Daytona Sandown Park 2018 InKart Championships
Round Seven Race Report (PDF Download)


Heat 1
First heat of the day sees Leo Licastro on Pole followed by Charlie Sirman then Toby Goodhew. Licastro makes a good start from the line followed by Sirman and Goodhew. Adam Scrase spins at the hairpin to drop to the back of the pack. Joshua Hoyle makes a storming move for 2nd place and now trying to chase down Licastro. Lap 2 sees the grid getting strung out with no real issues of the weather, all drivers able to keep it between the while lines. Lap 3 Licastro loses it by himself at Turn 1 moving him down to 7th – time to work his way back to the grid. Lap 3 also sees Goodhew into the lead followed by Aaron Mensah and Joshua Hoyle who has moved down to 4th with a few bad corners by him. The fight for the lead going on to lap 5 is only 0.652 of a second they are really dicing for the track position, they are doing very well to keep the karts in the right direction in this weather.  Hoyle is trying his hardest to try and get back to the top of the back but can’t keep up with Goodhew and Mensah who are keeping each other on their toes. Mensah makes a fantastic move round the hairpin to take the lead while there where penalties for Hoyle and Charlie Sirman for Racing under the yellow flag. Going on to lap 9 we find that Goodhew is back in front with a good move through the 2nd chicane. 4th goes for a great move on 3rd on the final lap in to the first chicane moving Charlie Sirman above Hoyle. When the chequered flag drops we see the top 3 being Mensah, Goodhew and Charlie Sirman.

Heat 2
George Ruffle took the lead in front of Harry Kidd. There was an accident at the hairpin with a few drivers being dropped to the back. Sam Cole takes the lead followed by Daniel Cebula in 2nd. First, second and third are very strung out now with no changes on lap 2. Lewis Clancy received a penalty for contact at Turn 4 on lap 1. Cole keeps the lead going on to lap 5 with no real changes for the rest of the grid, he is being followed by Cebula and then Ruffle. We are at half way distance and Cole has checked out. Cole gets the chequered followed by Daniel Cebula and Leo Licastro in Third.

Heat 3
Thomas Hazell keeps the lead round the first few corners while getting the kart very sideways as he enters Turn 3. Lap 2 was very undramatic compared to the first lap, Charlie Sirman made a great move around the outside at Turn 3 moving him up into 6th. Lap 4 see a new leader in Aaron Mensah with Hazell very much on his tail, trying to get it back. At the hairpin, Aaron Mensah loses it all by himself which promotes Hazell back into the lead and gives him a very nice gap to 2nd too. Mensah is trying his best to make his way back to the bumper of tom, but his efforts are being checked by Hazell in the lead. Aaron Mensah is the quickest out on track with a 44.9 with 1st and 3rd a couple of tenths slower. The gap between the Top 3 is definitely closing as the race goes on. Lap 8 sees Hazell still in the lead with a nice gap to Mensah who is followed very closely by Sirman and are bumper to bumper every corner. Aaron Mensah had his kart sideways as he entered Turn 3 on lap 10 which meant he got a bad exit allowing Sirman to get a great run into the first chicane and the hairpin to take the place for 2nd. With the race coming to a close very quickly, we still see Hazell in the lead. The final lap sees no drama with Hazell taking the flag followed very closely by Charlie Sirman and Aaron Mensah.

Heat 4
Joshua Hoyle got a really bad start while Kaiser Riemann made a good move round Turn 3. George Barker spins at Turn 3 on the 2nd lap dropping him to the back of the back. Sam Cole is back on the top of the grid can he repeat his win in the 2nd heat earlier today. The top 4 are all trying to pull away as a unit to build a gap over the rest of the group, but they are struggling to keep up with Cole. The quickest lap is a 45.0 set by Sam Cole. Lap 6 sees Cole keeps his lead with a sizable gap over the rest of the pack with 2nd, 3rd and 4th all close together. Harry Kidd is all over the back bumper of Hazell and Kaiser Riemann as he tries to find a way past. Over half way now and Sam Cole is still out front extending his lead as following three after him battle for position. Riemann and Hazell have pulled a small gap to Kidd as they enter the 10th lap of the race. Looks like we have got another storming drive by Sam Cole as he just gets quicker and quicker. The flag goes down on Sam Cole, Kaiser Riemann then Thomas Hazell.

