Daytona Sandown Park 2018 InKart Championships
Round Eight Race Report (PDF Download)


Heat 1
With the rain now steadily falling the first heat of the cadets started with a collision in Turn 1 which mixed up the order straight away, Joshua Hoyle got caught out on the same lap spinning out from the front of the field and rejoining in 7th. Charlie Sirman was the first to cross the line at the end of the opening lap from Thomas Hazell and Aaron Mensah following close behind in 2nd and 3rd. Going into lap 2, Thomas Hazell spun out at Turn 6, losing the place to Aaron Mensah and dropping to 3rd himself. Aaron Mensah, now with a clear track ahead of him, began to close the gap to Charlie Sirman in 1st, gaining by 0.8 seconds on lap 4. Despite Mensah’s hard work, a later error from him opened up the gap to Sirman again and his chance to take 1st faded. A faultless and smooth performance from Charlie Sirman in these difficult conditions lead him to the finish line first with a large gap back to Aaron Mensah in 2nd and Thomas Hazell behind him just holding onto 3rd despite a spin in the penultimate turn.

Heat 2
Everyone managed to get through Turn one cleanly but Daniel Cebula got caught out on Turn 4 spinning out and dropping down the field. At the end of the first lap Leo Licastro was 1st closely followed by Sam Cole and Nikhil Dhar. By the fourth lap the Top 2, Licastro and Cole, had pulled away from the rest of the field and Cole managed to make a clean move up into 1st on the same lap, with George Barker now in 3rd. It looked like there was going to be a battle for first but Leo Licastro spun out on his own on Turn 8 the next lap, opening up a 6 second gap to first place Sam Cole. The tough conditions weren’t making it easy for Licastro and he spin out again on lap 7, dropping him to 3rd. George Barker also spun out on Turn 4, losing him two positions, leaving him in 5th. Sam Cole took the chequered flag with a comfortable lead from Helie Delloye picking up the pieces in 2nd and Leo Licastro hanging onto 3rd.

Heat 3
A dramatic start to this heat with a crash at Turn 1 that lead to a full course yellow due to barriers having been disconnected. Thankfully racing was soon underway again with Aaron Mensah leading the first lap followed by Daniel Cebula and Charlie Sirman. With lots of drivers struggling for grip in this race, it wasn’t surprising when Daniel Cebula unfortunately spun out at Turn 6 two times consecutively dropping him to 4th place. By lap 3 it was a close battle between Aaron Mensah and Charlie Sirman with Sirman making a clean move up the inside on Turn 6 to claim first place. Aaron Mensah managed to hold onto him for most of the race but by lap 7 Charlie Sirman had pulled out a 3.5 second gap, there was a further 10 second gap back to Helie Delloye in 3rd. Another great drive from Charlie Sirman led him to the finish first with a 4 second gap to Aaron Mensah in 2nd and Helie Delloye further back in 3rd, the tricky conditions spreading the whole field out.

Heat 4
With everyone fighting for space into Turn 3 of the opening lap, George Barker earned himself a penalty due to an ABC (Advantage By Contact), front to rear, on Nikhil Dhar, with Sam Cole coming out 1st, Harry Kidd 2nd and Thomas Hazell in 3rd by lap 2. Unfortunately, Thomas Hazell was involved in contact in Turn 6 (declared a racing incident) dropping him to 6th place. Meanwhile Sam Cole was stretching out his lead over Harry Kidd to 4 seconds with Conor Lucey behind Kidd in 3rd. The wet conditions led to multiple spins throughout the field and by the finish Sam Cole had a 12 second lead over Harry Kidd while Leo Licastro had worked his way to 3rd by the line in the final laps.

B Final
Nikhil Dhar got a great start and lead the pack into the first turn, managing to make a small gap to Joshua Hoyle in 2nd on the first lap. Sadly, Hoyle lost grip through Turn 5 and spun out by himself, falling down the field and out of 2nd place while Nikhil Dhar increased his lead over the new chasers Daniel Cebula and Oscar Allam up to 3 seconds. On the third lap Mycah Masikito made a move up into 3rd while Nikhil Dhar increased his lead further over Daniel Cebula and the rest of the field. It looked like there were going to be no changes in the top 3 but Mycah Masikito pushed a little too hard and spun off the track at Turn 4 on the penultimate lap giving his 3rd place to Haris Uddin. Nikhil Dhar had a faultless drive to take the chequered flag first and move through to the A final with Daniel Cebula just missing out in 2nd place, 2 seconds back and Haris Uddin in 3rd.

