Daytona Sandown Park 2018 InKart Championships
Round Three Race Report (PDF Download)


Heat 1
Benjamin Gentles started pole from Joshua Hoyle and Adam Scrase. With Sam Cole in 4th having a flying start and pushing past to 1st, Gentles had much less luck as he catapulted himself down to 9th. With 10 drivers on the grid, Cole was keen to put some track between himself and the rest of the field, as Hoyle, who had fallen back to 3rd was fighting fiercely to take back his original position. George Ruffle made an impressive debut, holding his own against the more seasoned drivers. Cole continued to improve on his lead, while further back Gentles began making his way back up the pack; coming to rest behind the bumper of Thomas Hazell. The pair’s battle continued for the remainder of the race as Cole now had Hoyle in 2nd behind him. Hazell made a successful manoeuvre out of Vale on Scrase, allowing Harry Kidd to follow through – promoting the pair. At race close, Cole finished 1st with Hoyle and Kidd behind him.

Heat 2
Daniel Cebula and Thomas Hazell made up the front row for the 2nd Cadet heat of the day. Jack Pettit had a great start as did Aaron Mensah down in 8th – making impressive gains to sit in 3rd by the end of the lap! Mycah Masikito span himself at Turn 6 and got stuck in the entrance of the pit lane costing him track position. Cebula fell back as Hazell was attacked by Pettit, now having to dance defensive to keep Mensah from passing. A quick dart up the inside as Mensah passed Hazell for 2nd. Gentles was next to challenge Hazell as Pettit attempted to spread a lead over Mensah; the pair alternating between setting best laps. Clouds began to form as the race began to draw to a close – and despite Pettit setting the quickest lap, Mensah was not letting him gain too much of an advantage. Hazell and Gentles were still close, while further back Leo Licastro passed Cebula for 5th. George Baker, Carter Jenkinson and Oscar Allam were all vying for 7th as up ahead Mensah continued his pursuit of Pettit. With two laps remaining, Mensah looked set to make his move, hoping for it to stick this time! Barker out-braked himself as Mensah made it stick at Turn 6, with Pettit looking to take it back as the final lap commenced. Pettit looked for the space at Turn 3 – losing it in his ardour! Allam span in sympathy as Pettit’s looked set to confirm Mensah’s win until Mensah also span! He recovered quickly however and miraculously took the win. Pettit finished 2nd from Hazell.

Heat 3
Conor Lucey and George Barker heading the pack had excellent starts. Marginal contact as the drivers settled into position, while Conor Lucey was stripped of his 3rd place as contact was made; Delloye slipped up the inside into Turn 1 from 7th, looking set on gaining more places. And he did it! By lap 4 he was up into 2nd and began chasing down Barker who had similarly just found himself in 1st. Barker and Delloye continued to spar, coming at points to within 1 second of each other. Lucey in 3rd caught up with the pair and put the pressure on as the race reached the half way mark. Barker kept his cool and 1st place as the chequered flag went out. Delloye kept 2nd from Lucey.

Heat 4
Up front, Charlie Sirman started pole from Delloye, while Hoyle and Carter Jenkinson sat at the rear. Cole, fresh from his earlier win, started in 5th and was hungry for another success. Delloye made a badly judged move as Sirman started well. Lucey made contact but allowed the driver back through in a good show of sportsmanship. Cole was on a mission as he went around the outside at Turn 1, putting himself on the inside to take Delloye’s 2nd place. Next lap, he was up and on the bumper of Sirman, passing and making it stick. Delloye also passed Sirman allowing Licastro to take advantage and pass up the inside of Sirman. But Sirman fought back, although the distraction actually allowed Harry Kidd – and then Hoyle – past also! Kidd out-braked himself however, and the mistake cost him the place back to Sirman. He managed to regain it once more and as the race began to wind down, Cole’s speed only increased! He set his quickest lap on the penultimate, as he began his last lap with a comfortable 5 second buffer over Delloye. Cole won, from Delloye and Licastro, who were much closer – just 0.2 seconds separating them.

