Daytona Milton Keynes 2017 InKart Championships
Round Eight Race Report (PDF Download Link)

National InKart

Cadet Division 1

Heat 1
Daniel Munro started from pole position, followed by Jensen Pughe in 2nd and Jayden Neal-Holder in P3. After much anticipation, the pack got away with Jayden Neal-holder getting the best start promoting him to 1st on the first lap. On lap 3, Neal-holder kept his pace, yet, was getting caught by Munro and Key respectively. After pushing too hard Pughe spun falling to the back and letting Neal-Holder pull away to a 3.3 second gap and taking the race win. Following in was Munro and Key, both fighting till the end.

Heat 2
Jack Stewart was the pole sitter for heat 2, with 2nd and 3rd place going to Eddie Key and Joshua Jones, respectively. All the drivers showed a great start following the green lights with all of them racing around turn 1, with many karts defending their positions. With continuous battles, Jack Stewart was able to pull away on the first lap by 1.2 seconds. On lap 2, the crowd behind Stewart fought more, yet, Sam Wilson found a gap away from the bunch, allowing Wilson to pull away from the group by 1 second. On the following lap, Wilson got the gap down to 0.4 to 1st position and was on Stewart’s bumper for all of lap 4. At the back of the race there was a lot of pushing as the drivers were determined to make their way to the front. Stewart became intensively defensive on the final lap permitting him to take the win with Wilson and Purbrick taking 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Heat 3
Rory Burke started from pole position, 2nd place went to Toby Purbrick and Sam Wilson had P3. Following a great start, all drivers got away safely with a very calm first half lap. At the end of the first lap, Key attempted a move at turn 10 which wasn’t successful, pushing him to the back making him trail behind by 10 seconds. At the front of the race the field started pushing hard with personal best lap times showing and Key cutting his gap by 1 second to the rest of the group. On the 5th lap, Neal Holder overtook Wilson on turn 11 with a clean move. Burke took the win, Neal-holder in 2nd place and Wilson in 3rd.

Heat 4
With Archie Fisher absent from the race meeting, Malachi Henry inherited pole position. With Jones following in the grid. The start was tidy with Jones getting a good start putting him on the tail of Henry. The back end of the race was hectic on the first lap with karts bunched together with Pughe receiving a warning flag. As Jones was holding onto the lead he got pressure from behind which caused him to consistently look back giving Munro the edge. However, halfway through the race Munro gained advantage by contact which consequently led to him receiving a 5-place penalty. Unfortunately, Jones fell to the back after the collision. Missing his chances of victory. Henry took the win (after Munro’s penalty), followed by Pughe and Burke.

B Final
Daniel Munro started from pole position, followed by Toby Purbrick in 2nd and Jensen Pughe in 3rd. Pughe managed to get the best start of the first final of the day promoting him to 2nd place on turn 1. On the last corner of the first lap Key went from 3rd to 1st after Pughe and Munro were fighting. On lap 4, the top 3 drivers pulled away from the rest by 7 seconds with them keeping their heads down following each other. At the back, Jones found some pace and managed to pull away from Purbrick. On lap 6, Munro went in too heavy and bumped Key off the racing line. As Munro gave back the position, in a very sporting manner, Pughe managed to overtake the two drivers and stand in 1st place. On the last lap, Key closed the gap to Pughe and overtook Pughe on turn 9, cleanly, to take the chequered flag first.

A Final
Pole position went to Jayden Neal-Holder, with Rory Burke in 2nd and Jack Stewart in 3rd place. With promotion from the B Final Key started at the back. After a very clean start Burke managed to get pass Neal-Holder who had a troubled start. By lap 4, full course yellow was adopted due to driver of kart 77, Neal-Holder hitting the barrier due to bumping with Henry. Unfortunately, Neal-Holder’s kart wouldn’t start after the collision and retired from the race. After 2 slow laps under yellow flag, the drivers saw the green flag and remained racing. Burke anticipated the green flag well and managed to get a good start away from the bunch behind him and finished in first place by 2.5 seconds.

