Daytona Tamworth 2018-19 InKart Championships
Round One Race Report (PDF Download)


Heat 1
Leo Jackson starts from pole. The field spread out quickly. With Joe Lorenz pulling away, the rest of the field then yo-yo’d back and forth jostling for position.  Luke Ringham and Harry Sanders broke away to chase down Joe Lorenz as he continued to pull away.  Towards the back Leo Jackson and Brendan James were having their own race not wanting to finish last.  Behind 3rd Elliot Woodall, Daniel Cebula & Abi Sanders were trying to bridge the gap.  Harry Sanders made a clean move into the hairpin on lap 6 to move into 2nd ahead of Luke Ringham.  Leo Jackson managed to find his groove and gapped Brendan James. Black & White Bumping flag for Harry Sanders as he helped Brendan James off the circuit at turn 3 whilst trying to get past him. Finished Joe Lorenz, Harry Sanders, Luke Ringham, Elliot Woodall, Abi Sanders, Daniel Cebula, Leo Jackson & Brendan James.

Heat 2
Jake Perry starts from pole. William Bomberg received a Black & White Calm Down flag for track limits at turn 2. Sam Cole pulled away into a clear lead with Jake Perry and Luke Ringham fighting over the last two podium spots.  After his spin at turn 9 Oliver Flint was trying his best to catch the field back up.  Joe Lorenz put together some good times and set about making his way into 2nd passing Luke Ringham and Jake Perry on his way through. Jake Perry spun at turn 10 and became a target for William Bomberg as he tried to improve his position. Leo Jackson spun at turn 11 as he tried to line up Brendan James for an overtake. Finished Sam Cole, Joe Lorenz, Luke Ringham, William Bomberg, Jake Perry, Oliver Flint, Brendan James & Leo Jackson.

Heat 3
Abi Sanders starts from pole. Sam Cole managed to get through the pack to take the lead on lap 2 as Abi Sanders valiantly fought off the remaining pack. Harry Sanders made a clean move up the inside through turn 1 to make it into 2nd, with Daniel Cebula following through at turn 3 pushing Abi Sanders down to 4th.  William Bomberg & Oliver Flint were fighting over the last spot until Oliver Flint found his rhythm and edged ahead.  Black flag for Daniel Cebula as he put Abi Sanders into the wall at turn 9.  Sam Cole maintained his electric pace to open up a large gap to 2nd.  Harry Sanders was comfortable in 2nd with Elliot Woodall a little way back in 3rd.  Following the incident at turn 9 the field were now spread out.  Abi Sanders made a fantastic effort to catch up and on the final lap made it a 3-way fight for last position with William Bomberg & Jake Perry. Finished Sam Cole, Harry Sanders, Elliot Woodall, Daniel Cebula, Oliver Flint, William Bomberg, Jake Perry & Abi Sanders.  Following an investigation after the race the Black flag decision was rescinded for Daniel Cebula but it meant that Harry Sanders was then given the Black flag for the incident at turn 9 and lost 5 places.

B Final
William Bomberg is on pole. Jake Perry made a fantastic start from 3rd to take the lead through turn 1. Jake Perry crosses the line 1st closely followed by Oliver Flint, William Bomberg & Abi Sanders. William Bomberg made a great move around the outside of turn 4 to get into 2nd. Abi Sanders spun at turn 4 and lost time to the leaders. Oliver Flint managed to squeeze through into 1st ahead of Jake Perry with William Bomberg keeping a watching brief. Abi Sanders put in some great laps to catch back up with the leading three but spun again at turn 12 undoing her hard work. The first three places were then gaining and losing tenths of seconds as they tried to catch each other. All the while Abi Sanders was catching them all back up. Now with 4 karts together on the circuit Jake Perry made a lunge in front of Oliver Flint into the hairpin making himself, Oliver Flint and William Bomberg go wide and slow, Abi Sanders seized the opportunity and took all three drivers on the start straight to take the lead. Abi Sanders then gradually pulled away to open a comfortable lead.  Oliver Flint dropped some time leaving Jake Perry and William Bomberg to battle it out for 2nd spot. Finished Abi Sanders, Jake Perry, William Bomberg, Oliver Flint, Leo Jackson & Brendan James.  Abi Sanders advances to the A final.

