Daytona Tamworth 2018-19 InKart Championships
Round Eight Race Report (PDF Download)

Hello from an overcast Daytona Tamworth for Round 8 of the 2018/2019 championship. With the cooler temperatures the drivers will need to manage the tyre temperatures to obtain optimum grip levels. The chicanes have been adjusted for the junior drivers providing a more challenging track for them to race on.


Heat 1
Callum Stanley starts his debut round from pole. Good start by all drivers as they slot themselves into positions. Benji Hughes manages to head them at the end of lap 1. Sam Cole has worked through into 2nd after being shuffled back a little off the line. Sam Cole catches and passes Benji Hughes on lap 2 and the front two have opened up a 7 second lead to Abi Sanders now in 3rd after a fantastic couple of laps. Reece Checkley is in 4th just ahead of the fighting pair of Nathan Britain and Alessio La Malfa with Callum Stanley and Andrew McWilliam in close attention. Benji Hughes is keeping Sam Cole honest at the front. Abi Sanders is running her own race in 3rd. Reece Checkley is best of the rest in 4th with Nathan Britain now fending of Andrew McWilliam. Callum Stanley is following a second behind in 7th whilst Alessio La Malfa has clipped the tyre chicane and fallen back. Sam Cole has managed to put some clear air between himself and Benji Hughes with Abi Sanders still driving neatly round in 3rd. Andrew McWilliam has got past Callum Stanley and closes in on Reece Checkley to challenge him for 4th. Nathan Britain spins at the chicane and drops to last promoting Alessio La Malfa. Finished Sam Cole, Benji Hughes, Abi Sanders, Andrew McWilliam, Reece Checkley, Callum Stanley, Alessio La Malfa & Nathan Britain.

Heat 2
Alfie Boote starts his racing from pole. Brendan James is leading across the line after the first lap. Whilst Sam Cole is working is way through the field. Alessio La Malfa receives a Black Flag for an ABC on Alfie Boote at the chicane, punting him off in the process. Alfie Boote drops to the back and out of contention as they recover to the circuit. Sam Cole opens up a commanding lead over Brendan James in 2nd closely followed by Alessio La Malfa, who in turn is being shadowed by Oliver Flint, Benji Hughes and Callum Stanley. Alessio La Malfa manages to squeeze by Brendan James for 2nd trying to negate his penalty as much as possible. Brendan James is now fending off Benji Hughes as he got by Oliver Flint. Brendan James is the recipient of an ABC by Benji Hughes at the hairpin, resulting in a Black Flag for Benji Hughes and also allowing Callum Stanley to capitalise and move into 3rd. Finished Sam Cole, Alessio La Malfa, Callum Stanley, Benji Hughes, Oliver Flint, Brendan James & Alfie Boote.

Heat 3
Abi Sanders starts the final heat from pole. The drivers try to squeeze all their karts into the same piece of tarmac with Nathan Britain coming off worse and spinning out. Andrew McWilliam emerges in the lead and sets about opening a gap. Abi Sanders is clear in 2nd. Alfie Boote is occupying 3rd fending off Oliver Flint and Reece Checkley. Brendan James is trying to cling onto the back of the mid-pack with Nathan Britain trying to recover after his earlier incident. Andrew McWilliam is driving well out the front to open up and 12 second lead. Abi Sanders is comfortable in 2nd. Oliver Flint moves into 3rd as Alfie Boote pits with an issue, also promoting Brendan James and Nathan Britain. Oliver Flint spins out and drops two places. Finished Andrew McWilliam, Abi Sanders, Brendan James, Nathan Britain, Oliver Flint, Reece Checkley & Alfie Boote.

