Daytona Milton Keynes 2018 InKart Championships
Round Three Race Report (PDF Download)

National InKart

Cadet Division 2

Heat one started with Luke Killen on pole, Carter Jenkinson in second and Michael Dalton in third. Dalton got a notable start and made his way through into 1st by the end of lap one. As Dalton got into clean air, he was able to clock fast lap times in an attempt to get away from the pack. In Daltons favour, the rest of the pack began battling for 2nd position. The drivers crossed the finishing line at the end of lap one within one second of each other. The pack began to settle with no position changes until lap 4 where Smith was able to move from 5th to 3rd. By the end of the heat, Dalton had extended his lead to 6 seconds and crossed the line in first position. Smith had an impressive race to finish second with Barker taking third.

Heat two began with Barker on pole, Smith in second and Dalton in third. Dalton held his position on track and climbed into 2nd entering the first corner to tuck behind Barker who led the way. From the first lap, it was notable that Dalton’s pace was competitive and that he had a chance at race win. Dalton began putting pressure on Barker for the lead. This allowed Smith to close the gap between him and the leaders. With good momentum through the National complex, Dalton took Barker into Turn 9. He was able to secure the position at the braking point of Turn 10 to take the lead. By the time of this manoeuvre, Smith had caught up with Barker and was on his tail. A spin by Smith allowed Barker to pull away and Smith was no longer able to challenge for 3rd. Despite Killen and Jenkinson not challenging for the lead, they were able to clock in personal best lap times every lap. Dalton took the win by 2.7 seconds to Barker. Smith finishing in 3rd.

With the points collected from the heats, Dalton held pole position. Barker and Smith were placed behind on the grid. Smith got a good start and tucked behind Dalton by the first corner to take second place. With good momentum at the start, Dalton managed to extend his lead by 2.1 seconds by the end of lap one. The battle for second commenced with 3 drivers split by only 0.7 seconds. On Turn 9, Jenkinson managed to get past Barker to take 3rd place. This allowed Smith to create a gap of 1.4 seconds from the two drivers to pursue his chase for the lead. Dalton had a tremendous lead and looked like he had secured 1st position, however, a spin undid his hard work, allowing Smith into P1. Smith went on to take the win. Barker secured 2nd place in his first InKart round at Daytona Milton Keynes. Carter Jenkinson took 3rd position.

Junior Division 2

Heat one started with Adam Thomas on pole. Callum Davey in second and Daniel Watson following on the grid in third. Thomas made a good start allowing him to maintain his position at the start. Watson also got a good start and the two drivers were able to work together to get a lead on lap one. With the two front runners ahead, the battle for 3rd got intense. Fernando Otabil, who started in last place, worked his way through the battle and managed to overtake into Turn 4 to secure 3rd on lap two. After a few overtakes, Malachi Newland, climbed his way to third and was able to secure the position until the end of the race. Watson took the chequered flag, with Thomas following closely in second.

For Heat two, Kip Morgan started on pole, with William Treanor in second and Liam Crabb in third. The front two karts on the grid got a good start and broke away from the rest of the pack. Crabb and Watson began an impressive battle for 3rd, their karts were tied together bumper to bumper around lap 2. Turn 10, the heaviest braking point on the circuit, led Treanor to lock the brakes and lose the battle at the front. With Morgan in open space, he was able to open up a 5 second lead to those behind. Watson began to put striking lap times in and was catching the leader by one second per lap. However, with time running out, Watson wasn’t able to challenge Morgan and finished 1.3 seconds behind the leader. Oliver Metrovich finished in 3rd place.

Metrovich started on pole for Heat 3. Jamie Rayson in second and Silk in 3rd. On the opening lap, Treanor got on the outside of Turn 3 to secure P3. The top 3 began battling, with Rayson and Thomas side by side on track. The two drivers began challenging each other with Rayson cutting back on Thomas to gain position at Turn 9. Treanor overtook into 2nd position on lap 2 to secure the position until the end of the race. Thomas was able to drive into 1st position and gained a 1.5 seconds gap on lap 4. In the middle of the pack, the battle for 4th commenced with Metrovich putting pressure on Kay. However, Metrovich couldn’t find the space to overtake and finished 0.8 behind Kay. The race win was taken by Thomas, with Treanor and Rayson following.

