Daytona Tamworth 2018-19 InKart Championships
Round Four Race Report (PDF Download)


Heat 1
Luke Ringham starts from pole. Nice clean start from all drivers as they test the grip levels. Sam Cole has made the best of the first lap to move up to 2nd, whilst Luke Ringham makes a small gap. The drivers spread out whilst Sam Cole pressures Luke Ringham for the lead. Into Turn 9 and Sam Cole makes a fantastic move up the inside. Daniel Cebula in 3rd now closes on Luke Ringham to make it a 3-way fight for the lead. Harry Sanders in 4th tries to bridge the gap to the lead pack. Abi Sanders and Brendan James follow behind in 5th and 6th as they try to keep an even keel. Nathan Britain returns a couple of laps down after a brief trip to the pits from an incident at Turn 8. Sam Cole pulls a small gap at the front, whilst Luke Ringham fends of the advances of Daniel Cebula for the other podium positions. As they enter the final lap Luke Ringham makes an overzealous defensive move into Turn 1 and ends up taking himself out. Finished Sam Cole, Daniel Cebula, Harry Sanders, Luke Ringham, Abi Sanders, Brendan James & Nathan Britain.

Heat 2
Oliver Flint lines up first on the grid. Close first few laps as all drivers are battling over positions. Thierry Hopkins gains an advantage-by-contact on Oliver Flint at Turn 12 resulting in a black flag. Joe Lorenz manages to settle into a groove and opens a gap in the lead. Luke Ringham is comfortable in 2nd. Benji Hughes occupies the final podium spot with Thierry Hopkins struggling with conditions in 4th. Oliver Flint is in 5th catching up after the earlier altercation. Alessio La Malfa has had a few spins to drop back due to the spots of rain that keep falling. Oliver Flint makes it past Thierry Hopkins despite a few blocking manoeuvres. Joe Lorenz is sitting comfortable at the front. Oliver Flint spins at Turn 10 to let Thierry Hopkins back through, undoing his hard efforts. Finished Joe Lorenz, Luke Ringham, Benji Hughes, Oliver Flint, Alessio La Malfa & Thierry Hopkins*.

*adjusted for black flag

Heat 3
Jake Perry starts from 1st. After a slow start Daniel Cebula makes 2 places back out of Turn 3 to retake his starting position of 4th. Jake Perry crosses the stripe first ahead of Abi Sanders and the charging Daniel Cebula who just snuck through in front of Brendan James. Alessio La Malfa and Nathan Britain follow through in 5th and 6th. Daniel Cebula is on fire today as he makes it through into the lead on the following lap and starts to pull away. Jake Perry and Abi Sanders swap positions back and forth as they squabble over 2nd and 3rd. Nathan Britain has caught up with and now challenges Brendan James for 4th with Alessio La Malfa spinning at Turn 9 and beaching himself on the curb losing time. Nathan Britain makes a bid for 4th through Turn 7 but spins in the process undoing his hard work. As we enter the closing stages Abi Sanders has managed to gap Jake Perry and starts to close on 1st. Finished Daniel Cebula, Abi Sanders, Jake Perry, Brendan James, Nathan Britain & Alessio La Malfa.

Heat 4
Sam Cole starts the final heat from Pole position. Nice clean first few corners as the drivers jostle for position. Thierry Hopkins bumps himself wide at Turn 4. Sam Cole pulls clear at the front whilst Joe Lorenz keeps him honest. Harry Sanders and Oliver Flint are each other’s shadow as they fight over the last podium spot. Benji Hughes, Thierry Hopkins and Jake Perry are having their own 3-way race for 5th, 6th and 7th.  Joe Lorenz has closed on Sam Cole but makes an error through Turn 4.  Benji Hughes causes a red flag as he ends up in the tyre wall at Turn 10, it is unclear if he was helped there. Race restarts with 7 minutes on the clock can Joe Lorenz catch back up to Sam Cole? Harry Sanders and Oliver Flint also see an opportunity to close on the leading two. Thierry Hopkins and Jake Perry continue to pressure each other for 5th and 6th, whilst Benji Hughes now almost a lap down after the incident, tries to get his head down to catch up. Jake Perry and Thierry Hopkins overtake each other at every corner a bit too aggressively. Joe Lorenz has hunted down Sam Cole but again makes a small error and gives the leader breathing space. Finished Sam Cole, Joe Lorenz, Harry Sanders, Oliver Flint, Thierry Hopkins, Jake Perry & Benji Hughes.