B Final
We see George Ruffle on the front of the grid for the B Final. Ruffle keeps the lead round the first corners with Charlie Parker behind then followed by Adam Wooden who made a great start too. Lap 2 see no drama at all with all of the positions staying the same. Joshua Hoyle is right on the back of George R’s kart pushing hard to make it past, but Ruffle is making his kart very wide and keeping Hoyle at bay. Barker has made some good progress and is currently in third and catching the front 2. George R is the first driver in this heat to make it into the 39 lap times and is very closely followed by George B who has made a good move up to 2nd on lap 7. Lap 8 we unfortunately see George B make a mistake and is now back down to 3rd.  Joshua Hoyle is back on the tail of George R with both lapping very consistently and within tenths of each other. As we are coming to the middle of the race Hoyle is behind George R by only 0.7 of a second. We have the yellow flag out for a big crash at the far end of the circuit for George B who ended up in the tyre wall having to have a marshal help. We are nearly about to have the chequered flag and we have Hoyle in the lead from George Ruffle who have been swapping positions lap by lap. In the battle for third, we have Adam S keeping Adam A behind him. As we enter the final lap we find 2 battles on the circuit which will be decided at the flag, the first one is for 1st between Joshua Hoyle and George R while the second one is further back between Roman Kamyab and Charlie Parker. But as the flag drops we have Joshua Hoyle who takes the win followed by George B then Adam S. A very good drive by Joshua Hoyle on the last lap to keep George Ruffle behind him – only 0.3 separating them at the line.

1st – Joshua Hoyle

2nd – George Ruffle

3rd – Adam Scrase

A Final
Sam Cole is on pole for the A Final after a dominating drive in the heats, he shares the front row with Thomas Hazell. Sam Cole maintains the lead off the line keeping the grid at bay. Lap 2 sees Cole in front with the hard-chasing pack headed by Aaron Mensah and Toby Goodhew. The cadets are finding pace just like the other categories, with lap times falling to 36 seconds. Entering lap 5 we still see Sam Cole out front continuing his dominating drive. Lap 6 has 2nd to 5th battling as they all are trying to get to the front just behind Cole. As we reach halfway race distance we have contact at the 2nd cut through as Aaron Mensah makes a mistake and has contact with Daniel Cebula. Sam Cole is still out front with a 35.5 second lap-time, the fastest time we have in this race. The closing part of the race we still see Sam Cole in front then Leo Licastro and then Charlie Sirman. Joshua Hoyle is in the middle of the main pack as they are coming past to lap him. The chequered flag is being readied and we have Sam Cole out front with another amazing drive, Cole starts his last lap with a gap of 10.4 seconds over Licastro. The flag drops and the top 3 are Sam Cole, Leo Licastro and Charlie Sirman.

1st – Sam Cole

2nd – Leo Licastro

3rd – Charlie Sirman


Junior Light

Heat 1
Piers Lindow starts on pole for heat one, followed by George Hannay then Mathew Ho. Piers Lindow got a bad start off pole and Jai Thornburn got a penalty board straight off the get go for a front to rear advantage by contact with multiple people involved Turn 1. Kieran Ives makes a good move for the lead on the end of lap 2. By the middle of lap 3 Ives had a lead of about 3 seconds. While the rest of the pack are staying put in their positions battling the wet weather. Ives is catching up to a back-marker and overtakes them while Lindlow unfortunately makes a mistake at Turn 3 and ends up the wrong way. Ives being very assertive out at the front with a huge lead of 7 seconds now followed by George Hannay who leads Jai Thornburn by a further 12 seconds. Coming on to lap 8, 3rd and 4th are very close and bumper to bumper the whole way around Turn 3 and the Top Straight. Kieran Ives continues to extend his lead lap by lap as we go on to lap 10. Finally, Ives takes the chequered flag on the first heat of the day with a monster driver letting the other know he is here for the win. George Hannay followed in 2nd with Taifan Squires taking 3rd.