B Final Results

  1. Eddie Key
  2. Jensen Pughe
  3. Daniel Munro

A Final Results

  1. Rory Burke
  2. Sam Wilson
  3. Eddie Key


Junior Division 1

Heat 1
Angus Tillyer started from pole, followed by Kallum Batts in P2 and Olly Hood in 3rd place. Tillyer had a good start, but Olly Hood overtook him for the lead at Turn 1, and pulled away with Angus Tillyer, while Dunford was defending from Williams. The two front runners pulled away as the race settled into its rhythm with all drivers pushing hard. The race ended with Hood followed by Tillyer, with just a 0.8 second gap.

Heat 2
The lights went out to Joe Williams, with Kallum Batts and Kyle Dunford in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. As the lights went out, Batts got a good start which allowed him to chase Williams, however, he swerved on lap 2 which put him to the back of the race. At the front, Williams went wide at turn 10 which allowed Hood to take the undercut and promote him to 1st position. On the penultimate lap, Dunford and Batts were fighting, whilst Hood and Williams managed to get away. Unfortunately, after a racing incident, Tillyer fell to the back and took the chequered flag last. The most successful driver during this heat was Hood who made the best progress throughout the race. With Williams and Dunford taking 2nd and 3th respectively.

Heat 3
The pole sitter was Olly Hood, followed by Kyle Dunford and Joe Williams in P2 and P3, respectively.  Hood got a great start keeping him in first position around the first lap. Closely followed by William and Tillyer. As they started fighting, this allowed the two front runners to pull away. On lap 3 Dunford cleanly overtook Hood to put him into 1st place. Near the end of the race Tillyer made an impressive move around the outside of turn 1 to put him into 2nd position. Dunford took the chequered flag first with Hood in 3rd.

A Final
The lights went out to Olly Hood, 2nd place went to Kyle Dunford and Angus Tillyer started in P3. Hood got an amazing start allowing him to hold onto 1st position throughout the start of the race. At the end of the first lap he managed to get a 1 second gap from the rest. Behind him at turn 11, Williams made a clean overtaking manoeuvre for P3. For the duration of the race the pack remains steady and gaps were forming. On lap 6, the last 3 (Williams, Dunford and Batts) were defending and battling trying to make their positions up. Near the end of the race the pack were becoming increasingly defensive as they wanted to maintain their positions with Williams receiving a warning flag for excessive blocking. Hood had remained focused from the beginning of the race and managed to maintain 1st position from start to finish.

A Final Results

  1. Olly Hood
  2. Angus Tillyer
  3. Joe Williams


Cadet Division 2

Heat 1
Division 2’s first Cadet pole sitter for the day was Lily Jeffs, followed by Ryan Hedge and Tom Ryan in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Jeffs got a good start and maintained her position throughout lap one. O’Regan quickly got up to 3rd on the opening lap from the back of the grid, showing the crowd an amazing driving style. He performed a clean move down at Turn 6 to take 2nd on the opening lap, making up 5 places in one lap. With his head down, O’Regan was able to chase for 1st position and overtaking Jeffs at turn 1.  The rest of the pack remained clean will all drivers seeing the chequered flag. O’Regan took the win, followed by Ampofo-Anim and Ryan Hedge.

Heat 2
Andrew McWilliam led the pack from P1, with Tazio Nicholas in 2nd and Riley Bishop in 3rd place. Unfortunately, on the out lap, Tom Ryan spun and started from the back of the grid. He made progression on the first few laps into 6th by lap 6. The top 2 drivers got away cleanly and maintained good pace through the race. On lap 7, Nicholas was given a 5-place penalty due to an Advantage-by-Contact at turn 10. The remaining drivers kept their heads down and all saw the chequered flag with McWilliam taking 1st, Bishop in 2nd and Rupert Versallion in 3rd.

Heat 3
The lights went out to Oliver Metrovich, with 2nd and 3rd place going to Harrison Smith and Rory O’Regan, respectively. Smith got the most successful start as he closed the gap to pole. On turn 4, Smith and Butland had an unfortunate collision which ended Smith’s progression as they both were pushed to the back of the grid. Bishop put 4 wheels off track attempting to overtake Versallion which hindered their momentum and allowed O’Regan to pull away. Riley Bishop finished 3rd on track, however, was given a 5-place penalty for unnecessary contact. O’Regan took the chequered flag once again with Versallion and Bishop following closely behind.