B Final
Oliver Flint starts the first final from pole. All drivers make a clean getaway and sort themselves out through the chicane. Oliver Flint gets his head down to lead over the line, with Benji Hughes giving chase in 2nd. Alessio La Malfa has managed to work his way through into 3rd and makes it a three-way fight for the lead. Behind Reece Checkley, Alfie Boote & Nathan Britain have their own 3 way fight for the remaining positions. The front 3 are nose to tail throughout the lap as they vie for position with Oliver Flint managing to hold them off. Alfie Boote spins himself out at Turn 11 whilst challenging Reece Checkley. Benji Hughes is climbing all over the back of Oliver Flint in efforts to wrestle the lead from him. Benji Hughes has a scruffy lap giving Oliver Flint some breathing space. Alessio La Malfa makes contact at Turn 12 hairpin and advances past Benji Hughes resulting in a Black Flag for Alessio La Malfa. Alessio La Malfa manages to squeeze by Oliver Flint the following lap with all his hard work undone by the penalty. Nathan Britain has bested Reece Checkley and pulls away with Alfie Boote bringing up the rear. Benji Hughes gets a better exit from the final corner and gets into Turn 1 ahead of Oliver Flint. Oliver Flint challenges back and ABC’s Benji Hughes at Turn 6 resulting in a Black Flag. Finished Alessio La Malfa, Oliver Flint, Benji Hughes, Nathan Britain, Reece Checkley & Alfie Boote. As a result of the Black Flags Benji Hughes advances to the A final.

1st – Benji Hughes

2nd – Nathan Britain

3rd – Reece Checkley


A Final
Sam Cole lines up on pole for the final Cadet race. Sam Cole leads at the end of lap 1 with Andrew McWilliam keeping him honest. Abi Sanders is hanging on in 3rd. A short gap back to Callum Stanley who has Benji Hughes and Brendan James in close attention. Sam Cole is driving a controlled race at the front with Andrew McWilliam comfortable in 2nd. Abi Sanders is clear in 3rd. Benji Hughes makes a bold move up the inside into the hairpin and manages to get by into 4th pushing Callum Stanley wide and Brendan James capitalises on the situation to pounce for 5th, demoting Callum Stanley to last. The front 3 are nicely spread out whilst Benji Hughes is pulling away in 4th. The race has settled down with all drivers now spaced out. Last lap and the closest fight on circuit is for last position between Brendan James and Callum Stanley with Brendan James holding onto 5th. Finished Sam Cole, Andrew McWilliam, Abi Sanders, Benji Hughes, Brendan James & Callum Stanley.







Cadets A Final L-R: Andrew McWilliam (2nd), Sam Cole (1st), Abi Sanders (3rd)



Heat 1
William Potter starts the Junior heats from pole. Good start by all drivers and on the approach to Turn 2 Mackenzie Stevens and Jasmine La Malfa run side by side with Mackenzie Stevens driving on the grass to avoid contact. Dillon Davis gets out in the lead and steadily opens a 4 second gap. Ethan Kirkby is comfortable in 2nd and Mackenzie Stevens has fought through into 3rd. Mark Whitbread is fending off William Potter. Jasmine La Malfa has fallen to the back. Dillon Davis is maintaining a strong lead with Ethan Kirkby still in 2nd and then more daylight back to Mackenzie Stevens in 3rd. Mark Whitbread has broken well clear of William Potter. Jasmine La Malfa has pitted to swap her kart and is running at the back. Finished Dillon Davis, Ethan Kirkby, Mackenzie Stevens, Mark Whitbread, William Potter & Jasmine La Malfa.

Heat 2
Ben Sanders lines up on pole. Tentative start by all drivers into the chicane resulting in Harry Sanders spinning into the tyres out of the lead. Sam Halle-Hinxman has taken advantage and takes over the lead position. Ben Sanders, Ben Foden and Grace Lee-Davis are squabbling over the remaining podium spots. Harry Sanders has recovered back into 5th ahead of Jacob Wright. Sam Halle-Hinxman has opened up a 3 second gap, whilst Ben Foden has worked his way into 2nd in front of Ben Sanders with Grace Lee-Davis keeping a watching brief. Sam Halle-Hinxman has found his groove and extended his lead further. Ben Sanders has found a gap to squeeze by ahead of Ben Foden with Grace Lee-Davis poking her nose in at every opportunity. Harry Sanders is comfortable in 5th with Jacob Wright trying to close the gap. Ben Foden is pushing Ben Sanders to the line but can’t find a way through. Finished Sam Halle-Hinxman, Ben Sanders, Ben Foden, Grace Lee-Davis, Harry Sanders & Jacob Wright.

