Our InKart Championship at Daytona Sandown Park is the perfect way for experienced drivers to participate in competitive racing against other enthusiasts without the expense and inconvenience of running their own kart.

The Daytona Sandown Park InKart Championships

iJEf_StC Daytona Sandown Park’s InKart Championship offers close, competitive racing without any of the hassle or expense of having to purchase, prepare and repair your own kart. Open to experienced drivers aged 14 and over for our SODI and DMAX Championships and to Cadets and Juniors aged between 8 and 13 years who have graduated from Daytona’s Race School.

With over 20 year’s history, the Daytona Sandown Park InKart Championship has helped drivers progress into successful motorsport careers. 2017-8 Formula E Race Winner (and 2014 Mercedes GP F1 Test Driver) Sam Bird learnt his race craft at Daytona Sandown Park.

The InKart Championships for Cadets and Juniors (aged 8-13 years)

2019 will see some exciting changes to the InKart Championships, with a Spring Championship contested over 11 rounds (9 to count) from January to June and a 9 round (8 to count) Autumn Championship running from September to December – all racing will take place on Saturday mornings.

The Format
A brand new format for 2019 sees 18 Cadets and 16 Juniors participating at each round, with 10 minutes of Practice/Qualifying followed by a 20 minute feature race.

Once drivers are signed in, 50% of the Cadet drivers and 50% of the Junior drivers will be randomly assigned to one of two 10-minute Practice/Qualifying sessions. After qualifying is completed, the slower half of each grid (Cadets / Juniors) will contest the 20-minute B-Final with the faster half in the A-Final.
Both Cadet and Junior karts will be on circuit together, with staggered starts.

The arrival time for every round will be 0845hrs with an optional Championship Test session beforehand.

Sandown Park Autumn Regulations – Cadet & Junior

Cadet/Junior InKart Prices 2019
Mandatory Series Membership (valid for 12 months) – £35 inc VAT
Entry Fee Per Round – £47.50 inc VAT
Autumn InKart Practice – £30 inc VAT (20 minute session for those racing that day)

The Autumn Championship
Round 1 – Saturday 7th Sep – 08:45 arrival
Round 2 – 21st Sep
Round 3 – 5th Oct
Round 4 – 19th Oct
Round 5 – 2nd Nov
Round 6 – 16th Nov
Round 7 – 30th Nov
Round 8 – 14th Dec
Round 9 – 21st Dec

Daytona Sandown Park InKart Cadet Standings

George Barker615645162
Andrew Dixon494850147
Roffredo Burgio555036141
Santiago Malmer206061141
Mikel Malmer485234134
Conor Lucey472855130
Riley Till514030121
Jak Pemberton363249117
Logan McAlister452052117
Tom Sands402948117
Zac McDonald465017113
Jack Redfern521732101
Charlie Parker30303191
Federico de Visdomini32311578
Adam Wooden3336069
Joseph Kearney2902049
Teddy Craigg1702946
Jonas Klimas004040
Oliver Armiger12151340
Kai Veitch11141439
Wyatt McAlister10111233
Lucian Joyce310031
Ledion Marku280028
Jonathan Fuchsel250025
Carter Jenkinson140014
Jacob Jenkinson130013
Nicholas Moreira0077

Daytona Sandown Park InKart Junior Standings

Jai Thornburn524060152
William Tidnam505547152
Thomas Hazell554940144
George Allen494450143
Jenson Hoskins484846142
Sam Cole62620124
Kishan Bansal402555120
George Spilsbury335233118
Alfie Wrigglesworth363236104
Andreas Gurdjian20502797
Brice Hoskins26204995
Joshua Hoyle14312469
Jensen Oswald-Stevens0154863
Gabriel Jones0332861
Tano Fasano Barton12143157
Helie Delloye1736053
George Ruffle005252
Sam Iddles-Heptonstall15171345
Yaseen Khan3201244
Edward O'Regan003232
Sam Light310031
Monty Grant030030
Jack Spencer0121527
Oran Hickinson002020
Joel Hettiarachchi001717
Jasper Berry001414
Sam Jones130013
Dilhan Singh0088

The InKart Championships for Advanced Juniors and Seniors

The 2019 InKart Championships will be contested over nine rounds, from February to November, with a driver’s best 7 scores counting towards the final Championship Standings – all racing with take place on Sunday afternoons.

The Calendar

Round 1 – 24th Feb
Round 2 – 24th Mar
Round 3 – 21st Apr
Round 4 – 19th May
Round 5 – 30th Jun
Round 6 – 28th Jul
Round 7 – 29th Sep
Round 8 – 27th Oct
Round 9 – 24th Nov

InKart Track Layouts 2019 SODI & DMAX

Arrival Times
SODI RT8 – 1400hrs
DMAX – 1530hrs

SODI RT8 Series Entry = £70 inc VAT per round
DMAX Series Entry = £99 inc VAT per round

The SODI RT8 Championship

Any driver aged 14 or above will be eligible to enter into the SODI RT8 InKart Championship.
After an initial 5 minutes of untimed practice, all drivers (both Lights and Heavies) will leave the Pit Lane at 5 second intervals for the Super Pole qualifying session. Drivers will have one out-lap, followed by one flying lap. The lap-time set on their flying lap will determine their grid position for the first race. Upon completion of a drivers flying lap, they will return to the Pit Lane.

