Daytona Tamworth 2018-19 InKart Championships
Round Six Race Report (PDF Download)

Welcome to Round 6 of the 2018/2019 championship.  Today’s weather is frosty with sunny spells making it a tricky day for racing.


Heat 1
Sam Cole lines up on pole for the first Cadet race. Tentative start from the cadets as they slot into position through Turn 1. Joe Lorenz has made great progress through lap 1 and crosses the line on the back of the leader Sam Cole. Thierry Hopkins and Oliver Flint cross the line in 3rd and 4th a short distance behind. Joe Lorenz applies the pressure and makes it through into the lead and tries to open a gap. Oliver Flint is now in 3rd and fending off Thierry Hopkins and Abi Sanders. Brendan James and Nathan Britain are fighting over 6th with newcomer Harry Dark bringing up the rear. At the front Joe Lorenz is maintaining a few tenths gap over Sam Cole. Abi Sanders displays some good moves through Turn 9 and 10 to move from 5th into 3rd and immediately opens a gap. Nathan Britain has broken clear of Brendan James and tries to latch onto the back of Thierry Hopkins and Oliver Flint. Sam Cole has closed back in on Joe Lorenz and starts to apply pressure; can Joe Lorenz hang on? Abi Sanders is now comfortable in 3rd and Nathan Britain has now caught Thierry Hopkins and Oliver Flint. The two leaders close in on Harry Dark to lap him as they enter the final corner Sam Cole looks to take advantage of the slower traffic but Joe Lorenz hangs on for the win. Finished Joe Lorenz, Sam Cole, Abi Sanders, Thierry Hopkins, Oliver Flint, Nathan Britain, Brendan James & Harry Dark.

Heat 2
Jake Perry starts from the front. A good opening lap from Joe Lorenz as he crosses the line in 1st one second clear. Sam Cole has made it through into 2nd and tries to close in on 1st. Thierry Hopkins in 3rd is defending really heavily ahead of Jake Perry, Benji Hughes and Alessio La Malfa. Brendan James brings up the rear a couple of seconds behind. Sam Cole finds a gap and squeezes through into the lead at Turn 4. Joe Lorenz latches onto his tail and starts to immediately pressure Sam Cole. Benji Hughes makes a fantastic move inside Turn 9 to get ahead of Thierry Hopkins who now becomes the cork in the bottle for Jake Perry and Alessio La Malfa. Sam Cole soaks up the pressure to maintain 1st, whilst Benji Hughes has broken clear of Thierry Hopkins who is taking some unorthodox lines in his defence of his position. Finished Sam Cole, Joe Lorenz, Benji Hughes, Thierry Hopkins, Alessio La Malfa, Jake Perry & Brendan James.

Heat 3
Abi Sanders sits on pole for the final heat. Good start by Alessio La Malfa to move up a position into 4th. Nathan Britain spins out at the exit of Turn 3 and gets stuck in the tyre barrier. Abi Sanders completes the first tour in 1st opening a two second gap to Oliver Flint, who in turn has Alessio La Malfa in close attention. Benji Hughes and Jake Perry are close behind trying to make it a four way fight for 2nd. Harry Dark has dropped back as he continues to learn the circuit throughout his first participation in the event. Nathan Britain brings up the rear trying to recover after his earlier spin. Abi Sanders continues to set some quick times to open a very comfortable lead. 2nd to 5th are swapping places every corner as they fight over the remaining podium positions. The drivers are exploring every part of the track to try and gain advantage with Jake Perry emerging at the front of the chasing pack. Finished Abi Sanders, Jake Perry, Oliver Flint, Benji Hughes, Alessio La Malfa, Harry Dark & Nathan Britain.