Heat 3
Mackenzie Stevens is on pole. An excellent start from Dillon Davis sees him cross the line in 1st with a small gap to Mackenzie Stevens in 2nd. Dillon Davis has now broken clear whilst the drivers behind battle over 2nd currently being occupied by Eric Su, with Mackenzie Stevens and Alex Jackson climbing all over the back of him. Ethan Kirkby is in 5th with Zack Wilson bringing up the rear. Dillon Davis is setting some consistent lap times to stretch the lead whilst Eric Su and Mackenzie Stevens are swapping 2nd and 3rd respectively lap by lap. Alex Jackson is making his presence felt in 4th whilst Ethan Kirkby is chasing them down in 5th. Zack Wilson although consistent with his lap times is losing a couple of seconds a lap at the back. Finished Dillon Davis, Mackenzie Stevens, Alex Jackson, Eric Su, Ethan Kirkby & Zack Wilson.

Heat 4
Ben Foden starts from pole position. Harry Sanders completes lap 1 in 1st just ahead of Ben Foden. Harry Sanders settles quickly into his rhythm and eases gently away from Ben Foden in 2nd. 3rd is occupied by Sam Halle-Hinxman but he is being pressured by Ben Sanders. Jacob Wright is in 5th with Mark Whitbread in 6th. Ben Sanders keeps hounding Sam Halle-Hinxman looking for a way past. Mark Whitbread is closing the gap to Jacob Wright in front of him. Harry Sanders is driving smooth out front with Ben Foden trying to keep him honest in 2nd. The last podium spot is still being fought over by Sam Halle-Hinxman and Ben Sanders with Ben Sanders finding a way with two laps to go. Finished Harry Sanders, Ben Foden, Ben Sanders, Sam Halle-Hinxman, Jacob Wright & Mark Whitbread.

Heat 5
Alex Jackson starts the final heat on pole. Eric Su dives for a gap that was always closing and spins himself out. Alex Jackson crosses the line in 1st with Zack Wilson in 2nd just ahead of William Potter. Grace Lee-Davis had a bad start and is now pressuring William Potter to regain the position. Eric Su has recovered back into 5th ahead of Jasmine La Malfa. Alex Jackson has settled into his rhythm at the front and maintains a clear lead ahead of Zack Wilson in 2nd. Eric Su emerges in 3rd as there is a tussle at the Turn 1 hairpin and sets after Zack Wilson. William Potter and Grace Lee-Davis now fight over 4th with Jasmine La Malfa still chasing the field in 6th. Eric Su has caught and passed Zack Wilson and pulls away in 2nd. Grace Lee-Davis has got the better of William Potter and closes in on Zack Wilson. Jasmine La Malfa is slowly catching William Potter. Grace Lee-Davis pulls a great move at the hairpin to get by Zack Wilson for 3rd. Last lap and Eric Su squeezes past Alex Jackson for the win. Jasmine La Malfa manages to catch William Potter and gets by to promote herself out of last position. Finished Eric Su, Alex Jackson, Grace Lee-Davis, Zack Wilson, Jasmine La Malfa & William Potter.

B Final
Mackenzie Stevens lines up for the first Junior final on pole. All drivers are clean through the first chicane. Mackenzie Stevens is fending off the attention of Grace Lee-Davis and Mark Whitbread. Jasmine La Malfa runs wide at Turn 7 dropping loads of time. Jacob Wright is in 4th with Ethan Kirkby following closely in 5th. Zack Wilson occupies 6th with William Potter sitting in 7th. Jasmine La Malfa is trying to recover the lost ground in 8th. Jacob Wright has closed in on the front 3 drivers as they battle. Mackenzie Stevens is sliding around in his defence of the lead whilst Grace Lee-Davis loses a place to Jacob Wright. Mark Whitbread is looking left and right for a way past Mackenzie Stevens as the latter tries to make his kart the widest ever. Jacob Wright has now closed in on the front two and makes a bold lunge up the inside of Turn 11 but Mark Whitbread holds on in 2nd. Ethan Kirkby is focusing on trying to catch Grace Lee-Davis and is achieving it at half a second a lap. Mackenzie Stevens is putting a great defensive display to hold onto the lead fending of both Jacob Wright and Mark Whitbread. Ethan Kirkby has caught Grace Lee-Davis and squeezes by across the line into Turn 1. Mackenzie Stevens’s fantastic efforts finally falter as he gets a poor exit from the hairpin and drops to 3rd as both Jacob Wright and Mark Whitbread swarm past. Finished Jacob Wright, Mark Whitbread, Mackenzie Stevens, Ethan Kirkby, Grace Lee-Davis, Zack Wilson, William Potter & Jasmine La Malfa. Jacob Wright advances to the final.


