position. Styant took the win ahead of Bettie and Morgan.

Croston was the pole sitter for the third heat. Matthew Plumb, in his first heat of the day, sat in second and Watson in third. A good start from Watson who put pressure on Plumb and soon passed him on the opening lap. An unlucky spin on the opening lap forced Stewart to re-join the track far behind the pack, however, he didn’t give up and was determined to catch the pack. By lap 3, Stewart was on the tail of Sanders and drove his way up to fifth by the end of the race. An impressive effort from the Round 1 winner. At the front, Croston was surely going to take the win, yet, he continued to focus making few mistakes, able to lead by 6.2 seconds at the chequered flag. Plumb overtook Watson on the back straight after a speedy exit from Turn Six to finish in 2nd position. With Watson finishing closely in 3rd.

The final heat of the day was deemed as the most imposing race with the top 3 drivers clocking in the 60’s. Whitmore placed his kart in second position on lap 2 after a lunge into Turn 7 on Treanor. In the opening laps Plumb was the fastest driver on circuit beginning to join the pack for 3rd position, however, he lost momentum at Turn 2 and lost the pack for the rest of the race. Newland, who was on the charge from the start, overtook two karts into Turn 2 to solidify P5. At the front, Treanor and Whitmore battled it out, clocking similar lap times and crossing the line 0.5 seconds apart from each other. Adam Thomas finished third.

The finals for the juniors started with Bettie in front, Rayson in second and Morgan in third. The drivers all got off to excellent starts. On lap two, spots of rain were visible and the track changed conditions very fast. Lap times started dropping. Until suddenly, it started sleeting and snowing. Full course yellow was employed and all drivers maintained half racing speed. The visibility got progressively worse so the race was stopped. After a few moments, the race continued with a rolling start. Not much action took place after the restart due to conditions being challenging. However, Rayson showed incredible pace in the wet and snow to clock the fastest time of the race and get a 5.7 second lead from Bettie and Morgan.

After a successful B-Final, Rayson got promoted to the back of the A-Final. The most successful driver from the heats was Treanor who started on pole, with Whitmore and Stewart behind him. Stewart responded well to the lights and was attempting an overtake on 1st position by Turn Two. Even though it was unsuccessful he didn’t hesitate but try again at Turn Four with the inside line. By the end of the first lap, Treanor was still leading but going into Turn 8, a heavy braking zone, he slid off the circuit and spun. Putting him at the back, a race which he would have competed for the race win. Stewart took the lead from Treanor. Croston started putting pressure on Stewart for the lead. The conditions forced Coston into a spin and he re-joined the track in third. At the back of the grid; Plumb, Adam Thomas and Treanor were having a battle for P7. Plumb managed to benefit and finish the race 6 seconds in front of the other drivers. Stewart took the chequered flag by 6 seconds to Styant and Croston.


Cadet Division 1

With familiar faces from Round 1, Round 2 was going to be competitive. With Sam Cole getting a good win in the heats with incredible pace, the other drivers fought in the final to get to the front and challenge for the win.

The first heat of the day saw Joshua Jones on pole, with Sam Cole and Riley Bishop in second and third. A good start from Cole permitted Jones to act defensively which slowed the pack down. This allowed Kasper Marriott to push upon Riley Bishop in an attempt to overtake, however, Bishop saw kart 72 behind him and acted responsively. He took the defensive lines until Marriott was off his tail. Cole began putting pressure on Jones at Turn One. Jones succumbed, making an unfortunate mistake which pushed him back to third position. Coburn took advantage of the mistake and began to clock consistent lap times which promoted him to third by the end of the heat. Cole took first position, with Bishop in second.

Heat two started with Munro on pole, Pughe in second and Ampofo-Anim in third. As all the lights went out the grid soared past the line with the two front runners getting the best run out of Turn One. Munro and Pughe drove away to gather a 3 second lead. In the middle of the pack, all drivers were fighting which slowed down the pack. Cole had one thing on his mind – victory. He started overtaking the pack one by one by setting consistent fastest lap times, 0.8 seconds clear of other drivers. However, by the final lap he was only able to catch onto the tail of Pughe by the chequered flag and finished third. Munro took the win after 9 hard fought laps of closing racing with Pughe.

