The Daytona InKart Championships is the perfect way for drivers to compete in a championship series without the expense of owning and running their own karts.

The Daytona Milton Keynes InKart Championships

Daytona Milton Keynes’ InKart Championships offer a competitive race series throughout the year for drivers who want to race in evenly matched racing karts without any of the hassle or expense of owning and prepping their own karts. With the Junior and Cadet Championships open to Daytona Race School Graduates aged 8-13 years – Senior SODI Championships open to anyone aged 14 and over and DMAX Championships open to only experienced drivers aged 16 and above.

InKart Cadet and Junior Championships – National Circuit

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The Format

  • Members Only (discount benefits apply)
  • 10 minutes of Practice/Qualifying followed by a 20 minute final
  • Maximum of 3 grids, with A, B and C finals
  • 0915hrs arrival time
  • Optional Championship Test sessions beforehand

InKart Championship Rules & Regulations 2019

Mandatory Series Membership (valid for 12 months) – £35 inc VAT
Entry Fee Per Round – £47.50 inc VAT
Autumn InKart Practice – £30 inc VAT (20 minute session for those racing that day)

The Autumn Championship

Round 1 – 1st Sep
Round 2 – 15th Sep
Round 3 – 29th Sep
Round 4 – 13th Oct
Round 5 – 27th Oct
Round 6 – 10th Nov
Round 7 – 24th Nov
Round 8 – 1st Dec
Round 9 – 15th Dec

MK Inkart Cadets Championship Standings

Driver NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Total
Adam Hill90807580325
Riley Thatcher75904438247
Michael Dalton807585100340
Zain Nasir70859098343
Donell Stratton85506285282
Cameron Bernard597000129
Luca Brooks65595675255
James Bruce62564256216
Harry Asher48623636182
Ronnie Coburn108000108
Tommy Hughes42655046203
Finn Davies5646590161
Harrison Leach010810862278
Zach Watson36537065224
Max Drew46404842176
Jack Ryzman40443450168
Austin Macbeth24483253157
Lucas Riley40324040152
Luke Dunwell38343838148
Taylor Lyon53046099
Alexander Ivanov0428044166
Charlie Matthews0360036
Henry Stoney3600036
Nicholas Gould03003262
Harvey Collins02803462
Robbie Blacklaw00535953
Charlie Cusack00070

Fastest Lap (8 points)
Round 1 : R.Coburn (58.024)
Round 2 : A.Hill (57.805)
Round 3 : H. Leach (73.587) W
Round 4 : Z. Nasir (73.846) W

MK Inkart Junior Championship Standings

Driver NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9Total
Ralph Leckie851089090373
Daniel Munro8085108108381
Kian Gamiao100658070315
Daniel Watson78807562295
Harry Hurst56905640242
Rupert Versallion90566559270
Imogen Owen48754056219
Ollie Bishop46705385254
Charlie Vickers50595053212
Arjun Ghirra65407075250
Olly Ward5350042145
Reuben Harris75284444191
Tom Ryan62344648190
Jacob Holley5936620157
Callum Wright40423234148
Alex Emms42323028132
Hayden Bailey44283832142
Malachi Morrison38303436138
Lloyd Kay0624220124
Kip Morgan0538580218
Thierry Hopkins048065113
Robbie Blacklaw0460046
Henry Stoney0444846138
Fernando Hartogs0036036
Marcel Laczycki00363836
Kyle Carpenter0005050

Fastest Lap (8 points)
Round 1 : D.Watson (56.972)
Round 2 : R. Leckie (56.988)
Round 3 : D. Munro (73.073) W
Round 4 : D. Munro (72.249) W

InKart SODI RT8 Championships – International Circuit + Variants

A Championship for drivers aged 14 and over with light and heavyweight classes contested over ten rounds, from January to November. Each driver’s best 8 scores count towards the final Championship Standings.

The Format

  • 5 minutes practice
  • Super Pole Qualifying
  • Two 10 minute heats
  • 15 minute Grand Final Race
  • 1400hrs arrival time
  • £70 inc VAT per round

International InKart Championship Regulations – SODI

The Calendar

Round 1 – 20th Jan
Round 2 – 17th Feb
Round 3 – 17th Mar
Round 4 – 14th Apr
Round 5 – 12th May
Round 6 – 9th Jun
Round 7 – 14th Jul
Round 8 – 8th Sep
Round 9 – 20th Oct
Round 10 – 17th Nov

