Daytona Sandown Park InKart Championships
Round Four Race Report (PDF Download)

Spring Championship Round 4

Qualifying 1
Today’s sessions on the notoriously quick ‘reverse alternate’ track layout started with damp conditions and this looked set to remain fairly stable as the mist rolled across Sandown Park. Returning to the InKart Championship having taken a three-round break, Sam Cole hit the ground running and was fastest out of the blocks with a 1:09.446 on lap 1. George Barker bettered that time on lap two and on lap 3 Santiago Malmer went quicker again holding pole for two laps until Cole was the first driver to drop into the 1:05 bracket, eventually securing a fastest time of a 1:05.127.

In the Junior category Jenson Hoskins was the first driver to put his name at the top of the board but was surpassed by Jai Thornburn on lap 3 who kept lapping quickly culminating in a fastest lap of 1:05.162.

Qualifying 2
Conditions remained very similar for session 2 and early pace setter Adam Wooden set his fastest time of the session on lap 2. Slowly the rest of the pack closed the gap and eventually Tom Sands set the fastest time of the session in Cadets with a 1:07.793. Jack Minter-Young sat just over a tenth of a second behind and Adam Wooden had done enough to secure third fastest.

Previous podium goers Matthew Ho and George Ruffle both started strongly in the Juniors and went on to take 1st and 2nd respectively with Andreas Gurdijan and Will Tidnam separated by just 6 thousandths of a second for 3rd and 4th.

B Final
Helie Delloye took the lead early on having qualified in pole but was made to work in order to keep the position on lap one. Andy Dixon and Conor Lucey were locked in battle for second position, completely side to side throughout the complex past the viewing area but both drivers allowed each other space and raced sensibly on the circuit which kept them ahead of Logan McAlister and Joshua Hoyle. After 5 minutes the racing for 2nd position was still hard fought with Lucey being shown a ‘no bumping’ board. Mikel Malmer and Zac Pemberton slide in parallel at the final corner as they pushed hard to take 6th. Kai Veitch passed Aran Coombes into Turn three as Delloye stretched his lead to 5 seconds over Lucey who in turn had 5 seconds back to Dixon in third. Delloye continued to increase his gap and the order went unchanged up until the flag dropped.

The B final started with smoothly, the Junior drivers sliding around at the far end of the track and Jack Hicks getting slightly more sideways than the conditions would allow which lost him some time back to the rest of the field. On the first pass of the line Jack Cooper led Gabriel Jones, Alfie Wrigglesworth and George Allen. The front two were very close and each vying for position along the back straight. Jones held his nerve and lead from Cooper and Wrigglesworth. Pushing hard behind, Jack Spencer made an unforced error which lost him some time in the uphill section of the track. Alfie passed Jack and the front four karts were now separated by less than 4 tenths of a second. Wrigglesworth worked hard to keep tight to Jones as the front pair began to break away from the pack and after three laps, he was able to capitalise on the extra grip around the outside of Turn 5 and go the long way around Jones to take the lead. Cooper and Allen stayed close and waited patiently hoping the front two would trip over each other as the racing became more frenetic. However whilst the pair remained close they kept their noses clean and on the penultimate lap Jones snuck past Wrigglesworth to take victory after a brilliant 20 minutes of racing with Cooper just a few tenths behind them.

1st – Helie Delloye1st – Gabriel Jones
2nd – Conor Lucey2nd – Alfie Wrigglesworth
3rd – Andrew Dixon3rd – Jack Cooper

A Final

Sam Cole got a clean start at the front of the Cadet Grid and managed to keep first position as he crossed the line on lap one. Adam Wooden received a penalty for contact at Turn One after 2 minutes of driving. George Barker and Santiago Malmer succeeded in staying close to Cole who led and Tom Sands and Jack Redfern followed the front pack. Jack Minter-Young and Adam Wooden had a coming together on the circuit and both returned to the pitlane, both drivers were found to be fine and re-joined the race shortly after. Malmer had Tom Sands all over the back of his kart and with just two laps to go Sands found his way through to third at Turn One.

The Junior class started with some action, Brice Hoskins outbraked himself at Turn one and slid into the rear of the pack knocking several drivers wide. A penalty board was shown at the startline signifying that Brice would drop 5 positions after the race. At the end of the first lap a penalty was also delivered to Matthew Ho who had made contact with another driver and gained advantage through doing so. Leo Licastro defended his position well against Will Tidnam meanwhile Jai Thornburn tested Matthew Ho, trying to find a way passed. Eventually this paid off and Thornburn passed Ho with Licastro and Tidnam looking to follow suit. A few minutes later on the final two corners a penalty was issues to Leo Licastro for front to rear contact at the penultimate corner. Thornburn stretched his lead from Ho and Licastro but as both drivers had received penalties the circuit positions weren’t going to be reflected on the podium.

1st – Sam Cole1st – Jai Thornburn
2nd – George Barker2nd – Will Tidnam
3rd – Tom Sands3rd – Andreas Gurdjian