Heat 2
Akhtar crossed the line first and keeps the lead over Jayden Neal-Holder. The end of lap 1 sees Rory Burke in the lead with Neal-Holder moving up to 2nd as they went to the 2nd chicane with Akhtar moving down to 3rd.  Lap 2 sees William Fallon spin it at Turn 2 by himself. Lap 3 sees no other position changes with Burke’s lead getting ever bigger and is now up to 2.063 seconds.  Neal-Holder has received a kerbing board as he tried everything to catch up to Burke who is just increasing his gap lap by lap. Each of the drivers are doing very well as the track is very wet, they are all managing to maintain the gap to their driver in front. As we are ¾ of the way into this race Burke is still in the lead with Neal-Holder still behind him and Akhtar behind him. Very calm race this with no drivers making mistakes. Burke takes the flag with a great drive leading most of the way and maintaining the gap to Neal-Holder and Akhtar.

Heat 3
Bayley Campbell is on pole for this one followed by Jai Thornburn and then Alex Lucas. Lucas makes a great start and gets from third to first, he is then followed by Bayley Campbell. A bumping board goes out to the whole field, clearly too much contact for the Race Director. Lucas keeps his lead as they go on to lap 2 but is being kept very honest by Campbell and then Ives. As we enter lap 3, Kieran Ives made a good move for 2nd and now is chasing down Lucas for the win. George Hannay makes a brilliant move into 3rd at the first corner on lap 4 passing Thornburn and Squires. Ives is on the bumper of Lucas as we enter the 5th lap with the gap only being 0.5 of a second. Lap 6 sees Ives on the top of the pack keeping Alex Lucas at bay. Lucas is trying everything and using all of the track to keep up but receives a kerbing board in the process. 3rd and 4th are the closest battle we have on track at the moment, with George Hannay trying his best and all of his efforts to get passed Taifan Squires. Hannay goes for the move on Squires on lap 10 as they went in to the first chicane and makes the move stick, so he is up in to third. We don’t have long left on the clock, and we still have Ives in the lead by 3.2 seconds. Taifan Squires gets a penalty for contact at Turn 3 on Lap 11. As the clock finally hits 00, it is Ives who takes the flag followed by Alex Lucas and then Jai Thornburn.

Heat 4
Dan Watson is on the front of the pack trying to keep Ben Southgate and Sebastian Wibaut behind him when the green flag drops. Ben Southgate gets a better start off the line and beats Watson in to Turn 1. Watson is in the lead as they pack enters Turn 3 with a great line around Turn 2. There was a lot of contact with the group and the whole group have received a board for it. Lap 2 still sees Dan Watson in front of Southgate and then Wibaut. Jayden Neal-Holder is on a charge and making his way through the pack with ease. Neal-Holder is not holding back and moved from 4th up to 1st in one lap with a fantastic move through the 2nd cut through and the 1st corner. Burke unfortunately got a penalty for stopping on track and an advantage by contact at the first chicane. As lap 6 ends, we still have Neal-Holder in the lead followed by Watson and then Akhtar. Half way race distance and Neal-Holder is the fastest out on track with a monster lap time of a 41.9 clearly, he is very happy with the current conditions of the track. Lap 8 sees Neal-Holder making a gap to 4 seconds over the rest of the pack. From 2nd onwards the positions and gaps are staying constant. Lap 10 has brought us the closest gap we’ve had all race so far of only 0.4 of a second. As we enter the final lap with Neal-Holder in the lead with a great gap of 4.5 seconds, he takes the flag on the final heat of the day followed by Kaizer Akhtar and then Dan Watson.

B Final
Ben Southgate starts on pole for the B-Final with Matthew Ho beside him. As the group come around the first 3 corners Southgate remains in the lead. He made a good clean start. But as the group went to the hairpin Thornburn makes a move for the lead with the rest of the pack hunting him down. Southgate makes an error in to Turn 3 and now see Taifan Squires alongside him going into the first cut through. That was a great move for 2nd and now Squires is chasing down Jai Thornburn for the lead. They both have a good sizable lead over thee rest of the pack but Squires makes another cracking move and this time its for the lead which bumps Jai Thornburn down to 2nd. We have a super close battle for 4th 5th and 6th as the front 3 pull out and assert their dominance. Lap times are dropping in comparison to the heats we are now seeing very low 40 second times. As the race progresses on to lap 8 we still have Squires in the lead followed by Thornburn and Southgate. Lap 9 we still we no change for the lead but we have a new fastest lap which is now a 39.4, set by Taifan Squires. With over 5 mins of the race left Thornburn is very slowly closing the gap bit by bit but Squires seems to respond and increases the gap back.  Taifan Squires is flying around this drying track and we see a new time of a 38.4 which is staggering, the whole grid is getting faster and faster but Taifan Squires just seems to be in league of his own. As this final draws to a close we are seeing a dry line forming and the lap times just falling very quickly. But there are still no position changes, we have a very close battle for 4th and 3rd as both drivers are tip and toe to gain the best advantage they can to pass the one in front. Taifan Squires takes the flag with a good gap of 6.9 seconds, beating Thornburn and Southgate.