MK InKart SODI RT8 Lights Championship Standings

Matthew Plumb1551201381601701802001671290
Tate Taverner20015916019518016001801234
Olly Hood17315612518515220001951186
Angus Tillyer1191341441291441191521361077
Charlie Fenton1331381091270152158154971
Joe Williams155124140661431600126914
Ben Southgate1121301080160126122154912
Kasper Marriott001141211591381560688
James Costin119148001151391590680
William Davison1540162158141000615
Bradley Pollard010011412110611300554
Matt Costin108110001051121190554
Scott Taylor01681741500000492
Lewis Barton0000120109140119488
Maddy Withers1141031011130000431
Steffan Barreau01039907910600387
Adam Thomas00000124132131387
Tom Bush013220000000332
Andrew Pearce020013000000330
Alex Jackson000012101660287
Euan Levey146011500000261
Callum O'Donnel0000000142142
Andrew McWilliam1340000000134
Richard Wootten0110000000110
Dylan Silk1090000000109
Gary Blackwell0000104000104
Louisa Bell0000102000102
Louis Alderton00990000099
Helen Ballinger09700000097
Darren Smith00009000090
Kyle Dunford00062000062
Ryan Newman00000480048

MK InKart SODI RT8 Heavies Championship Standings

Andy Fryer2001761461902002001851671464
Harvey Reed1801661901901801641621681400
Barry Morris1381621601501401771461921265
John Donnelly13801711581521571951491120
Barry Weller1421420148146124146146994
Emmet Cummins121152016601461520737
Gareth Baldwin0018301661260170645
Ivan Reed1150013801520144549
Paul Barratt000001321300262
John Monger15879000000237
Michael Ballinger0195000000195
Ray Sutch0000156000156
Lee Schnitzler1550000000155
Ian Jackson0000001520152
Paul Studd1480000000148
Mark Johnson0014400000144
Sam Dawson0014200000142
Steve Sutch0000128000128
Marcus Reed0000000126126
Michael Saward1220000000122
Mark Blackwell0000115000115
Roy Smith1100000000110
Gabriele Valente00000290029


InKart DMAX Championships – International Circuit + Variants

A competitive Championship for experienced drivers only in our high performance 2-stroke DMAX karts at Daytona Milton Keynes with weight categories Lights 65-85kgs (limited ballast available) and Heavies 85kgs and above.

The Format

  • Experienced Drivers Only 16 years and over
  • Drivers aged 14 or 15 may be considered subject to assessment and approval
  • 10 minutes of Practice/Qualifying followed by a 40 minute final
  • 1530hrs arrival time
  • £99 inc VAT per round

International InKart Championship Regulations – DMAX

The Calendar

Round 1 – 20th Jan
Round 2 – 17th Feb
Round 3 – 17th Mar
Round 4 – 14th Apr
Round 5 – 12th May
Round 6 – 9th Jun
Round 7 – 14th Jul
Round 8 – 8th Sep
Round 9 – 20th Oct
Round 10 – 17th Nov

MK InKart DMAX Lights Championship Standings

Alex Simmons4642435252524752386
Charlie Fenton365038360404242284
Eden Rosenfield42304045450045247
Richard Wootten34380400000112
Tobi Shomade045460000091
William Davison400000050090
Peter Knight513200000083
Tanzi Besant000040420082
Scott Johnson040360000076
Charlotte Manton00500000050
Josh Davis00000450045
Bjorn Buckley00004200042
Harry Darby00042000042
Otis Rook00000040040
Nathan Maximin00000004040
Kyle Dunford00038000038
Taela Senior38000000038
James Cook00003800038
Marc Tuffney00000380038
Tony Zakaria00000038038
Jan Mathes00000003838
Colin McDonald00003600036
Josef Smillie03600000036
Federico Ottaviani00000360036
Dane Baird00000036036
Shamus Khan00000003636
Daniel Truman03500000035
James Lawrence00340000034
Ahadh Maqsood00000003434
Oliver Manton00320000032
James Browning32000000032
Ben Southgate30000000030
Ben James02900000029
Athanasios Tzevelekakis29000000029

MK InKart DMAX Heavies Championship Standings

Carl Stephens042504545425246322
Barry Weller3834363832323840288
Stewart Madden040422936454551288
Stuart Shearman4030302740344042283
Lee Witney0524732525200235
George Hatto42380500000130
Stuart Simmons342929280000120
Darren Holliday00042383800118
Richard Newton03634000420112
Steve Porter0028003036094
James Cook004040000080
Alex Masefield003803400072
Andrew Tempest000042290071
Paul Studd51000000051
Lee Schnitzler46000000046
Alex Pritchard04500000045
Riccardo Bilo00000400040
Paul Armitage36000000036
Andy Spencer00036000036
Mairis Leisovs00000360036
Stephen King00034000034
Vinod Hirani03200000032
Andy Stobart00320000032
Lee Carey32000000032
Tomasz Krakowski00032000032
Andrea Monaco00003000030
Andy Fryer30000000030
Jeremy Deeks00000280028
Mark Johnson02800000028


To race in the Inkart Championships call 033 033 27870