Daytona Tamworth 2018 InKart Championships
Round Four Race Report (PDF Download)


Heat 1
Jacob Wright led away from pole through Turn 1. Joe Lorenz made a brilliant start up to 3rd from 4th. Lap 1 ended with the field tightly bunched. Andrew McWilliam then worked his way to the front by lap 2 and pulled away from the pack. 2nd to 6th jostled for position and probably contributed to McWilliam making his gap. Sam Cole makes a break from 3rd place putting a decent gap between them. With 3rd then making a break soon after.  McWilliam can’t be caught and wins by 4.8 seconds from Sam.

Heat 2
Samuel Halle-Hinxman led from pole but this didn’t last for long as Luke Ringham made his way to the front by the end of lap 1 and pulled a 0.8 second lead. Halle-Hinxman relentlessly chases him down though lap after lap. Meanwhile from out of nowhere Harry Sanders closed up on the front 2. Lapping a second quicker than the top 2 turning it into a three-way fight at the front. Sanders kept having little nibbles at Halle-Hinxman but couldn’t get through. This battling though cost them a chance at the lead. Luke Ringham is then able to move clear to win by half a second from Halle-Hinxman and Sanders. A brilliant win for Ringham.

Heat 3
Sam Cole led from pole in which was probably the best heat of the day drama-wise. First Joe Lorenz went from 4th to 2nd on the run to Turn 4 with a cracking run. Sam Cole then pulls away while 2nd to 5th battled away. Jacob Wright defends hard all race after getting back into 2nd. 2nd to 5th covered by a second all race, with Andrew McWilliam and Joe Lorenz swapping places at least 4 times. But then the drama happened. On the last lap at the last corner, Andrew McWilliam made a move on Lorenz which unfortunately lead to him being taken out. Jacob Wright and Abi Sanders couldn’t believe their luck as they were gifted an easy 2nd and 3rd. McWilliam picked up a penalty for this coming together. Meanwhile a very classy performance from Sam Cole as he romped to victory.

Heat 4
Elliot Woodall lead away from pole with the battling pack behind. Samuel Halle-Hinxman manages to make his way through the pack of the grid to hunt down Woodall. Halle-Hinxman takes a couple of laps to pass Woodall and then proceeded to pull away and eventually wins the heat by 4 seconds. Behind, Luke Ringham makes a move on Oliver Flint up the inside at Turn 10. But this allows Flint to attempt a re-overtake at the hairpin put ends up losing another place to Ethan Kirkby who sneaks by. Halle-Hinxman takes the win, followed by Sanders and Woodall.

B Final
Joe Lorenz was the pole sitter and never looked back. A real classy and controlled race from Lorenz and he held on to win by 6.8s from Ethan Kirkby, to go through to the A final. However, a race to forget for Oliver Flint as he spun from 5th on lap 1 Turn 1. The unlucky Abi Sanders had nowhere to go and collected Flint and spun him even more. A classic race start incident. Behind was a stalemate as everyone kept the position they had after lap 1.

1st – Joe Lorenz
2nd – Ethan Kirkby
3rd – Elliot Woodall

A Final
Sam Cole was on pole, in a race which will be remembered for an awesome battle between the top 2. Joe Lorenz had a mega start to overtake 2 from the back buoyed with confidence from his earlier win. Joe Lorenz then proceeded to make his way into second and hunt down Sam Cole for 1st taking Andrew McWilliam with him. This is the point the Top 3 gap the rest of the field, with them covered by just 0.7s. Sam Cole gets spun! The top 3 were so close Race Direction couldn’t be sure who spun him. Gutting for Sam but he’ll bounce back from this. Joe Lorenz and Andrew McWilliam proceeded then to battle away swapping positions lap after lap. Spending at last half a lap side by side. Eventually Andrew McWilliam takes the win from Joe Lorenz by just 0.2s.

1st – Andrew McWilliam
2nd – Joe Lorenz
3rd – Samuel Halle-Hinxman


Heat 1
Kyle Dunford led away from pole through Turn 1 but gets overtaken around Turn 6 by Ben Sanders. They then both proceed to pull away from the field. William Green and Mike Okonski work their way past Jack Sherwood for 3rd and 4th. With Mike Okonski then making his way past Green at Turn 9. The field then spreads out and settles down after a frantic first few laps. Ben Sanders wins quite comfortably by 7.6 seconds.

Heat 2
Arian Kafaie led away from pole through Turn 1 and then the first lap. The pack behind was 4-wide through Turn 5! Onto the second lap and Dillion Davis squeezed his way through to lead in which was brilliant racing to watch. Although a few no bumping board were issued. The field then spreads out and settles down only for them bunch back up. Dillion Davis still led from Olly hood then Alex Jackson but the Top 3 were spread by just half a second. Could Dillion Davis hold on? Unfortunately for him no. Olly Hood gets through and pulls away. Davis was then black flagged for advantage by contact on Jackson at the hairpin on lap 5 trying his best to regain 2nd after Alex Jackson had got by earlier in the lap. Hood wins from Jackson by 2.190 seconds.