For the final Junior heat, Otabil started on pole, with Matthew Plumb and Charlie Pinkney in third. Rayson got an incredible start and was on the tail of Pinkney by the end of lap one. The top three drivers began breaking away with significant lap times shown. At turn 10, Rayson began to put pressure on Pinkney for the lead. The two drivers began a battle to see who was going to get maximum points for the final heat. Through the heat, Rayson and Pinkney drove with only a few tenths between them. By the final lap, Rayson was able to beat Pinkney to the line by finishing 0.3 seconds ahead. Throughout the heat, Otabil and Plumb were having their own battle with Otabil being successful in keeping Plumb behind him. The results finished with Rayson in 1st, Pinkney in 2nd and George Nicholls in 3rd.

For the first Junior final of the day, Otabil started in 1st. With Pinkney and Nicholls in third. As the lights went out, Otabil maintained his lead through the first few corners.  Bettie also benefitted from the start as he was able to get into second position by the end of lap one. Once Pinkney got into the lead, he was able to break away from the pack as drivers were fighting behind. Bettie hadn’t given up on the lead, he began to focus and clock in impressive lap times. He began closing the gap to 1st by 0.5 seconds per lap. By lap 8, there was only 0.036 seconds between the two front runners. After Bettie had passed Pinkney, Pinkney stayed by his tail and put pressure on the leader. After a successful move at Turn 10, Pinkney was able to take back the lead from Bettie to then be promoted into the A-Final. Bettie finished in second with Silk in third. On the final lap, Liam Crabb was able to take Otabil to secure 4th position, 0.031 seconds ahead of 5th. Bettie managed to clock the fastest lap time with the only driver entering the 60s.

The A-Final commenced with Thomas on pole, Watson in 2nd and Rayson in 3rd. The two leaders got away successfully and were nose-to-tail during lap 1. As Plumb began to put pressure on Metrovich, Metrovich had to begin driving defensively to maintain his position. On lap 3, battles started. Third place was fought for with Pinkney benefitting the most from the battle, who managed to get away in 3rd. The two front runners were clear of the rest of the group. Going into Turn 10, Watson and Thomas out braked each other, causing them both to spin. Luckily, the drivers had enough of a lead to not lose out on any positions to the other drivers. When Watson and Thomas re-joined the racing line. Watson was able to get in front of Thomas, and finish in the lead. With Thomas finishing only 0.3 seconds behind him. Pinkney finished in 3rd.  Plumb who started 2nd to last was able to drive his way to 5th position by the end of the final, clocking in the fastest lap time for Junior Division 2.

Cadet Division 1

Heat 1 started with Charlie Cusack on pole, Sam Cole in second place and Kasper Marriott in third. As the lights went out, Sam Cole held it around Turn 1 and was able to get in front of Cusack by Turn 2. Cusack and Cole drove away and was able to create a gap to the rest of the pack. Marriot began to match Cole’s lap times which allowed him to proceed to 2nd place by the end of the race. In the middle of the pack, Ampofo-anim, began defending to the karts behind which started to create a 5-kart battle. At this point, Cole had a solid 2.7 second lead as his competitors were battling behind. A clean move at Turn 9 allowed Pughe to position in 3rd with Coburn getting through in 4th. Cole finished in 1st place, with Marriott and Pughe following.

Heat 2 started with Eddie Key on pole, Jenson Pooley in second and Ryan Hedge in third. Archie Fisher got a notable start and was able to position himself into 4th at the start. Bishop, who had a successful first lap, impressively overtook two karts on the back straight. He secured 2nd position at the braking point at Turn 10. Bishop began having a battle with Key, they defended and switched positions on lap 3. After much pressure by the two drivers, Bishop was able to get in front of Key and start fighting for the lead. The top 2 drivers; Fisher and Bishop, began clocking in 59s laps, faster than the other drivers. This allowed them to break away and finish 8.5 seconds ahead of the pack. Bishop was unable to beat Fisher to the line, he crossed 0.4 seconds behind in second. Hedge finished in 3rd, after an impressive comeback from the back of the grid from lap 3.

Toby Purbrick started on pole for Heat 3. Jenson Pughe sat in 2nd with Ampofo-Anim in third. Pughe tucked behind Purbrick as the lights went out. He managed to keep in Purbrick’s slip stream throughout the first lap until Pughe made a move at Turn 9 to take 1st place. As Pughe got into first, he was able to get his head down and focus on his lap times. Pughe was the driver with the quickest lap time in the heat, 0.6 seconds quicker than any other driver. Purbrick began driving defensively to block those behind from overtaking for 2nd position. However, Bishop found a gap and was able to take 2nd place from Purbrick at Turn 9. Bishop began to get away from 3rd, however, Jones now behind Bishop on track, didn’t give up on the fight for position. Clocking in times 0.3 seconds faster than Bishop allowed Jones to catch up. However, after 9 laps the chequered flag was shown and Jones was unable to pass Bishop to the finishing line. He finished in a respectable 3rd place.

