Daytona Sandown Park 2018 InKart Championships
Round One Race Report (PDF Download)


Heat 1
A chaotic start to the first cadet heat saw an unfortunate incident between Andreas Gurdjian and Harry Kidd, with Gurdjian gaining an advantage and going on to receive a penalty. Sebastian Wibaut and Joshua Hoyle were quick to pick up the pieces and seize the front two positions after a messy start to the heat. However, Wibaut’s lead was short lived with a spin at Turn 3 leaving him down in eighth position. As the mid-point of the heat approached, Joshua Hoyle continued to control the race until a late spin two laps in a row found his hard work redundant. Harry Kidd was able to recover from an incident out of his control and take a very well deserved first place, with Thomas Hazell close behind as they crossed the line.

Heat 2
The second heat of the Cadets was not to disappoint with a combination of errors and contact in the first lap. George Barker fell down into second last with a driver error after starting on pole position. A daring move by George Spilsbury ended with contact leaving Spilsbury with an advantage around Turn 3 but a penalty to follow.

Careful but not cautious, Sam Cole was poised to move into first position after a chaotic first lap leaving him with a big lead to second place Aaron Mensah. Consistently quick lap times from Conor Lucey saw him climb to fourth place from eighth place. Mistakes from both Barker and Gentles saw them fighting for last places on the grid, with Sam Cole finishing off the race with a victory.

Heat 3
As the drivers flew off the line, a quick front to rear ABC from Jack Pettit found Haris Uddin down in last place. Conor Lucey was next to fall foul of the Officials, earning a penalty for advantage-by-contact on Aaron Mensah, with Mensah falling to the back. Leo Licastro continued to show his consistent driving, controlling the race from the front with Conor Lucey and James Mellor close behind. Quick race pace from Charlie Sirman found him in sixth after starting at the back of the grid. However, Leo Licastro’s consistently quick driving was the highlight of the heat with him taking the chequered flag and Lucey close behind.

Heat 4
A staggeringly quick start from Sam Cole saw him lead the pack into the second lap with Jack Pettit close behind. Haris Uddin fell to the back of the grid after a couple of errors which left him well behind the leaders after starting from a very promising pole position. A small mistake from Thomas Hazell saw James Mellor and George Spilsbury pounce to take position with Hazell falling down to second last. The top three of Sam Cole, Sebastian Wibaut and Jack Pettit continued to extend their ever-growing lead from the drivers at the middle of the pack. A fairly uneventful race to end the Cadet heats saw Sam Cole take first place with superb driving throughout.

Cadet Finals

B Final
The first Cadet final got under way with Charlie Sirman leading the pack into the opening corners, quickly defending attacks from both Aaron Mensah and Jack Pettit. However, this was not enough to hold off the surges of attacks from Jack Pettit who took the lead going into the second lap.

A spin from Benjamin Gentles at turn 4 saw him drop back into last place after starting a respectable fifth place on the grid. George Spilsbury and Aaron Mensah continued to battle closely for third position throughout the opening few laps with side by side racing. As the race progressed, Jack Pettit continued to build up a lead of 8 seconds upon entering the fifth lap. Andreas Gurdjian and Benjamin Gentles continued to race for mid-position on the grid, with the front 4 staying the same at the front throughout. A superbly controlled race from Jack Pettit saw him lock down first position on the grid, seeing him through to the Cadet A Final.

1st – Jack Pettit
2nd – Aaron Mensah
3rd – George Spilsbury

A Final
The final Cadet race of the first round of this year’s InKart Championship saw Sam Cole on pole with Harry Kidd and Leo Licastro making up the second row on the grid. A flying start of conviction and will, saw Sam Cole shoot off with little to bother him. However, his speed was matched by James Mellor who came off the line gaining three positions from eighth place. Behind Cole was Harry Kidd and Leo Licastro who raced valiantly for third position however it was Licastro who was able to overcome Kidd as the race progressed. Jack Pettit received a penalty in the fifth lap for contact around Turn 3, which is sure to haunt him after doing so well to make it into the Cadet A final. Licastro and KIdd fought wheel to wheel and bumper to bumper, but this impressive racing was only overshadowed by Jack Pettit who did tremendously to claim second place. An advantage-by-contact on Conor Lucey, committed by Sebastian Wibaut saw Lucey drop down to eighth on Lap 6 with Wibaut receiving a penalty. Cole, Pettit and Licastro continued to dominate making up the top three, however all eyes were on Sam Cole who won the Cadet A final with splendour and style.