B Final
Lucey and Gentles made up the front row of the grid for the Cadet B Final. After a false start, Lucey momentarily lost position to Gentles at the restart, while Sirman in 7th fell back to 10th. Lucey came up the inside as a few spinners into Turn 6 caused a commotion. This allowed Sirman to recover excellently! And by the 2nd lap had not only regained position but surpassed it! Now into 4th. Scrase lost out by himself at Turn 3, and then Gentles followed suit at the cut-through leading into Vale. Sirman continued making gains and sat in 2nd by lap 4. Sirman looked intent on chasing down Lucey and earning the space in the A Final as Scrase and Gentles came together this time – Scrase attempting to go around the outside for position as Gentles tried to keep track position and lost control of the kart in doing so. Cebula got swept up in the collision as Scrase managed to recover; Gentles fell back. Lucey and Sirman were bumper to bumper as the final lap started. Sirman was just a tenth of a second away from victory. Cebula and Scrase were similarly close in 3rd and 4th respectively. Lucey kept the lead from Sirman with Cebula keeping 3rd from Scrase.

1st – Conor Lucey
2nd – Charlie Sirman
3rd – Daniel Cebula

A Final
With wins in both of his heats, Cole qualified pole for today’s A Final. Pettit in 2nd had Mensah in 3rd hot on his tail from the off and managed to put a move that stuck during the 2nd lap. As the top 2 drivers began to pull away from the remainder of the field, it was announced that Pettit was penalised for a jump start, but this obviously did not deter his attempts at making places. Hoyle lost out position as he span himself out while Kidd took advantage and cleanly passed. Licastro was eyeing up Lucey, who had made it up to 8th, as Cole was forced to drive defensive to keep Mensah at bay. After a full course yellow situation slowed the pack down, at the restart Cole and Mensah were even closer. The closing stages of the race saw Mensah fight valiantly to try and take the gold from Cole, dipping wide as the pressure showed. Further back, Barker made an excellent move on Hoyle – leaving the door open for Hazell to bide his time and make an attempt. Cole’s speed increased as he fought to keep positon, setting his best lap time on the anti-penultimate. The leading duo were both quick on the pace as with one lap remaining Cole was parking his kart in the middle of the track; defending hard.  Cole could breathe a sigh of relief as the chequered flag came down over him just a tenth of a second ahead of Mensah.

1st –  Sam Cole
2nd – Aaron Mensah
3rd – Jack Pettit

Junior Lights

Heat 1
The first heat of the day began with a penalty awarded to Kaizer Akhtar for gaining an advantage by contact over Jayden Neal-Holder at Turn 6, knocking the latter wide. There was then further commotion at lap 6 as the race was neutralised due to Jai Thornburn’s chain coming off at Turn 3.  A good half race pace from the front runners under yellow conditions was maintained. After race re-start, Akhtar finished 1st from Neal-Holder and Daniel Watson, with Akhtar’s penalty position drop promoting all subsequent drivers meaning that Taifan Squires took points for 3rd.

Heat 2
George Hannay was pole sitter for the second Junior Light Heat of the day, from Harry Webster and Akhtar. The circuit began to get slippery as the opening lap commenced. Hannay lost out to Akhtar at race start as Oscar Joyce began making places. Next lap around, Hannay was defending hard from Joyce as Sebastian Wibaut made a clean move up the inside of Webster – Josef Smillie attempted to capitalise on the now vulnerable Webster. Hannay and Joyce continued their battle well into lap 3, while further back Webster and Watson were joined by Dominic Harrop. Akhtar finished 1st once again from Hannay, who valiantly held off Joyce in 3rd.

Heat 3
Alex Lucas started pole from Jensen Oswald-Stevens and Josef Smillie. Neal-Holder, who had started 7th made short work of driving through the field to take 2nd place by the close of the first lap. He began his work on Lucas, managing to make a move stick on lap 4. Next was for him to consolidate his lead. He managed to put 1.9 seconds between himself and Lucas; a touch out of reach for the latter. Further back, the real battle seemed for 3rd place between Smillie and Webster – a gap of just 0.2 seconds separating the pair. Monty Grant in 6th had a lapse and fell back to 7th, but regained position towards race close. Neal-Holder, Lucas and Smillie were the top 3.

Heat 4
Dominic Harrop sat at the front of the grid, joined by Thornburn, at race start. Thornburn got the jump on Harrop and manged to lead by the culmination of lap 1. He was soon joined by Squires, up from 4th. Monty Grant remained consistent in 3rd, as the shuffle set in motion by Squires allowed for further movement by the likes of Matthew Ho; now up from 5th to 4th. Thornburn kept his lead from Squires by less than a second as Oswald-Stevens fell back after a few spins. Squires fought hard but had to settle for 2nd as Grant kept 3rd.