B Final
Thierry Hopkins lines up in first. Alessio La Malfa makes a great start to get through into the lead from 3rd on the grid. Thierry Hopkins is in second with Brendan James, Oliver Flint and Nathan Britain fighting over the 3rd place position. Harry Dark is bringing up the rear as he gains experience lap by lap. Alessio La Malfa has opened up a nice lead as the race progresses, ahead of Thierry Hopkins who has a kart length or two to Oliver Flint, Brendan James and Nathan Britain behind him. Oliver Flint with his head down catches Thierry Hopkins and squeezes through at Turn 2 to take 2nd and then through the rest of lap, with his rhythm upset, Brendan James and Nathan Britain make their way past Thierry Hopkins as well. Brendan James spins at Turn 12 hairpin and drops back behind Thierry Hopkins and just fends of Nathan Britain across the line. Alessio La Malfa is now controlling the pace at the front with a 9 second gap. Oliver Flint is now clear in 2nd. Thierry Hopkins is now maintaining 3rd whilst Brendan James is trying to recover from his earlier spin. Nathan Britain spins at Turn 4 whilst trying to close the gap to 4th. As the race draws to a close the field are all spread out. Brendan James manages to string a few good laps together to catch Thierry Hopkins and pounces straight away and makes a great move up the inside through Turn 5. Finished Alessio La Malfa, Oliver Flint, Brendan James, Thierry Hopkins, Nathan Britain & Harry Dark. Alessio La Malfa advances through to the A final.

1st – Alessio La Malfa

2nd – Oliver Flint

3rd – Brendan James

A Final
Sam Cole starts the final Cadet race in prime position. Sam Cole keeps his cool through the opening lap and puts some daylight to Joe Lorenz in 2nd. Abi Sanders challenges Joe Lorenz through Turn 3 and holds her nerve to get by into 2nd. Benji Hughes is in 4th clear of Jake Perry and Alessio La Malfa as they squabble over last position. Sam Cole has found his groove early and pulls a 4 second gap ahead of Abi Sanders. Joe Lorenz is in 3rd a couple of seconds behind and in danger of being caught by Benji Hughes. Jake Perry and Alessio La Malfa are still running bumper to bumper at the back. Benji Hughes has now caught Joe Lorenz and starts to make his presence known. Alessio La Malfa spins under braking whilst attempting to get by Jake Perry and runs Jake Perry wide in the process. Sam Cole is clear out front with Abi Sanders comfortable in 2nd. Joe Lorenz is fending off the advances of Benji Hughes to maintain 3rd. Alessio La Malfa is now alone in 5th as Jake Perry pits with an issue. Returning from the pit Jake Perry runs wide on the exit of Turn 3 kicking up the dust. Benji Hughes has regained his composure and is back attacking Joe Lorenz. Joe Lorenz is keeping his lines clean not giving Benji Hughes any opportunity.  Finished Sam Cole, Abi Sanders, Joe Lorenz, Benji Hughes, Alessio La Malfa & Jake Perry.

1st – Sam Cole

2nd – Abi Sanders

3rd – Joe Lorenz




Heat 1
Ethan Kirkby has the honour of starting the first race of the day from pole. Relatively clean start as the drivers jostle for position. Ethan fends of the pack to cross the line in first with the other drivers nose to tail. Dillon Davis makes a bold move through Turn 3 to take Sam Halle-Hinxman. Dillon Davis makes another firm but fair move on Eric Su through Turn 9, he obviously wants the win. Dillon Davis and Eric Su take advantage of Ethan Kirkby leaving the door slightly open into Turn 9. The drivers now settle into a rhythm and maintain a karts length between them with Dillon Davis leading Eric Su followed by Ethan Kirkby. Sam Halle-Hinxman is a couple of seconds back, with Casey Baughan a further couple of seconds in 5th. Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray is in last after an issue put him behind. Finished Dillon Davis, Eric Su, Ethan Kirkby, Sam Halle-Hinxman, Casey Baughan & Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray.

Heat 2
Alex Jackson is on pole. The light goes green and the front two Alex Jackson and Sam Halle-Hinxman get away clean with the other 3 drivers squabbling behind. Harry Sanders spins out at Turn 4 and drops back leaving the other four drivers to swap positions corner by corner. Eric Su emerges clear in the lead as they cross the stripe and sets about opening a gap. Sam Halle-Hinxman, Alex Jackson and Ben Foden are running nose to tail for 2nd, 3rd & 4th respectively. Eric Su opens up a 4 second gap to the three drivers fighting over the remaining podium spots and continues to pull away at 2 seconds a lap. You can throw a blanket over Sam Halle-Hinxman, Alex Jackson and Ben Foden as they continue to try and force each other into making a mistake. Harry Sanders has closed in slightly with some good laps but has run out time to make anything more of it. Finished Eric Su, Sam Halle-Hinxman, Ben Foden, Alex Jackson & Harry Sanders.