Heat 4
The pole sitter was Jenson Pooley, P2 went to Jake Butland and Conor Lucey started in 3rd. After a successful start by Lucey he managed to secure the lead on the first lap. The pack became increasingly defensive with Nicholas making his way past McWilliam, receiving a contact warning for his troubles as well. On lap 3, Pooley went wide at turn 10 after missing his braking point. On the final lap, the grid was spaced out with Lucey getting 1st, Jeffs in second and Versallion rounding up the top three.

Heat 5
Mark Versallion started from pole, with Leo Scott starting in 2nd and Jake Butland in 3rd place. With Versallion getting a good start, he was able to push in an attempt to extend his lead, however, O’Regan showed good pace on the first lap to get onto the back bumper of Versallion by the end of lap 2. As Versallion was getting overtaken by O’Regan, he unfortunately spun out on his own and fell straight to the back. On the last lap Metrovich and Nicholas were caught in a racing incident, which lead them to spin simultaneously. Damaging their chances at the front. O’Regan took another win, followed by Butland and Leo Scott.

Heat 6
Rupert Versallion, Nathan Ampofo-Anim and Conor Lucey had P1, P2 and P3, respectively. The pack led away with all the drivers getting a good start. The opening lap was the closest race we had seen all day with the whole pack within 3 seconds after lap 1. Lucey made a successful overtake at Turn 6 to grab 2nd position. On lap 3 the spaced out, with Nathan Ampofo-Anim giving himself a little breathing room at the front. Ampofo-Anim went on to take the chequered flag followed by Bishop and Lucey finished 3rd.

B Final
Jake Butland took pole. Rupert Versallion and Ryan Hedge were behind pole respectively in 2nd and 3rd.  The first final was underway. At the end of lap 2, the top 2 drivers were separated by a mere 0.1 seconds. As they were caught by Hedge the top 3 worked together to get away from the rest of the grid. At turn 11 on lap 4, Pooley went into an accidental spin and was demoted to last position on track. The action all occurred at the front with Versallion making a clean and impressive move at Turn 6 for 1st place which he maintained until the end of the race. Followed by Butland and Hedge respectfully.

A Final
Rory O’Regan topped the timing sheets which put him on pole for the final. Nathan Ampofo-Anim in 2nd. Conor Lucey starting 3rd. On the warm up lap Lucey spun out of control so was put at the back of the grid for the start. O’Regan got a good start which allowed him to have a 2.2 second lead by the end of the first lap. Lucey made great progress on the first lap by gaining 3 places. Ampofo-Anim had a minor spin on lap 2 which held up the pack allowing O’Regan to move into a healthy lead at the front. Behind him McWilliam made an impressive move around the outside of turn 11 to promote him to 4th.  The Versallion brothers showed great sportsmanship in their battle for 5th, with Rupert leading the two. Lap 7 saw McWilliam taking Ampofo-Anim into turn 5 cleanly with their aim to close the gap to first place. By the end of the last lap O’Regan took the win by 6 seconds, followed by Bishop and McWilliam.

B Final Results

  1. Rupert Versallion
  2. Jake Butland
  3. Ryan Hedge

A Final Results

  1. Rory O’Regan
  2. Riley Bishop
  3. Andrew McWilliam


Junior Division 2

Heat 1
Jack Stewart started from pole, followed by Henry Peart in P2 and Alex Simmons in P3. From a close start, all drivers made it through the first lap with Stewart being rewarded with a 1.7 second lead. Jandu attempted a move on two karts at turn 4, subsequently, damaging his momentum pushing him to the back. On the final lap, the bunch caught up to 2nd position, but could not find a way through. Stewart took a comfortable win, followed by Peart and Alex Simmons.

Heat 2
Pole position went to Charlie Croston, Robin Jandu started in 2nd, and 3rd place went to Louisa Bell. The pack got away cleanly with no incidents on the first lap. Page successfully gained 2 positions on the first lap by clean overtaking. On lap 3, Costin unfortunately spun at turn 3 which demoted him to last place on track. Page continued his form with another two moves taking him into 2nd place. Jandu took the flag first, followed by Page and Croston.