B Final
Thornburn had a great start off pole position, as a bumping warning was issued to Webster for minor contact at the off. Lap 2, Grant ran himself wide as Lucas was up into 5th already! Looking now to take 4th, he was right in the tow of Watson. He was now into 4th – next lap, it was 3rd. A very strong run as two laps further on he was then into 2nd. As Lucas came up the inside into Turn 6 to take on Webster there was minor side to side contact. Lucas pressing on as he began to lap almost a second a lap quicker than Thorburn. A coming together looking imminent. Lucas finally passed Thornburn as the race entered it’s closing stages. Lucas secured the win for race end from Thornburn and Watson.

1st – Alex Lucas
2nd – Jai Thornburn
3rd – Daniel Watson

A Final
With Lucas joining from the B Final, the front row of the grid belonged to Neal-Holder and Akhtar. The first few corners were tidy, as Lucas made gains from 8th to 6th while Hannay was up from 6th to 4th. Hannay was fighting fierce as he made it up to 3rd next lap round. Next up in his sights was Akhtar – the pair not leaving each other much room down at the far end of the circuit. Akhtar showed that the pressure was on after Hannay made the pass; he went sideways into Turn 6, allowing Lucas through now. As the race drew to a close, Neal-Holder had stayed out of trouble 6 seconds up the road from Hannay, while Akhtar was left to defend position further from Wibaut and Joyce. Neal-Holder won from Hannay and Lucas – who had made exceptional gains throughout both finals. Akhtar managed to limit the damage and finished 4th.

1st  – Jayden Neal-Holder
2nd – George Hannay
3rd – Alex Lucas

Junior Heavy

Heat 1
Luca Osborne had a good start from William Tidnam, who ran wide into Turn 6, allowing Mikey Gleeson to take 2nd. Gleeson moved on to cause Osborne to drive defensive, with the preoccupied pair allowing William Vincent to close the gap. The top 3 were now all very close as Vincent made a move on Gleeson and made it stick. Gleeson attempted a comeback out of Vale, coming alongside Vincent; Vincent shut it down and closed the door. Vincent, undeterred from Gleeson’s pursuit, went on the take the lead into Turn 3 on lap 6 of the race, with Gleeson utilising the drag along to Turn 5 to take 2nd! Osborne came back into the mix as the race approached its penultimate lap and regained 2nd from Gleeson, holding him off to race close.

Heat 2
Matthew Mutinda and Sebastian Chodyko sat at the front of the grid for the 2nd Heavy heat of the day. Chodyko was cautioned for bumping as Mutinda fell back. Osborne was once again into the mix, with the battle for 1st a three-way between himself, Chodyko and William Tidnam. Chodyko had the lead, draughting along the inside of Tidnam at what would normally be Turn 3, at the midway point of the race as further back Otis Smith began pulling away slightly from Mutinda. Osborne utilised Chodyko’s move to also pass Tidnam. He was now storming down to reach Chodyko, and with just one lap remaining the win looked set to be either’s! Tidnam fell back by spinning at Turn 4, as Osborne snatched the lead from Choydko in the final stages of the last lap!

Heat 3
William Vincent turned in on Chodyko at the race start, although the latter managed to make his way through. Vincent then took it back as Gleeson took advantage of the start by jumping Harvey Turner. Chodyko attempted a move up the inside of Vincent at Turn 6, not making it stick as Turner bided his time, waiting for one of them to make a mistake. Chodyko finally made a successful move on Vincent on lap 5, attempting to now pull as much time as possible over him, while simultaneously catching Gleeson. As the race drew to a close, Gleeson held off Chodyko with a second and a half’s advantage, as Chodyko similarly held of Vincent, but with just half a second’s safety.

B Final
William Tidnam and Harvey Turner made up the front line of the grid at race start, with pole sitter Tidnam taken by surprise as Turner took the lead at the off. Tidnam was cautioned for bumping as he attempted to regain his lead, which he was successful in doing on lap 2. Tidnam was warned for further bumping as he next set about pulling away from Turner. With lap times for all drivers increasing as the race unfolded, Tidnam set the quickest time of the race with a speedy 00:52:573. As the race continued without any foul-play Tidnam consolidated his lead over 2nd place Turner. Turner took 2nd at race finish from Smith and Mutinda.