1st – Jacob Wright

2nd – Mark Whitbread

3rd – Mackenzie Stevens


A Final
Dillon Davis starts from pole for the final Junior race of the day. Dillon Davis crosses the line in 1st just ahead Eric Su who squeezes by Sam Halle-Hinxman into Turn 1. Ben Sanders is in 4th with the remaining drivers fighting over the same piece of tarmac. Eric Su gets by into the lead and a couple of corners later Sam Halle-Hinxman gets by Dillon Davis for 2nd. Ben Sanders is now closing in on Dillon Davis. Eric Su has broken clear out front with Sam Halle-Hinxman giving chase. Ben Sanders has forced Dillon Davis into the tyre chicane gaining the position, resulting in a Black Flag. After the incident Dillon Davis has dropped to the back. Jacob Wright is in 3rd and closing in on Sam Halle-Hinxman. Eric Su is now comfortable in the lead whilst Sam Halle-Hinxman and Jacob Wright are getting very close fighting over 2nd. Ben Sanders is in 4th but being hounded by Alex Jackson. Ben Foden is a short distance behind in 6th and fending off Dillon Davis and Harry Sanders. Dillon Davis gets by Ben Foden to relieve him of 6th. Jacob Wright has gotten past Sam Halle-Hinxman and sets after the leader. Finished Eric Su, Jacob Wright, Sam Halle-Hinxman, Ben Sanders, Alex Jackson, Dillon Davis, Harry Sanders & Ben Foden.







Juniors A Final L-R: Jacob Wright (2nd), Eric Su (1st), Sam Halle-Hinxman (3rd)


DMAX-GT Championship

Heat 1
George Kenning starts on pole for the first senior race. Good clean start by all drivers as they slot into positions. Kurt Fawdry makes it through into the lead ahead of George Kenning in 2nd. Alex Bomberg has made a good start to 9th from his starting position at the back of the grid. The front two drivers try to open a gap to David Hamblett in 3rd as he is heading a train consisting of James Cook, Richard Lavender and Kieran Coombs. Alex Bomberg continues to work is way through the field and crosses the line in 7th at the end of lap two. David Hamblett is defending the final podium position against a pack of drivers including James Cook, Richard Lavender, Kieran Coombs and the charging Alex Bomberg. Kurt Fawdry and George Kenning are nose to tail escaping at the front whilst David Hamblett clings on to 3rd in front of the marauding pack. Richard Lavender makes a good move up the inside of Turn 11 and Kieran Coombs capitalises on James Cook being offline to also follow through. Joe Hamblett and Alex Bomberg also squeeze through as James Cook runs wide unable to get back on the racing line dropping him to 8th. George Kenning is still pressuring Kurt Fawdry out the front as the leader gap extends to the pack behind. Richard Lavender manages to find a gap big enough for a kart and moves ahead of David Hamblett for 3rd. Alex Bomberg is on fire today and moved into 5th. Kieran Coombs is still challenging in 6th whilst James Cook has regained one place to 7th in front of Joe Hamblett. Patrick Kelly is in 9th trying to bridge the gap. Thomas Lee-Davis is occupying 10th and Patryk Welna is getting to grips with his kart and moved up into 11th. With Mark Blaine and Ryan Marsden fighting over last spot swapping positions. The two leaders have opened up a 7 second lead to Richard Lavender in 3rd with daylight between him and the hard-working David Hamblett in 4th. James Cook has worked himself back into 5th and challenges David Hamblett into Turn 4 clearly making his presence known as he taps the kart on entry, David Hamblett adjusts his line to close the door but is slow out of the corner and James Cook gets by on the run to Turn 5. Alex Bomberg and Kieran Coombs seize the opportunity and drive by David Hamblett demoting him further. Having caught the pack in front Patrick Kelly also finds a way past David Hamblett and after the latter’s valiant defensive efforts he is now in 9th. At the back Mark Blaine and Ryan Marsden are swapping positions with currently Mark Blaine getting the better of the two through Turn 4. Joe Hamblett puts on a late charge and makes a great move around Turn 9 to get past Kieran Coombs. Finished Kurt Fawdry, George Kenning, Richard Lavender, James Cook, Alex Bomberg, Joe Hamblett, Patrick Kelly, Kieran Coombs, David Hamblett, Thomas Lee-Davis, Patryk Welna, Mark Blaine & Ryan Marsden.