1st – Nikhil Dhar

2nd – Daniel Cebula

3rd – Haris Uddin

A Final
Sam Cole got a blistering start and quickly pulled away from Aaron Mensah and Leo Licastro by 1.3 seconds in the opening lap alone. On lap 2 there was already a great battle going on between Harry Kidd and Thomas Hazell in 4th and 5th while at the front of the field Sam Cole was increasing his lead bit by bit that by the 5th lap he had a 3 second lead over Aaron Mensah and Leo Licastro. Leo Licastro looked good to take 3rd but sadly he spun out at turn 3 and dropped to 7th place and Charlie Sirman picked up 3rd who was closely pursued by Harry Kidd. On the 10th lap Harry Kidd made a solid overtake on Sirman up into 3rd. A brilliant drive from Sam Cole lead him to chequered flag first with Aaron Mensah coming home in 2nd, 3 seconds down on Cole and Harry Kidd finishing 3rd.

1st – Sam Cole

2nd – Aaron Mensah

3rd – Harry Kidd



Junior Light

Heat 1
The first heat kicked off with a clean start for all drivers and by the end of the first lap George Hannay was first to cross the line and was pulling away from the rest of the pack. By the third lap Hannay had pulled a 3.2 second gap to Daniel Watson with Archie Howlison a further 2 seconds back in 3rd. As the race went on Hannay had made a comfortable 7 second lead on Watson by lap 7. On the 9th lap the rain began to fall but this didn’t stop Oscar Joyce from making his way up into 3rd as the drivers began to lose more and more grip. George Hannay took the chequered flag in 1st with a large 11 second gap to Daniel Watson in second and Oscar Joyce a further 8 seconds down in 3rd, the change in track conditions evidently spreading out the field.

Heat 2
It was tight into the first corner of this heat with slight contact between multiple drivers and fortunately everyone managed to keep it on track. Oscar Joyce led the first lap closely followed by Alex Lucas. Joyce began to pull away on the second lap as a battle formed behind him for 2nd headed by Alex Lucas with 3 drivers chasing him closely. Daniel Watson came out on top of the battle for 2nd by lap 4 and quickly began closing in on first place Oscar Joyce, getting onto his bumper by lap 5, ready to make a move. But in the end he didn’t have to plan an overtake as an error by Joyce at Turn 4 resulted in him spinning out in front of Watson, giving him the lead. Daniel Watson crossed the line in 1st with Alex Lucas in 2nd and Kaizer Akhtar just taking 3rd from George Hannay on the line.

Heat 3
Jayden Neal-holder came out leading the first lap, quickly opening a gap back to Taifan Squires in 2nd and Kaizer Akhtar behind him. There were 4 drivers battling for 2nd by lap 2 with Alex Lucas heading the group and Jai Thornburn just behind him in 3rd. Jayden Neal-holder had created a 6 second gap back to the 2nd place group, Jai Thornburn and Alex Lucas, by lap 4. However, by the 6th lap Taifan Squires rejoined Thornburn and Lucas, making it a 3-way battle for 2nd place. Jayden Neal-holder crossed the finish with an 8.5 second lead back to Alex Lucas who came out on top for the battle for 2nd with Taifan Squires in 3rd and Jai Thornburn just 0.2 seconds behind in 4th.

B Final
A quick start from Jai Thornburn meant he was the first into Turn 1, giving him the opportunity to make a small break from the pack, which he did. Oscar Joyce and Archie Howlison where both trying to chase down Thornburn but it was Oscar Joyce that managed to close the gap, getting on his bumper by the end of the second lap. It seemed that Archie Howlison was secure in 3rd with a large gap behind him to Matthew Ho and Dominic Harrop battling for 4th. By lap 4 Thornburn had opened the gap back to Joyce and for a few laps it stayed like this. Unfortunately, the wet conditions got the better of Jai Thornburn causing him to make an error at Turn 4, allowing the gap back to Oscar Joyce to shrink to 0.5 seconds on lap 7. By lap 9 Joyce was right with Thornburn, but a spin by Thornburn on the final lap handed Oscar Joyce the win and a place in the A final. Jai Thornburn still managed to hang onto 2nd with Archie Howlison finishing on his own in 3rd.

1st – Oscar Joyce

2nd – Jai Thornburn

3rd – Archie Howlison

A Final
It was an unfortunate start for Jayden Neal-holder as he got caught up in contact and crashed out at Turn 1, having to rejoin at the back of the field. Daniel Watson was leading after the first lap, chased by George Hannay and Oscar Joyce in 2nd and 3rd. On the second lap George Hannay decided to make his move up the inside of Daniel Watson at Turn 6 up into 1st while Jayden Neal-holder had managed to work his way back up to 5th already. With no action between the top 3, Jayden Neal-holder made a move on Kaizer Akhtar for 4th on the fifth lap and quickly got his head down to try and close the gap to Oscar Joyce. By the ninth lap Jayden Neal-holder was right with Oscar Joyce and looking ready to dive down the inside, which he did on the next lap at Turn 3, taking 3rd place. George Hannay led a brilliant race and was first to take the chequered flag with Daniel Watson finishing 2nd, 1.8 seconds down and Jayden Neal-holder making an amazing recovery from the first lap incident and crossing the line in 3rd.