1st – William Tidnam
2nd – Harvey Turner
3rd – Otis Smith

A Final
With William Tidnam joining the back of the grid from the B Final, Osborne sat on pole after a win and 2nd place in his heats. William Vincent was quick to pass and take the lead, pulling Chodyko through with him.

On Lap 6 things started to heat up as Chodyko dropped to the inside of Turn 2, taking the short route and passing Vincent for 1st. Vincent remained on the back of him, out of Turn 3 up the inside, therefore using the outside at the cut-through they were bumper to bumper into Vale. Chodyko was still in front with Vincent all over back and not letting up. Vincent ran wide, as Chodyko drove defensive. Vincent recovered and secured a brilliant pass! But Chodyko took it back through turn 2!

They remained close for next few laps. Bumper to bumper, Vincent was looking for the clean line, hopping slightly to have a look, seeking a better drag onto the main straight.

With the closing stages approaching and Chodyko still in the lead, Vincent attempted to go on the outside at Turn 7, having to go the long way round to catch back up. With the 3 laps to go – Vincent took position! But on the final lap he lost it once more as Chodyko put it all into one move up the inside, causing Vincent to run wide at 4! Chodyko kept position all the way into Turn 1, with Vincent being hung out to dry as a tense final saw Chodyko take the chequered from Vincent and Osborne.

1st – Sebastian Chodyko
2nd – William Vincent
3rd – Luca Osborne

Junior RT8

Heat 1
Race start saw Vincent Osborne in 4th awarded a penalty for gaining an advantage by contact as Taifan Squires fell back from 1st. Fraser Brunton took up the lead as Daniel Garcia and Jacob Owen were scuffling for position. Squires attempted to recover and pass the battling pair, receiving a bumping board for not quite making it cleanly. Finley Ahmad-Hambling in 4th closed the gap on 3rd as Matteo Strathmann drove excellently to block advances from further behind him. Brunton had Osborne on his tail as Ahmad-Hambling closed the gap further to Thomas Parmenter – taking him on lap 6 passed Race Control. Garcia dropped back slightly as Parmenter was now at the mercy of Strathmann. Brunton retained his lead from Osborne and Ahmad-Hambling at the end of an exciting first race for the Junior RT8 category. Strathmann’s gains from 9th to 5th were honourable.

Heat 2
Matteo Strathmann lead from Ahmad-Hambling as Brunton in 8th made quick work of storming through the pack, determined to finish at the top once again. Brunton closed the gap massively and was now pursuing Strathmann who had fallen behind Ahmad-Hambling. Garcia raced a little too hard as he lost it by himself on lap 3. Brunton made am impressive swipe up the inside at Turn 3, now pushing Strathmann even further back. Ahmad-Hambling now had his work cut out to keep Brunton at bay but managed to get a gap of 2 seconds as the race began to close, setting the quickest lap of the race. Ahmad-Hambling kept the lead from Brunton as Strathmann brought it home in 3rd.

Ahmad-Hambling started pole and kept it off the line at the rolling start of the RT8 Final. A slightly tumultuous start further back saw Livingstone cautioned for bumping. The front 3 began to break away and settle into the race until disaster struck on lap 2 for Ahmad-Hambling! An unforced error at Turn 6 saw him lose his lead and fall all the way down the grid to recover in 9th, leaving the path clear for Brunton to do his thing and get away from the competition. Osborne took up the mantle in 2nd as Strathmann lost out to Parmenter. He was now in the grasp of Garcia and defending so hard it could be costly! Parmenter took advantage of the fast cornered section of the Alternate circuit to close in Osborne – the pair now locked together. Strathmann and Garcia were similarly engrossed as Brunton maintained his lead. By race finish, he was 5 seconds ahead of Osborne and took the win. Osborne kept 2nd from Parmenter.

