Daytona Tamworth 2018-19 InKart Championships
Round Seven Race Report (PDF Download)

Welcome to Round 7 of the 2018/2019 championship.  Today’s weather is chilly and wet and with the addition of chicanes before and after Turn 2 for the Junior drivers to spice things up, today’s racing will be an interesting display of driver skill.


Heat 1
Sam Cole lines up first for the opening Cadet heat. Sam Cole gets a clean start through the new chicanes and all drivers are sensible slotting into line. As the lap progresses Benji Hughes gets by Daniel Cebula to retake 3rd and sets after Jake Perry. Sam Cole begins to pull clear at the front. Benji Hughes spins of his own accord at Turn 11 and drops back into the pack. A lap later and he has regained his composure to move back into 3rd. Oliver Flint has shown little fear in the slippy conditions and moved through the field into 4th. Alessio La Malfa is giving chase with Abi Sanders close behind in 6th. Jake Perry has dropped to 7th with a newcomer, Brogan Dilley, trying to learn on the fly in the wet conditions, bringing up the rear. Alessio La Malfa and Oliver Flint have a little tussle as they fight over the same piece of tarmac through Turn 1 and again later in the lap at Turn 10. Finished Sam Cole, Daniel Cebula, Benji Hughes, Abi Sanders, Alessio La Malfa, Oliver Flint, Jake Perry & Brogan Dilley.

Heat 2
Nathan Britain starts from pole. After a good getaway by all drivers Brendan James spins coming out of Turn 3 and drops to the back. Benji Hughes gets passed by 2 drivers into Turn 4 as he runs wide. Sam Cole has forced his way through the field on lap 1 and immediately stretches a comfortable lead. Daniel Cebula is having another good race and occupies the 2nd spot ahead of Jake Perry. Benji Hughes has settled into his rhythm and moved into 4th. Jake Perry spins through Turn 8 handing 3rd to Benji Hughes and 4th to Brendan James. Reece Checkley is managing to keep it on the island in 6th whilst Nathan Britain is struggling with the ever-changing track and falls to the back. Jake Perry now falls to the last spot as he spins again, promoting Nathan Britain. Sam Cole wins with a commanding margin. Finished Sam Cole, Daniel Cebula, Benji Hughes, Brendan James, Reece Checkley, Nathan Britain & Jake Perry.

Heat 3
Abi Sanders start the final heat from first. The drivers all sensibly sort themselves out through the chicanes and now start to attack each other into Turn 4. Abi Sanders holds onto the lead with Oliver Flint and the fast starting Alessio La Malfa in close attention. Brendan James is in 4th heading the chasing pack including Brogan Dilley and Reece Checkley. Nathan Britain got stuck at Turn 4 and spins again at Turn 1 and is now a long way behind. Alessio La Malfa has moved into 2nd and sets about closing the gap to Abi Sanders. Brendan James has focused his driving to close in behind Oliver Flint. Reece Checkley is leading the newcomer battle ahead of Brogan Dilley. Abi Sanders has really found her groove and sits comfortable in the lead. Alessio La Malfa struggles a bit with the lapped traffic and spins out at Turn 3 trying to overtake them, Oliver Flint takes advantage and gets by into 2nd. Brogan Dilley gets the better of Reece Checkley. Finished Abi Sanders, Oliver Flint, Alessio La Malfa, Brendan James, Brogan Dilley, Reece Checkley & Nathan Britain.

B Final
Alessio La Malfa starts the first final of the day from pole. Alessio La Malfa has made a confident start as the unabating rain falls heavier. Jake Perry is giving chase in 2nd. Reece Checkley, Brogan Dilley and Brendan James are all tripping over each other as they fight for the final podium spot. Nathan Britain spins at Turn 1 and falls behind. Jake Perry is closing in on Alessio La Malfa whilst Reece Checkley has broken clear in 3rd. Brendan James follows behind in 4th with the recovering Nathan Britain now in 5th as Brogan Dilley spins and falls to the back. Jake Perry has got the bit between his teeth and keeps shortening the distance to Alessio La Malfa. Reece Checkley is doing well to maintain 3rd. Jake Perry spins on entry to the hairpin at Turn 12 undoing his hard efforts to close the gap and has to start again. Jake Perry spins at Turn 6 trying too hard to catch up and allows Reece Checkley through for 2nd. Reece Checkley spins at Turn 7 letting Jake Perry back through and then again at Turn 1, Brendan James is now right on his tail. Alessio La Malfa spins at Turn 4 reducing the 10 second gap back to Jake Perry to just 1.4 seconds as they cross the line. Brendan James has got ahead of Reece Checkley, to take 3rd. Jake Perry has closed right in on to the back of Alessio La Malfa but he holds on for the win. Finished Alessio La Malfa, Jake Perry, Brendan James, Reece Checkley, Nathan Britain & Brogan Dilley. Alessio La Malfa advances through to the A final.


