Daytona Sandown Park 2018 InKart Championships
Round Two Race Report (PDF Download)


Cadet Heat 1
Nikhil Dhar lost it himself at race start, resulting in losing half a lap. Harry Kidd in comparison had a great start, as did Charlie Sirman. The latter on his debut Championship round. Benjamin Gentles was making places, up from his qualifying position of 7th to 5th. Harry Kidd had consolidated his lead and took 1st place, with Jack Pettit swiping 2nd from Sirman at race end! Sirman finished 3rd.

Cadet Heat 2
Aaron Mensah started pole from Jack Pettit and Charlie Sirman. Sirman lost out as further around the lap, Isaac Wells was penalised for an Advantage-by-Contact around Turn 6. The next lap round, in the same spot, Jack Pettit was penalised for side to side contact, also gaining an advantage. There was a kart change for Mycah Masikito, as Thomas Hazell had made a clean bid for the lead; up from 5th place. Sirman was recovering well, up to 3rd, then 2nd. As the last lap board went out, it was 1.3 seconds between Hazell and Sirman; the former taking it to the line. Mensah finished 3rd.

Cadet Heat 3
Oscar Allam lost out at the start and fell back from the pack, as Benjamin Gentles, who in contrast had a good start, ran wide at the outside of T6, conceding several places. Sam Cole was having a very different race from Gentles, making several gains through some opportunistic racing, 1st place looked like it belonged to Cole as he opened up a massive lead before taking the chequered flag. Hazell crossed 2nd, followed by Adam Scrase.

Cadet Heat 4
Joshua Hoyle started from Pole for the final cadet heat of the day from Nikhil Dhar. Harry Kidd span himself out at Turn 6, pulling back into the pack into 6th position. Sam Cole, who’d started 3rd, was now up into 1st. He spent the remainder of the heat building on an impressive 5 seconds of track between himself and Hoyle in 2nd. Further back, Allam lost out by himself at the Bottleneck while George Spilsbury had to return to the Pits for a kart change, Sam Cole finished 1st from Harry Kidd and Nikhil Dhar.

Cadet B Final
George Barker and Mycah Masikito made up the front row of the grid, with Isaac Wells in 3rd making smooth gains to 1st. Jack Pettit who’d started 4th, coming up to challenge Wells. As the race entered the second half, Pettit was within 6 tenths of a second, holding the race best lap time as well. Masikito had a disappointing spin, losing control in front of Race Control. Pettit span out approaching Masikito, who was now a back-marker. In the commotion, Mensah managed to take the lead from Wells, and held on to the chequered flag. Wells crossed 2nd with George Barker taking 3rd.

1st – Aaron Mensah
2nd – Isaac Wells
3rd – George Barker

Cadet A Final
With Aaron Mensah joining the from the B final and Sam Cole on pole, the Cadet A Final saw 10 drivers on the grid. A busy start saw Cole keep his cool and remain 1st from Kidd in 2nd.  Thomas Hazell in 3rd attempted a move on Helie Delloye whilst not being alongside, resulting in a penalty. Mensah made a contrastingly clean move on Delloye. Further back, Adam Scrase and Dhar were in competition with Gentles. Cole kept his lead until race end from Kidd, as Mensah and Hoyle fought till the end for 3rd. Mensah took it as Hoyle span out in frustration.

1st –  Sam Cole
2nd – Harry Kidd
3rd – Aaron Mensah

Junior Light

Junior Light Heat 1
Archie Howlison kept position off the line and for the remainder of the lap, until Kaizer Akhtar made an aggressive pass on the outside at the exit of Turn 7 – to take the lead. Further back, Varon Chawla span himself out as Rory Burke came up to make a play for the place too. Oscar Joyce was also coming up to the front as Monty Grant was penalised for contact at Turn 6; up the inside and not conceding the line. Akhtar had managed to gain the lead, now holding off Burke by 3 tenths of a second. As chequered went out, Akhtar remained ahead with Burke taking 2nd. Joyce finished 3rd.