1st – Abi Sanders

2nd – Jake Perry

3rd – William Bomberg

A Final
Sam Cole starts from pole. A clean start from all drivers. Sam Cole started to edge away at the front and pulled Joe Lorenz with him. Behind Luke Ringham pressured Elliot Woodall to try and claim 3rd place from him, with Harry Sanders & Abi Sanders keeping them both honest. Joe Lorenz was pressuring Sam Cole for the lead. Luke Ringham made a fantastic move around the outside of turn 6 on lap 6 to make it into 3rd and immediately gapped the drivers behind. Joe Lorenz kept showing his nose at every opportunity to distract Sam Cole and Sam Cole kept looking behind feeling the pressure. Lap 8 and Harry Sanders made two good overtakes through turn 5 and turn 6 getting past Elliot Woodall and Luke Ringham. Abi Sanders was chasing behind these drivers as they battled in front of her with Daniel Cebula bringing up the rear a few tenths behind.  Sam Cole kept up his defence to maintain the lead as he and Joe Lorenz stretched a 7 second gap.  Elliot Woodall span out on the last corner of the last lap dropping to last. Finished Sam Cole, Joe Lorenz, Harry Sanders, Luke Ringham, Abi Sanders, Daniel Cebula, Elliot Woodall.

– Sam Cole

2nd – Joe Lorenz

3rd – Harry Sanders



Heat 1
Alistair Higgins starts from pole for the first heat.  The racers quickly settled into their rhythm. Alistair Higgins and Dillon Davis are breaking away at the front. Dillon Davis takes the lead into turn 1 as they start lap 4. Grace Lee-Davis has bridged the gap to make it a 3-way battle for the lead.  Ethan Kirkby, Samuel Halle-Hinxman & Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray are embroiled in their own battle for the best of the rest. Sam Edwards clings on at the back. Grace Lee-Davis made a bold move on the outside of turn 4 to challenge for the lead but couldn’t make it far enough past to make the move stick. Finished Dillon Davis, Grace Lee-Davis, Alistair Higgins, Ethan Kirkby, Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray, Samuel Halle-Hinxman & Sam Edwards.

Heat 2
Alex Jackson starts on pole. Alex Jackson maintained the lead after lap 1 with the whole pack behind him.  Alex Jackson & Dillon Davis broke clear at the front fighting over 1st and 2nd. Alistair Higgins managed to cross the gap and made his way back into 2nd. James Jackson crashed at turn 4 and lost half a lap.  Following the yellow at turn 4 the pack then closed up. Five drivers fighting over the lead with Alex Jackson just holding on. Into the last lap and now 6 drivers are fighting for the lead as they have all closed in.  Finished Alex Jackson, Alistair Higgins, Dillon Davis, Casey Baughan, Eric Su, Ben Foden, James Jackson.

Heat 3
James Jackson starts from pole. 3-wide into turn 2 on lap 1 as the mid-pack jostle for position.  Field split into 2 groups of 3 as Samuel Halle-Hinxman, James Jackson & Casey Baughan battled for the podium positions and Alex Jackson, Mark Whitbread & Sam Edwards fought for the best of the rest.  Alex Jackson bridged the gap to make it a 3-way scrap for 2nd as Samuel Halle-Hinxman started to put clear air between himself and the drivers behind. Samuel Halle-Hinxman maintained a 1.5 second gap as Alex Jackson and Casey Baughan fought over 2nd place. Mark Whitbread struggled to cling on to the leading drivers with Sam Edwards a little further behind bringing up the rear.  Casey Baughan and Alex Jackson sorted themselves out and set about catching the leader bringing the gap down to 0.5 of a second.  Casey Baughan put immense pressure onto Samuel Halle-Hinxman throughout the last lap but he hung on to win. Finished Samuel Halle-Hinxman, Casey Baughan, Alex Jackson, James Jackson, Mark Whitbread & Sam Edwards.

Heat 4
Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray starts from pole. Mark Whitbread went wide at turn 4 and lost ground.  Ethan Kirkby made the best of lap 1 and crossed the line in 1st.  Ethan Kirkby started to open up a gap as Ben Foden tried to keep up, behind 3 karts Grace Lee-Davis, Mark Whitbread, Eric Su were fighting over 3rd.  Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray was not happy with something and dropped to the back and lost ground to the field.  Ethan Kirkby continued to pull away, Ben Foden maintained the gap to 3rd.  Grace Lee-Davis positioned her kart extremely well as she resisted the attack from Mark Whitbread behind, whilst Eric Su made every attempt possible to capitalise on the two in front squabbling.  On the last lap Mark Whitbread made a great pass into turn 8 to get into 3rd, Eric Su quickly followed through.  Finished Ethan Kirkby, Ben Foden, Mark Whitbread, Eric Su, Grace Lee-Davis & Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray.