1st – Sam Cole
2nd – Leo Licastro
3rd – Harry Kidd


Junior Light

Heat 1
The first Junior Light heat started with a clean and impressive lap from all drivers, with George Hannay and Alex Lucas battling for the lead. Archie Howlison was prominent throughout with quick race speed, gaining time where he could. Oscar Joyce soon took the lead after starting in fifth to what was a relatively quiet start to the Junior Lights. An advantage by contact committed by Alex Lucas left him with a penalty in what was a bad start to the day. The relatively tame race spiked in excitement when Oscar Joyce, race leader, spun on the second to last corner leaving the door open for George Hannay to take the win.

Heat 2
With the second heat quickly underway Jai Thornburn was able to take the lead off Josef Smillie who fell down into fourth place upon entering the second lap. As the race progressed the third lap brought great excitement with George Hannay able to take the lead with some great driving leaving him with a 4 second lead to Thornburn. Kaizer Akhtar who started in fifth position, suffered a lapse in concentration spinning at turn 3 and falling quickly to the back of the grid. As the race progressed Hannay continued to extend his lead well into the fifth lap. Archie Howlison continued to battle with Josef with the two exchanging positions throughout the race. As the race drew to a close the leading three of George Hannay, Josef Smillie and Jai Thornburn continued to battle for the lead with Hannay taking the chequered flag with Smillie and Thornburn close behind.

Heat 3
As the final Junior Light heat begun Vincent Osborne led the drivers into Turn 1 with Kaizer Akhtar falling down to fifth after what looked to be a promising start. The front three drivers on the grid closely stalked each other with Harry Webster leading Vincent Osborne and Oscar Joyce as the race progressed to its halfway point. Jai Thornburn was able to sneak into third position after starting at the back, however fell victim to the relentless driving from Akhtar pushing both Joyce and Thornburn further down the grid. The front four continued to provide onlookers with exciting bumper to bumper racing as Harry Webster took the chequered flag, followed closely by Kaizer Akhtar and then Vincent Osborne.

Junior Light Finals

B Final
The first final of the InKart Championships begins with Archie Howlison on pole position with Kaizer Akhtar second on the grid. As the lights went out Akhtar got a tremendous start building an advantage of two seconds as the first lap came to a close. Alex Lucas was able to sneak up into second place after starting at the back of the grid. Wheel to wheel racing between Archie Howlison and Vincent Osborne saw the two drivers battling frantically for second place but Alex Lucas was just able to keep the position as the race moved on to the third lap. Jensen Oswald-Stevens made up the back of the grid, coming into the pits later in the race as well, leaving him out of any competition for the places. Akhtar continued to dominate the race, building up a big lead. As the race drew to a close and Akhtar looked destined for a victory, Osborne and Lucas continued to battle it out for second place with tense wheel to wheel action with both drivers refusing to give in to one another. As the chequered flag was waved Akhtar took the flag with Osborne and Lucas completing the Top 3.

1st – Kaizer Akhtar
2nd – Vincent Osborne
3rd – Alex Lucas

A Final
George Hannay led quickly off the line with Harry Webster close behind. However, stellar speed from both Kaizer Akhtar and Jai Thornburn saw them quickly progress to second and third with Akhtar especially impressive after starting from the back of the grid. Josef Smillie, Harry Webster and Oscar Joyce made up the back three with a second between each. They continued to race hard as the final few laps with each driver refusing to make any mistakes. The constant battle between Webster and Joyce came to its climax with contact between the two seeing Joyce being left with a penalty after committing an ABC at Turn 5 in the closing stages of the race. Impressive and quick racing from George Hannay left him with a convincing victory as well as Akhtar doing tremendously well to come second on the grid after starting at the back, showing the speed that enabled him to win the previous B final.

1stGeorge Hannay
2ndKaizer Akhtar
3rd – Jai Thornburn


Junior Heavy

Heat 1
William Tidnam led the drivers well into the first lap with a tremendous start off the line, however this start was not replicated by Matthew Mutinda who spun early on leaving him with lots to do as the race continued. William Vincent was soon able to take the lead off William Tidnam with a superb move around Turn 8 going into the third lap. However, this lead was short lived with Sebastian Chodyko quick to pounce after starting second on the grid. The close fought battle between the top 3 drivers continued throughout the race with William Vincent taking the chequered flag followed closely by Chodyko and Tidnam.