B Final
Oliver Flint lines up on pole. Oliver Flint spins at Turn 4 from the lead dropping to last. Benji Hughes sees the line in 1st with a small bit of daylight between himself and Jake Perry in 2nd. Another small gap and Brendan James is fending off the pack. A lap later and Oliver Flint has made his way back into 5th whilst Nathan Britain falls behind after making a small error in the still greasy conditions. Oliver Flint slides wide through Turn 9 and the rest follow suit behind so all maintain their places. Benji Hughes has settled into a rhythm and opens up a 4 second lead. Jake Perry is comfortable in 2nd with Oliver Flint now in 3rd making a great recovery. Thierry Hopkins gains advantage by contact at Turn 12 on Nathan Britain resulting in another black flag. Jake Perry has put in some consistent laps to close in on Benji Hughes giving him the hurry up. Nathan Britain has caught and passed Brendan James to move themselves up into 6th. Alessio La Malfa and Thierry Hopkins continue to fight over 4th. Last lap and Jake Perry goes around the outside of Turn 5 to take the lead and holds it to the finish. Finished Jake Perry, Benji Hughes, Oliver Flint, Alessio La Malfa, Brendan James, Nathan Britain & Thierry Hopkins*.  Jake Perry advances to the A final.

*adjusted for black flag

1st – Jake Perry

2nd – Benji Hughes

3rd – Oliver Flint

A Final
Sam Cole starts the final from pole as top qualifier. The first few laps and the field are running in procession with Sam Cole ahead of Joe Lorenz and Luke Ringham. Harry Sanders makes a fantastic move up the inside of Turn 5 on Daniel Cebula. Joe Lorenz has found his groove and is hounding Sam Cole for the lead. Harry Sanders has pushed his way through into 3rd fending of Abi Sanders with Luke Ringham and Daniel Cebula trailing behind. Jake Perry is bringing up the rear in 7th. Sam Cole is being put under immense pressure by Joe Lorenz.  Joe Lorenz makes it through and holds off the retaliation from Sam Cole. Abi Sanders spins at Turn 9 to leave Harry Sanders to harass Luke Ringham for 3rd.  Sam Cole squeezes through at Turn 11 a couple of laps later to regain the lead. Daniel Cebula retires with a few laps to go. Sam Cole tries to pull gap into the final lap but Joe Lorenz won’t let him escape. Sam Cole positions his kart extremely well to fend of Joe Lorenz to take the win. Finished Sam Cole, Joe Lorenz, Luke Ringham, Harry Sanders, Abi Sanders, Jake Perry & Daniel Cebula.

1st – Sam Cole

2nd – Joe Lorenz

3rd – Luke Ringham



Heat 1
Alex Jackson starts from pole. After a great start by Samuel Halle-Hinxman he then spins at the hairpin to lose the lead and crosses the line in 3rd behind Alex Jackson and Ethan Kirkby. Alex Hughes struggles through the first lap to cross the line 5th behind Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray with Mark Whitbread bringing up the rear. Alex Jackson stretches the lead with Ethan Kirkby also comfortable in 2nd. Samuel Halle-Hinxman is trying to catch them up in the greasy conditions. Alex Hughes is fending of the challenges from Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray and Mark Whitbread. Alex Jackson spins out and manages to get going again still in the lead, but Ethan Kirkby takes advantage to close the gap and is right on his tail. Alex Hughes has now fallen to the back as he is momentarily bested by Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray and Mark Whitbread. Mark Whitbread has now had an off to drop to the tail of the field. At the front Ethan Kirkby is all over Alex Jackson effectively pushing him along as he tries to find a gap to overtake. Mark Whitbread spins again and is really struggling in the wet conditions. Ethan Kirkby manages to find a small hole and squeezes through on the last lap to take the win. Finished Ethan Kirkby, Alex Jackson, Samuel Halle-Hinxman, Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray, Alex Hughes & Mark Whitbread.