1st – Alessio La Malfa

2nd – Jake Perry

3rd – Brendan James


A Final

Sam Cole starts the final Cadet race from pole. The drivers don’t all manage to get through the first chicane with Benji Hughes not yielding into it and forcing Daniel Cebula to plough through a tyre wall, after the marshal has checked him and the kart over Daniel Cebula ends up a lap down. Benji Hughes receives a black flag for causing the incident at the first chicane. Sam Cole leads the way with Abi Sanders in close attendance in 2nd. Oliver Flint is comfortable in 3rd. Alessio La Malfa is in 4th with Benji Hughes, having a hectic first lap, now in 5th after spinning himself at the hairpin. Alessio La Malfa spins at Turn 8 dropping him back. Sam Cole is comfortable at the front with Oliver Flint through into in 2nd and Abi Sanders in 3rd. Benji Hughes is in close attention to Abi Sanders trying to limit the damage of his 5-place black flag penalty. Finished Sam Cole, Oliver Flint, Abi Sanders, Alessio La Malfa, Daniel Cebula & Benji Hughes *.

*adjusted for black flag.

1st – Sam Cole


2nd – Oliver Flint


3rd – Abi Sanders



Heat 1
Dillon Davis starts today’s heats from pole. First lap and all drivers are tentative in the slippy conditions. Dillon Davis heads the way and explores the track first. Sam Halle-Hinxman makes progress through into the lead at the end of lap 2 and tries to pull away from Dillon Davis with Alex Jackson clinging on to the tail of the leading two. Harry Sanders and Mark Whitbread are having their own battle in 4th and 5th. Zack Wilson is struggling in his debut on the greasy track. Sam Halle-Hinxman has managed to open up a 5 second lead whilst Alex Jackson is climbing all over the back of Dillon Davis. Harry Sanders spins but maintains his position ahead of Mark Whitbread. Dillon Davis loses 2nd position and then makes a great dive into the hairpin to retake the position, but being off line Alex Jackson manages to get a better exit and claims the position back. Finished Sam Halle-Hinxman, Alex Jackson, Dillon Davis, Harry Sanders, Mark Whitbread & Zack Wilson.

Heat 2
Casey Baughan sits on pole. Ethan Kirkby has made a great start to move into the lead but the pack are right on his tail. Dillon Davis makes a fantastic move to take the lead into the hairpin and opens a small gap to Ethan Kirkby who is now fighting off Eric Su. Eric Su gets by Ethan Kirkby to take 2nd. Casey Baughan is keeping a watching brief in 4th. Ben Sanders has spun a couple of times and fallen behind with William Potter really tentative in the track conditions and sliding around through most of the corners. Final lap and Casey Baughan is really pressuring Ethan Kirkby for the last podium spot. Finished Dillon Davis, Eric Su, Ethan Kirkby, Casey Baughan, Ben Sanders & William Potter.

Heat 3
Alex Jackson sits on pole position. First incident at the chicane as Grace Lee-Davis clips Ben Foden sending them skewing off to the left. Alex Jackson settles down into his groove first and puts some clear daylight between himself and Casey Baughan in 2nd. Ben Foden has recovered to move into 3rd, whilst Harry Sanders is still trying to find the optimum grip through the corners. Grace Lee-Davis after giving the place back from the first lap incident, sits in 5th, whilst Mackenzie Stevens is exploring areas of the circuit trying to find traction. Alex Jackson has got a 6 second gap to Casey Baughan who in turn is ahead of Ben Foden and the chasing Harry Sanders. The drizzling rain means the track is neither drying nor getting wetter. The field are all spread out now and play the cat and mouse game of who will make a mistake first. Ben Foden is the first to blink and spins going into the hairpin, Harry Sanders is now all over the back of Ben Foden and gets by as they exit Turn 6. Finished Alex Jackson, Casey Baughan, Harry Sanders, Ben Foden, Grace Lee-Davis & Mackenzie Stevens.

