No walk-ins accepted (bookings via phone or online are mandatory)
All participants are required to pre-register before arriving at the track
Our safety video must be watched by all participants BEFORE you arrive to the venue


No cash payments will be accepted at the venue. Card payments only
We expect personal responsibility at our venues including social distancing at all times
Please adhere to Government guidelines at all times whilst at our venues
We have bought extremely powerful viro-kill disinfectant which is used regularly throughout the venue
It is mandatory for customers to either bring their own balaclava or purchase a brand new Daytona balaclava for £4.00
All helmets are thoroughly cleaned after every use ready for the next driver
Our suits and gloves are washed after every use

Covid-19 FAQ’s

Yes. It is mandatory to book your event with our sales team over the phone, or via our online booking system. We are not accepting walk-ins. After you have booked in to your event, you are required to pre-register on our system and watch our safety video BEFORE you arrive. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to do this after you have booked your event.
We have purchased an extremely powerful ‘viro-kill’ disinfectant which we’re using throughout the venues continually on all the surfaces. Our suits, gloves and helmets are washed after every single use. We are also making it mandatory for customers to wear a balaclava which covers your face and neck (leaving an open area in front of your eyes). You can either bring your own balaclava or purchase a Daytona balaclava for £3.50.
If you have your own equipment then you’re welcome to bring it to our venues however it’s not mandatory and we can provide clean safety equipment on arrival.
Yes, we’ve put extremely strict safety measures in place inside the venues which includes clear social distancing guidelines to ensure customers are at least 2m apart at all times. The directional and wayfinding signage will guide you when you arrive at our venues.
No. To participate in an event, you must make a booking via phone (with our sales team) or our online booking system. Once you have booked you will receive instructions to pre-register and watch our safety video BEFORE you arrive at the venue. After booking, if you have any questions, you can call the team and they will assist you.
Yes. We are not accepting walk-ins. However, you can still book via telephone or our online booking system. To book over the phone, please call 033 033 27870 and speak with one of our staff.
You are still required to arrive for your event at the time stated on your booking. There will be instructions on arrival but please watch the videos on our Covid-19 safety pages which explains the process at our venues.
Do not come to the venue. Please phone the team on 033 033 27870 and they will explain available options to you.
Age restrictions apply to our younger ‘Bambino’ and Junior drivers. Please read the relevant information on our website which explains all restrictions, or, phone 033 033 27870 if you’re still unsure.