Heat 2
Dillon Davis sits on pole. Poor start from Alistair Higgins as he drops from 2nd to 5th. Dillon Davis opens a small gap, whilst behind James Jackson gains advantage by contact on Jacob Wright at T6 resulting in a black flag. Ben Foden runs wide at Turn 1 as the drivers try to go through 3-wide. The following lap and Ben Foden retakes Alistair Higgins and pressurises James Jackson for 2nd. Quiet race as the field spread out and settle into their rhythm. Dillon Davis stretches an 11 second lead whilst Alistair Higgins tries to keep Ben Foden honest. William Treanor on his debut is in 4th whilst James Jackson tries to catch up after a trip to the pits. Jacob Wright brings up the rear. Finished Dillon Davis, Ben Foden, Alistair Higgins, William Treanor, Jacob Wright & James Jackson*.

*adjusted for black flag

Heat 3
Ethan Kirkby starts from the front. Nice close racing through the first lap as the drivers combat the changing conditions. Samuel Halle-Hinxman manages to lead over the line, closely followed by Casey Baughan, Ethan Kirkby & Eric Su. Jasmine La Malfa is in 5th with Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray bringing up the rear. Samuel Halle-Hinxman has some breathing space to a 3-way fight for 2nd which is currently being held by Casey Baughan. Eric Su and Ethan Kirkby are climbing all over the back of each other.  Jasmine La Malfa behind is keeping them honest, whilst Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray pits due to a mechanical fault and returns out in 6th. Casey Baughan spins at Turn 4 out of 2nd and drops to 4th allowing Eric Su and Ethan Kirkby through. Ethan Kirkby makes a better exit of Turn 10 and drives by Eric Su for 2nd.  Finished Samuel Halle-Hinxman, Ethan Kirkby, Eric Su, Casey Baughan, Jasmine La Malfa & Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray.

Heat 4
Ben Foden starts from pole position. Ben Foden tries to make a break at the front ahead of Mark Whitbread, with William Treanor, Jacob Wright & Alistair Higgins pretty much 3 wide throughout the whole lap. Alistair Higgins drops into the clutches of Dillon Davis and they fight over last position. Mark Whitbread spins at Turn 4 to drop to last. The drivers start to spread out with Ben Foden leading then Alistair Higgins followed by Jacob Wright. Alistair Higgins inches closer to the leader, whilst Dillon Davis has moved into 4th and sets about chasing the leaders. Mark Whitbread is catching William Treanor at the back to make it pretty much 2 by 2 throughout the field. Ben Foden has really felt the pressure and keeps looking over his shoulder as Alistair Higgins closes in. A few corners later and Alistair Higgins squeezes through. Dillon Davis in 4th is keeping Jacob Wright very honest. Mark Whitbread sets his sights firmly on William Treanor as they enter the final lap. Alistair Higgins holds on for the win. 2 corners from the end and Mark Whitbread overtakes William Treanor to move out of last. Finished Alistair Higgins, Ben Foden, Jacob Wright, Dillon Davis, Mark Whitbread & William Treanor.

