The Current Top 20 Lap Times in Daytona Sandown Park's Winter Hot Laps Competition

Want to win £500 to spend on racing at Daytona? Simply drive in any weekday daytime Sodi Arrive&Drive between Monday 30th October and Friday 17th November at Daytona Sandown Park and if your best lap time is amongst the top 20 lap times, then you will win free entry to the Winter Hot Laps D-Sprint Shootout at 1900hrs on Tuesday 21st November at Daytona Sandown Park – where you will race against the other best 19 drivers at the circuit – with the winner taking home a £500 Daytona Race Voucher!

 SP SodiDate Updated:30th July 2018
PosNameLaptimeDate Set
1Sam Hampshire50.10623rd July 2018
2Max Taylor51.05124th July 2018
3Sebastian Chodyko51.09323rd July 2018
4Martin Bourke51.10223rd July 2018
5Jason Mooney51.60623rd July 2018
6Ludgero Vasconcelos51.69824th July 2018
7Brad Sleeman51.84423rd July 2018
8Harry Lambert52.18827th July 2018
9Jack O'Toole52.33427th July 2018
10Ryan Jolly-Singh52.34623rd July 2018
11Scott Mccartney52.91623rd July 2018
12Isaac Mammen52.93524th July 2018
13Jake Belcher53.11223rd July 2018
14Josh Dumbrill53.22923rd July 2018
15Darren Lambert53.37623rd July 2018
1st January 1970
SP DMAXDate Updated:30th July 2018
PosNameLaptimeDate Set
1Sam Hampshire45.79923rd July 2018
2Alex Lucas46.22123rd July 2018
3Archie Elliott46.51825th July 2018
4Sebastian Chodyko46.64923rd July 2018
5Tom Brown46.72924th July 2018
6Martin Bourke47.16925th July 2018
7Kestas Kurcharskas47.22325th July 2018
8Boyd Wayne Jr47.22427th July 2018
9Jeff Pilot47.34123rd July 2018
10Juan Arteaga47.48327th July 2018
11Colin Wheeler47.65324th July 2018
12Shane Taylor47.75223rd July 2018
13Shean Hill47.78824th July 2018
14Conor Bradley47.81824th July 2018

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