Heat 3
Ben Foden lines up 1st on the grid. Another close opening lap as the drivers all fight over the same piece of tarmac. Ben Foden and Casey Baughan have broken clear in 1st and 2nd. Harry Sanders is in 3rd fending off Ben Sanders and Mark Whitbread. Alex Jackson suffers some kart trouble and gets a kart swap but unfortunately drops lots of time. Ben Sanders makes a better exit from Turn 4 and gets by Harry Sanders for 3rd. At the front Casey Baughan is all over Ben Foden looking for a way past. Ben Sanders has gapped Harry Sanders slightly, leaving him to the advances of Mark Whitbread. Finished Ben Foden, Casey Baughan, Ben Sanders, Harry Sanders, Mark Whitbread & Alex Jackson.

Heat 4
Dillon Davis is on pole. Mark Whitbread looks for a gap into Turn 1 off the start that doesn’t exist and has to back out of it. Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray is in 1st at the end of lap 1 with Dillon Davis right on his tail. Ben Sanders, Ethan Kirkby & Mark Whitbread rub shoulders & hips through Turn 9 as they fight over the final podium spot. Ethan Kirkby has got through into 3rd and tries to bridge the gap to 2nd. The front three now settle into their groove and leave Ben Sanders and Mark Whitbread to fight over last place at the back. Mid race and there appears to be a status quo. With Ethan Kirkby breathing down his neck Dillon Davis makes a mistake through Turn 7 and Ethan Kirkby capitalises on the opportunity and drives past on the exit of Turn 10 to take 2nd position. The front three settle down into a couple of kart length gaps whilst Mark Whitbread is harrying Ben Sanders for 4th. Finished Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray, Ethan Kirkby, Dillon Davis, Ben Sanders, Mark Whitbread.

B Final
Sam Halle-Hinxman lines up on pole. Close start again from all drivers. Ben Sanders and Harry Sanders are fighting over 1st with Casey Baughan in close attention. Sam Halle-Hinxman has made a poor start and drops back to 4th. Casey Baughan has made it through into 2nd and sets after Ben Sanders. Harry Sanders struggles to cling on in 3rd whilst Sam Halle-Hinxman is closing in as he is being pushed along by Mark Whitbread. Alex Jackson is in last position. Casey Baughan is looking every which way to get past Ben Sanders and as the drivers all fight the gaps close in and the prospect of a 5-way fight looks highly likely. Casey Baughan finds a hole big enough to squeeze a kart down it and doesn’t need a second invitation. In doing so Sam Halle-Hinxman has now closed right in and brought Harry Sanders and Mark Whitbread with him. Whilst Sam Halle-Hinxman was focused on attacking he forgot to defend and Harry Sanders slips past him to take 3rd. Sam Halle-Hinxman returns the favour the following lap. All 5 are running nose to tail as the laps tick off. You can feel the tension when the drivers start their final circuit as whoever makes a mistake is going to lose out. Casey Baughan manages to focus eyes forward and puts some fresh air between himself and the pack to cross the line in 1st. Finished Casey Baughan, Ben Sanders, Sam Halle-Hinxman, Harry Sanders, Mark Whitbread & Alex Jackson. Casey Baughan advances through to the A final.

1st – Casey Baughan

2nd – Ben Sanders

3rd – Sam Halle-Hinxman

A Final
Eric Su starts from pole. Drivers are 3-wide through Turn 2 allowing the pole man Eric Su to open a small gap. Ethan Kirkby emerges in 2nd ahead of Ben Foden, Dillon Davis and Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray with Casey Baughan clinging on in 6th. Casey Baughan surprises Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray and gets by through Turn 2. Eric Su is out in the lead by 2 seconds ahead of Ethan Kirkby, whom in turn is 1.5 seconds in front of Dillon Davis. Casey Baughan has got the bit between his teeth and gets past Ben Foden into 4th. Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray is now harassing Ben Foden for 5th. Ethan Kirkby is not letting Eric Su escape and even closes him down a little whilst maintaining the gap to Dillon Davis in 3rd. Casey Baughan is edging closer to Dillon Davis. Another lap and Ethan Kirkby closes in again. Casey Baughan is now worrying Dillon Davis who looks behind and sees Baughan closing. Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray is stuck behind Ben Foden and can’t find a way past. Halfway through and we now have a fight for the lead as Ethan Kirkby has caught Eric Su, Casey Baughan is also all over Dillon Davis for 3rd. Eric Su clearly feels the presence from Ethan Kirkby behind and is looking over his shoulder. Eric Su is effectively being pushed along as he defends his 1st place position to Ethan Kirkby, all this fighting is allowing Dillon Davis and Casey Baughan to close in. Ethan Kirkby is trying every opportunity possible but Eric Su holds on for the win. Finished Eric Su, Ethan Kirkby, Dillon Davis, Casey Baughan, Ben Foden & Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray.