Heat 5
Eric Su is on pole position for the final heat. Eric Su fends of the marauding pack through lap 1. Eric Su crosses the line 1st closely followed by Alex Hughes and Casey Baughan. Jasmine La Malfa runs wide out of Turn 1 and lets through Alex Jackson and James Jackson. Casey Baughan makes it into 2nd and starts to harass Eric Su for the lead. Eric Su absorbs the pressure from behind to maintain the lead ahead of Casey Baughan, whilst Alex Hughes tries to hang on in 3rd. Alex Jackson and James Jackson are so close they are effectively in the same kart. Jasmine La Malfa is bringing up the rear as she tries to catch up after running wide earlier. Casey Baughan gets by for the lead. The following lap Casey Baughan runs wide out of Turn 9 and lets Eric Su back through. James Jackson looks to have got the better of Alex Jackson and has some breathing room in 4th. Casey Baughan makes a lunge up the inside into Turn 10 but carries too much speed and runs wide mid corner. Alex Hughes is still keeping a watching brief in 3rd whilst James Jackson tries to close the gap. Alex Jackson looks like he has settled for 6th ahead of Jasmine La Malfa in 7th. Casey Baughan keeps applying the pressure looking everywhere he can but Eric Su holds on for the win. Finished Eric Su, Casey Baughan, Alex Hughes, James Jackson, Alex Jackson & Jasmine La Malfa.

B Final
Alex Jackson starts from pole. Alex Jackson crosses the line in the lead with Alex Hughes in 2nd after a great move at the hairpin to take 2 drivers, being Jacob Wright and Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray. Behind Mark Whitbread, James Jackson, William Treanor and Jasmine La Malfa try to sort themselves out for the remaining positions. Alex Hughes has finally found his mojo and is having a good race as he has now caught and passed both Alex Jackson and Jacob Wright. Alex Jackson is not letting Alex Hughes escape whilst Jacob Wright is making 3rd his own. Alex Jackson makes a better exit at Turn 10 to take the lead with Alex Hughes returning the favour into Turn 1 as they start the next lap. James Jackson is closing down on Mark Whitbread for 5th and pounces straight away to get by at the hairpin. Alex Hughes has fended off Alex Jackson and broken clear in the lead. Jacob Wright is still keeping them honest in 3rd. Behind Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray is heading up the best of the rest in 4th with James Jackson comfortable in 5th. William Treanor has got passed Mark Whitbread to take 6th, with Jasmine La Malfa still hanging on in 8th. Mark Whitbread spins at Turn 9 to drop behind Jasmine La Malfa. As the race draws to a close the field are all spread out. Finished Alex Hughes, Alex Jackson, Jacob Wright, Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray, James Jackson, William Treanor, Jasmine La Malfa & Mark Whitbread. Alex Hughes advances to the A final.

1st – Alex Hughes

2nd – Alex Jackson

3rd – Jacob Wright

A Final
Ethan Kirkby lines up first on the grid. After a great start by Ethan Kirkby, Samuel Halle-Hinxman has now caught and passed him for the lead. Alex Hughes has moved up from last on the grid into 4th and sets his targets on 3rd. Samuel Halle-Hinxman has settled into his rhythm and opens up a gap to Ethan Kirkby, who currently sits comfortably in 2nd. Alex Hughes is all over Eric Su having swapped positions a couple of times and is pushing Eric Su onto the back of Ethan Kirkby. As they fight Eric Su and Alex Hughes drop into the clutches of Ben Foden behind. Alex Hughes makes a fantastic move up the inside coming out of Turn 10 to take 3rd and pulls away. At the back Alistair Higgins and Casey Baughan are having their own race fighting over last position. Samuel Halle-Hinxman is now clear at the front, whilst the drivers in 2nd back to 6th are closing up together. Ben Foden has caught and passed Eric Su. Alex Hughes is now on the back of Ethan Kirkby and has dragged Ben Foden and Eric Su along with him. Dillon Davis has now caught up to make it a 5-way fight for 2nd. Ben Foden gets by Alex Hughes for 3rd and starts to apply pressure to Ethan Kirkby. Alistair Higgins has got his head down and pulled away from Casey Baughan in 7th and 8th respectively. Ethan Kirkby soaks up the pressure lap after lap and maintains 2nd going into the last lap. Ben Foden gets a better exit from Turn 10 to get alongside Ethan Kirkby and hangs him out to dry through Turn 11. Into the final corner there is very close racing resulting in Ethan Kirkby being escorted wide and dropping a further 3 places after his valiant efforts of defending 2nd. Finished Samuel Halle-Hinxman, Ben Foden, Alex Hughes, Eric Su, Dillon Davis, Ethan Kirkby, Alistair Higgins & Casey Baughan.