– George Hannay

2nd – Daniel Watson

3rd – Jayden Neal-Holder


Junior Heavy

Heat 1
The heat kicked off cleanly with no crashes or spins after the first lap in the slippery conditions. Luca Osborne led this first lap from Mikey Gleeson in 2nd and William Vincent in 3rd. The wet track conditions didn’t help Luca Osborne and he made a few mistakes on the second lap and dropped back to 3rd, Mikey Gleeson was now leading with William Vincent close behind. By lap 4 Gleeson and Vincent were pulling away together from the rest of the broken-up field. Over the next few laps a gap of 2.8 seconds opened up between Mikey Gleeson and William Vincent with Luca Osborne a further 8 seconds down. A strong drive from Mikey Gleeson with no mistakes resulted in him taking 1st followed by William Vincent in 2nd and Luca Osborne in 3rd.

Heat 2
William Vincent led the opening lap followed closely by Mikey Gleeson with Rowan Vincent in 3rd, 2.5 seconds down on Gleeson. On lap 2 William Tidnam took 3rd from Rowan Vincent and unfortunately on the same lap a full course yellow was brought out as a result of two separate incidents on circuit. Racing was kicked off again with green flags on the fifth lap. There was a close battle for 1st all the way to the line, with William Vincent just taking it from Mikey Gleeson in 2nd (only 0.3 seconds back) and William Tidnam a further 5 seconds back in 3rd.

A Final
William Vincent got off the line quickly and was the first into the opening bend with Mikey Gleeson and William Tidnam trying to stick with him. By the second lap Vincent and Gleeson pulled a 3 second gap on Tidnam in 3rd giving themselves plenty of space to battle. Tidnam probably wasn’t thinking too much about the group in front as Luca Osborne, Rowan Vincent and Harvey Turner all stuck with him creating a brilliant fight for 3rd. On lap 3 Luca Osborne made a move on William Tidman into 3rd, excellently making it stick in slippery track conditions. Luca Osborne then began to break away from the group behind him to secure his position in 3rd. William Vincent lead from the word go managing to be fast yet faultless throughout the race, he took the chequered flag on the final lap with Mikey Gleeson having an equally faultless run in 2nd and Luca Osborne in 3rd.

– William Vincent

2nd – Mikey Gleeson

3rd – Luca Osborne


Junior RT8

Heat 1
With the rain continuing to fall the first senior heat was kicked off with Vincent Osborne taking an early lead after the first lap, chased by Jacob Owen and Archie Elliott. By the end of the second lap Vincent Osborne had extended his lead to 1.1 seconds over Archie Elliott, who had made a successful move on Jacob Owen for 2nd. Fraser Brunton came into the mix on the third lap and took 3rd from Jacob Owen and quickly advanced on 2nd place Archie Elliott. Brunton clearly had good pace in these conditions as by the next lap he made a move down the inside of Archie Elliott on turn 6 but Elliott wasn’t going to give the place up that easy and quickly took the place back. The battle continued between Archie Elliott and Fraser Brunton over the next few laps and they soon caught up with Vincent Osborne in 1st. By the final lap Fraser Brunton looked like he was going to take the win as he led into the last corner but Archie Elliott just took it from him at the line with Vincent Osborne following in 3rd. A very close finish.

Heat 2
Archie Elliott got a good start off the line to this heat but Fraser Brunton wasted no time in making a move up the inside to claim first by the end of the first lap with Taifan Squires behind them in 3rd. Already by lap 2 Fraser Brunton had pulled an incredible 2.6 second gap to Archie Elliott in 2nd. With Taifan Squires clearly not wanting Fraser Brunton to get away so easily he made a move on Archie Elliott on the 3rd lap to take 2nd place and see what he could do to close the gap to Brunton. Unfortunately for Taifan Squires, by lap four Fraser Brunton had a 5.7 second lead, looking like he was easily going to win the heat. In the end Fraser Brunton took the chequered flag with a monumental 10 second lead over Taifan Squires in 2nd and Archie Elliott a further 2 seconds back in 3rd.