Heat 4
Sam Halle-Hinxman lines up on Pole. Eric Su makes a fantastic effort through the second chicane to take the lead going into Turn 4. Sam Halle-Hinxman tries to fight back but Eric Su holds on and opens a small gap. Ethan Kirkby has kept his nose clean and gives chase in 3rd. Zack Wilson and Mark Whitbread tangle with each other at Turn 6 and struggle to get out of the mud. Sam Halle-Hinxman spins at Turn 8 allowing Ethan Kirkby through. He immediately pounces back and gets by Ethan Kirkby as they cross the start line. Eric Su is now holding a comfortable lead ahead of Sam Halle-Hinxman and his new shadow Ethan Kirkby. Mark Whitbread and Zack Wilson have managed to slip and slide their way back to each other and resume the fight. Zack Wilson gets caught out by the surface conditions whilst he battles for position and ends up on the grass dropping further behind. Sam Halle-Hinxman manages to open a small gap to Ethan Kirkby to sit clear in 2nd. Finished Eric Su, Sam Halle-Hinxman, Ethan Kirkby, Mark Whitbread & Zack Wilson.

Heat 5
Ben Foden starts from pole. Ben Foden tries to get away in first as the rain comes down heavier. Ben Sanders and Mackenzie Stevens are getting too friendly with each other as they tussle over 2nd. Grace Lee-Davis makes a steady start opting to wait for the guys in front to trip over each other. Ben Sanders gets clear and sets after Ben Foden. Mackenzie Stevens is now fending off the charging Grace Lee-Davis whilst William Potter tries to cling on in 5th. Ben Sanders puts in some quick laps to close the gap to the leader, Ben Foden. Grace Lee-Davis makes a nice clean move into Turn 1 to get past Mackenzie Stevens. Ben Sanders is now on the back of Ben Foden and really applies pressure. Ben Foden defends very well to hold of the advances of Ben Sanders, whilst Grace Lee-Davis is now in a comfortable 3rd. Finished Ben Foden, Ben Sanders, Grace Lee-Davis, Mackenzie Stevens & William Potter.

B Final
Ethan Kirkby lines up on pole. Good start from Grace Lee-Davis to move into 2nd. Harry Sanders challenges back on the exit of Turn 3 and Grace Lee-Davis tries to hang on around the outside of Turn 4, this proves unsuccessful as she runs wide losing places. Zack Wilson spins out at Turn 7 dropping him to the back. Harry Sanders gets up the inside of Ethan Kirkby into Turn 1 and makes it stick. Mackenzie Stevens is in 3rd just ahead of Mark Whitbread. William Potter and Zack Wilson are struggling with the wet conditions, whilst the recovering Grace Lee-Davis makes a bold move up the inside of Zack Wilson to move out of last position. Grace Lee-Davis spins at Turn 8 in front of William Potter and Zack Wilson, with the latter, unfortunately causing a red flag as he tried to avoid the spinning kart. Harry Sanders is clear in the lead with Ethan Kirkby in 2nd heading up a 3-way fight involving Mackenzie Stevens and Mark Whitbread. Grace Lee-Davis has now broken clear of William Potter in 6th. Finished Harry Sanders, Ethan Kirkby, Mackenzie Stevens, Mark Whitbread, Grace Lee-Davis, William Potter & Zack Wilson. Harry Sanders advances to the A final.


1st – Harry Sanders

2nd – Ethan Kirkby

3rd – Mackenzie Stevens


A Final

Eric Su lines up in first. Sam Halle-Hinxman gets into the lead for a brief moment as Eric Su fights back. Sam Halle-Hinxman makes it stick on the next corner and tries to get his head down to pull away. Ben Sanders runs wide allowing Ben Foden and Alex Jackson through into 3rd and 4th respectively. Casey Baughan is in 6th ahead of Dillon Davis. Harry Sanders gets tangled with the tyre wall on the outside of Turn 10 dropping him out of contention. Harry Sanders runs wide at Turn 5 as the rain falls heavier again. Ben Foden has closed in on Eric Su and challenges for 2nd position. Ben Sanders is now clear in 4th with Casey Baughan in 5th as Alex Jackson spins out at Turn 6. The drivers are exploring different lines through the corners as they search for grip. Ben Foden has made it past Eric Su to move into 2nd and demote Eric Su to 3rd. Eric Su is really struggling as the conditions worsen and slips behind Ben Sanders exiting Turn 10 but manages to get back past at the hairpin.  Casey Baughan is having a lonely race in 5th with large gaps in front and behind him. Sam Halle-Hinxman is now battling the back markers as well as the weather. Finished Sam Halle-Hinxman, Ben Foden, Eric Su, Ben Sanders, Casey Baughan, Dillon Davis, Alex Jackson & Harry Sanders.