Heat 2
Patryk Welna lines up in pole. Thomas Lee-Davis runs wide at Turn 3 on the opening lap and tells himself off for the silly mistake before rejoining at the back of the pack. Patryk Welna manages to maintain the lead throughout the first lap until the final corner where Alex Bomberg dives up the inside to take the position. Tony Welch and Andy Spencer quickly follow through to take 2nd and 3rd respectively. Tony makes a good move up the inside of Turn 7 to take the lead from Alex Bomberg. Andy Spencer attempts a similar move on Alex Bomberg through Turn 9 but Alex Bomberg fights back through Turn 10 to retain 2nd. Patrick Kelly sticks his nose alongside Patryk Welna but can’t make the move stick and then loses a position to Ryan Welch. Tony Welch is trying to gap the field behind whilst Andy Spencer is still looking for a way past Patryk Welna and finally sees an opening at Turn 11 to move into 2nd. Ryan Welch has broken clear in 4th, leaving Patryk Welna to fend of the chasing pack headed by Patrick Kelly followed by James Cook. James Cook overtakes Patrick Kelly for 5th and sets after Ryan Welch. At the back Thomas Lee-Davis has got his head together and is 2 seconds a lap quicker than the drivers in front of him to catch them up. Thomas Lee-Davis makes a clean manoeuvre past Steven Humpage at Turn 7. At the hairpin Kurt Fawdry dives up the inside of Joe Hamblett with Joe Hamblett doing the criss-cross on the exit to retain his position as they cross the line. Out the front Tony Welch has got some daylight back to Andy Spencer in 2nd, with Alex Bomberg clinging on in 3rd. Ryan Welch in 4th is being closed down by James Cook. Patryk Welna slides out the exit of Turn 6 allowing Patrick Kelly alongside on the approach to Turn 7, Patryk Welna fends off Patrick Kelly and the whole manoeuvre presents Anthony Whitehouse with an opportunity to pass Patrick Kelly which he does through Turn 9. Kurt Fawdry makes a fantastic overtake and gets by two drivers through the Turn 11 flick. Drivers are three wide through Turn 1 resulting in Harry Darby clipping the kerb at Turn 2. Andy Spencer has now caught Tony Welch and starts the process of trying to find a way to pass for the lead. Alex Bomberg is comfortable in 3rd two seconds back down the road. James Cook is now in 4th ahead of Ryan Welch. Patryk Welna gets demoted to 9th as Kurt Fawdry, Joe Hamblett and Anthony Whitehouse. After quite a bit of probing and nice tidy defending Andy Spencer manages to get past Tony Welch up the inside at Turn 9. James Cook in 4th has gapped Ryan Welch in 5th. Kurt Fawdry has got some clear air in 6th ahead of Joe Hamblett being chased by Anthony Whitehouse in 7th and 8th. Patrick Kelly has got past Patryk Welna, Thomas Lee-Davis tries to follow through at Turn 9 but doesn’t manage to make it stick, yet pulls off the criss-cross into Turn 10 and gets by. Tony Welch has been keeping Andy Spencer honest at the front whilst Alex Bomberg has claimed the final podium spot. James Cook has been edging closer to Alex Bomberg but has run out of laps. Harry Darby has pulled himself out of last to get by Steven Humpage. Finished Andy Spencer, Tony Welch, Alex Bomberg, James Cook, Ryan Welch, Kurt Fawdry, Joe Hamblett, Anthony Whitehouse, Patrick Kelly, Thomas Lee-Davis, Patryk Welna, Harry Darby & Steven Humpage.