1st – Eric Su

2nd – Ethan Kirkby

3rd – Dillon Davis



DMAX-GT Championship

Heat 1
George Kenning starts the first DMAX-GT race from pole position. A scrappy start sees George Kenning escorted on to the grass on the outside of Turn 1 dropping him to the back. Tony Welch makes a great move up the inside of Turn 12 hairpin to take 3rd from Thomas Lee-Davis on the second lap. Ryan Welch and Richard Lavender are pulling away at the front. Andy Spencer has made his way into 3rd and sets about the front two. George Kenning is back up to 8th position after the altercation on lap 1. At the back Patryk Welna and Steven Humpage are getting very friendly with each other as they fight over the exact same piece of tarmac. Andy Spencer has caught and now passed Richard Lavender for 2nd. Andy Spencer pounces straight away for the lead and gets through at Turn 4. Richard Lavender tries to capitalise and makes a bold attempt into Turn 6 but Ryan Welch fends him off to maintain 2nd. The rest of the field are now pretty spread out. Behind the front three Tony Welch is fending off James Cook, Kurt Fawdry and the recovering George Kenning. James Cook makes a brash move inside Tony Welch at Turn 6 and pushes him wide, resulting in Tony Welch losing 3 places and earns himself a Black Flag for the move. Finished Andy Spencer, Ryan Welch, Richard Lavender, Kurt Fawdry, George Kenning, Romain Farigoule, Tony Welch, Patrick Kelly, James Cook*, Thomas Lee-Davis, Anthony Whitehouse, Steven Humpage & Patryk Welna.

*adjusted for Black Flag

Heat 2
Romain Farigoule lines up in first. Romain Farigoule gets a slow start allowing Andy Spencer a clear exit from Turn 1 to take the lead. As the front 5 of Andy Spencer, Romain Farigoule, Alex Bomberg, Tony Welch and Kieran Coombs break away from the chasing pack headed up by Thomas Lee-Davis. Richard Lavender tried a late move into Turn 1 attempting to overtake Ryan Welch and has to back out of it allowing Joe Hamblett to take advantage and gain a spot. Tony Welch takes Romain Farigoule entering Turn 10 and Romain Farigoule does the switch back to get a better exit and retake the place. Andy Spencer has opened up a 7 second gap. Tony Welch makes a nice move to slip up the inside of Romain Farigoule at Turn 4. Romain Farigoule fights back around the outside of Turn 5 and keeps the place going into Turn 6. Tony Welch’s persistence pays off and he gets the better of Romain Farigoule into the hairpin and starts to pull a small gap. Kurt Fawdry has been making steady progress and also gets by Romain Farigoule on the last lap to take 3rd. Finished Andy Spencer, Tony Welch, Kurt Fawdry, Romain Farigoule, Kieran Coombs, Thomas Lee-Davis, Alex Bomberg, Joe Hamblett, Richard Lavender, Mark Blaine, Steven Humpage, Savannah Hardy & Ryan Marsden.