B Final
Grace Lee-Davis starts on pole. As Mark Whitbread and Grace Lee-Davis battled for the lead Ben Foden made his bid for the lead making it a 3-way battle.  A small gap opened up to Eric Su in 4th as he fended off the drivers behind.  Grace Lee-Davis and Ben Foden broke away at the front as Eric Su got clear of the chasing pack and caught Mark Whitbread making it two-by-two.  James Jackson then headed up the final 3 positions as Sam Edwards and Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray fought over last position.  Grace Lee-Davis focused on driving smoothly to keep Ben Foden behind as she stretched a few tenths through the first half of the lap with Ben Foden clawing them back in the second half of the lap. Eric Su found his way past Mark Whitbread on lap 5. James Jackson made his way on to the back of Mark Whitbread making it a 3-way contest for the final podium spot. James Jackson pressured Mark Whitbread and squeezed through a gap into turn 9 with Mark Whitbread returning the favour on the exit of turn 4 on the following lap resulting in James Jackson going off the circuit. Finished Grace Lee-Davis, Ben Foden, Eric Su, Mark Whitbread, Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray, Sam Edwards & James Jackson.  Grace Lee-Davis advances to the A final.

1st Grace Lee-Davis

2nd – Ben Foden

3rd – Eric Su

A Final
Dillon Davis starts form pole. Dillon Davis was holding off the chasing pack headed up by Alex Jackson. The first 5 drivers completed the second lap nose to tail.  With Grace Lee-Davis challenging Alistair Higgins to move up from last. Alistair Higgins managed to bridge the gap making it a 6-way battle for the lead. Samuel Halle-Hinxman got through into 1st and began to open up a few tenths gap at the front as the chasing pack squabbled over the next few positions with some very close racing.  Samuel Halle-Hinxman opened up a comfortable gap at the front as he got his head down and settled into his rhythm. Dillon Davis headed up the chasing pack in 2nd position fending off the attacks from Alex Jackson and Casey Baughan. Whilst Alistair Higgins and Ethan Kirkby battled it out behind. Finished Samuel Halle-Hinxman, Dillon Davis, Alex Jackson, Casey Baughan, Alistair Higgins, Ethan Kirkby & Grace Lee-Davis.

Samuel Halle-Hinxman

2nd – Dillon Davis

3rd – Alex Jackson


DMAX-GT Championship

Heat 1
Ryan Welch starts from pole for the rolling start.  Ryan Welch fends off the attacks from Joe Hamblett throughout the first couple of laps.  The first four drivers start to spread out at the front, whilst the drivers behind closely jostle for position. James Cook closed up on the first two drivers whilst George Kenning chased them in 4th.  Black & White Kerbing flag for Richard Lavender at turn 11.  Andy Spencer chased, caught and passed George Kenning to move into 4th on lap 6.  Leaders are now travelling two-by-two as Joe Hamblett keeps Ryan Welch under pressure for 1st and Andy Spencer closes in on James Cook.  Andy Spencer moves into 3rd on the start of the last lap.  The remaining drivers start their final tour all line astern as they make their final bids to move up the order. Ryan Welch still handles the pressure from Joe Hamblett but Andy Spencer moves his way through to take the lead with two corners to go and crosses the line in the lead. Finished Andy Spencer, Ryan Welch, Joe Hamblett, James Cook, Matthew Spencer, George Kenning, Simon Stansfield, Anil Sharma, Patrick Kelly, Justin Elliott, Alex Bomberg, Richard Lavender, Jonathan Purton, Anthony Whitehouse, Phil Dixon & Thomas Lee-Davis.