Heat 3
Harry Darby starts the last heat from pole position. Ryan Marsden is forced wide at the exit of Turn 1 and bounces back onto the circuit at Turn 2. Kieran Coombs slides wide at Turn 6. Harry Darby retains his starting position to cross the line 1st followed by Ryan Welch and Andy Spencer. Further down the field David Hamblett bumps past Tony Welch at the hairpin and allows Tony Welch back past to avoid the penalty. Andy Spencer gets by Ryan Welch for 2nd and immediately sets after Harry Darby. Harry Darby is aware of who is now behind him and starts to look back over his shoulder waiting for the attack to come. Richard Lavender is in 4th chasing Ryan Welch. Mark Blaine is having a strong race in 5th. George Kenning is up into 7th from the back of the grid chasing Steven Humpage and Anthony Whitehouse is making himself known behind. Tony Welch is gaining at a rate of two seconds a lap recovering from his earlier altercation. Drivers are three wide through Turn 5 with George Kenning emerging ahead of Steven Humpage and Anthony Whitehouse following through. Kieran Coombs also pounces to demote Steven Humpage another spot. Harry Darby is setting a good pace out front to try and pull away but Andy Spencer is the quickest man on track and is closing the gap. Andy Spencer catches Harry Darby and immediately attacks him through Turn 6 and manages to make the move stick. Richard Lavender is climbing all over the back of Ryan Welch trying to wrestle 3rd from him, whilst Mark Blaine is still holding 5th spot. Anthony Whitehouse and Kieran Coombs have both got past George Kenning. At the back Tony Welch is on a charge and manages to get by Ryan Marsden and Steven Humpage in the same lap. Andy Spencer has put a little bit of daylight between himself and Harry Darby, whilst Ryan Welch is still fending off Richard Lavender for the final podium spot. Mark Blaine is caught by Kieran Coombs and Kieran Coombs wastes no time in getting by driving around the outside of Turn 5. George Kenning has got back past Anthony Whitehouse as Tony Welch starts to threaten them both. Tony Welch dives up the inside on the entry to the hairpin at Turn 12 to get past Anthony Whitehouse. David Hamblett has been quietly going about his business at the back of the field and now caught and dispatches Ryan Marsden to move out of the last spot. Andy Spencer is easing away from Harry Darby. Richard Lavender is now occupying 3rd with Kieran Coombs in 5th trying to close the gap to Ryan Welch. George Kenning is now harassing Mark Blaine for 6th with Tony Welch closing in on the pair of them. Closest battle on the circuit is now Tony Welch hassling George Kenning for 7th. George Kenning runs slightly wide on the exit of Turn 10 inviting Tony Welch through. Kieran Coombs makes a bold but clean move up the inside into the hairpin and manages to get by Ryan Welch for 4th as the drivers start their last lap. Finished Andy Spencer, Harry Darby, Richard Lavender, Kieran Coombs, Ryan Welch, Tony Welch, George Kenning, Mark Blaine, Anthony Whitehouse, Steven Humpage, David Hamblett & Ryan Marsden.

B Final
Harry Darby lines up on pole. Patryk Welna has a scruffy opening lap. Joe Hamblett attacks Harry Darby for 1st going into Turn 11 but Harry Darby holds onto the lead as they cross the line. Patrick Kelly is in 3rd. Anthony Whitehouse then completes the lap nose to tail with David Hamblett. Thomas Lee-Davis is in 6th. Ryan Marsden is fending off Mark Blaine and Patryk Welna with Steven Humpage bringing up the rear. Thomas Lee-Davis makes a great move up the inside of Turn 4 to advance past David Hamblett into 5th. Patrick Kelly is showing his nose at Turn 6 which distracts Joe Hamblett and Patrick Kelly tries the criss-cross through Turn 7, Joe Hamblett holds the position but Patrick Kelly is climbing all over the back of him. Harry Darby keeps his nose clean to start to open a gap at thee front as 2nd and 3rd squabble for track position. Anthony Whitehouse is now comfortable in 4th with Thomas Lee-Davis trying to close the gap. Steven Humpage claims 9th from Patryk Welna up the inside of Turn 4. Harry Darby continues to ease clear at the front whilst Patrick Kelly is still hounding Joe Hamblett. Mark Blaine is launching a counter attack on Ryan Marsden for 7thand manages to slide up the inside at Turn 4. Patrick Kelly appears to be the slightly quicker driver but can’t find an opening to get by. Steven Humpage gets by Ryan Marsden promoting himself to 8th. Mark Blaine gains a position getting past David Hamblett. Harry Darby has opened up a 3 second lead in front of the squabbling Joe Hamblett and Patrick Kelly. Anthony Whitehouse is now comfortable in 4th. Thomas Lee-Davis is in 5th being closed down by Mark Blaine. Anthony Whitehouse pits with a lap to go for a kart swap dropping him to the back of the field. Thomas Lee-Davis and Mark Blaine take over 4th and 5th as Anthony Whitehouse pitted and Mark immediately pounces on Thomas Lee-Davis into Turn 4 and squeezes by.  Finished Harry Darby, Patrick Kelly, Joe Hamblett, Mark Blaine, Thomas Lee-Davis, David Hamblett, Steven Humpage, Patryk Welna, Ryan Marsden & Anthony Whitehouse. Harry Darby advances to the A final.