Heat 2
A superb start from Mikey Gleeson off the line found him snatching the lead off Otis Smith, whose run of bad luck continued as Harvey Turner left Smith down in last after contact between the two drivers at Turn 4. An Advantage-by-Contact was also committed by Rowan Vincent on the third lap adding to the spell of unfortunate incidents in this this chaotic heat. Mikey Gleeson and Sebastian Chodyko continued to control the race with an 8-second lead to third place, eventually going on to take the chequered flag.

Heat 3
As the final heat begun William Vincent took the lead from Luca Osborne and led the pack into the second lap. An early spin from Matthew Mutinda saw him fall to last after starting in third place.

William Vincent continued to control the lead pushing the kart to the limit after receiving a kerbing warning half way through the heat. A very quiet heat continued with all drivers being very consistent and William Vincent going on to cross the line in first place with a very well controlled race, followed closely by Luca Osborne.

Junior Heavy Finals

B Final

The first Junior Heavy final got under way with a superb start off the line from William Tidnam leading the drivers throughout the first lap with Harvey Turner close behind after some smart moves through the opening corners saw him move up from last place. Luck was not on the side of Matthew Mutinda who spun at turn 3 getting stuck and looked to be out of the race after falling 30 seconds behind race leader, William Tidnam. Otis Smith fell down into 4th after starting in a very respectable second place, after falling victim to the ever-quickening Rowan Vincent who moved his way into second position after some clever moves around the first half of the track. After a relatively quiet race and a dominating performance from William Tidnam, the unexpected happened with our race leader dramatically spinning at turn 1 falling to second last on the grid with Rowan Vincent picking up the pieces. An unfortunate end for William Tidnam, however a dramatic and exciting ending which Rowan Vincent is sure to be pleased with.

1st – Rowan Vincent
2nd – Harvey Turner
3rd – Otis Smith

A Final
Our final Junior Heavy race got underway with William Vincent leading the pack off the line, however Sebastian Chodyko with a very smart move at Turn 5 snatched the lead after starting in third position. Luca Osborne and Mikey Gleeson continued to fight for 3rd position, with Rowan Vincent close behind. William Vincent continued to gain on race leader Sebastian Chodyko determined to regain his position that he worked hard to get after a tremendous start off the line. However, Chodyko was not for catching with quick cornering and continuous fast lap times he crossed the line in first position, with William Vincent having to settle for second position and Luca Osborne close behind.

1st – Sebastian Chodyko
2nd – William Vincent
3rd – Luca Osborne


Junior RT8

Heat 1
Alex Jay started on pole for the first Junior RT8 heat, however a false start from Daniel Garcia only heightened the tension for the first heat of the evening. A flying start from Fraser Brunton saw him take first place from Alex Jay after starting in fourth. Alex Jay and Daniel Garcia continued to exchange positions well into the fourth lap, making up the places. Finley Ahmad-Hambling made an appearance with a superb move to take third place from Alex Jay. A spectacularly controlled race from Fraser Brunton taking the chequered flag with ease, followed closely by Daniel Garcia and Ahmad-Hambling.

Heat 2
Adam Hayes, after starting the first heat at the back started on pole for the final Junior RT8 heat of the evening. A good start from Adam Hayes was greatly overshadowed by the skill of Fraser Brunton who passed Adam with a spectacular move to take first place from third, seeing Hayes knocked down into fourth position. Alex Jay and Adam Hayes battled for fourth position seeing contact between the two drivers as the lap drew to a close. Finley Ahmad-Hambling was able to sneak up into third with some great racing skill while Adam Hayes’ bad day continued with a small spin at turn 6 seeing him pushed down to last position. Daniel Garcia continued to stay hot on the bumper of Brunton gaining on him ever so slightly by every lap. A great move around turns 7 saw Ahmad-Hambling take second place off Garcia as we entered the last lap of the heat. Fraser Brunton did well to take the chequered flag with Ahmad-Hambling and Garcia close behind.