Heat 2
Tony Welch starts this race from pole. Four drivers Tony Welch, Kurt Fawdry, Kieran Coombs & Tobi Shomade break away at the front leaving Patrick Kelly to head up the field behind. Harry Darby has made great strides in the first couple of laps moving up 5 places. Black flag for Steven Humpage at turn 12 for an ABC (Advance By Contact). Tony Welch tried to stretch the lead but is closely followed by Kurt Fawdry, a small gap to 3rd Tobi Shomade and 4th Kieran Coombs with Patrick Kelly catching them up. Joe Hamblett has made it through to 6th ahead of Anil Sharma, David Hamblett and Harry Darby as they fight closely for position. The front two have opened up a 6 second lead by lap 7. As the drivers enter the last laps Tony Welch is still fending off the close attention of Kurt Fawdry as the rest of the field are relatively spread out. Finished Tony Welch, Kurt Fawdry, Kieran Coombs, Tobi Shomade, Patrick Kelly, Joe Hamblett, Anil Sharma, Harry Darby, David Hamblett, Alex Bomberg, Ryan Welch, Thomas Lee-Davis, Anthony Whitehouse, Mark Blain, Phil Dixon & Steven Humpage.

Heat 3
Matthew Spencer starts the final heat from pole. Two drivers Steven Humpage & Justin Elliott went straight off at turn 4 ruining their race. Andy Spencer got through into the lead pulls out a second a lap. David Hamblett retires after 2 laps. Matthew Spencer leads the charge from the chasing pack. James Cook pulls off a great overtake past Tobi Shomade to take 3rd and sets about chasing down Matthew Spencer. George Kenning moves into 3rd as a Black flag is given to James Cook for an ABC on Tony Welch at turn 12. Simon Stansfield retires on lap 6. Kurt Fawdry chased down George Kenning and starts to pressure him for 3rd. Finished Andy Spencer, Matthew Spencer, George Kenning, Kurt Fawdry, Harry Darby, Kieran Coombs, Richard Lavender, James Cook, Tobi Shomade, Jonathan Purton, Tony Welch, Mark Blain, Justin Elliott, Steven Humpage, Simon Stansfield & David Hamblett.

B Final
James Cook on pole. James Cook & Simon Stansfield start to break away at the front. Richard Lavender is alone in 3rd, with Alex Bomberg and Jonathan Purton battling it out for 4th. Simon Stansfield moves through into the lead and whilst the battling for 1st was going on Richard Lavender in 3rd has closed in. Alex Bomberg & Jonathan Purton close in to make it a 5-way battle for the lead.  Justin Elliott is trying to bridge the gap to 5th but gets caught by Thomas Lee-Davis. B&W Bumping flag for Anthony Whitehouse on lap 4. The leading 5 continue to snake round the circuit bumper to bumper whilst behind a great battle has developed between David Hamblett, Justin Elliott & Anthony Whitehouse for 7th, 8th & 9th. Lap 9 and Alex Bomberg has made his way to the front with James Cook in second and Simon Stansfield dropping to 3rd. Simon Stansfield made a bold but fair move through turn 12 on James Cook, forcing James Cook offline resulting in him contacting the barrier and allowing the other drivers through. James Cook retired from the race with 3 laps to go.  Finished Alex Bomberg, Simon Stansfield, Jonathan Purton, Richard Lavender, Thomas Lee-Davis, Justin Elliott, Anthony Whitehouse, David Hamblett, Steven Humpage, Phil Dixon, Mark Blain & James Cook.  Alex Bomberg advances to the A final.

1stAlex Bomberg

2nd – Simon Stansfield

3rd – Jonathan Purton


A Final
Andy Spencer starts from pole. Black & White Bumping flag for Ryan Welch as Andy Spencer stretches out a second lead after lap 1. Kurt Fawdry fends off Matthew Spencer and George Kenning for 2nd. Matthew Spencer makes a great move inside Kurt Fawdry as they go into turn 4. Andy Spencer continues to stretch the lead gap as Matthew Spencer gives chase in 2nd. Kurt Fawdry is now in 3rd with George Kenning closing in. Harry Darby is in the pits to retire. Tony Welch is in 5th trying to close the gap to 4th. Behind its quite close between the lower placings as Joe Hamblett, Kieran Coombs, Anil Sharma, Alex Bomberg & Patrick Kelly are all nose to tail.  Alex Bomberg spins at turn 6 dropping himself out of the tail end battle. As the race draws to a close Andy Spencer has opened up a 6 second gap to Matthew Spencer in 2nd with Kurt Fawdry in 3rd a further 9 seconds down the road. Tony Welch has closed in to challenge George Kenning for 4th. At the back Alex Bomberg has caught up to the pack as the last few places bunch up. Tony Welch pips George Kenning in a photo finish for 4th.  Finished Andy Spencer, Matthew Spencer, Kurt Fawdry, Tony Welch, George Kenning, Ryan Welch, Tobi Shomade, Kieran Coombs, Anil Sharma, Joe Hamblett, Patrick Kelly, Alex Bomberg & Harry Darby.