1st –  Taifan Squires

2nd – Jai Thornburn

3rd – Ben Southgate

A Final
Kieran Ives followed by Jayden Neal-Holder on the front of the A-Final. Neal-Holder has a great start and gets off the line first to take the lead, followed by Ives. Ives is right on the tail of Neal-Holder and is hunting him down as he wants to be back on the top. The whole grid is extremely close with everyone being separated by only 3 seconds. George Hannay is in 3rd trying to use the rest of the pack to catch up to the front 2 but his efforts are not paying off. Ives, Neal-Holder and Hannay are all pulling away from the rest of the group while the others in the race are all fighting for 4th place to be the best of the rest. Ives, Neal-Holder and Hannay are all lapping identically with their times being in the 35s, each of them are pushing to the limit, with Neal-Holder and Hannay trying to find a way past but with no luck. Kaizer Akhtar and Rory Burke go side by side on lap 8 through Turns 1 to 4 with Akhtar being the victor of that battle but Burke is back for more on lap 10. All of this battling is allowing Squires to catch up.  As we reach half way, we still have Ives in front then Neal-Holder and then George Hannay. Daniel Watson had finally got on to the back of the Top 3 to see if he can have a go to make it on to the podium but Neal-Holder is still keeping them all at bay. Dan Watson has got passed George Hannay through the cut through to get his place on the podium but can he hold it there. We are now 15 laps in and we have a 5-way battle for the lead; Jayden Neal-Holder, Kieran Ives, Daniel Watson, George Hannay and Rory Burke. Ives has regained the lead around Turn 1 on lap 17 but Jayden Neal-Holder is right on his tail. We have 2 mins left of the race and we have Ives still in the lead with Neal-Holder 0.1 seconds behind him and while all this is going on we have Burke back up in to third. The flag is being readied but with 0.2 between the top 2 who will take it at the line…Kieran Ives takes the flag for the final win with Jayden Neal-Holder only 0.1 seconds behind and then Rory Burke to round off the podium.

Kieran Ives

2ndJayden Neal-Holder

3rd – Rory Burke


Junior Heavy

Heat 1
William Vincent makes a great start from the front row followed very closely by Mikey Gleeson and Maximillian Bublik. No real drama on the first lap with all the driver behaving well. Vincent and Gleeson having a bit of a slippery time going around Turn 1 on the 2nd lap. Vincent continues to keep Gleeson at bay as we enter lap 3 with both of them having a lead to 3rd of 2.4 seconds. As we enter lap 4 the positions remain the same, Luca Osborne trying his hardest to close the gap to the front two. Great move for Gleeson in to Turn 1 to take the lead of the race but wait, Vincent takes it back at Turn 3 with a fantastic move up the inside before the top straight. Very good switch back move by both drivers there on lap 5 of the race. Mikey Gleeson gets alongside on the start straight on lap 6 to make the pass in to Turn 1 with William Vincent having no answer this time around Turns 2 or 3. Gleeson still in the lead as we progress on to lap 7. Lap 8 we see a great move from Vincent to retake the lead, this is an amazing battle for the lead, changing every other lap – 3 minutes left, how many more lead changes will there be? William Vincent get its wrong going through the 2nd chicane allowing Mikey Gleeson to pull alongside but it didn’t work so he stays behind as we enter lap 10. Vincent starts the final lap with a 1.5 second lead over Gleeson, can he hold it?…The chequered flag goes down with Vincent taking the win over Mikey Gleeson in an incredible battle as the lead changed every other lap.