1st – Sam Halle-Hinxman


2nd – Ben Foden


3rd – Eric Su


DMAX-GT Championship

Heat 1
David Hamblett starts the first DMAX session from pole. The drivers feel their way through the spray on lap 1. Thomas Lee-Davis makes the best of the conditions to open up a small gap. Tony Welch has worked his way into 2nd and sets after Thomas Lee-Davis. As the drivers tip toe their way around the track they start to spread out. Thomas Lee-Davis exited sideways from Turn 11 and opens the door for Tony Welch to move through. Kurt Fawdry has moved through into 3rd and closes the gap on the leaders. Tobi Shomade and Matthew Spencer are in 4th and 5th with Joe Hamblett keeping a watching brief and waiting to pounce on any mistake by the two drivers in front of him. Matthew Spencer manages to get by through a couple of corners worth of fighting with Tobi Shomade. Joe Hamblett is now all over Tobi Shomade. Further down the field the drivers are all squabbling over track position in the greasy conditions. Finished Tony Welch, Kurt Fawdry, Thomas Lee-Davis, Joe Hamblett, Tobi Shomade, Romain Farigoule, Nick Rowland, David Hamblett, Bjorn Buckley, Anthony Whitehouse, George Kenning, Richard Lavender, Panny Tsiampartas, Ant Tsiamp & Matthew Spencer.

Heat 2
Alex Bomberg lines up in first. After a jump start by Panny Tsiampartas he is moved to the back of the re-grid. Matthew Spencer gets a good start and moves into 2nd behind Alex Bomberg. At the end of the lap, Matthew Spencer has moved into the lead. Romain Farigoule is in 3rd fending off the advances of James Cook and Richard Lavender. David Hamblett has had a great first couple of laps and moved up into 8th and tries to bridge the gap to Ryan Welch and Patrick Kelly in front of him. Kieran Coombs is struggling with the conditions and falls to the back of the field. Alex Bomberg spins out at Turn 4 dropping himself to 5th. Matthew Spencer is now comfortable in the lead setting a blistering pace given the conditions. Romain Farigoule has edged clear in 2nd ahead of James Cook. Who in turn is leading a pack of drivers containing Richard Lavender, Ryan Welch and Patrick Kelly.  Finished Matthew Spencer, Romain Farigoule, James Cook, Richard Lavender, Ryan Welch, Patrick Kelly, Nick Rowland, David Hamblett, Kieran Coombs, Panny Tsiampartas, Kurt Fawdry, Bjorn Buckley, Lagi Papageorgiou, Alex Bomberg & George Yannis.

Heat 3
Joe Hamblett starts from prime position for the final heat. Good start by Ryan Welch followed by Tony Welch as they cross the line in 1st and 2nd. Tobi Shomade has latched onto the back of Ryan Welch. George Kenning has got into 4th position just ahead of Patrick Kelly and Thomas Lee-Davis who has made his way from the back of the grid. Patrick Kelly moves into 4th with 4 seconds covering 4th to 8th. A little further back and Kieran Coombs and Anthony Whitehouse are having a great battle and keep handing the place back to each other as one spins and then the next. Newcomers Ant Tsiamp, Lagi Papageorgiou and George Yannis are struggling in the wet conditions. Finished Tony Welch, Tobi Shomade, Ryan Welch, Patrick Kelly, Thomas Lee-Davis, George Kenning, Alex Bomberg, James Cook, Kieran Coombs, Anthony Whitehouse, Ant Tsiamp, Lagi Papageorgiou, Joe Hamblett & George Yannis.

B Final
Richard Lavender lines up first. Richard Lavender makes the best of the conditions to head over the line in 1st. Joe Hamblett is giving chase followed by George Kenning. Alex Bomberg and Anthony Whitehouse are trying to hang on in 4th and 5th. Bjorn Buckley has got past Anthony Whitehouse for 5th. At the back Ant Tsiamp, Panny Tsiampartas, Lagi Papageorgiou and George Yannis are having their own race. The race settles down into a rhythm with the leading drivers maintaining the gaps to each other. The sun tries to break through the cloud with some blue sky showing, but the track is too wet to dry at this stage. Richard Lavender is now controlling things at the front with a distant shadow of Joe Hamblett. George Kenning’s challenge seems to have died as he has dropped a couple of seconds in 3rd. Kieran Coombs is in 5th ahead of Bjorn Buckley and Anthony Whitehouse as the gaps yoyo between the three drivers. A couple of laps later and Bjorn Buckley and Anthony Whitehouse both make it past Kieran Coombs. Richard Lavender has made the best of the traffic to open up a bigger gap at the front. Joe Hamblett is comfortable in 2nd. George Kenning is just about clear in 3rd ahead of Alex Bomberg. Finished Richard Lavender, Joe Hamblett, George Kenning, Alex Bomberg, Anthony Whitehouse, Bjorn Buckley, Kieran Coombs, Panny Tsiampartas, Ant Tsiamp, Lagi Papageorgiou & George Yannis. Richard Lavender advances to the back of the A final.