1st – Harry Darby

2nd – Patrick Kelly

3rd – Joe Hamblett


A Final
Andy Spencer starts the final from pole. Tony Welch drives cleanly up the inside of Kurt Fawdry into Turn 4 moving into 2nd. James Cook challenges Richard Lavender through Turn 6 and makes the moves stick on the exit. Andy Spencer is straight into the groove and starts to put daylight between himself and the rest of the field as they try and sort themselves out. Harry Darby has made a good start and has moved up into 7th from the back of the grid after moving up from the B final. Kurt Fawdry gets swallowed up through Turns 6 & 7 as Richard Lavender gets past one side and then Ryan Welch the other. Harry Darby capitalises and follows through at Turn 9 with George Kenning seizing the opportunity as well as Kurt Fawdry can’t get back onto the racing line. Harry Darby squeezes by at Turn 1 running Richard Lavender wide kicking up the dust. Andy Spencer is now extending is lead at the front with Tony Welch trying to chase him down. James Cook is now comfortable in 3rd. Ryan Welch has a new shadow in the form of Harry Darby. George Kenning is in 6th having a solid start. Kurt Fawdry has regained his composure and worked himself back into 7th ahead of Richard Lavender. Whilst Alex Bomberg has got in front of Kieran Coombs. George Kenning has closed in on Harry Darby as he is still shadowing Ryan Welch. Kieran Coombs is trying to fight back against Alex Bomberg over last spot. Harry Darby trying to attack and defend makes a good exit from Turn 10 but has to concede going into Turn 11. George Kenning is waiting to strike should either of the two drivers make a mistake in front of him. Harry Darby gets alongside Ryan Welch as they exit Turn 1 and as they enter Turn 2 Harry Darby runs out of tarmac and bounces across the kerb getting himself a warning. Ryan Welch does the criss-cross to maintain position into Turn 4. All this fighting makes it a 5-way battle for 4th as Kurt Fawdry has dragged Richard Lavender onto the back of them. Harry Darby tries around the outside at Turn 5 and nearly opens the door for George Kenning. Andy Spencer has stretched the gap at the front to 4 seconds ahead of Tony Welch who in turn is comfortably distant from James Cook in 3rd.  The front three are quite serenely driving their races whilst it is fast and furious from 4th backwards. Harry Darby makes a dive up the inside at Turn 9 and manages to make it stick despite running a little wide. Ryan Welch manages to shut the door before the train behind follow through. Harry Darby now sets about putting daylight between himself and the chasing pack whilst Ryan Welch is driving the widest kart on the circuit. After probing for a few laps, Kieran Coombs makes a lunge stick and gets past Alex Bomberg to promote himself out of last. 4th to 9th are now running nose to tail. Kieran Coombs is now got the bit between his teeth and dives past Kurt Fawdry at Turn 1. Harry Darby is closing in on James Cook at a rate of half a second a lap but is it quick enough. Ryan Welch and George Kenning have managed to opena small gap to Richard Lavender whilst Kurt Fawdry and Kieran Coombs keep swapping positions corner by corner. Alex Bomberg has now closed the gap to join the tail of the pack. Ryan Welch is putting on a fantastic defensive display to hold onto 5th. In the mid field pack the battle is still raging for positions as Richard Lavender out brakes himself at Turn 4 and runs off wide resulting in him getting stuck in the tyre barrier dropping him to the back of the field and out of the race. Finished Andy Spencer, Tony Welch, James Cook, Harry Darby, Ryan Welch, George Kenning, Kurt Fawdry, Alex Bomberg, Kieran Coombs & Richard Lavender.