Heat 2
Harvey Turner keeps the lead as the group go through Turns 1, 2 and 3. William Vincent has made a good move down the top straight from last to 3rd. Luca has received a penalty for contact at the hairpin on Turn 1 this has allowed William Vincent to get into the lead. The group has now sorted themselves out and now strung out into a line with Vincent in the lead on lap 4 followed by Osborne who still has the penalty and then Gleeson who is working his way back up the grid. Going on to lap 6 still sees Vincent in the lead with a fantastic time of a 43.6 but he is still not the fastest out there. Gleeson is on fire with a 43.2 – he finally makes the move for 2nd which pushes Osborne down to 3rd. Has Gleeson got enough time left to catch Vincent and make a move for the pass? Gleeson and Osborne are exchanging places corner by corner as the race goes on, but Gleeson stays on top for now. Osborne has spun it at Turn 1 on lap 10 allowing Gleeson to breathe a lot more and get his head down to catch the leader which is still William Vincent. The top 2 are only a tenth apart on lap time but Vincent is keeping his cool and maintain the gap to Gleeson. With the final lap starting, Will Vincent is about to get his 2nd win of the day with Mikey Gleeson behind him. The exact same result as the first heat.

A Final
William Vincent and Mikey Gleeson start on the front row after 2 very good performances in the heats. As the group enter Turn 3, we have Gleeson in the lead from Vincent. Lap 2 sees Vincent dropping down the grid as they go through the first corners this is great new for Mikey Gleeson.  At the end of lap 2 we have Mikey Gleeson in the lead followed by Harvey Turner and then Luca Osborne. The track is mostly dry now in comparison to the heats and all the driver’s times are dropping. 36.0 quickest so far by Gleeson who’s maintaining a lead of 3.2 seconds. Will Vincent is making his way back up the grid as the race goes on eagerly trying to get back up to Gleeson out in front. Vincent left the door open at Turn 2 which allowed Luca Osborne through meaning Vicent is back down to 4th. Lap 6 still sees Mikey Gleeson out front while the other 4 are battling it out closely. Luca Osborne has received a penalty at Turn 5 for an advantage by contact – front to rear on lap 8. Vincent manages to get back up to 2nd but made contact with Luca, so slows to let him pass to avoid a penalty. Subsequently a bumping warning was issued to Vincent. Due to all the drama at the back of the grid we still have Mikey Gleeson out in front by 12.6 seconds followed by Maximillian Bublik and then Harvey Turner. Lap 13 sees the drivers well separated on the track, all of the gaps being maintaining and no driver changes happening. Mikey Gleeson is driving this race away with an amazing lap time of 35.4 nearly 0.3 tenth faster then the next person. As we enter the dying stages of the race, we still see Gleeson out front with a mammoth lead with Bublik and Turner still behind with no major drama happening now after the frantic first few laps due to the contact. Osborne has finally caught back up to the back of Harvey Turner and finally got passed through the first cut through promoting him up to 3rd. The final lap sees no change to the previous so we see Mikey Gleeson take the flag followed by Bublik and Luca Osborne.

– Mikey Gleeson

2nd – Maximillian Bublik

3rd – Luca Osborne


Junior RT8

Heat 1
Daniel Garcia is on pole for heat 1 with Archie Elliott sitting beside him as they head to turn one. Clean start from all rows with Garcia keeping the lead as they go through the first turns. Lap 1 sees Garcia, Strathmann and Elliott swapping for the lead but at the end it is Garcia that keeps it. Kieran Ives is making progress up the grid with a few good moves. But out in front we still have the Top 3 the same. Daniel Garcia loses it at Turn 1 at the start of lap 4 gets under way. Elliott is increasing his lead to 2 seconds while Garcia spins on the last corner making him fall to the back. 2nd to 5th are very close with them going 3-wide down the straight to the first cut through on lap 7. Daniel Garcia has retired from the race pulling in on lap 7. Archie Elliott is still out front with a great lead of 3 seconds now while the ones behind are still battling with positions changing every corner. Jacob Owen, Vincent Osborne, Matteo Strathmann and Kieron Ives all lapping within tenths of each other as the race goes on. Lap 9 see no change for the lead but in 2nd we have Matteo Strathmann followed by Owen and then Osborne. As we enter the final laps we see no change for the lead with Matteo Strathmann holding strong in second and then Kieran Ives bringing up the podium in third.