A blistering start from Fraser Brunton meant that he led into the first corner with Archie Elliott closely behind in 2nd. Taifan Squires had an unlucky start to the race and spun out on his own at Turn 4 and also gained a penalty for pulling out into oncoming traffic, lessening his chances of making a Top 3 finish. Fraser Brunton showed his pace over the rest of the field by pulling away from Archie Elliott and Vincent Osborne straight away in the first lap. Vincent Osborne pushed a little too hard into Turn 6 on the second lap, spun out and dropped to 5th. Archie Elliott also got caught out a few laps later dropping to 6th place. Jacob Owen therefore claimed 2nd with Finley Ahmad-Hambling in 3rd with a pack of drivers behind him all fighting to get past. By the 6th lap Fraser Brunton had checked out and held an ever increasing 9 second gap over Jacob Owen who was on his own in 2nd. Vincent Osborne and Archie Elliott were having a great battle for 4th but Elliott came out on top and also managed to take Finley Ahmad-Hambling by the finish to claim 3rd place. A flawless and incredible drive by Fraser Brunton lead him to take first with an astounding 14 second lead over Jacob Owen in 2nd with Archie Elliott finishing 3rd.

– Fraser Brunton

2nd – Jacob Owen

3rd – Archie Elliott



Senior RT8

Heat 1
Lights – Ian Del-Pizzo got a great start from the line and led the first lap with Freddy Bragg and Craig Nunes close behind. Over the course of the third lap, Del-Pizzo and Bragg pulled a 2 second gap back to Nunes who was under pressure from Dan Gamblin, Gamblin wasted no time in making a clean move on Craig Nunes to take 3rd. There was hope for a battle between the front two but Ian Del-Pizzo ensured that didn’t happen by opening a gap of 2.5 seconds to Freddy Bragg in 2nd. This meant that by the finish Ian Del-Pizzo held a comfortable 3 second gap over Freddy Brunton with Dan Gamblin a further 8 seconds back in 3rd. The slippery conditions clearly spreading out the field in this heat.

Heavies – Max Taylor lead into the first corner with Alex Vaughan and Luke Charman close on his tail, not wanting him to get away on the first lap. They evidently did a good job as the top 3 stayed bumper to bumper jostling for position for the next few laps, by the end of the fourth lap Luke Charman had worked his way into 1st with Max Taylor and now Max Robinson joining the group and taking 3rd. Luke Charman still had the lead as he led the field into the sixth lap with Alex Vaughan behind him who had regained a few places, followed by Max Robinson. By the chequered flag there was little more action between the top 3 and Luke Charman claimed first, Alex Vaughan 2nd and Max Robinson 3rd.

Heat 2
Light – Ian Del-Pizzo replicated his starting performance from the first heat and lead the rest of the field by the end of the first lap, followed by Freddy Bragg and Craig Nunes. Dan Gamblin got caught out on the first lap spinning out at Turn 4 meaning he had some work to do to catch up. Gamblin got his head down and made a move on Craig Nunes up into 3rd by the third lap as Ian Del-Pizzo and Freddy Bragg battled for 1st 9 seconds ahead on track. Ian Del-Pizzo took the chequered flag with Freddy Bragg not quite managing to get past by the line, just 0.7 seconds behind him, with Dan Gamblin coming home in 3rd.

Heavies – There was not much between the top 3 drivers in the opening lap as they all battled for position and Max Robinson led over the line at the end of the first lap with Luke Charman and Alex Vaughan right on his bumper. On the third lap Alex Vaughan took both Luke Charman and Max Robinson to lead on track, showing his clear pace as he began to pull away from 2nd and 3rd. There was not much action in the rest of this heat as Alex Vaughan crossed the line first with a 2 second lead over Luke Charman and Max Robinson in 2nd and 3rd.

Lights – Ian Del-Pizzo got another great start in the final and led the first lap with Freddy Bragg and Dan Gamblin following behind in 2nd and 3rd. Ian Del-Pizzo didn’t waste any time in trying to get away from the rest of the field and quickly pulled a 2 second gap on Freddy Bragg and Dan Gamblin. There was not a lot of battling in this final and by lap 5 Ian Del-Pizzo held a 3.5 second lead over Freddy Bragg with Dan Gamblin a further 3 seconds back in 3rd. The field was largely spread out. Ian Del-Pizzo drove outstandingly and took the chequered flag with a 9 second gap back to Freddy Bragg in 2nd with Dan Gamblin finishing in 3rd.


Heavies – Luke Charman got a quick start from the lights and lead into the first corner of the Senior Heavy final but couldn’t hold his position for long as Alex Vaughan quickly made an overtake into first to lead at the end of the first lap with Max Robinson close behind them in 3rd. By lap 4 Alex Vaughan had a slight gap of 0.8 over Luke Charman but was struggling to break away. By the sixth lap Luke Charman had managed to reel Alex Vaughan back in and it was a close battle to the finish with Luke Charman making an overtake in the final laps to take 1st by the chequered flag. Alex Vaughan crossed the line in 2nd with Max Robinson finishing behind in 3rd.



1st – Ian Del-Pizzo

2nd – Freddy Bragg

3rd – Dan Gamblin


1st – Luke Charman

2nd – Alex Vaughan

3rd – Max Robinson