Junior Light Heat 2
The front line was made up of Oscar Joyce and Bayley Campbell, with Adam Hayes and Jayden Neal-Holder on the second row. Campbell’s start was less than ideal, as he dropped all the way back, leaving the door and opportunity open for Joyce to take the lead. Joyce had some stiff competition from Hayes and Neal-Holder; all 3 were covered by 0.8 of a second. Further back, current Championship leader George Hannay had Alex Lucas on his bumper, while Neal-Holder made a clean move at the bottleneck to take the lead. Neal-Holder took 1st from Hayes and Joyce.

Junior Light Heat 3
Jai Thornburn started pole and soon had some competition from Archie Howlison in 5th, making an impressive lunge down the top straight. He ran slightly wide at Turn 6 exit however, and had to slot into 7th to keep it on track. Next, it was Neal-Holder’s turn to vie for 1st; and he was successful. While Neal-Holder utilised the remainder of the heat to slowly pull on the others, Sebastian Wibaut used the opportunity to also pass Thornburn. Alex Lucas was penalised for front to rear quarter advantage by contact down at the far end of the circuit on Daniel Watson. Howlison span himself out at the mid-point of the race. Chawla came in as did Howlison for a kart change in the closing stages as Neal-Holder consolidated his lead and took chequered. Wibaut and Thornburn completed the top 3.

Junior Light Heat 4
It was Hannay from Wibaut and Burke as the final Junior Light Heat of the day got underway. Burke was quick to make the jump on Wibaut; by the end of the opening lap, 2nd place was his. Burke now set about chasing down January round’s winner, George Hannay. A valiant defence from Hannay saw him keep Burke at bay until lap 4 – when he made his move. The move left Hannay vulnerable to further attack, which Akhtar, up from 4th, took advantage of.  Burke kept the win from Akhtar and Hannay.

Junior Light B Final
Thornburn qualified 1st from Matthew Ho and Archie Howlison. Ho stalled at the end of the outlap, causing half of the circuit to be neutralised under yellow conditions. Campbell overtook under yellows and was awarded a penalty for doing so. At the midpoint of the race, the pack were spreading out, with Howlison earning an impressive lead. There was contact between Thornburn and Campbell, resulting in the pair being momentarily planted in to tyre wall at Turn 5. Howlison looked set to earn a spot on the A Final grid as Alex Lucas was penalised for gaining an advantage by contact on Ho down at the Bottleneck. Howlison took the chequered and therefore the A Final slot, as Lucas crossed the line 2nd from Monty Grant.

1st – Archie Howlison
2nd – Monty Grant
3rd – Bayley Campbell

Junior Light A Final
Neal-Holder qualified pole for the A Final. He had a great start, and quickly set to work pulling ahead of the other 8 drivers. Further back, Adam Hayes had a clean start and quickly went up from 5th to 4th, increasing the pace consistently throughout. 2 laps in, Sebastian Wibaut came in to change karts, resulting in him dropping a lap. Daniel Watson and Howlison were within 2 tenths while up ahead Burke was penalised for exceeding track limits. Spurred on by his penalty perhaps, Burke then executed a fantastic clean move at the bottleneck.  As the race entered its final stages, Neal-Holder had a lead over Akhtar, who in turn had a tenth of a second over Hannay. The top 3 finished as it were in an exciting end to the February 2018 round of Junior InKart.

1st  – Jayden Neal-Holder
2nd – Kaizer Akhtar
3rd – George Hannay

Junior Heavy

Junior Heavy Heat 1
Harvey Turner had a hazardous start as he lost position by himself into the first corner. Rowan Vincent and Sebastian Chodyko both had better starts, with Chodyko pulling out an impressive lead. Rowan Vincent was cautioned for squeezing as Mikey Gleeson was warned for kerbing. At race end, Chodyko had a secure lead to take 1st from Taifan Squires and Mikey Gleeson.

