From Monday 23rd to Friday 27th July 2018, the fastest 14 DMAX and Sodi Arrive&Drive drivers at Daytona Milton Keynes will win free entry into the Hot Laps Shootout on Monday 6th August and the winner of each Shootout wins £250 worth of racing at Daytona.

Find out if you’ve made it onto the leaderboards below:

 MK SodiDate Updated:26/0718
PosNameLaptimeDate Set
1BRANDON WILLIAMS69.99923rd July 2018
2SAM BARRON70.2123rd July 2018
3LOUIS DYMOND70.49423rd July 2018
4TOM JOHNSON71.2826th July 2018
5MALC WEST71.34926th July 2018
6TATE TAVERNER71.4424th July 2018
7CHARLES BONIFACE71.48526th July 2018
8MITCHELL SEVENOAKS71.53923rd July 2018
9MORGAN JONES71.59224th July 2018
10BEN IRWIN71.62526th July 2018
11VALETINAS NICASTRO71.68526th July 2018
12OWEN MILLS71.68924th July 2018
13JAMES MYNETT71.71526th July 2018
14JOHN GEORGOULIAS71.73125th July 2018
MK DMAXDate Updated:26th July 2018
PosNameLaptimeDate Set
1WILLIAM DAVISON66.26726th July 2018
2LOUIS DYMOND66.28923rd July 2018
3GEORGE HUCKNALL66.3225th July 2018
4TATE TAVENER66.32226th July 2018
5SAM BARRON66.64226th July 2018
6NATHAN BULL66.81825th July 2018
7SEB COOK66.82925th July 2018
8BRANDON WILLIAMS66.92123rd July 2018
9MATT HOPCRAFT67.42523rd July 2018
10TYE EDWARDS67.43325th July 2018
11BLAZE SIENKO67.64425th July 2018
12DEMOS CHARALAMBAKIS67.69525th July 2018
13LEE SCHNITZLER67.78326th July 2018
14STUART NORMAN67.88326th July 2018