Andy Spencer

2nd – Matthew Spencer

3rd – Kurt Fawdry

Phil Dixon is the winner of the Super Heavy category.


SODI Endurance

After 5 minutes Team Barratt is on pole, with Team Stansfield in 2nd. Half way through and Team Stansfield is now on pole. Team Farigoule has moved up to 2nd. As we enter the last few minutes and Team Farigoule has moved up to 1st with Team Stansfield in 2nd. Team Farigoule finishes on top with a time of 1:00:731 followed by Team Stansfield in 2nd and Team McWilliam in 3rd.

Team McWilliam makes a flying start to head the drivers in to turn 3 and starts to pull away at the end of the lap. After two laps Team McWilliam is holding off a pack of six drivers headed up by Team Stansfield. Team Stansfield and Team Farigoule manage to squeeze by Team McWilliam through turn 9 and turn 10. Immediately following Team Barton is being pushed hard by Team Kenning. Team Okonski is mounting his challenge and closes in on Team Kenning. Team McWilliam and Team Okonski take early pit stops on lap 9. Feeling he is being held up Team Kenning now takes his stop.  Out front Team Stansfield and Team Farigoule are breaking away opening a 3 second gap to Team Barton in 3rd. Team Slater carries out their stop on lap 11. 15 minutes in and Team Stansfield and Team Farigoule are still racing bumper to bumper. Team Gray takes this moment to complete their pitstop. The race has now settled in to a steady pace and the field are all spread out. Lap 19 and Team Farigoule takes their mandatory pitstop. Team Barratt make their pitstop on lap 19 as well.  Team Gray retires after 26 minutes. Team Stansfield make their stop on lap 27 dropping out of their 2 and a half second lead. At the halfway point Team Barton is leading by 1.2 seconds in front of Team Holliday and Team Summerill with all three still to stop. Also still to stop are Team Marangon, Team Hooper & Team Hammond. A couple of minutes later and the only teams to now stop are Team Barton and Team Holliday currently on the road in 1st and 2nd respectively, leaving the net leader as Team Farigoule. Lap 32 and Team Barton pits dropping to 4th overall, followed by Team Holliday on the following lap. 35 minutes through the race and all pitstops are now complete resulting in Team Farigoule in the lead by 2 seconds ahead of Team Stansfield, with a further 2.5 seconds to Team Barton in 3rd. Team McWilliam retires at the 37-minute mark. The first few places are nicely spread out as they continue through the hour with the closest battle being between Team Pritchard and Team Okonski for 7th place. Team Hooper makes a move to take 9th from Team Summerill on lap 42 and begins to pull away. After many attempts to get by Team Pritchard is still fending off Team Okonski.  With 10 minutes to go Team Farigoule have opened up a 7 second gap to Team Stansfield with Team Barton a further 5 seconds adrift.  Behind them Team Kenning has bested Team Hammond and is starting to get some air between them. Then there is a large gap to Team Holliday and another large gap to Team Okonski, who has now finally made it past Team Pritchard. As we get to the closing stages the top 10 drivers/teams are still on the lead lap. Team Pritchard is now heavily pressuring Team Okonski to get their place back can they hold out for the few remaining minutes.  The rest of the drivers are all spread out across the track gaining a few tenths here and losing a few tenths there. Finished Team Farigoule, Team Stansfield, Team Barton, Team Kenning, Team Hammond, Team Holliday, Team Pritchard, Team Okonski, Team Hooper, Team Summerill, Team Barratt, Team Marangon, Team Slater, Team McWilliam, Team Gray.


Lights  Heavies

1stTeam Farigoule 1st – Team Barton

2nd – Team Stansfield 2ndTeam Kenning

3rd – Team Hammond 3rdTeam Holliday


Congratulations to the winning drivers, there was close racing all day long.  Also a new lap record set by Andy Spencer on his way to winning the DMAX Final.  See you all for Round 2.