Heat 2
Heat 2 is another clean start with Kieran Ives and Taifan Squires leading the pack past the green flag. Strathmann has taken the lead as we start lap 2 but Ives and Osborne are right on his bumper and not going to let him get away easy. Kieran Ives, Taifan Squires and Jacob Owen going 3-wide in to the first cut through on lap 3 but the victor is Ives who is keeping the rest at bay but due to this is letting the front 2 of Strathmann and Osborne get away. Lap 4 sees the front 2 have a good sizable lead of 3 seconds and the rest of the pack is close and fighting for the best of the rest position. Ives closes the gap and takes the lead on lap 5 and trying to keep it in a straight line as the chasing pack of now Archie Elliott, Taifan Squires and Jacob Owen are hot on his tail only separated by 0.6 of a second. A lot of the drivers are getting caught out by the wet grass at the 2nd cut through, going on to the main straight, just small mistakes only caused by themselves but costing them lots of places. Lap 7 and Ives is still in the lead, followed by Archie Elliott who in turn is being chased by the side by side pair of Jacob Owen and Taifan Squires as they head towards the 1st cut through again. With the dying stages of the race approaching we have the top 4 separated by only 1.6 seconds again which means anyone can take it. All 4 of the top drivers are sideways as they enter turn 3 on lap 10 but no change for the lead. A great move by Jacob Owen who sees himself in 2nd on the final lap of the race but can he hold it to the flag? Kieran Ives takes the win with Owen narrowly holding on to 2nd place by only 0.039 of a second to Finley Ahmad-Hambling who came out of nowhere in the last 2 laps to join the fight pack and take advantage of all the spectacular battling.

Kieran Ives starts on pole for the final race of the RT8s. Strathmann and Ives are side by side as they enter the cut through for the first time and it is Ives who comes out on top of the hairpin to end the first lap. Kieran Ives already making a dominant start by leading the race early and letting other know he is here for the win and not just to participate. Strathmann and Archie Elliott are in very close company and are trying to chase down Ives but aren’t having luck. Strathmann makes a good run round the outside but has no luck on the start of lap 3, Ives keeps the lead. Lap 5 sees a great move again by Strathmann in to Turn one but again has no luck. Kieran Ives is certainly keeping everyone at bay. Vincent Osborne and Finley Ahmad-Hambling are extremely close as they cross the line for the 6th time but Osborne is keeping them behind but for how much longer. Jacob Owen made a cracking move for 2nd and is now chasing Ives with the gap closing down to 0.8 of a second. Lap 9 sees the Top 4 staying in very close proximity with all of them being able to take the lead. Kieran Ives still leads it but Owen, Strathmann and Elliott are right there if anyone makes a mistake. Jacob Owen takes the lead with a great move around the outside on Turn 2. Now its his turn to set the pace and see if he can break away. Kieran Ives doesn’t have any of it and takes the position right back at Turn 1 on the very next lap and now they are going side by side in to the cut through and to the hairpin. Strathmann can’t keep Ives at bay and he takes the lead again. We are about to enter the latter stages of the race, with Kieran Ives leading followed by Jacob Owen, Archie Elliott and then Matteo Strathmann. Strathmann and Elliott look to have fallen back off the pace, but Jacob Owen has not given up and is chasing Kieran Ives right to the flag. With only 1 second between then it is anyone’s game as they enter the last lap. As the flag drops, Ives takes the win with another dominant drive, keeping Owen at bay, whilst Elliott takes 3rd.

– Kieran Ives

2nd – Jacob Owen

3rd – Archie Elliott


Senior RT8

Heat 1
Lights – Dan Gamblin gets a good start off the line to take an early lead followed by Thomas Edwards and then Henry Jarrett. The mid-pack of the Light drivers are being very aggressive with a lot of contact, a warning from the Race Director follows. Henry Jarrett made a good move for the lead and is now ahead of Gamblin but lapping with very similar and consistent times. The Lights have been pretty constant and consistent with their positions and timing. With just over half the race done can Dan Gamblin get back on the top step? It’s looking unlikely as he loses another place to Josh Lad. With the dying stages of the race coming, we still have Henry Jarrett out in front with a great lead on 5 seconds followed by Josh Lad who has opened up a 2 second lead. The Lights win goes to Jarrett!

