Daytona Tamworth 2018 InKart Championships
Round 2 Race Report
4th February 2018

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Sam Cole raced brilliantly winning both of his heats. Jacob Wright and William Bomberg fantastic battle in Heat 1.  Great overtake by Andrew McWilliam in Heat 2 to take the lead from Ethan Kirkby who had a very strong performance.  Another great battle in Heat 3 by Sam Cole and Andrew McWilliam.  Andrew excelled in overtaking in all of his heats.  All heats created a very strong looking A final.

Cadet Finals
The B final drivers spread out evenly with Cian Geraghty taking the lead.  William Bomberg made his way up the pack to 2nd. Joshua Borton got the fastest lap. The A final saw Sam Cole who had the fastest lap of the final take the lead out of the grid and move away from the pack along with Andrew McWilliam who was in 2nd. The rest of the pack were extremely close to each other battling well with the occasional tussle. Sam Cole got 1st position, Andrew McWilliam 2nd and Luke Ringham took 3rd.


B Final
1st Cian Geraghty
2nd William Bomberg
3rd Casey Baughan

A Final
1st Sam Cole
2nd Andrew McWilliam
3rd Luke Ringham




Mike Okonski had fantastic heats considering it was only his second InKart Championship round. There was a tight battle between Dillion Davis, Mike Okonski and Alex Jackson. Olly Hood had a really strong performance in both of his heats to take Pole position for the A final.


Junior Finals
The B final drivers spread out evenly with Sam Edwards taking an early lead later being overtaken by Ben Sanders who maintained his lead. The A final saw Olly Hood taking the lead which he maintained all the way through as well as taking fastest lap while the rest of the pack battled behind him with Dillion Davis taking 2nd and Joe Williams taking 3rd.

B Final
1st Ben Sanders
2nd William Green
3rd Jack Sherwood

A Final
1st Olly Hood
2nd Dillon Davis
3rd Joe Williams




Harry Darby took the lead at the start of the first heat with Kurt Fawdry and Andy Spencer on his tail, these three drivers in their usual InKart race battle. In the second heat, Tony Welch took pole from Alex Bomberg with Harry, Kurt and Andy moving strongly up the pack. Tony held his lead. Good competitive battle in this heat.  Heat 1 saw the Heavies go round in a pack with Ryan Welch leading who maintained his solid performance in the 2nd heat by again leading. Good clean racing by these guys.


Tony Welch pulls away at start followed by usual suspects Harry Darby, Matthew Spencer, Kurt Fawdry and Andy Spencer. Very fast drivers in this final with Tony pulling a 56:141 as his fastest lap, but fastest lap of the final going to Andy Spencer at 55:705. Fantastic race by Andy who was hot on the wheels of Harry, with an exciting overtake on the last hairpin Andy overtook Harry only for Harry to take 2nd position back into the chequered. A fantastic exciting race Tony 1st, Harry 2nd and Andy 3rd.  Again, Ryan Welch leads the heavies with dominance. Paul Studd moving up the pack towards him.

Lights Final
1st Tony Welch
2nd Harry Darby
3rd Andy Spencer




Heavies Final
1st Ryan Welch
2nd Paul Studd
3rd Lee Schnitzler




Sodi Endurance Championship

In qualifying the top 15 drivers were split by less than a second. During the main event, in the first few laps of the race a number of drivers made their mandatory pit stop, Team Farigoule and Team Batty did so a little bit too hastily incurring a pit lane speeding penalty, will it ruin their race? Team Hudson take the early lead followed closely by Team Strike and Team Willis. Team Henwood has made a good early start on his Sodi debut moving up from the Junior category. Team KEP starring 2013 Le Mans winner Martin Plowman are maintaining a final top 10 place. Team Hudson maintains the lead up to the halfway point where they dropped to 4th. Everyone is their holding positions despite the tiredness kicking in on this hour-long endurance event. Team Hudson regained their 1st position with Team Strike, Team Cook and Team Willis battling him from behind. Team KEP lost their top 10 place with their driver and self-requested kart swap slowing them down slightly. Good clean racing by all drivers with the final result being Team Willis in 1st, Team Hudson in 2nd and Team Strike in 3rd.

Lights Final
1st Team Willis
2nd Team Hudson
3rd Team Strike




Heavies Final
1st Team Malin
2nd Team Pritchard
3rd Team Holliday