Daytona Milton Keynes 2018 InKart Championships
Round Eight Race Report (PDF Download)

National InKart

Division 2 Cadets

Heat 1
Heat 1 started with Rupert Versallion in pole, Luca Brooks in second and Cameron Bernard in third. Versallion got a good start and extended his lead to over 1 second after the opening lap. Brooks and Fallon bunched for 2nd with Brooks getting the edge on lap 2. Stoney, only his second round, made up 3 places in only 3 laps. An impressive drive from the Cadet driver. Versallion took the win by 7.7 seconds, with Fallon in second and Barker in third after a great battle with Brooks.

Heat 2
Heat 2 began with Kian Gamiao on pole, Harrison Smith in second and Henry Stoney in third. Stoney got a good start and got promoted to 2nd position, though, Safo got his place back and Shanmugavel was able to get through. Gamiao managed to extend his lead to 3 seconds by the end of lap 3, having no threat from other drivers. He took the win by 2 seconds to Safo. Brooks came in third after a successful race, starting from 9th.

A Final
The final started with Max Fallon in first, Kian Gamiao in second and Luca Brooks in third. All drivers got a good start and were able to start battling for positions on the opening lap. Fallon got a tremendous lead in the opening laps, leading by 3 seconds. Shravan Shanmugavel was making steady progress through the field after starting 7th. Safo, placed in second on lap 6, started chasing Fallon, in first. He was driving 0.5 seconds quicker than Fallon, catching him every lap. Further back, Shanmugavel had moved up into 5th place and was chasing down the P4 and P3 drivers ahead of him. Fallon and Safo were steady at the front, with the battle for 3rd the focus. Shanmugavel snatched 4th on lap 10 of 12. Fallon took the win after 12 laps, with Safo a second behind – a last lap move from Shanmugavel on Luca Brooks secured P3 with 3rd to 5th covered by just 5 tenths of a second.


Division 2 Juniors

Heat 1
Heat 1 started with Ben Grace in pole, Charlie Croston in second and Sebastian Hughes in third. Croston got into the lead during the first lap and was able to extend it after a collision at turn 10 resulting in 5 karts spinning. Lewis Bone, at his first InKart round, overtook Thomas to take second position in his first heat. Though, on lap 5 Thomas took back Bone at turn 4 to regain 2nd. Bone began learning from Thomas and his lap times started to get faster, entering a 60 second lap. Croston took a successful win from second on the grid, Thomas finished just in front of Bone in second.

Heat 2
The second heat started with Kyle Carpenter in first, Liam Crabb in second and Dillon Davis in third. Carpenter anticipated the lights too soon and consequently performed a jump start, which resulted in a penalty, therefore, the standings were only provisional. A battle for 2nd commenced on lap 7. This allowed the battle behind to join them, to start a 5-way battle for 2nd. After an incident at National between the top 2 drivers, Croston was promoted to 1st place. Crabb in second and Thomas in third, after a post-race penalty was awarded to Ghirra.

A Final
The final started with Croston in first, Adam Thomas in second and Liam Crabb in third. Thomas took the lead through turn 9 on the opening lap, then was able to create a gap to second to try and push for the win. On lap 4, Croston tried to get past Bone at turn 2, though, Bone saw him approaching and out braked him, holding onto 2nd position. Though, later on in the lap Croston was successfully able to take Bone for 2nd after a good battle. As the rain began to start, the track got slippy. Under braking at turn 10, Bone was put into a spin as the track lacked grip. He dropped down to 4th place, however, made it back up to 3rd place to take a spot on the podium. Thomas took the win in the Junior final. Croston finished in second, 7.9 seconds behind first.

Division 1 Cadets

Heat 1
Heat 1 started with Joshua Jones in first, Ronnie Coburn in second and Jensen Pughe in third. After a clean start Joshua Jones stayed in front and was able to carry the lead around the first lap. After a break from second, Jones got a comfortable lead by turn 10. Pughe started to put pressure on Ronnie Coburn and made a move for second on the first lap. Daniel Munro, on his return to InKart, made a successful move into 3rd into turn 9. By lap 4, Jones extended his lead to 4.8 seconds. Also, Munro began to put pressure on Pughe and was able take second place. After a successful race, Jones took the win with Munro in second and Pughe in third.

Heat 2
Heat 2 started with Sam Cole in pole, Jensen Pooley in second and Riley Bishop in third. After a late response from Cole at the start lights, Bishop got out in front and extended to a lead of 2.2 seconds by the end of the first lap. Pughe caught on the tail of Cole, then Cole began driving defensively and started looking over his shoulder. After starting from the back, McWilliam was able to drive to the back of the battle for 2nd, being a strong threat to the rest of the pack. At the final turn, Pughe made a challenge on Cole though they both lost momentum. This allowed Coburn to get through to second. Bishop took a solid 6.3 second win, Coburn in second and McWilliam in third.

Heat 3
The final heat saw Eddie Key in pole, Michael Dalton in second and Daniel Munro in third. Dalton hesitated at the lights which allowed Munro and Bishop to move up positions on the first lap. Key maintained his lead in the opening laps with no immediate threat from any driver. Cole, placed in 4th, on lap 4 looked fast, putting pressure on the battle for 2nd. As the 50% mark was reached, the battle for 2nd got heated with Cole attempting to overtake Bishop at any given chance. After an incident on the last lap, Bishop took the win with McWilliam in second, Cole in third.

