Daytona Sandown Park InKart Championships
Round Six Race Report (PDF Download)

Spring Championship Round 6

Qualifying 1
Blue skies and sunshine greeted drivers as they arrived to tackle the Alternate circuit for today’s Championship round. The track was dry and the drivers were quick to capitalise on the available grip levels. Jai Thornburn and Matthew Ho traded fastest laps throughout the sessions with Thornburn setting his fastest of a 51.960 as the chequered flag fell to take Pole.

In the Cadets a Laptime of 53.949 put Logan McAlister on Pole initially but this was superseded by a 52.303 by Tom Sands on lap 8.

Qualifying 2
The Cadet Q2 was led from flag to flag by Sam Cole who got his Laptime down from a 53.372 to a 51.491. Joshua Hoyle and Andrew Dixon were second and third quickest, separated by just over one tenth of a second.

Thomas Hazell came out of the starting blocks with real pace and set a 52.917 which was pipped by Will Tidnam who took the first place with a 51.898.


B Final
Logan McAlister lead from Adam Wooden on lap one and as they made their way down towards the final corner Adam Wooden went to take the lead, McAlister spun and dropped back to 7th position. Teddy Craigg had moved up to second position ahead of Jack Redfern in 3rd. A penalty board was issued to Aran Coombes for gaining advantage by making contact with Mikel Malmer at the final corner so a five-position drop was applied to Aran’s result post-race. Craigg tried to close the gap to Wooden out front with the pair swapping best lap times over the next few minutes. Logan McAlister was charging hard after his early spin and made his way up to 7th position. McAlister continued to push setting some very quick laps and made his way up to 5th behind Jak Pemberton. Jack Redfern had closed the gap to Craigg and for a few laps there were just tenths of a second between the 2nd and 3rd place drivers. Wooden continued to set some quick lap times getting his gap up to 10 second ahead of Craigg who had now managed to put a few seconds between himself and Redfern with Logan McAlister now up to 4th.

Initially there was a spin at the fourth corner but once the drivers were all underway again it was Brice Hoskins who lead from Alfie Wrigglesworth, Gabriel Jones and Jack Hicks. As Hoskins lead, Gabriel Jones continued to apply pressure to Alfie Wrigglesworth and allowed Hoskins to stretch the lead to a relatively comfortable few kart lengths. Whilst the front three pulled away Jack Hicks and Kishan Bansal fought over 4th position. Wrigglesworth passed Hoskins taking the lead up the inside into Turn One but Brice was able to keep his kart in the correct position to out drag Wrigglesworth out of Turn 3 and take back the lead, this allowed Gabriel Jones up into 2nd who now started to look for a way through to the lead. After a lap, Gabriel Jones found his gap whilst the battle for 4th became very close as Kishan Bansal did all he could to pass Jack Hicks. The racing at the front got a little too close and Brice Hoskins out-broke himself into Turn 6 colliding with the rear of Gabriel Jones’ kart spinning him out. A penalty was issued to Brice which would be applied to his finishing standard and the confusion gave track position to Alfie Wrigglesworth. Wrigglesworth lead from Kishan Bansal who had managed to pass Hicks and pulled a small gap between the two, then it was back to Brice Hoskins with Yaseen Kahn behind him in 5th place just ahead of the recovering Jones.

1st – Adam Wooden1st – Alfie Wrigglesworth
2nd – Teddy Craigg2nd – Kishan Bansal
3rd – Jack Redfern3rd – Jack Hicks


A Final
The Cadets got away smoothly with Tom Sands taking the lead from Sam Cole on the inside of Turn Two. George Barker had progressed to 3rd having started in 5th with Joshua Hoyle, Helie Delloye and Zac McDonald behind him. Andrew Dixon passed McDonald for 5th and continued to set quick lap times as he tried to close the gap to Hoyle ahead. Sands worked hard to keep Cole behind who was in turn defending against Barker as the front three remained separated by no more than a second. Barker passed Cole into Turn 6 and looked to start applying pressure to Sands. Conor Lucey passed Helie Delloye into Turn 1 and started to work towards the back of McDonald’s kart. Delloye wasn’t done yet though and set about trying to pass Lucey before he was able to gap the 7th place kart. Dixon passed Hoyle for 4th and was ahead of McDonald in 5th. Sands went deep into Turn 6 but kept the kart tight to the inside of Turn 7 keeping Barker behind and managed to secure the lead despite the small mistake. Sands managed to keep Barker and Cole behind for the remainder of the race and Dixon secured 4th.

Matthew Ho got a great start off the line and was able to take the lead through Turn 2 having started 3rd position. Leo Licastro initially had second but ran wide at Turn 6 allowing Jai Thornburn and Will Tidnam through to second and third respectively. Licastro passed Jai Thornburn to take 4th as Thomas Hazell, Edward O’Regan and George Ruffle kept their squabble close to the back of the leading four drivers. Ho began to build a small lead ahead of Tidnam, Thornburn and Licastro. The front four were fighting tooth and nail with incredibly close racing between them and the drivers swapping positions a few times per lap, Licastro had got a little unlucky with passing back markers and there was a small gap now between him and the leading trio but it didn’t take long for Licastro to reel them back in and sit at the back waiting for his opportunity to pass. As the leaders caught up to the back of the Cadet drivers the traffic became an exciting addition to an already frenetic battle and Matthew Ho ran wide whilst passing the other category allowing Thornburn through with Tidnam hot on his heels. Licastro took third at the next bend and Ho immediately took it back with a brave dive into the first corner. At Turn 2 Licastro dived Ho who simultaneously dived Thornburn and the resulting three-wide pack caused some side-to-side contact and Thornburn dropped to 4th.

1st – Tom Sands1st – William Tidnam
2nd – George Barker2nd – Matthew Ho
3rd – Sam Cole3rd – Leo Licastro