DMAX-GT A Final L-R: Tony Welch (2nd), Andy Spencer (1st), James Cook (3rd)


SODI Endurance

Team Kenning open the pole position bid with a 1:00:943. Half way point and after being demoted down the grid Team Kenning are back on pole with a 1:00:476 ahead of Team Smith 1:00:689 and Team Cook 1:00:833. Qualifying finishes with Team Kenning on pole with a 1:00:148. Fastest Lights qualifier is Team Hammond in 3rd and fastest Heavies qualifier is Team Kenning in 1st.

Slow start from Team Smith as they get swallowed up by Team Cook and Team Hammond. Team Hammond challenges Team Kenning into Turn 4 but can’t find a way through and Team Kenning holds onto the lead. Team Cook takes advantage and moves into 2nd. Team Smith pit straight away to get their mandatory stop done. After challenging Team Kenning, Team Cook has now dropped into the clutches of Team Hammond, with Team Okonski and Team Summerill following close behind. Team Summerill makes it through to take 4th from Team Okonski. Team Holliday are a little gap behind in 6th. Team Barratt and Team Coleman are fighting over 7th with Team Coleman in 9th. Team Collett are holding 10th with Team Smith catching them after making their stop. Team Marangon make their stop on lap 4 to try and give themselves some clear air. Team Kenning are setting some consistent lap times to pull clear at the front whilst 2nd to 5th are squabbling over the remaining podium positions. Team Holliday are keeping a watch brief in 6th. Team Hammond dives from a long way back inside Team Cook at Turn 9 resulting in Team Hammond spinning out and collecting Team Okonski in the process. Team Coleman make their pitstop. Team Okonski carry out their pitstop. After the incident at Turn 9 Team Kenning are now in the lead by 7 seconds ahead of Team Summerill. Team Holliday are now in 3rd with Team Cook recovering in 4th. Team Barratt are in 5th with the early pitting Team Smith now back up to 6th. As Team Kenning are lapping the drivers Team Okonski also follows through to take 2 positions ahead of Team Collett and Team Coleman. Team Coleman makes a bold move up the inside of Turn 7 to take Team Collett. As we approach the halfway mark and Team Kenning have opened up a 13 second lead ahead of Team Summerill. Team Holliday currently complete the podium positions in 3rd, with Team Cook chasing them down in 4th. Team Hammond have made their way past Team Holliday after the latter get back into their rhythm following their stop. Team Collett carry out their stop leaving only three teams to make their stops. After the latest pit stops Team Okonski are back up to 7th. Team Cook make their stop with 26 minutes left on the clock. Team Smith are now back up to 3rd position with a few seconds gap back to Team Holliday and Team Cook a few more seconds behind. Team Kenning make their stop at the 22 minutes remaining mark handing the lead over to Team Summerill which is now the only team left to stop. Team Kenning rejoin 2 seconds behind Team Summerill which will release them when Team Summerill pit. Team Smith have opened up more of a gap to Team Holliday who in turn has stretched the difference back to Team Cook. Team Hammond are in 6th a couple of seconds behind Team Cook. Team Okonski in 7th are shadowing the leader Team Summerill on circuit with Team Kenning now right behind the pair. Team Summerill pit with 16 minutes to go in the race releasing Team Kenning. Team Hammond have been chipping away and now caught Team Cook. Team Hammond make an attempt into Turn 6 but Team Cook hold his line and retains 5th. Team Hammond manages to squeeze by down the straight into Turn 3 but Team Cook gets back through at Turn 4. The two drivers tussle into Turn 9 with Team Cook ending up on the grass. Team Cook rejoin just ahead of the leader Team Kenning who is still being shadowed by Team Okonski. Team Kenning lap Team Cook and Team Okonski take advantage and follow through to take 6th. Team Hammond are issued with a Black Flag for the move at Turn 9 on Team Cook. Overall finishing classification is Team Kenning, Team Summerill, Team Smith, Team Holliday, Team Okonski, Team Cook, Team Barratt, Team Marangon, Team Hammond, Team Coleman & Team Collett.







Sodi Endurance Lights L-R: Team Okonski (2nd), Team Summerill (1st), Team Cook (3rd)








Sodi Endurance Heavies L-R: Team Smith (2nd), Team Kenning (1st), Team Holliday (3rd)


Well done to all drivers for some fantastic racing today. We now look ahead to Round 9, which is at the end of April.