Daytona Sandown Park InKart Championships
Round Seven Race Report (PDF Download)

Spring Championship Round 7

Qualifying 1
Today’s track; Alternate Reverse favoured the brave and this was reflected as the drivers started to set their qualifying times. Daniel Cebula returned after a small break from the Championship and clearly had a point to prove. Cebula’s sixth lap of a 51.975 was the fastest of the session with the majority of the rest of the field separated by less than 7 tenths of a second.

In Juniors Nikhil Dhar was the fastest driver initially but after 4 laps Brice Hoskins posted a 53.670 which secured the top spot. Yaseen Khan and Jenson Hoskins took third and fourth respectively.

Qualifying 2
Q2 in the Cadets had many leaders throughout the 10 minute session. Tom Sands lead first with a 55.261 but George Barker took the lead on lap 4 with a 54.574 which was then surpassed by Sands and Jack Minter-Young until Barker was able to post a 52.554 which proved too quick for the other drivers to better.

Matthew Ho and Jai Thornburn were fast from the off and though Ho remained in the lead throughout the session it was very close with just four tenths of a second between the duo at the chequered flag. Archie Howlison took a late third ahead of Alfie Wrigglesworth.

B Final
Jack Redfern lead in the early stages of the Cadet race with James Mellor and Jack Minter-Young close behind. Redfern went deep on the brakes into Turn one on lap two and this gave Mellor an opportunity to close the gap between them. Redfern was able to keep him behind as the leading Cadets caught the Junior drivers who had been stuck off the circuit after a spin earlier in the race. Mikel Malmer got a quick run out of Turn three which allowed him to out drag Harry Hufton along the top straight to take 4th position. Redfern spun at Turn 1 on lap 5 which gave the lead to Mellor but he was able to rejoin the circuit in 2nd place ahead of Kearney in 3rd. Mellor spun at Turn 4 and this dropped him into 2nd with Kearney and Minter-Young close behind. Malmer passed Minter-Young up the inside at the entry to the infield complex and moved up into 4th. Mellor lost control at Turn 6 trying to run around the outside of Redfern which promoted Kearney to 2nd and Malmer to 3rd who was in turn closing the gap to the driver ahead of him. Mellor passed Kearney into the fast fourth corner and took 2nd position. Behind them Malmer looked to capitalise on his pace as Redfern maintained the gap out in front. Redfern and Mellor spun at Turn 7 which gifted the lead to Malmer with Kearney just behind. Un-phased Mellor continued to push and passed Kearney to get himself back up to 2nd and he set the best lap of the race so far. One lap later he was able to get alongside and passed Malmer and both drivers were nose to tail all the way to the flag.


On lap one Jensen Oswald Stevens spun coming through Turn 3 which unfortunately snared both him and Jack Hicks in the tyre wall losing them both around ten seconds to the pack ahead. Alfie Wrigglesworth led from Jenson Hoskins and Kishan Bansal. Hicks worked hard to make up for the earlier complication to his race and managed to catch Bansal with less than 10 minutes remaining on the race clock. Hicks maintained his momentum and passed Bansal with a strong move at the far end of the track. Unfortunately for HIcks he lost control later in the race and got stuck in the grass on the inside of the bend which meant that Kishan Bansal was able to take back 3rd position.

1st – James Mellor1st – Alfie Wrigglesworth
2nd – Mikel Malmer2nd – Jenson Hoskins
3rd – Joseph Kearney3rd – Kishan Bansal



A Final
Cebula lead away from Tom Sands as Andrew Dixon tried to sneak up the inside of Santiago Malmer through Turn 3. Malmer had more momentum though and was able to keep 3rd as the pack dropped away into the fast Turn 4. Sands moved ahead of Barker and Santiago Malmer tried to follow him through but Barker shut the door. Moments late Barker ran wide and Josh Hoyle tried to capitalise on Barker’s mistake but found himself running out of room on the outside of the exit at Turn 6 and losing control and dropping down the order. Sands seemed to out brake himself into Turn 6 on the next lap and knock Barker wide, Sands later retired the kart and it was found that the incident was outside of his control. The incident allowed Dixon to take second and for Cebula to continue to stretch his lead, the young driver setting a flurry of fastest lap times. Jak Pemberton pushed forwards to 3rd position as Sands entered the pit lane. Cebula extended his lead further with Pemberton all over the back of Dixon’s kart. On the final lap Pemberton was able to get passed Dixon and unfortunately for Dixon, there wasn’t enough race time left to mount a return attack.


The Juniors got away cleanly with Matthew Ho taking the lead initially from his pole spot with Jai Thornburn, Archie Howlison and Brice Hoskins close in tow. Nikhil Dhar passed Brice Hoskins to take 4th and the leading pair started to create a small gap between themselves and Howlison. Thornburn passed Ho and as the front two squabbled Howlison was able to reel them in and become part of the battle for the lead. Thornburn defended hard into Turn 3 which forced him to run wide on the exit and both Ho and Howlison were able to sneak through on the run along the top straight. The front three were incredibly close and as the leading Ho encountered slower traffic both Thornburn and Howlison took the opportunity with open arms getting passed on the penultimate lap. Thornburn took the win with Howlison and Ho separated by less than two tenths behind him.

1st – Daniel Cebula1st – Jai Thornburn
2nd – Jak Pemberton2nd – Archie Howlison
3rd – Andrew Dixon3rd – Matthew Ho