Heat 3
Toby Sporn led the pack from pole position, followed by Daniel Watson in 2nd and Ben Page in 3rd place. The pack put a lot of pressure on Sporn but he successfully managed to get a good start and pull a 1.2 second gap on the 1st lap. After a blistering lap by Stewart he caught up to 1st by turn 2 of the second lap. By the end of lap 2 the top 4 positions were bunched together fighting through turn 3 till the end of the lap. With determination to overtake, Costin went too heavy into the last corner and pushed out Page. He was awarded a 5-place penalty. Heat 3 saw Stewart finishing first with Sporn and Costin following close behind.

Heat 4
Kip Morgan led the pack from P1, P2 and P3 went to Armandas Pocevicius and Robin Jandu, respectively.  Pocevicius got a tremendous start and got into first position before they’d even got to Turn 1, however, his job wasn’t done as Jandu was on his tail on the first lap. By lap 3, Jandu saw the opportunity and overtook Pocevicius at the given chance. From the manoeuvre Jandu took his chances and kept his head down and finished the race with 0.3 seconds’ lead.

Heat 5
The pole sitter was Sam Warner, followed by Louisa Bell in 2nd and Henry Peart in 3rd place. Pocevicius had a great start from the back giving him the momentum he needed to make his way up the grid. After 2 blistering laps, Stewart was making his way to Warner with the rest of the grid packed up fighting 5 seconds behind the leader. By getting a good exit on turn 11 Warner overtook Stewart into turn 1 smoothly. On lap 5, Stewart completed an impressive lap time of 58 seconds opening the gap to 2nd by 1.9 seconds. The two front runners pulled away with ease as the group behind completed their race 9 seconds behind. Stewart saw the flag first, with Warner and Pocevicius following behind.

Heat 6
The lights went out to James Costin, 2nd place went to Alex Simmons and Ben Page started 3rd.  Ben page made an impressive start gaining 2nd by the first corner and 1st by the end of lap one. Louisa Bell showed excellent improvement by cutting her lap time down every lap. By lap 6 Page extended his lead by 1.7 seconds as the rest of the pack were putting in faster lap times in an urge to get closer to Page. Page again saw the chequered flag first with Warner following closely behind and Simmons finishing in 3rd.

B Final
Alex Simmons started in pole position with Armandas Pocevicius following in 2nd and Henry Peart in 3rd on the starting grid. Pocevicius got a successful start tucking straight in behind Simmons. Due to the well-judged start he could stay close to the bumper of Simmons who lead the pack around. Unable to get past first place, Peart and Watson, could close the gap to the front runners by lap 3. At turn 3, Watson hit Peart at an unfamiliar angle which lead to him spinning, falling to the back of the grid. By remaining focused in front of him, Simmons could pull a 1.3 second lead to Pocevicius in 2nd.  With some unfortunate mistakes Pocevicius was able to gain on Simmons and get to his bumper and pass on lap 8 at turn 10, taking the chequered flag soon after. Simmons and Peart completed the Top 3.

A Final
Taking pole was Jack Stewart, followed by Ben Page and Sam Warner. The pole sitter, Jack Stewart, got a great start. At the back of the pack Page ran wide as drivers were defending consistently around turn 4. Jandu made good progress on lap 3 to catch up to the back of Stewart by the end of the lap. Jandu putting pressure onto Stewart throughout, forced the race leader to keep looking behind yet couldn’t make a move stick. A close battle was seen between Ben Page and Armandas Pocevicius as they were constantly switching positions in the battle for 4th in the middle of the race. With the two fighting their way into 4th, Sporn joined the battle as the others were defending their line and subsequently reducing their speed. By the end of the race, Stewart was the driver to take the flag first after his great effort to defend from Robin Jandu and Charlie Croston.