Heat three saw Eddie Key on pole, Coburn in second and Hawker rounding the Top 3 on the grid. Key, the pole sitter, managed his leading position around the first lap, keeping the pack behind him and extending a lead to 1.8 seconds. After a few laps, most of the drivers began to settle, yet, Pughe was on the charge. With an impressive move on Hawker at Turn Nine, which promoted him to third, led Pughe being able to clock in the fastest time of the race – 1:01:354. Third wasn’t enough for Pughe as he was in reach for second place. He took the undercut manoeuvre on Coburn on the exit of the last turn and solidified second place. The battle for third was worth watching. Hawker, Munro and Coburn showed close and respectable driving. With Hawker getting past the finishing line at the front of the pack to complete heat three in third. Key took the win and Pughe finished second.

The first final for the Cadet drivers was the B-Final. Ben Hawker sat on pole with Hedge and Marriott behind him. Even though the grid consisted of five, the drivers didn’t disappoint with close driving and competitive times. After a perfectly timed start, Hedge was able to race around Hawker on the first turn to secure first position. Hawker’s pace began to fall and he fell down to 4th on lap 2. However, Hawker’s determination didn’t stop there as he was able to put some blistering times near the end of the final and cross the line 1.8 seconds behind first position. Driving from the back of the pack, Jones was able to make a move stick on Hedge around Turn Nine on lap 7. Jones began getting closer to the front and was catching the front runners, however, an unfortunate mistake put him to the back of the pack. The race finished with Nathan Ampofo-Anim in first place, Hawker and Marriott following.

From the collective points added from finishing positions in the heats. Sam Cole took pole with Daniel Munro behind and Eddie Key in third. The Top 3 drivers got tremendous starts and were able to create a healthy gap around the first lap. Jenson Pughe and Bishop began battling which allowed Cole to extend his lead. With no hesitation to win the race, Cole put his head down and created a lead of 0.9 seconds within a few laps. Consistent opening laps by Bishop allowed him to promote into 3rd and maintain position by the end of lap 4.  The battle for second was heating up as Bishop chased down Munro who was doing his best to keep ahead. On the penultimate lap, Bishop took his chance moving into 2nd place. Munro, with time running out, composed himself and latched back onto the bumper of Bishop’s kart, hoping for an opportunity to repay the favour. This came at Turn 4 on the final lap as Munro made it passed, with Key following through. Unfortunately for Munro, it was judged that a small bump in the T4 braking zone allowed him through and he was issued a 5-place penalty for gaining an advantage by contact. Cole was able to stay out of trouble and finish with a lead of 4.9 seconds. Key would take 2nd after the penalty with Bishop taking the final spot on the podium.


Junior Division 1

After the win for Olly Hood in Round 1, he was determined to challenge for the win again, in an attempt to extend his Championship lead. However, new faces joining the championship for 2018 wanted a chance to prove themselves as racers.

Heat One started with Kyle Dunford on pole, Joe Williams in second and Olly Hood in third. Hood, tucked behind Pole on the start and was able to follow Dunford around lap one. By the second lap, Hood made a quick decision and dived into the last corner to gain the lead. After a few corners, Hood managed to extend a gap of 1.1 seconds; however, he made an unfortunate mistake between Turns Two and Three which cost him a few tenths to the karts behind. Rio Le Conte, the driver starting from near the back of the grid, had successful opening laps as he got himself into the front pack. From a switchback at the last turn he took Dunford for 2nd place. Halfway through the first heat, Hood was clocking in some impressive times 1.1 seconds faster than anyone else. Yet, Le Conte started replicating his times and became 0.6 seconds faster than him. However, the chequered flag was shown with Le Conte placing 2nd. 4 seconds behind Hood. The finals laps were intense for drivers Simmons and Dunford as they battled for third place. Dunford saw Simmons closing in behind but it was too much for Dunford as Simmons slotted in front of him on the exit of Turn 8 and was able to complete Heat One in third.

Eden Rosenfield took pole, with Le Conte in second and Simmons in third. Expectedly, Hood got a good start and was able to fight in the top four battle consisting of Rosenfield, Le Conte and Simmons. The pack was locked bumper to bumper with Hood getting into second place within a matter of laps. The top two drivers, Rosenfield and Hood, broke away from the field and starting to work together to clear from the pack behind them. Meanwhile, Williams and Mirzai were having a good battle for 5th place on lap five. Constantly switching places, Simmons and Le Conte got involved and another battle started with the four drivers switching positions every lap, an impressive drive by all drivers. Back at the front, Rosenfield continued in the lead with Hood on his tail. In the final laps, Hood tried everything he could to get pass Rosenfield but he was unsuccessful as they passed the finishing line merely 0.011 seconds apart, the closest finish we have seen this year. Dunford followed in third position.

