Daytona Sandown Park InKart Championships
Round Eight Race Report (PDF Download)

Spring Championship Round 8

Qualifying 1
As the drivers were signing in for the eighth round of the Spring Championships the circuit was beginning to dry from rain overnight. Dark clouds and high wind speeds ominously remained threatening changing conditions throughout the morning’s racing. In session one brothers Santiago and Mikel Malmer topped the time sheets for Cadets with Jak Pemberton and Joshua Hoyle also pushing the limits of the drying circuit in order to set competitive times.

Andreas Gurdijan was the initial pace setter in the Junior class setting times nearly a second quicker than the other drivers whilst the track was still damp. However, it was George Allen who made the most from the changing conditions and in the dying moments of the session posted a 54.444 second lap to secure the top spot from Q1.

Qualifying 2
Q2 in the Cadets saw the circuit conditions begin to stabilise and it was Adam Wooden who hit the ground running managing to keep at the top of the scoreboards throughout the entire ten-minute session. Tom Sands and Joseph Kearney finished just a few tenths of a second behind.

Matthew Ho set the initial pace in the Junior session with Brice Hoskins and Alfie Wrigglesworth close behind. Newcomer to the Series, Sam Light, progressively knocked time off his laps until he was able to secure second place in the session on lap 9, just 3 tenths behind Matthew at the front.

B Final
Logan McAlister led from Joshua Hoyle, Jak Pemberton and Teddy Craigg with Lucian Joyce and George Barker fifth and sixth. On Lap 2 Joshua was able to take the lead and as Lap 3 started Barker tried to out-drag Joyce into Turn One. As the race progressed Hoyle slowly stretched his lead over McAlister who was being caught by Jak Pemberton at a rate of around 2 tenths of a second per lap. Traffic caused the gap between 2nd and 3rd to elongate once more and Pemberton began the difficult task of trying to reel McAlister back in. On lap 13 Pemberton made the pass and defended well to keep McAlister behind. The gap between 4th and 5th remained very close with Teddy Craigg doing his utmost to keep pressure on George Barker. Hoyle’s pace remained strong out front and he took the race win ahead of Jak Pemberton and Logan with Barker, Craigg and Joyce close behind.

The Juniors were first off the grid and kept the formation dignified through the first few corners. Jenson Hoskins got a brilliant start and made his way up into 1st place before the end of Lap One with Andreas Gurdjian and Kishan Bansal the closest two drivers of the closely packed chasing group. It was incredibly close race between all drivers in the Juniors, Will Tidnam and Kishan Bansal swapped positions relentlessly over the first few laps. Gurdjian tried to pass Hoskins around the outside of Turn 3 but there wasn’t space to complete the move and the loss in momentum enabled Kishan Bansal, Will Tidnam and Alfie Wrigglesworth to all secure track position into the next corner. It was Wrigglesworth who made the most of the opportunity and left Turn 4 in 3rd position. Tidnam moved up to 3rd and started to apply pressure to 2nd place Bansal, he was able to make the pass through turn 2 and allow Bansal to run wide securing the switchback at Turn 4. The racing remained close and unfortunately got a little too close at Turn 5 on Lap 8, Bansal making contact with the rear corner of Tidnam’s kart and spun him round dropping him back to 5th and earning Bansal a 5 position drop penalty which is applied to the results post-race. During the fray ahead Wrigglesworth kept his head and was able to cleanly slot his way through into 3rd position. Gurdjian made the most of a small amount of traffic and was able to take the lead from Hoskins on lap 12. Tidnam was recovering well from being spun earlier in the race and had closed onto the back of the leading pack. On the final lap Hoskins retook the lead from Gurdjian and as the leading pack approached the Final corner the Gurdjian tried to drive round the outside to take back the lead but Hoskins defended well and the resulting lack of momentum meant that Tidnam was able to out-drag Gurdjian to the waiting chequered flag to take 2nd place. The top three drivers were separated by less than three tenths of a second as they crossed the line for the final time!


1st – Joshua Hoyle1st – Jenson Hoskins
2nd – Jak Pemberton2nd – Will Tidnam
3rd – Logan McAlister3rd – Andreas Gurdijan



A Final
Adam Wooden lead away from Santiago Malmer with a kart-length gap back to Tom Sands, Mikel Malmer and Andrew Dixon. Santiago Malmer took the lead from Adam Wooden but he was able to keep the hard-charging Tom Sands behind and focus on taking back the lead. At Turn 6 Mikel Malmer out-broke himself and made contact with the rear of Sands’ kart, he gained an advantage by doing so and was issued with a penalty board at the start line. Santiago Malmer stretched his lead slightly over Wooden with Andrew Dixon taking the opportunity to move up into 4th position ahead of Kearney and Zac McDonald. Kearney did well to keep Jack Redfern behind him who set the fastest lap of the session so far on Lap 9. Andrew Dixon passed Wooden into Turn 5 to take 2nd place and did his best to keep his momentum going in order to keep ahead. Mikel Malmer and Jack Redfern both pushed hard to close the gap to Sands in 4th who was in-turn beginning to reel in Wooden. 20 minutes came around quickly and the order remained the same as they crossed the line.

Matthew Ho got a fantastic start and lead away from George Allen and Brice Hoskins. Sam Light slid wide at Turn 2 and whilst he was able to collect the kart and re-join he dropped back around 50 metres to the pack ahead of him. As Allen and Hoskins fought over position Ho was able to build a nice safety cushion ahead. Sam Light was setting fastest lap times back in 5th place, closing the gap back up to the karts ahead. Ho and Light traded best laps as both worked hard to try and make the most of the clear air ahead of them. Brice Hoskins was all over the rear of George Allen’s kart hoping that the 2nd place driver would crack under the pressure but Allen kept his head and made no mistakes which would have allowed the pass to happen. Light had closed the gap to Jensen Oswald-Stevens and repeatedly tried to pass at different areas of the track but Oswald-Stevens defended well and cleanly holding Sam Light back for 5 laps until Light finally capitalised on a gap on the inside of Turn 6. Brice Hoskins saw his opportunity and pounced, passing Allen up the inside into Turn 7, this caused Allen to have to take a tight line through the final corner and the resulting lack of speed out of the bend meant that Sam Light was able to pass him down the main straight. At the chequered flag, Matthew Ho took the win, with Hoskins second and Light securing third.


1st – Santiago Malmer1st – Matthew Ho
2nd – Andrew Dixon2nd – Brice Hoskins
3rd – Adam Wooden3rd – Sam Light