B Final Results

  1. Armandas Pocevicius
  2. Alex Simmons
  3. Henry Peart

A Final Results

  1. Jack Stewart
  2. Robin Jandu
  3. Charlie Croston


International InKart

Super-Pole Qualifying started with Lee Schnitzler as the first out of the Pits, and the first to subsequently record a power lap of 1:14.516. Tom Bush topped the provisional chart, however, with a best lap time of 1.13.456. 0.369 faster than any driver on track.

When the second group emerged from the pit lane they attempted to beat Bush’s impressive time. However, the only threat from the second session was William Davison with a 1.14.063 time, 0.607 down from the pole sitter.

Tom Pughe was the fastest heavyweight sitting in P5 at the end of qualifying. An impressive 1.14.431, surrounded by many light weight contenders.

Super Pole Qualifying Results

1Tom Bush1:13:456
2Harrison Pughe1.13.825
3William Davison1.14.063
4Scott Taylor1.14.363
5Tom Pughe1.14.431
6Lee Schnitzler1.14.516
7James Lawrence1.14.682
8Gianni La-vita1.14.736
9Scott Johnson1.14.743
10Jack Mayor1.14.770


Race 1
The race was on, led by Tom Bush, followed by Harrison Pughe in P2 and William Davison in P3. Bush got an impressive start and remained defensive through turn 4 and 5 with Pughe on his tail. The middle of the pack was busy on the opening lap, with marshals looking out for excessive contact. The most notable change for position was Schnitzler overtaking Taylor on the first lap.

It was all going well for the top 3 drivers; Bush, Pughe and Davison as they produced a gap to the karts trailing behind by 4 seconds. On the same lap, Schnitzler got a bad exit on turn 10 and got drowned by the following pack of drivers.

Kart 27, Marc Flitton, a newcomer to the series made a few impressive manoeuvres moving into P13 by lap 5.

The remaining 2 laps were quiet and the top three drivers increased their gap to 7 seconds and began to fight with 3 karts wide into turn 9, however, no changes came from this.

Bush finished first, with Pughe in second, followed by Davison.

Race 2
Leandro Seguro started on pole, with Jordan Greenwood and Luca Purse following on the grid.  Greenaway got the most successful start and took P1 on the outside of turn 1 and maintained a 2.6 second gap till the end of the first lap.

Turn 10 of lap 3 saw an accident involving Leandro Seguro where he was placed P13 and dropped to the back of the grid.

Mayor and Reed had a good battle from lap 4. Their pace was 0.3 seconds off P1, so they had to keep their heads down and work together. However, Greenaway was looking like he was going all the way to the finishing line as he took the best lap time of the race, clocking in a 1.14.661. There was a good battle between James Lawrence, Harrison Pughe and Scott Taylor who finished P4, P5 and P6 respectfully.

Greenaway took the race win followed by Jack Mayor and Harvey Reed.

The final was led by Harrison Pughe, followed by Tom Bush and Jack Mayor in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Bush and Pughe got a great start and made their way around lap one grouped together. The middle of the grid saw some impressive overtaking with Lawrence taking Schnitzler in turn 8 to get into P10.

All eyes were on the front of the grid with drivers; Bush, Harrison and Mayor. From lap 4 they were in a continuous battle every corner not giving each other room to make a move. Pughe saw a gap and put his head down to get a 1.1 second gap from the other two drivers. Yet this gap didn’t stay for long as Mayor saw his chances and overtook Harrison on the exit of turn 1 into turn 2. Promoting him into P2, letting Bush get away. Spectators watched as Pughe was on the tail of Mayor going into the last corner and with a last-minute move secured him P2 exiting the corner.

As the exciting battle at the front was continuing. Battles elsewhere were just as impressive. At the back of the grid Nick Seward, Emmet Cummins and Red Kerr were in an intense battle bumper to bumper from lap 7 onwards with a mere 0.5 seconds between the three of them. As the chequered flag dropped, Bush held on by just less than a second from Harrison Pughe who secured 2nd by less than two tenths from Jack Mayor.

Lights Final Results

  1. Tom Bush
  2. Harrison Pughe
  3. Jack Mayor

Heavies Final Results

  1. Tom Pughe
  2. Lee Schnitzler
  3. Mathias Read-Simpson