Junior Heavy Heat 2
William Vincent started pole from Otis Smith and Matthew Mutinda. Mutinda lost out on the first lap. Shubhashis Shrestha, now in his second season, had benefited from Mutinda’s loss and managed to pass Otis Smith on his own merit. Meanwhile, Champion Sebastian Chodyko was making advances, managing to sneak past Shrestha. Vincent managed to get a second’s worth of track between himself and Chodyko, however the pursuer was setting increasingly quicker laps. He didn’t have enough time to make it count however, as Vincent took 1st from Chodyko and Shrestha at the end of Heavy Heat 2.

Junior Heavy Heat 3
Mikey Gleeson had a great start, managing to pull nearly a second on Luca Osborne. A relatively clean heat saw little shift in position, omitting William Vincent’s gains on Mutinda, Smith and Turner. Next, he set his sights on William Tidnam in 3rd, with the pair dancing around Turns 6 & 7 bumper to bumper. Gleeson took 1st from Vincent and Tidnam.

Junior Heavy B Final
With Osborne unfortunately missing the start of the race, Rowan Vincent was bumped up to start in Pole position from Shrestha. After a clean start, the pair were two abreast at the exit of turn 7. Vincent held off Shrestha. The latter deciding to bide his time and instead keep a tenth of a second’s worth of pressure on Vincent. In fact, the entire top 4 were within a second and a half at 4 minutes in. Smith managed to avoid contact, making the entire pack spread out and leaving the door open for Turner to make gains, temporarily taking 2nd from Shrestha. At race end however Vincent took 1st from Shrestha and Turner; Vincent would be promoted to the back of the A Final Grid.

1st – Rowan Vincent
2nd – Shubhashis Shrestha
3rd – Harvey Turner

Junior Heavy A Final
William Vincent and Taifan Squires were side by side into the first chicane, with Squires holding it as William Vincent backed out. Vincent was visibly frustrated, as up ahead Chodyko and Gleeson were sparring for 1st; 0.3 seconds between them. Vincent began to recover back an impressive amount of time, as Chodyko and Gleeson continued their battle. The pair raced until chequered, with Chodyko holding off his competitor. Squires finished 3rd.

1st – Sebastian Chodyko
2nd – Mikey Gleeson
3rd – Taifan Squires

Junior RT8

Junior RT8 Heat 1
Ethan Livingstone and Thomas Parmenter were the front row of the first RT8 Heat of the afternoon. Both had good starts, while further back there was contact between the back 4 drivers, all trying to squeeze through a gap that just wasn’t big enough. Daniel Garcia lost out. Vincent Osborne, who was involved in the earlier commotion, received a separate bumping warning. Fraser Brunton had managed to avoid getting caught up; on the contrary, he was now up to 1st, passing Livingstone, Parmenter and Finley Ahmad-Hambling, who had also gained several places. Garcia was penalised for gaining an advantage by contact. Brunton kept the lead from Ahmad-Hambling and Livingstone.

Junior RT8 Heat 2
Matteo Strathmann and Taifan Squires started 1st and 2nd respectively. Race start was clean. Next lap; not so much! Garcia was penalised for running wide and pulling back into oncoming traffic. Strathmann managed to defend his lead from an advancing Brunton, this time up from 4th place. Jacob Owen and Taifan Squires demonstrated some nice mid-pack jousting. Brunton was then penalised for excessively exceeding track limits in his ardour for chasing down Strathmann. Owen had elevated himself from his mid-pack squabble and was now up to 3d. Brunton passed Strathmann on track, while Garcia retired after a black flag. As the race drew to a close, Brunton kept it ahead on track in front of Strathmann who was then also penalised for excessively exceeding track limits! Meaning that post-race position would go to Owen! Parmenter and Ahmad-Hambling would take 2nd and 3rd.