With a win and second place in the heats, Hood took pole for the final. Rosenfield took second on the grid and Le Conte in third. Le Conte overtook Rosenfield on the start by tucking behind Hood around Turn One. Le Conte pushed to keep up with Hood around the opening lap, however, Hood’s race speed was impressive. Hood managed to get a 1.6 second lead after just two laps. Behind Hood, battles started as Le Conte was joined by Rosenfield and Dunford once again with Rosenfield getting momentum out of the last corner and placing his kart on the inside of Turn One to take 2nd from Le Conte. With the overtake slowing karts down, Dunford saw a good opportunity at the following corner to lunge on the inside of Rosenfield, unfortunately, the move wasn’t successful and he continued the race fourth position. The rest of the pack had slotted into their positon and settled for the rest of the race. Hood, out in front, clocked a 59 second lap time to extend his lead. Hood took the win, with Le Conte and Rosenfield following.


International InKart

Super Pole Qualifying Results

1Tom Bush1:33:289
2Jack Mayor1:33:362
3Scott Taylor1:34:486
4Oscar Lancaster1:34:679
5Mark Oddy1:35:371
6Jordan Greenaway1:35:543
7H – Ivan Reed1:35:697
8Tyler Fossey1:35:952
9Malc West1:36:023
10Scott Johnson1:36:328

With difficult conditions, qualifying was challenging. Drivers only got one shot at a flying lap. Bush and Mayor were clear of the rest of the pack by 1.1 seconds in qualifying, no other driver being able to challenge their time. Ivan Reed, the leading Heavy, had a clean lap, clocking in the Top 10 amongst light drivers.

Heat One grid was determined by qualifying so Bush, Mayor and Taylor led the pack around the last turn for a rolling start. As the lights went out 29 karts soared across the start line to begin the 10-minute heat. With the track still slippery, Turn One saw many drivers kerbing and exiting wide with little grip on the first lap. Mayor got a solid start when the lights went green, however, he was a victim of the conditions, being on the outside of Turn One and pushed wide, luckily, he controlled the kart and joined the track without losing any positons. Lancaster, starting fourth, had taken Mayor by lap two to gain second position, trying to chase down Bush who had a 3 second lead within a few laps. The overtake on Mayor slowed him down where Taylor took his opportunity to take kart 23 on the last turn. With weather conditions getting worse, full course yellow was shown to the drivers for the remaining laps of the race. Bush took the chequered flag, with Lancaster and Taylor in third. Andy Fryer took first place in heavies.

Heat two grid was reversed from qualifying; however, multiple drivers had received penalties for speeding in the full course yellow in Heat One. These drivers started at the back of the grid. The pack started the rolling start, however, it was called as a false start. The grid was taken around another lap for a standing start. With only 5 minutes remaining on the clock, drivers were eager to start the race. As the lights went out, the start was cleaner with everyone getting through turn one. On lap two Bush was on charge and was chasing down Weller for the lead. Crossing the start line with just 0.030 separating them, Bush committed to the inside of Turn One, taking the lead. In the middle of the pack; Cummins, Reed and Lakhani were having an intense battle with the three of them passing the start line with just 0.1 seconds between them. The most impressive comeback was Mayor starting from near the back and able to keep his head down and gaining 19 positions to take 7th position at the end of the race. The race finished after 4 laps, with Bush taking the win, Lancaster and Weller following. Weller took the win for the Heavies.

With Bush taking two wins in the heats, he sat on Pole for the final. With Mayor and Lancaster rounding the top 3 on the grid. The Top 3 got a clean start with Bush noticeably creating a gap already by Turn 5. Malc West began leading a battle around lap two with Bennett at the rear of the pack. West got the benefit from the battling as he continued his streak and was able to finish 5th in the final. With Bush 7 seconds in the lead, the race was in his hands. Eyes were on the battle for 2nd – Lancaster and Mayor. Having a clean space on track, they started fighting for position with them switching places every lap. Locked together for the rest of the race. Mayor got the edge on Lancaster and finished in 2nd with Mayor in 3rd. Showing great sportsmanship shaking hands after a hard-fought final from both drivers. Ivan Reed took the winners spot for heavies.