B Final
The B-Final started with Eddie Key in pole, Michael Dalton in second and Kasper Marriott in third. Dalton made a good start getting up to first position by the end of lap one. Marriott made his way to 3rd position at National and began his charge to the front. Key, placed in 2nd on lap 5, began shaving a few tenths off Dalton, the current leader. A battle started for the leading position as Key got to the back of Dalton, he went for a gap at turn 11, though Dalton closed the door which lead to them both spinning. Marriot was then able to take the lead from the 2 previous leaders. The following lap, Dalton took back the leading position and was able to take the win. Marriott in second and Munro in third.

A Final
The A-Final started with Riley Bishop in pole, Andrew McWilliam in second and Ronnie Coburn in third. Bishop got a good start and was able to get a solid lead around lap 1 but McWilliam began to chase him down and by the end of lap 2, he was on the tail of the leader, Cole following. McWilliam took a brave move into turn 4 to take the lead on lap 6. After an incident between Cole and Bishop, Cole got awarded a 5-place penalty which meant the positions were only provisional. Cole took McWilliam on the last turn on the last lap with a beautiful overtake. Though, due to the penalty being awarded to Cole, McWilliam took the win for Round 8, Coburn in second and Pughe in third.


Division 1 Juniors

Heat 1
The first heat started with Jack Stewart in pole, Kip Morgan in second and Olly Hood in third. From a clean start, Hood was able to get by the side of Morgan but Morgan got him going into the second corner. Hood challenged Morgan at turn 5 to take 2nd. At the end of the first lap, Hood looked strong beginning to catch Stewart. Heading into the last turn, Plumb took the inside of Watson and progressed into 4th. At the back of the grid, Mirzai and Batts were battling for 7th with Mirzai creeping in front of Batts at the line. On lap 5, Hood got a tremendous run up the straight and successfully took Stewart at turn 10. He was able to create a gap to Stewart to take the win. Stewart in second and Plumb in third.

Heat 2
The second and final heat, Kallum Batts sat in pole, Ali Mirzai started in second and Daniel Watson in third. The first lap consisted of many karts bunched together battling for position. The most successful driver from the opening laps was Stewart who made his way from last, promoting 5 positions in only 2 laps. On the start of the third lap, Stewart took Styant for third place and started to chase down the leaders. Stewart begin to clock lap times 0.5 seconds faster than the leader and was on their tail by lap 5. Watson took the win, Stewart in second after promoting himself on the last lap and Mirzai in third.

A Final
The final started with Stewart in pole, Watson in second and Hood in third. On the opening lap, Plumb got into third position, as well as, Hood and Stewart getting away in the front. Watson took back the position he lost to Plumb, though, Plumb didn’t give up too easily and started to threat Watson for position. For the middle part of the race, most positions remained stagnant with a battle for 5th getting heated between Mirzai and Styant. On lap 7, Watson managed to lower the gap to Stewart to 1.5 seconds, continuing to chase 2nd place. He caught on the back of Stewart but was unable to make the move by the end of the race. Hood took a 9 second win, with Stewart in second and Watson in third.

International InKart

Super Pole Qualifying Results

1William Davison1:16:037
2Tom Bush1:16:449
3Tate Taverner1:16:464
4Jack Mayor1:16:480
5Malc West1:16:984
6Angus Tillyer1:17:336
7Toby Sporn1:17:546
8Scott Taylor1:17:594
9Andrew Mcwilliam1:17:810
10Harvey Reed1:18:124

Heat 1

Heat 1 started with William Davison on pole, Tom Bush in second and Tate Taverner in third. Harvey Reed started in pole in the Heavy category. Davison got a good start in the Light category and was able to carry his lead around the opening laps. Taverner followed him, not allowing him out of sight. In the Heavy category, Reed who started on pole, also had a good start and carried his lead around the opening laps. Monger locked on the back of his kart and the two drivers worked together to break from the pack, they were successful. On lap 4, Bush caught the back of Taverner and made a move on the entry to 10 for second position. Davison’s lead extended to 1.3 seconds. 1.5 seconds by the end of the race where he took chequered to complete the first heat in 1st place. Bush finished behind in second, with Taverner in third. Reed took the win in the Heavy category.

Heat 2
Heat 2 started with Louisa Bell in pole, Maddy Withers in second and Manuel Bravo in third. Matthew Davies started on pole for the Heavy’s. Bell got a clean start but started to be challenged by Fenton who was on her tail on lap 2. Fenton took Bell on lap 2 and Bell dropped to 4th from lack of momentum, she was involved in a collision at turn 10 and was awarded a 5-place penalty for an advantage by contact. Bush, Davison and Taverner, who started at the back were up fighting for 2nd position by lap 4 and starting to catch Fenton for the lead. The group of three were able to overtake Fenton to take the leading positions. Matthew Davies looked strong in Heavy’s and was able to take a win. Bush took the win from Taverner. Davison in third in one of the closest Senior InKart heats.

For the final, Tom Bush started in pole, Davison in second and Taverner in third. John Monger starting in pole for the Heavy’s. After the opening lap, Bush extended his lead keeping the rest of the pack behind him. In the Heavy’s category Monger got a great start and then got a solid 2.1 second lead within the opening laps. The leading battle for the Lights started on lap 2 with the 4 top drivers battling for the top spot, they were spread only 0.8 seconds of each other. The lead switched on lap 4 with Davison taking Bush for the top spot. He then led the group around the forthcoming laps. Davison began to seemingly extend his lead slowly, but enough for him to keep the karts behind him behind. In the Heavy’s category, the battle for 2nd began on lap 6, with 3 karts aiming to take 2nd place on the podium. With defensive driving and chances for overtakes, the drivers had to be smart as one mistake would cost them their race. Davison took the win by 1.4 seconds to Bush who completed the final 0.4 seconds in front of Taverner. Monger had a successful final and finished in first in the Heavy’s category, 9 seconds in front of second, Davies. Weller finished in third.