Junior RT8 Final
Despite his earlier penalty, Brunton had qualified on Pole due to other drivers’ penalties. Owen and Ahmad-Hambling were 2nd and 3rd, with Ahmad-Hambling gaining to 2nd. Strathmann was penalised for contact at the far end, losing points through his gain in position. Parmenter took advantage of Owen falling back, and was now into 3rd, driving defensively to keep Osborne at bay. Strathmann and Garcia both received a penalty for excessive kerbing at the first chicane, while Brunton was cautioned for also doing so. Brunton went on to record a comfortable win, followed by Ahmad-Hambling and Thomas Parmenter.

1st – Fraser Brunton
2nd – Finley-Ahmad- Hambling
3rd – Thomas Parmenter

Senior Light

Senior Light Heat 1
Mark Fowler and Josh Lad made up the front row of the lights, and as they took the green flag for race start, the heavy grid behind them began their roll to turn 8. Craig Nunes in 7th had an excellent start, making several places up to 2nd in the first 5 laps. Josh Lad, who had fallen back, was penalised for an ABC at turn 6, while the two grids began to catch up with each other. Ian Del-Pizzo, who had started at the back of the grid in 12th had successfully navigated his way to the front, taking 1st from Nunes and Freddy Bragg.

Senior Light Heat 2
Ian Del-Pizzo and Dan Gamblin were on the front row for the second heat, having headed up the back in the previous round. Del-Pizzo maintained his lead from Gamblin, as Francesca Roodhouse, who’d started 3rd, dropped back as Nunes and Lad advanced.  A full course of yellow lights temporarily paused racing, while Mark Fowler was forced to finish early. A final lap was allowed as racing resumed before chequered. Del-Pizzo kept cool under pressure at the restart from Lad and Nunes.

Senior Light Final
Del-Pizzo, Nunes, Gamblin and Bragg made up the first two rows of the light final. At race start, Lad was quick to pass both Henry Jarrett and Bragg, setting his sights on Gamblin in 3rd. Freddy Bragg had a further loss as both himself and Edward Stone were penalised for kerbing. Lad had now made his way to challenge Del-Pizzo for 1st; in his determination collected a penalty past Go for bumping Del-Pizzo around the outside of Turn 6. Reece Harris was penalised for kerbing – the trend of the day on this particularly fast flowing circuit configuration. Fergal Ludlow and Roodhouse were having a close battle further down the grid. Del-Pizzo kept position for the win at chequered and Lad, with Fowler taking 3rd.

1st – Ian Del-Pizzo
2nd – Josh Lad
3rd – Mark Fowler

Senior Heavy

Senior Heavy Heat 1
Max Taylor and Luke Charman made up the front of the Heavy grid. At race start both managed to hold position. Mark Kearon used the first few laps to make a dent in the grid; coming up from 10th to sit mid-pack. The track was neutralised momentarily while some barriers that had been hit were shifted, with most drivers complying to the neutralisation. Those that didn’t, were penalised. Max Robinson finished 1st of the Heavies from Luke Charman and Sam Attard.

Senior Heavy Heat 2
Stephen Wackrill and Steve Orford led the heavies. Max Robinson and Garrett Applin were cautioned for bumping during the opening lap. Robinson and Applin soon had Kearon to compete with as Alex Vaughan also began to look a threat with some flying lap times. Applin was penalised for excessively exceeding track limits. A final flying lap after a bout of yellows saw Robinson keep the lead from Kearon and Applin, who crossed the line in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Senior Heavy Final
Robinson and Charman, fierce competitions for last year’s Championship were on the front row together once more. Behind them was Kearon, with all three keeping position at race start. Max Taylor made a successful jump for several places. Richard Gibbons and Patrick Vice set some impressive round best lap times, while Robinson and Kearon leapt ahead of some of the lights!

The race finished with Robinson, Kearon and Vaughn the victors for the podium presentation.

1st – Max Robinson
2nd – Mark Kearon
3rd – Alex Vaughan