Heat 3
Mike Okonski leads from pole through Turn 1. There was chaos behind as Christian Walker and Kyle Dunford spin in turn 2! Mike Okonski leads the first lap, with William Green, Ben Sanders and Kyle close behind. Lap two saw 2nd to 4th going 3-wide through Turn 3. Green, Sanders and Dunford the drivers making the exciting viewing. Kyle Dunford gets a black flag for overtaking with all four wheels off circuit during the 3-wide spectacle! Dunford looked quick up to this point and got his head down and managed to minimise the penalty by overtaking Okonski for 1st.  Yellow at T5 for the unlucky Jack Sherwood as a mechanical failure takes him out the race. Kyle Dunford wins from Ben Sanders who overtook Green for 2nd on the last lap, which with Dunford’s black flag means Sanders takes the win.

Heat 4
Alex Jackson led from pole and leads the first lap under pressure from Dillon Davis who made his way up from 4th on the grid. Davis eventually made his way past setting his PB of the heat.  Excellent performance from Davis as he holds off Olly Hood to win by 1.7 seconds.

B Final
Ben Foden lead away from pole after a re grid. That was the last we saw from Foden as he romped to victory by a country mile and makes it through to the A final. Behind was closer as Mark Whitbread and Jack Sherwood who were separated by just 0.2 seconds for 2nd and 3rd respectively, who had both passed Thomas Jex earlier in the race. Jex seemed to be battling with drivers all race with hard defending from a feisty looking Christian Walker.

1st Ben Foden
2nd – Mark Whitbread
3rd – Jack Sherwood

A Final
Start of the Junior A final started with a re grid after 3rd place stalls on the grid. This doesn’t faze Ben Sanders as he leads from Pole for take two. In a really tense race, the Top 5 were covered by 1.5s after the first lap. In a gripping battle at the front the top 4 go 2 by 2 across the start line covered by just 0.2s.  Sanders eventually lost the lead and slipped down to 4th where he ends up. This left Dillion Davis leading from Olly Hood and Alex Jackson. Davis managed to hold for the win ahead of 57 by just 0.186! Brilliant racing!

Dillon Davis
2nd – Alex Jackson
3rd – Olly Hood

DMAX-GT Championships

Heat 1
In the Lights, Matthew Spencer started on pole and kept the position but not from a lack of trying from James Cook and Matthew’s brother, Andy. Two laps in and Andy Spencer makes his way into the lead only for him to win but not before setting a new lap record. 55.623! Hats off to you, Andy! Meanwhile in the heavies, Ryan Welch starts on Pole but Richard Lavender moves up to 1st from 3rd. But as Lap 5 comes around Ryan says ’I’ll have my lead back now’ and overtakes Richard Lavender for the lead. At this point the Top 5 were covered by less than 2 seconds. Welch wins from George Kenning who brilliantly overtakes Richard Lavender on the last lap for 2nd.

Heat 2
Alex Bomberg who starts on pole in the Lights. After a re grid due to a stalled engine Alex keeps his lead. Kurt Fawdry, who started 2nd, takes one lap to move to the front where he stays and takes the win. Alex Bomberg ends up just 0.2 behind. The top 7 finishing just 4.2 seconds apart. Excellent drive from Matthew Spencer as he works he way to the 3rd from being last on the grid. Meanwhile in the Heavies Anthony Whitehouse started on pole. Anthony leads the first lap but ends up falling back as Ben Cattell makes his way past to take 1st. Cattell wins at a canter from Ryan Welch. Welch had a brilliant first few laps and moved his way into 2nd from the back of the grid.

So for the last Final of the day it was Kurt Fawdry who scored best in the heats to start on pole. But it was Matt Spencer with the best start as he jumps Andy Spencer on the run to Turn 3 and then gets Fawdry at T4. Alex Bomberg sneaks past Andy Spencer following Matthew Spencer through.  Andy Spencer though wastes no time in snapping straight back through. But in the process loses time to the top two. But it only takes half a lap for him to make it a 3-way battle at the front. A Spencer gets past Fawdry and then attempted to overtake M Spencer at Turn 11 but ends up bumping him. Andy allows his brother past but Fawdry, the quick thinker he is, tries to takes advantage and sneak past but to no avail. Matt Spencer then does an amazing job to avoid a broken-down kart in the middle of the track. Andy Spencer times his move to the front well and gets past Matt Spencer on the short run to T11 with one lap to go. Andy holds on for the win, with Matt and Kurt in 2nd and 3rd.

In the Heavies it was Ryan Welch who started on pole but Ben Cattell moves past for the lead. That’s the last we saw from Ben as he waltzed away for a comfortable win. Mark Blaine then unfortunately had to retire after losing his chain. He will have been gutted as he was going strong. Cattell takes the win from Tim Watts, who had passed Welch with a few laps to go. Welch managed to hold on for the last podium spot despite pressure from Richard Lavender, crossing the line one tenth of a second ahead!