All drivers will compete in two 10 minute points scoring heats; the grid for the first race will be determined by the laps set in the Super Pole Qualifying session, and the grid for the second race will be a reversal of the Super Pole session. The points scored in the two heats will determine the grid for a 15 minute Grand Final.

Both Lights and Heavies will compete on circuit together, but will be separated for the race starts.

InKart Championship Regulations – SODI

Sandown Park SODI Lights Championship Standings

Luke Roberts1151541721641901561671118
Ian Del-Pizzo19015820019516801741085
Finley Ahmad-Hambling1251631521601430170913
Isaiah Egwuagu99116128109129133122836
Mikey Gleeson0114159120103120120736
Josh Lad019517101581900714
Stephen Wackrill91981119992106104701
Zak Dear13314014411714600680
Ben Southgate01111201380167134670
Freddy Bragg10311614201440109614
Kieran Ives1851820000190557
George Hannay0000144179155478
Harrison Brooks0000102139146387
Finn Angell-Wells0000106152120378
Maximilian Bublik1130115104000332
Dominic Harrop491110001400300
William Taylor00017512100296
Tobi Shomade15000146000296
Kaizer Akhtar15000011400264
Shaun Brady10310500000208
Steve Bayes1327400000206
Luke Du Toit10310000000203
Sam Bennett162000000162
Matthew Ho000015800158
Daniel Fazzone000142000142
Noah Williams000132000132
Luca Osborne000001280128
Zsolt Kerekes125000000125
Danny Fennell118000000118
Archie Howlison000117000117
Sam Attard011600000116
Shaun Arnold000115000115
David Fricker000001130113
Daniel Davis000000112112
Tom Angier000011200112
Joseph Castelino001100000110
Steffen Davis000000108108
Nick Heslop000001080108
Jonathan Davis000000107107
Stephen Roberts010700000107
Michael Shutt000001070107
James Howlison000104000104
Jamie Leppard000001010101
Max Solovev0000980098
Henry Jarrett9800000098
Nicolangelo Piscitelli0000960096
Felix Ogbonna9200000092
Vitor Pontes9000000090
Eduardo Pontes9000000090
Reece Harris0420000042

Sandown Park SODI Heavies Championship Standings

Max Robinson18220020020020000982
Chris Rollings000164171200180715
Nick Hall1951600170000525
Anton Riddell0001741751620511
Andy Fryer01581800000338
Jean-Michel Thomas00001621750337
George Hatto000000200200
Adam Nakar017400000174
Charlie Blake-Thomas171000000171
Craig Osborne000001710171
Ryan Jones016000000160
Nicholas Shutt000001520152
Matthew Kerin014800000148
Edd Metz014000000140
Karol Laskowski012800000128

The DMAX InKart Championship

Experienced drivers aged 14 or above will be eligible to enter into the DMAX InKart Championship. Drivers aged 14 or 15 must pass an assessment in order to participate.
Running on the same day as the SODI RT8 Championship, drivers will take part in 10 minutes of qualifying followed by a non-stop 40 minute race to the chequered flag.

There will be two classes within each round with drivers 85kgs and above classified in the Heavy Championship and those under 85kgs classified in the Lights Championship. Light drivers will be required to weight up to 65kgs – Daytona will be able to supply limited ballast but anyone requiring significant ballast (more than 10kgs) should make arrangements to provide their own.

InKart Championship Regulations – DMAX

Sandown Park DMAX Lights Championship Standings

Sam Hampshire40524538524652325
Alex Lucas38424245405138296
Jamie Baker4245520453645265
Ethan Livingstone0403643344040233
Jordan Bowley038400363842194
Will Vincent0005132420125
Lewis Marchant3236032000100
Hugo Bush00040003676
Daniel Garcia00383400072
Steven Preston36034000070
Thomas Edwards03400300064
Josh Lad5000000050
Peter Knight4500000045
Archie Elliott0000420042
Finlay Ahmad-Hambling0000380038
Ben Southgate0003600036
Martin Weller0000003434
Des Corker3400000034
Julian Evans0000034034
Tom Angier0000003232
Zsolt Kerekes0320000032
Conor Ward0000032032
Richard Lacey0003000030
Jonathan Fashanu0000030030
Ryan Henderson0300000030

Sandown Park DMAX Heavies Championship Standings

Alessandro Musati0000029029
Alex Brazier4000000040
Alex Vaughan4550051364538265
Anthony Ford0280000028
Antony Unitt50453440455052316
Charles Newton-Darby0040000040
Chris Hellings0030000030
Garrett Applin293442320030167
Gary Patterson03832000070
Jacob Owen42314529433745272
Jamie McGeoghan0000320032
John Louis Abbott0000003434
Lawrence Fraser0002800028
Lee Patterson0003000030
Leigh Ebanks28290000057
Luca Osborne3600000036
Luke Charman300524251420217
Mark Fowler33422746384140267
Mark Jackson0000003636
Neil Fisher0000340034
Nick Metcalfe0000030030
Pat Ford0410000041
Richard Burton0000028028
Rowan Vincent0363838403442228
Russ Lindsay0000003232
Ryan Phelan0320000032
Sam Attard38036000074
Tauran Bellot Jnr280283400090
Thomas Edwards3402900380101
Tim Dawson0000032032
Tony Licastro0003600036

Please call 033 033 27870 to book your space in the next round of the Daytona Sandown Park InKart Championship.