1st – Richard Lavender

2nd – Joe Hamblett

3rd – George Kenning


A Final
Tony Welch start the final DMAX-GT race from pole. Tony Welch gets away the front, Tobi Shomade manages to close him down and eventually gets past him as they exit Turn 10. Matthew Spencer has worked his way to the front and gets through into 2nd ahead of Tony Welch. Romain Farigoule is keeping a watching brief in 4th. Richard Lavender has put his experience of track conditions from partaking in the B final to good use and got through into 6th position. Tobi Shomade has pulled clear out the front whilst behind Tony Welch and Matthew Spencer fight over the remaining podium positions. There’s a great battle at the back as David Hamblett keeps overtaking drivers and then pushing a bit too hard and losing it allowing the drivers back through and starts the process again. Tobi Shomade is comfortable in the lead. Tony Welch has made the move stick ahead of Matthew Spencer to maintain 2nd. Finished Tobi Shomade, Tony Welch, Matthew Spencer, Romain Farigoule, Ryan Welch, Richard Lavender, James Cook, Patrick Kelly, Nick Rowland, Thomas Lee-Davis, Kurt Fawdry & David Hamblett.

1st – Tobi Shomade


2nd – Tony Welch


3rd – Matthew Spencer


SODI Endurance


Team Cook open the bidding for pole position with a 1:18:533.  That time wasn’t bested throughout qualifying meaning Team Cook start from pole.

Nice clean start by all drivers. Team Hatto have moved up one spot with Team Smith pitting at the end of lap 1 to carry out their mandatory pitstop. Team Cook set a steady pace with Team Holliday in 2nd and Team Hatto behind now pressuring him. Team Kenning has settled into 4th. Team Hatto make a move past Team Holliday coming out of Turn 1 and Team Holliday return the favour as they exit Turn 5. Team Okonski are in 5th. Team Cook spins out under braking for Turn 10 and drops to 3rd place. Team Kenning slides wide at Turn 4 letting Team Okonski through and tries to get back past at Turn 10 but Team Okonski holds on to his new position. Team Hatto are getting frustrating behind Team Holliday as they feel they can go faster. Team Okonski have slipped back behind Team Kenning and Team Barratt. Team Summerill are in 7th with Team Smith in 8th still being the only team to have made their stop. 15 minutes in and the drivers have settled into their groove. Team Hatto makes a fantastic move around the outside of Turn 10 to take the lead, can they open a gap at the front? Team Smith have overtaken Team Summerill on track and are now a pitstop ahead. Team Hatto have opened a 2.7 second gap leaving Team Holliday and Team Cook to fight it out over 2nd. Team Hatto spins and drops to 3rd undoing all his hard work to get by and open a gap. Team Cook have now spun allowing Team Hatto back into 2nd. Just before the half way mark and Team Summerill make their mandatory stop. Team Holliday are now ‘comfortable’ out front with a 2 second gap to Team Hatto. Team Cook have dropped to 10 seconds behind in 3rd. Team Kenning are in 4th with Team Barratt and Team Okonski still shadowing them. Team Barratt and Team Kenning make their mandatory stops bang on the 30-minute mark. Team Cook make their mandatory stop leaving Team Holliday, Team Hatto & Team Okonski to do their stops. As Team Holliday catch and pass the back markers they all close up together with Team Barratt in 6th, Team Smith in 7th and Team Summerill in 8th. Team Summerill slide wide at Turn 9 falling off the back, leaving Team Smith to harass Team Barratt. Team Hatto make their stop with 18 minutes left on the clock. 13 minutes of racing left and Team Okonski followed by Team Holliday make their mandatory stops, meaning all drivers have now stopped and its a race for the finish. Team Hatto spins at Turn 9 and Team Okonski are close enough to take advantage and claim the spot moving into 3rd. Finished Team Holliday, Team Cook, Team Okonski, Team Hatto, Team Kenning, Team Smith, Team Barratt, & Team Summerill.

Lights                                                                                  Heavies

1st – Team Cook                                                                1st – Team Holliday

2nd – Team Okonski                                                         2nd – Team Kenning

3rd – Team Hatto                                                               3rd – Team Smith