Heat 3
Mark Blaine starts the final heat on pole. James Cook makes a good start to jump into 2nd through Turn 1 and uses his momentum to slide up the inside of Mark Blaine into Turn 4 for the lead. Patrick Kelly gets past Mark Blaine and takes Ryan Welch with him. Anthony Whitehouse spins out and drops to the back. Joe Hamblett also gets by Mark Blaine and then he and Ryan Welch are all over the back of Patrick Kelly. George Kenning has made fantastic progress from last on the grid to work his way through to 5th. Ryan Welch and Joe Hamblett fight their way past Patrick Kelly to take 2nd and 3rd respectively. James Cook is only managing to keep a 1 second gap to the now 4 drivers fighting behind as George Kenning has closed right in. Alex Bomberg and Kieran Coombs are having their own battle in 6th and 7th. A slow lap from the leader James Cook drops him into the clutches of Ryan Welch and he doesn’t hesitate and slides by through Turn 9. It’s now a 5-way scrap for the lead. Mark Blaine has now settled in 8th with the recovering Anthony Whitehouse getting the better of Savannah Hardy ahead of Ryan Marsden and lastly Patryk Welna. James Cook drops to 3rd as Patrick Kelly gets the best of the chasing pack and moves into 2nd. George Kenning gets by Joe Hamblett for 4th. Finished Ryan Welch, Patrick Kelly, James Cook, George Kenning, Joe Hamblett, Alex Bomberg, Kieran Coombs, Mark Blaine, Anthony Whitehouse, Savannah Hardy, Ryan Marsden, Patryk Welna.

B Final
Richard Lavender starts the first final from pole position. Alex Bomberg stakes his claim on the lead at the end of lap 1, with Richard Lavender, Joe Hamblett and Thomas Lee-Davis hot on his heels. Mark Blaine and Savannah Hardy are in 5th and 6th. Steven Humpage is in 7th with Patryk Welna and Ryan Marsden in 8th and 9th. Anthony Whitehouse is in last after spinning out at Turn 4 on the opening lap. Alex Bomberg is looking comfortable out front, whilst Joe Hamblett has got through into 2nd ahead of Richard Lavender and Thomas Lee-Davis. Savannah Hardy had found a way past Mark Blaine but Mark Blaine returns the favour up the inside of Turn 4 to retake the place. Richard Lavender is pressuring Joe Hamblett and sticking his nose in at every opportunity. Ryan Marsden has got past Patrick Welna for 8th and pulls a small gap as Anthony Whitehouse closes in looking to elevate himself out of last position. Savannah Hardy makes a great move to slide up the inside of Mark Blaine into Turn 4 and resists the fight back through the next sequence of corners. A great scrap is developing between Mark Blaine and Savannah Hardy as Mark Blaine gets around the outside of Savannah Hardy out of Turn 6 and into Turn 7. Alex Bomberg is controlling things at the front driving a smooth race. Behind, Richard Lavender is like a bad rash all over Joe Hamblett for 2nd. Thomas Lee-Davis is keeping a watching brief in 4th. Anthony Whitehouse has got himself back up into 7th and is closing in on the battling pair of Mark Blaine and Savannah Hardy. Anthony Whitehouse wastes no time and strikes at Savannah Hardy going into Turn 4 he keeps his momentum going and gets by Mark Blaine for 5th, a strong recovery. Finished Alex Bomberg, Joe Hamblett, Richard Lavender, Thomas Lee-Davis, Anthony Whitehouse, Mark Blaine, Savannah Hardy, Steven Humpage, Ryan Marsden & Patryk Welna. Alex Bomberg advances on the back of the A final.

1st – Alex Bomberg

2nd – Joe Hamblett

3rd – Richard Lavender

A Final
Andy Spencer starts from pole for the A final. A great start anticipating the lights from Tony Welch jumps him straight into 2nd position. Kurt Fawdry and Ryan Welch are in 3rd and 4th, Romain Farigoule heads up the chasing pack in 5th. Andy Spencer manages to open a gap at the front, whilst Kurt Fawdry has now caught and passed Tony Welch and dragged Ryan Welch along with him. Romain Farigoule is trying to bridge the gap in 5th. James Cook squeezes up the inside of George Kenning for 6th. Patrick Kelly has closed in on George Kenning. Kieran Coombs and Alex Bomberg fill the last two places. Patrick Kelly has got by George Kenning and Kieran Coombs has now caught them both. Kurt Fawdry has broken clear in 2nd and Tony Welch is still in 3rd fending off Ryan Welch, Romain Farigoule and the charging Patrick Kelly. James Cook makes a great move into the hairpin to gain a place but loses momentum and the place. Patrick Kelly gets the hip and shoulder treatment and runs out of road on the exit of Turn 3 and ends up in the tyre barrier. George Kenning makes a nice clean move up the inside of James Cook into Turn 4 and Romain Farigoule takes advantage to gain place and demotes James Cook another place. Finished Andy Spencer, Kurt Fawdry, Tony Welch, Ryan Welch, George Kenning, Romain Farigoule, James Cook, Kieran Coombs, Alex Bomberg and Patrick Kelly.