Heavies – Luke Charmin gets a good start but is beaten to the lead by Alex Vaughan. Charman stays right on his tail and is chasing him down every bit he can but having no luck. Garrett Applin has made good progress to get up to third.  As lap 4 rolls around we have Charman back into the lead with a great move. Max Robinson is keeping Applin on his toes and is not letting him relax one bit, both drivers are trying to catch the front 2 but there is no progress being made as of yet. Lap 6 see Max Robinson overtake Applin with a cracking move down the inside at Turn 1. Applin is still on the back of Max Robinson but can’t find a way past, Robinson is keeping the back end of his kart nice and wide, some very good defending in the wet conditions! Charman is now dominating and with the flag getting ready he is looking for a good win in the first heat. The win goes to Luke Charman with Alex Vaughan taking second and Max Robinson taking third.

Heat 2

Light – clean start by all drivers, with Josh Lad taking an early lead followed by Thomas Parmenter and Freddy Bragg. Josh Lad continues to lead with Mark Fowler now right on his bumper. Lad is making his lead very assertive now, but Fowler and Bragg are very close, Parmenter and Jarrett are lapping identically with no time between them. No major changes in the Light positions as they are all making their way nice and carefully around the wet and tricky track. Lap 8 see no change for the Top 4 as they are all lapping with very similar times. With the flag being readied we still have Josh Lad in the lead followed by Bragg and Fowler. As the chequered flag drops, the heat win goes to Josh Lad who has a great 5 second lead over Freddy Bragg and then Henry Jarrett to round off the Top 3.

Heavies – Stephen Wackrill takes and early lead, only to have it taken off him by Max Taylor round Turn 3 going to the cut through. Taylor is being followed by Max Robinson, they are both extending their lead out from the rest of the grid, but can they keep it? Max R is now in the lead of the heavies as he makes a good move on Max T with Garrett Applin close behind. Lap 8 see Max R still in the lead followed by Max T and then Alex Vaughan.  As we get into the final stages of the race we see an unfortunate spin for Max T meaning he drops behind Garrett Applin. The heat win goes to Max R followed by Vaughan and Applin.


Lights – Josh Lad is to set the pace as they start the formation lap before the flag drops. Clean start by all drivers with Josh Lad taking a huge lead as they exit Turn 1. Mark Fowler and Henry Jarrett are going wheel to wheel with some amazing side by side action as they go in to Turns 2, 3 and 4 all 2 wide. Lad has increased his lead to 3.2 seconds and is settling into the race well with the rest of the pack, especially 2nd and 3rd, really close (Jarrett and Fowler). Freddy Bragg has joined the battle for 2nd place and is still very much looking to pass Mark Fowler and Henry Jarrett to take 2nd but hasn’t been able to as Fowler is making his kart very wide. Josh Lad in the meantime is just running off with the lead at ease. When the chequered flag drops, Lad takes a convincing win in the conditions, with Jarrett and Fowler 2nd and 3rd.

Heavies – Max R takes an early lead as they make it on to the top straight before the first cut through. Luke Charman just takes the lead of the Heavies with a storming move around Turn 1 and is now trying to pull away to get a buffer. Alex Vaughan is right on the tail of Luke Charman and is not giving this up. Garrett Applin has made some good progress and finds himself up into 3rd with some great laps by all drivers. Alex Vaughan has now clinched the lead back off Luke Charman but is not able to make a gap. Max Taylor is in 3rd after some impressive overtaking by him to work his way up the field. Luke Charman finds himself back in front of Alex Vaughan but with Vaughan still on his back bumper, all is to play for before the flag drops. Max T gets a penalty for an advantage by contact on Garrett Applin at the hairpin. As the field has drawn itself out, there is a lot of time chasing, each of the drivers are trying to chase down the one in front with the only overtake that’s has happen for a while is Max R on Max T for 4th. Luke Charman has lost the lead of the race and is upset due to contact which allows Alex Vaughan to get the lead. The Heavies results end up as Alex Vaughan, Luke Charman and then Max Robinson.


1st – Josh Lad

2nd – Henry Jarrett

3rd – Mark Fowler


1st – Alex Vaughan

2nd – Luke Charman

3rd – Max Robinson