The NEW season of Super Champs starts on 29th January 2022. Super Champs is a premium outdoor go-kart competition for enthusiast drivers who want to compete against the very best amateur go-karting talent.

Drivers will compete in a 8 round Championship which will include 5 different race formats throughout the season.

10-minute Practice
5-minute Super Pole Qualifying
30-minute race
10-minute Practice
5-minute Super pole qualifying
40-minute race
10-minute Practice
5-minute Super pole qualifying
60-minute race
5-minute Practice
2 x 10-minute Heats
20-minute Final
10-minute Practice
5-minute Super pole qualifying
First to complete 75 laps ends the race


Drivers can also choose between two categories to compete in. Each category has a different fleet of performance go-karts that drivers race with throughout the season.


DMAX 125cc ROTAX Max Evo Two-Stroke engine


HONDA GX270 air-cooled Four-stroke engines


Round 129/01/2022Cliff Drop/
Bus Stop
N35ST £109.50
Dmax £180.00
Round 212/02/2022LinkbackN35ST £89.50
Dmax £149.00
Round 319/02/2022Linkback/
Cliff Drop
N35ST £79.50
Dmax £130.00
Round 405/03/2022InternationalN35ST £99.50
Dmax £159.00
Round 512/03/2022LinkbackN35ST £89.50
Dmax £149.00
Round 626/03/2022InternationalN35ST £139.50
Dmax £229.00
Round 702/04/2022Bus StopN35ST £79.50
Dmax £130.00
Round 816/04/2022InternationalN35ST £99.50
Dmax £159.00



Practice is available immediately before each round in both driver categories.



D30 – £130.00pp per round
D40 – £149.00pp per round
 D60 – £180.00pp per round


D30 – £79.50pp per round
D40 – £89.50pp per round
 D60 – £109.50pp per round



Full season bookings can be made by emailing By booking the entire season, drivers will be rewarded with driver points (which can be used towards Open Race products including Championship practice). Contact us foir more information.