Fraser Brunton sat on pole for the Junior RT8 final, and quickly asserted himself and built up a healthy lead within the first lap. Finley stayed tucked in behind Fraser with impressive exchanges between Alex Jay and Daniel Garcia. As the race unfolded Fraser continued to lead, opening up a 5 second lead. Alex Jay and Daniel Garcia continued to fight for third position with Jay refusing to give into the relentless speed and consistency of Daniel Garcia. Alex Jay showed his racing prowess through a spectacular defensive move around Turn 5 in the second lap, but this small victory was short lived as Alex Jay regained the position as they entered the straight. Adam Hayes continued to push the ever-gaining Jacob Owen, however this only served to help Owen as he managed to take fourth off Alex Jay showing the prevalence of his late race speed. The Junior RT8 final came to a close with superb racing moves throughout, however the highlight was the constant speed of Fraser Brunton who continued to extend his lead wherever he could, taking the chequered flag, followed by Finley Ahmad-Hambling and Daniel Garcia.

1st – Fraser Brunton
2nd – Finley-Ahmad- Hambling
3rd – Daniel Garcia



Heat 1
A flying start from Henry Jarrett saw him lead the race well into lap two closely followed by Josh Lad and Freddy Bragg. A poor start from Daryl Cresswell saw him drop from fifth to eighth. Mark Kearon followed closely receiving a bumping warning after contact in the third lap. Ian Del Pizzo did not disappoint as his speed from last year continued, setting the best lap time of the Senior Lights. A disappointing start from Asher Agard saw him drop down to 11th, failing to repel the constant speed and attack of Max Taylor. Henry Jarett took the victory with a superbly controlled race out at the front. Dan Gamblin put in an impressive performance gaining 5 places by the time he received the chequered flag.

Luke Charman continued to lead the Heavies while closely followed by Leigh Ebanks and Mark Kearon, with Kearon quick to take the position off. Garrett Applin drove with ferocious speed from last on the grid up to 18th and quickly got up to 16th with Sam Attard dropping down to 19th. As the race drew to a close both Luke Charman and Mark Kearon dominated at the front of the Heavies, controlling the race with ease fending off the ever-gaining Garrett Applin and Leigh Ebanks.

Heat 2
Ian Del-Pizzo leads the lights after starting at the back of the grid for our first heat. His speed did not disappoint with Del-Pizzo leading Mark Fowler who had a spectacular first lap to gain four grid positions.

Henry Jarrett put in some consistently good lap times getting into sixth position after starting last in this heat showing the skill we saw in the first heat. Josh Lad also did well to gain four positions with Francesca Roodhouse dropping half way down the grid which was sure to be disappointing. Craig Nunes raced well throughout with some impressive overtakes, getting up to 4th place from 9th.

Ian-Del-Pizzo took the victory for this final heat in impressive fashion followed closely by Mark Fowler and Reece Harris.

Garrett Applin fell down to third after starting on pole in the Heavy class with Max Robinson and Alex Vaughan quick to take the positions. Robinson and Vaughan continued to battle for second place with the two drivers exchanging positions regularly. Luke Charman and Leigh Ebanks continued their feud, racing for sixth position in the heavies. Max Robinson took the chequered flag followed closely by Alex Vaughan, who were racing bumper to bumper throughout.

Senior Final

Ian Del-Pizzo led the lights and Mark Kearon on pole for the heavies for this much anticipated final. The race started in dramatic fashion with Ian Del-Pizzo leading his pack around the yellows after a mechanical incident in the heavies’ category. Craig Nunes was able to pass Ian Del Pizzo who hadn’t put a foot wrong all night holding onto first place for now, extending this lead as the mid-point of the race approached. Francesca Roodhouse with some excellent race pace moved into fifth position upon entering the eighth lap after starting in 12th. Close racing from Dan Gamblin saw him move into third position in the Lights category, only to be passed immediately by Josh Lad with the two exchanging constant blows in the battle for third. Josh Lad did incredibly well to get through Ian Del-Pizzo with Nunes continuing out front, controlling the race. The race ended with Nunes taking first position with Lad and Del-Pizzo close behind after some climactic racing.

The front three in the heavies saw Mark Kearon lead Max Robinson and Luke Charman with Garett close behind in fourth losing one place thus far. However, as the race progressed Max Robinson was able to snatch first position from Kearon. Luke Charman received a penalty for an ABC knocking Alex Vaughan right down to the bottom of the grid in an unfortunate racing incident amongst the Heavies. Robinson and Kearon continued their wheel to wheel racing with milliseconds between the two with only a couple of minutes until the chequered flag is waved. Mark Kearon won the race in the heavies’ category in sensational fashion over Max Robinson who was under a tenth of a second behind.


1st – Craig Nunes
2nd – Josh Lad
3rd – Ian Del Pizzo



1st – Mark Kearon
2nd – Max Robinson
3rd – Luke Charman