1st – Samuel Halle-Hinxman

2nd – Ben Foden

3rd – Alex Hughes


DMAX-GT Championship

Heat 1
David Hamblett starts from pole for the first senior racing of the day. Good clean start on the drying track. Tony Welch gets by Kurt Fawdry for 2nd and then takes David Hamblett for the lead at the end of lap 1. James Cook takes 2 places on the exit of Turn 1 as they start lap 2. Andy Spencer crosses the line in 2nd at the end of lap 2 from 12th on the grid. Through Turn 4 and Tony Welch runs a little wide allowing Andy Spencer through for the lead. Kurt Fawdry is running a strong 3rd. James Cook is making moves mid pack and is into 6th. Joe Hamblett pulls off a nice move up the inside of Turn 4 to move into 7th position ahead of Richard Lavender and Stephen Westwood. Some close racing mid pack as the drivers to and fro, jostling for position. Kurt Fawdry is hounding Tony Welch for 2nd position. James Cook has moved into 4th and is chasing down the podium positions. As they enter the last lap it’s a 3-way fight for 2nd.  Finished Andy Spencer, Tony Welch, Kurt Fawdry, James Cook, Kieran Coombs, David Hamblett, Joe Hamblett, Stephen Westwood, Richard Lavender, Anthony Whitehouse, Mark Blaine, Stephen Mayoh & Phil Dixon.

Heat 2
Stephen Mayoh lines up in first for the second heat. Ryan Welch leads over the line followed by Alex Bomberg and George Kenning moving up from 10th on the grid. Stephen Westwood is sticking his nose in to try and get a podium place whilst George Kenning takes Alex Bomberg for 2nd. George Kenning takes the lead, whilst the field start to spread out. Alex Bomberg makes a bold move up the inside through Turn 10 to take 2nd ahead of Ryan Welch. Tony Welch has moved up to take 4th in front of Stephen Westwood. A small gap to Patrick Kelly in 6th and the pole man Stephen Mayoh now in 7th. David Hamblett is comfortable in 8th with Anthony Whitehouse harrying Mark Blaine for 9th. Ryan Marston is sitting pretty in 11th whilst Phil Dixon is fending off Henry Treanor for 12th and 13th. Alex Bomberg makes his way into the lead and opens up a small gap. George Kenning now defends against Tony Welch for 2nd and loses out at Turn 12. Tony Welch runs wide out of Turn 3 and drops into the pack. Stephen Westwood has taken advantage to take 2nd ahead of Patrick Kelly and Ryan Welch. Whilst George Kenning makes a small error and drops behind Stephen Mayoh through Turn 12. A couple of laps from the end and after controlling the race out front Alex Bomberg pits from the lead for a kart swap. Finished Stephen Westwood, Patrick Kelly, Ryan Welch, George Kenning, Stephen Mayoh, Tony Welch, David Hamblett, Mark Blaine, Ryan Marston, Anthony Whitehouse, Phil Dixon, Alex Bomberg & Henry Treanor.