1st – Fraser Brunton
2nd – Vincent Osborne
3rd – Thomas Parmenter

Senior Lights

Heat 1
As the lights’ race commenced there was contact at the 2nd corner; Ian Del-Pizzo was issued a bumping warning as the culprit. Ed Stone was also the perpetrator of contact, this time gaining an advantage so was awarded a penalty.  Not dampening his spirits however, Stone executed a successful manoeuvre on Henry Jarrett up the inside into 6. Fergal Ludlow continued leading from Josh Lad, who had Del-Pizzo all over the back of his bumper. Freddy Bragg was in hot pursuit of the duelling pair as Del-Pizzo passed! This left the door open for Bragg, who capitalised on the advantage. His victory was short-lived however as Craig Nunes overtook both Bragg and Lad in a nicely executed move. But Nunes lost his grip at Turn 6 – a costly error. Up ahead, Ludlow managed to hold off Del-Pizzo to the end of the race and Lad finished 3rd.

Heat 2
Dan Gamblin and Del-Pizzo made up the front row of the Light grid. Race start saw the pair break away with the latter getting the jump on Gamblin who took the first corner slightly sideways. Nunes made a great move on Daryl Cresswell, promoting himself nicely up the field. Meanwhile Francesca Roodhouse was leading the tail group – but she ran wide at Turn 8! She left herself vulnerable to Nunes now. Further up the field, Edward Stone completed a nice move on Gamblin for 2nd place. This was short lived however as Lad came to claim the place for himself.  Ludlow made a bold move that paid off, taking Nunes – leaving the door open for Roodhouse, who was looking to push on with him. But the preoccupation allowed for Bragg to make a move on Roodhouse and she lost out. Del-Pizzo kept his lead from Lad and Stone at race end.

Del-Pizzo had a great start as did Ludlow while there was minor contact around Turn 1. Lad fought to take position from Ludlow – being successful by the end of the first lap. The next lap around he seized an opportunity off Del-Pizzo, allowing Ludlow through also despite Del-Pizzo’s ardent defence. Stone was also fighting hard and lost it by himself, falling behind.  Del-Pizzo was still determined and was looking for room up the inside at Turn 6, with both Nunes & Bragg catching up to join the fight. Half race point saw the pack beginning to spread out, as Bragg made a move up the inside of Roodhouse, leaving Edwards right there behind her to take advantage. Nunes began to slowly close the gap to Del-Pizzo for 3rd, but ran out of time to do anything about it. Lad took the win from Ludlow, with Del-Pizzo hanging on in 3rd.

1st – Josh Lad
2nd – Fergal Ludlow
3rd – Ian Del-Pizzo

Senior Heavy

Heat 1
Race start saw Sam Attard and Howard Fuller quick to defend from Max Robinson and Mark Kearon. The pressure saw Fuller lose the back end, allowing the pursuing pair to sneaking past. Some mid pack movement as the race continued saw a few bumping boards issued as the field vied for on track position. Attard had Robinson all over him until he put it passed him on lap 8, leaving Attard vulnerable to the advancing Kearon. Robinson pulled 2 seconds over Attard who was having problems keeping Kearon at bay. With just 2 laps remaining, Attard was cautioned for weaving as he attempting to hold on – but Kearon saw an opening and took it. Robinson finished 1st from Kearon and Attard.

Heat 2
As the lights reached Turn 3, the heavy’s heat commenced. Luke Charman amongst others received a bumping board for his ardour at race start, while Robinson was quick to pursue Charman for his position. Further ahead Steve Orford led from Max Taylor – who began to back up the field behind him. Frustration from some quick drivers further back saw some silly mistakes made, and bumping warnings issued accordingly. As Taylor came over the line at the midway point of the race Garrett Applin followed. It was a very busy heat with driver’s nose to tail as Taylor kept them back, allowing for Orford to fly ahead. Taylor and Applin fell back as more collisions saw Alex Vaughn receive a bumping warning for his contribution. The race closed with Orford taking an impressive lead and turning it into a secure win from Vaughan and Charman.

There was a good start from the front 4 drivers, consisting of Robinson, Kearon, Orford and Charman. Slight contact was seen from Vaughan in 5th, amongst others further back. As the race fully got underway Max Robinson span himself out from the front! Gifting the lead to Kearon with Orford now in 2nd. Further bumping was seen, this time from Attard, who was duly warned. Robinson began to recover somewhat as he clawed back position passing Fuller ahead of Taylor.

Robinson now set his sights on Vaughan for 3rd, the battle very close indeed as the former’s namesake Taylor span himself out under braking and falling behind. As the race culminated, Kearon kept his lead from Orford and Attard in what was a busy final.

1st – Mark Kearon
2nd – Steve Orford
3rd – Sam Attard