Practice Sessions are ideal for beginners and for serious drivers looking to hone their skills.

Practice Sessions – Milton Keynes


Location: Milton Keynes (Get Directions)

Karts Used: SODI SR5 (4-Stroke)

Circuit: Full International (1200m)

Ages: 14+ (Looking for Junior Go Karting? – Click here)

Event Name: Practice Sessions

Booking Code: SODI SR5 Practice

Format: Available in 20 or 30 minute sessions

Availability: Weekends & Selected Weekdays


About the experience

If you would like the opportunity to drive one of our karts around the exciting International circuit at Milton Keynes, but you aren’t quite ready to race, then our Practice Sessions are the perfect solution. Practice Sessions give drivers the chance to try different lines and braking points in order to become quicker.

We provide safety equipment, a comprehensive safety briefing and all laps are timed with results emailed to drivers (that opt in) at the end of the session.



Please note: In addition to SODI SR5 Practice, we also offer DMAX Practice. DMAX karts are high-performance 125cc Two-stroke karts reserved only for experienced drivers aged 16 and above . Drivers that are new to Daytona Milton Keynes should start with our SODI SR5 karts to gain experience of the circuit before graduating to the DMAX karts when they have suitable experience to do so.

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