Heat 3
Henry Treanor starts from pole for the final heat. Andy Spencer moves into the lead at Turn 3 and starts to put daylight between himself and the chasing pack behind. New boy Henry Treanor runs wide at Turn 4 and drops down 6th. Joe Hamblett moves into 2nd and tries to stay in touch with Andy Spencer. George Kenning is in 3rd heading up the chasing pack. James Cook is climbing over the back of George Kenning in his attempts to wrestle 3rd place away. James Cook makes an excellent manoeuvre inside at Turn 7 to move into 3rd ahead of George Kenning. Behind it is line astern as the field race through. Patrick Kelly moves into 5th ahead of Kieran Coombs with Kurt Fawdry also following through demoting Kieran Coombs a further place as he runs wide through Turn 10. James Cook starts to set quick lap times with clear air in front of him and sets after Joe Hamblett in 2nd. It’s now a 4-way battle for 4th as Alex Bomberg has joined the fray. Alex Bomberg makes a great move inside Kurt Fawdry through Turn 1 to take 6th. George Kenning is still holding onto 4th. Kieran Coombs spins out at Turn 4 by himself to drop to the back. Finished Andy Spencer, Joe Hamblett, James Cook, George Kenning, Patrick Kelly, Alex Bomberg, Ryan Welch, Richard Lavender, Kurt Fawdry, Ryan Marston, Henry Treanor & Kieran Coombs.

B Final
David Hamblett starts from pole. David Hamblett holds off to lead over the line. Richard Lavender maintains 2nd followed closely by Kieran Coombs, Alex Bomberg, Ryan Marston, Anthony Whitehouse, Stephen Mayoh, Mark Blaine, Henry Treanor and Phil Dixon. David Hamblett pulls a small gap ahead of a chasing pack of 4 drivers. Ryan Marston drops back into the clutches of Anthony Whitehouse leaving it a 4-way scrap for 2nd. Richard Lavender has pushed through into the lead and opens a 2 second gap. David Hamblett defends heavily against Kieran Coombs and Alex Bomberg. Anthony Whitehouse keeps a watching brief in 5th. Kieran Coombs spins at Turn 9 and drops from 3rd to 9th place. Richard Lavender is comfortably in the lead with David Hamblett being kept honest for 2nd by Alex Bomberg in 3rd. Anthony Whitehouse is fending off the advances of Henry Treanor and Ryan Marston as they trip over each other looking to gain a spot or two. Alex Bomberg makes it past David Hamblett into 2nd. Kieran Coombs has caught and passed Stephen Mayoh in his recovery from his earlier spin. Finished Richard Lavender, Alex Bomberg, David Hamblett, Anthony Whitehouse, Henry Treanor, Ryan Marston, Mark Blaine, Kieran Coombs, Stephen Mayoh & Phil Dixon. Richard Lavender advances to the A final.

1st – Richard Lavender

2nd – Alex Bomberg

3rd – David Hamblett


A Final
Andy Spencer starts from pole. Clean lap from Andy Spencer to open up a small gap ahead of Patrick Kelly both maintaining their grid positions. James Cook has dropped back to 5th behind Stephen Westwood and Tony Welch. George Kenning bumps past James Cook but gives the place back. Tony Welch makes a dive into Turn 10 and has to back out of it. George Kenning spins out at Turn 6 and drops to the back. Tony Welch finally makes a move stick and takes 2nd position. Tony Welch starts to pull away in 2nd, leaving Patrick Kelly to fend off Stephen Westwood for 3rd. James Cook starts to pressure Stephen Westwood. Stephen Westwood makes a bold move up the inside of Patrick Kelly through Turn 9. Behind Ryan Welch, Joe Hamblett, Kurt Fawdry are fighting over 6th. James Cook slips back a little to make it a 4-way fight for 5th. Andy Spencer in 1st and Tony Welch in 2nd look settled out front whilst Stephen Westwood heads up the pack, that has all closed in together, down to 8th.   Positions are swapping every corner between 3rd and 8th as they squabble over placings. Finished Andy Spencer, Tony Welch, Stephen Westwood, Patrick Kelly, James Cook, Kurt Fawdry, Ryan Welch, Joe Hamblett, Richard Lavender & George Kenning.