1st – Andy Spencer

2nd – Kurt Fawdry

3rd – Tony Welch



SODI Endurance

Team Gibbins opens the bidding for pole with a 1:05:383 lap. Halfway through and Team Okonski heads the way with a time of 1:01:103. As the session draws to a close no one has bested Team Okonski’s time from earlier in the session. Team Hammond have edged into second position with a 1:01:268 and Team Barratt are third with a 1:01:599 matched by Team Cook in fourth.

Good start by all drivers and they run nose to tail as they cross the line. Team Okonski heads the pack with Team Hammond all over him. Team Smith carry out their mandatory pitstop straight away. Team Hammond gets by into the hairpin but later on in the next lap and Team Okonski is back in front. A repeat of the move and Team Hammond makes it through and escorts Team Okonski wide in the process. Team Cook takes advantage and moves into 2nd behind Team Hammond. Team Holliday make their pitstop. A lap later and Team Kenning make their pitstop. The race settles down with the front 3 keeping each other honest. Team Summerill are in 4th with Team Hatto in 5th and Team Gibbins in 6th. A few laps later and Team Holliday and Team Kenning have both caught and passed Team Barratt demoting them to 9th. Team Smith currently bring up the rear in 10th. Team Okonski have finally got through into 2nd pushing Team Cook back to 3rd. The front 3 teams are still making a nuisance of themselves to the other drivers while the rest of the field are fairly spread out. The minutes tick by as the drivers vie for the optimum driving speed to keep pushing yet not wear themselves out too quickly. Team Barratt carry out their mandatory pitstop with 35 minutes to go dropping them to last place. Team Hatto have put in some consistent laps to catch Team Cook, whilst Team Okonski have now caught Team Hammond. Team Cook take this opportunity to make their stop. The following lap and Team Hammond pit from the lead for their stop. Just on the halfway mark and Team Summerill perform their stop. Only 2 teams now left to stop being Team Okonski and Team Hatto in 1st and 2nd respectively. Team Hammond rejoined in 3rd 13 seconds behind the leader on track and with an estimated 20 seconds to carry out the mandatory stop this would make them the race leader after all stops. Behind Team Hammond in 3rd are Team Cook – 4th, Team Holliday – 5th and Team Gibbins in 6th all a few seconds apart. Team Kenning are a short distance further back in 7th, with Team Summerill closing in. Team Smith are still in 9th with Team Barratt in the final points scoring position of 10th. Team Okonski have pitted leaving only Team Hatto to do their driver swap. 16 minutes remaining and Team Hatto have now made their pitstop, so as the positions shake out Team Hammond are back in the lead with Team Okonski 5 seconds adrift in 2nd. Team Cook have gotten ahead of Team Hatto on circuit to move into 3rd, Team Holliday follow through on the next lap to take 4th. Although a lap down Team Barratt have been shadowing Team Cook for the majority of the second half of the race. Team Hatto have stabilised in 5th as their second driver gets up to speed. 8 minutes remaining on the clock and Team Gibbins get past Team Hatto for 5th. Tiredness must be kicking with 4 minutes left as Team Kenning messed up their braking for the final hairpin and ran wide allowing Team Summerill through for 7th. Team Hammond are still clear in the lead by 5 seconds ahead of Team Okonski. Team Cook and Team Holliday are maintaining a 3 second gap in 3rd and 4th. Finished Team Hammond, Team Okonski, Team Cook, Team Holliday, Team Gibbins, Team Hatto, Team Summerill, Team Kenning, Team Smith & Team Barratt.

Lights                                                                                    Heavies

1st – Team Hammond                                                    1st – Team Holliday

2nd – Team Okonski                                                       2nd – Team Gibbins

3rd – Team Cook                                                             3rd – Team Kenning


Congratulations to the winning drivers.  The racing was thoroughly enjoyable throughout the day.  We now look ahead to Round 7 and some warmer weather!