The final heat for the Cadet drivers consisted with Jones on pole, Fisher in second and Marriott third. Within the first few laps Fisher and Marriott got pass Jones to lead the group. Cole, who achieved the fastest lap time of the heat, switched positions with Coburn at the last corner. Coburn, coming from last position on the grid, had tremendous speed during the heat allowing him to make the most out of the time he had. He was able to climb to 4th position by the end of the heat. A small battle between Cole and Coburn showcased as the drivers were switching positions on the final laps. On Turn 5, Cole passed Coburn for the last time and was able to pass the finish line only 0.2 seconds in front of Coburn. Up at the front, Fisher took the win with Marriott in second.

The first final saw Key in first place, Jones in second and Hedge in third. Pooley got into 1st by the end of the first lap, however, a penalty was issued as he jumped the start, gaining an advantage. Key, who was placed in 2nd, started chasing down first position by clocking in impressive lap times. The battle for 4th commenced as Purbrick and Hedge began switching positions on track. By this time, Key was on the bumper of Pooley for 1st position. Going through the National complex, Key nudged Pooley wide on the exit, taking 1st place. The contact resulted in a penalty for Key meaning Joshua Jones, running in P3, was currently going through into the A-Final. Key took the chequered, with Pooley and Jones following, meaning Jones’ place in the A-Final was secured.

The final of the Cadets consisted of the most competitive drivers from the heats. Fisher claimed pole by getting the most points in the heats, with Cole in second and Pughe in third. Cole got into 1st with no hesitation at Turn 9, with Pughe taking Fisher for 2nd on the following lap. Marriott, who started 5th on the grid was able to drive his way into 3rd to join the battle at the top. On lap 6, the top 4 drivers had started a battle with Cole holding onto the lead. Marriott started putting pressure on Pughe, Pughe responded by driving defensively to keep Marriott behind him. Cole found a gap between him and 2nd, however, Pughe hadn’t given up on the fight and started to lap fast times, achieving the quickest lap time. By the end of the final, Pughe drove past the finishing line only 0.2 seconds behind Cole in first. Marriott was able to defend to Fisher in the final laps to take 3rd.

Junior Division 1

Heat 1 saw Joe Williams on pole, Kyle Dunford in second with Hood in third. Hood took Dunford on the start and was able to work with Williams to get away from the pack. Stewart got a tremendous start in his first heat in division 1 and was able to get into 3rd position from 5th on the grid by the end of lap 1. Stewart soon caught up to Williams and he started pressurising for 2nd position. However, Stewart also had Dunford his tail. He had to change his driving style to defend his position. Dunford got good momentum on the straight and was able to overtake Stewart for 3rd position. Stewart fought back with a move at Turn 2 on Dunford, however, Dunford was able to get Stewart back at Turn 10 on the same lap.  Hood took the win followed by Williams in second. Dunford placed 3rd.

Heat 2 placed Eden Rosenfield on pole, Alex Simmons in second and George Whitmore in third. Simmons tucked behind Rosenfield at the start to successfully defend his position to Whitmore. The 2 drivers at the front broke away from the pack behind and were able to push and clock good lap times. Williams, the driver starting from the back of the grid, made successful overtakes and was able to challenge the top positions finishing 3rd at the end of the heat. At the back of the grid, Dunford and Whitmore began their own battle. Driving side by side through corners as they challenged for 4th place. Dunford was able to get to the chequered flag ahead of Whitmore by only 0.2 seconds. Back at the front, Rosenfield was able to take the win, only 0.4 seconds in front of Simmons in second. Williams took 3rd place.

The final heat for Juniors saw Stewart on pole, with Toby Sporn in second and Olly Hood in third. Stewart got a good start and maintained his leading position around the first few corners. With Hood already in second, he began chasing down Stewart for the lead. By lap 3, Hood got pass Stewart. Yet, Stewart took the opportunity to learn from the Round 1 and 2 winner and replicated his lines and braking points. Stewart was able to stay close behind Hood to continue challenging for the lead. On lap 6, Rosenfield clocked a blistering lap time, the only driver entering the 58s in the heat. Due to his speed, Rosenfield was able to take Simmons for 3rd. Whitmore suffered an earlier place lost which put him in 6th position, though, was able to get back up to 5th by performing an overtake on Sporn on Turn 5. Hood took the win from Stewart, with Rosenfield in 3rd place.