1st – Andy Spencer

2nd – Tony Welch

3rd – Stephen Westwood


SODI Endurance

A slow start as drivers wait for the ideal time to set a qualifying time. Team McWilliam leads the way followed by Team Okonski and Team Kenning with 5 minutes to go. Times are slow as the temperature drops. Team McWilliam ends the session on top followed by Team Kenning and Team Okonski.

Team Okonski gets escorted wide through Turn 3 and drops down the pack. Team Smith pits at the end of lap 1 to complete their mandatory pitstop. Team Holliday emerges in the lead ahead of Team Kenning. Team Cook are in 3rd ahead of the battling 4th and 5th teams of Team Lager and Team Barton. Team Westwood pit for a kart swap. Team Hatto receives a black flag for an ABC at Turn 12. Team Okonski carry out their pitstop. Team Holliday is being shadowed by Team Kenning as they pull clear in 1st and 2nd. Team Barton has moved into 3rd ahead of Team Lager who soon pit for their stop to get it out of the way early. 20 minutes in and Team Holliday leads the way still being closely followed by Team Kenning, although slightly quicker today they are unable to get past on the track will Team Kenning pit for clean air? Team Barton currently fills the podium in 3rd with Team Summerill in 4th.  Team McWilliam is in 5th with Team Hammond and Team Woodage having a battle for 6th.  Team Lager have dropped to 8th after their stop. With Team Westwood recovering after their earlier stop in 9th.  Team Okonski also recovering after their earlier incident are in 10th. Team Hamnett are in 11th heading off Team Hatto in 12th regaining track position after their black flag. Team Costin are 13th with Team Slater in 14th. Team Cook pit for their stop with the driver actually taking a toilet break! and drop to 15th. Team Kenning have taken the gamble on the undercut and pit to carry out their mandatory stop – was this the right move? Team Smith bring up the rear in 16th. Halfway through and Team Woodage take their stop. Team McWilliam and Team Hamnett come in for their stops. 20 minutes to go and Team Holliday still lead now 20 seconds ahead of Team Kenning, but still to take their stop. Team Barton are in 3rd a few seconds back but still to stop as well. All other drivers have stopped so for them it’s now a race to the finish. Team Westwood have made their way back up to 5th behind Team Lager and Team McWilliam have made excellent progress after their stop to move up 4 places. The undercut for Team Kenning worked as Team Holliday take their stop and misjudge the timing because they get held up at the exit waiting for a gap to rejoin the circuit allowing Team Kenning through to take the lead, now the chase is on. 13 minutes to go and Team Barton take their stop meaning all drivers have completed theirs. Team Kenning now leads Team Holliday by 2 seconds with a further 16 seconds back to Team Lager in 3rd. Team Westwood move up to 4th whilst Team McWilliam are now in 5th. Team Summerill closely attended to by Team Hammond are in 6th and 7th. Team Okonski are up to 8th with Team Barton returning to the track in 9th. Team Woodage round out the Top 10. Team Kenning and Team Holliday are trading lap times gaining half a second on each other each lap to maintain a 2-3 second gap, not even the lapped traffic play a factor as the two leaders are so focused on each other. Team Westwood is now under pressure from Team Lager for the final podium spot. A red flag is called with 2 minutes to go as Team McWilliam crash into the tyre wall at turn 3 and retires. Time runs out and the race draws to close under full course yellows.

Finished Team Kenning, Team Holliday, Team Westwood, Team Lager, Team Hammond, Team Okonski, Team Summerill, Team Barton, Team McWilliams, Team Woodage, Team Smith, Team Slater, Team Hatto, Team Cook, Team Costin & Team Hamnett.

Lights                                                                    Heavies

1st – Team Westwood                                    1st – Team Kenning

2nd – Team Lager                                           2nd – Team Holliday

3rd – Team Hammond                                  3rd – Team Barton

Congratulations to the winning drivers and commiserations to the runners up. The racing was exciting throughout the day.  We now look ahead to Round 5.