The only final for the Juniors placed Hood on pole after two successful wins in the heats. Rosenfield in second and Williams in third. Hood maintained his lead as 5 karts started a battle for first position. Stewart got another great start, starting 5th on the grid, he was able to get up to 3rd by the final turn of lap 1. Stewart was on the tail of Williams into Turn 11 as Williams began to drive defensively. By lap 3, Hood was in the lead by 3.5 seconds as he was extending his lead by each lap. Rosenfield took Stewart on lap 4 to secure his position in 2nd by the end of the final. Williams and Stewart fought it out until the final lap with Stewart behind Williams at the line by only 0.1 of a second. Hood successfully took the win by 7.7 seconds, Rosenfield took second place and Williams took third.


International InKart

Super Pole Qualifying Results

1William Davison1:14:025
2Jack Mayor1:15:119
3Euan Levey1:15:211
4Tate Taverner1:15:351
5Clement Sauvan1:15:577
6Alex Masefield1:16:014
7Mark Kearon1:16:018
8Kurt Fawdry1:16:024
9Malc West1:16:187
10Angus Tillyer1:16:209


William Davison took pole after his impressive lap time in qualifying. Jack Mayor took second and Euan Levey sat in third place on the grid. Michael Saward placed in 1st position on the grid in the heavies’ category. Even with 30 karts on the grid, all drivers were able to get around the first few corners without issue. Davison and Mayor had worked together to create a 2.2 second lead by the end of lap one, only 0.1 seconds separating them. The grid began battling with many overtakes occurring in the opening laps. Barry Weller, a heavy class driver, managed to successfully overtake Manuel Molina at Turn 11 to take P24. By now, the top 2 drivers were driving away and had now created a gap of 3.5 seconds, the only 2 drivers clocking 73 second laps by the end of the heat. At the back of the pack, James Costin and Euan Levey began a good battle, improving their lap times every lap. Mayor began to find a gap from Davison in second allowing him to put off the pressure. Jordan Greenaway got on the inside of Tim Dawson to secure 15th position by the end of the heat. He continued to defend a train of drivers till the last lap. Mayor took a successful win, with Davison in second and Taverner in third.

Heat 2 saw a reserve grid from qualifying. This meant that Maddy Withers started on pole with James and Matt Costin in 2nd and 3rd. Withers got an impressive start and was able to maintain her lead around the first lap. Her lead extended to 0.7 seconds. Heavy class driver, Weller, took Romain Farigoule at Turn 11 to take 6th position in the opening few laps. The battle for 3rd began to get heated as karts began to build up on track with drivers defending their positons. Mayor, who started last, managed to get up to P8 by the end of lap 3, able to successfully overtake 22 karts in only 4 minutes. Withers, still at the front, defended her position well by holding off 2nd for 4 laps. A change for 2nd position occurred on lap 5 with James Lawrence taking Costin at Turn 11. Lawrence then promoted himself to P1 at Turn 9 on lap 6 by overtaking Withers cleanly. On the exit of turn 11, Mayor was on the chase now promoted to 2nd and chasing down Lawrence for the lead. On lap 7, Mayor was able to take Lawrence for 1st position and was able to hold the lead until the chequered flag. Lawrence took second with Malc West taking third.

The final started with Mayor on pole with two successful wins. The top 2 drivers drove away and were able to create a gap of 2 seconds by the end of lap 1. Full course yellow was deployed briefly, and once the race went green again Alex Masefield began defending from James Lawrence to protect position. In the middle of the pack, Reed and Farigoule started a good battle with Farigoule trying to overtake at Turn 11, yet, with Reed’s late braking he was able to hold his position around the outside and was able to hold Farigoule behind him. At the front, Davison started to chase for Mayor who was in 1st position. Their lap times could barely be split as they were about to begin their battle. An incident at Turn 1 brought out the Red Flags but once cleared, the restart saw many battles continue. Taverner, West and Mark Kearon were closing in for 5th, with West coming out strong and leading the pack to the end of the final. It was unsure as to who would win the race. Mayor and Davison started switching positions whilst trying to defend their line. By lap 11, Mayor was able to gain the lead for the final time and beat Davison to the line by 1.1 seconds. Masefield took a strong third position. Donnelly took the win for the heavies, only a mere 0.1 seconds ahead of Reed who took second place.

Senior Lights Podium                                                                             Senior Heavies Podium

1st Jack Mayor                                                                                                     1st John Donnelly
2nd William Davison                                                                                         2nd Harvey Reed
3rd Alex Masefield                                                                                             3rd Tim Dawson