Daytona Tamworth 2018 InKart Championships
Round 1 Race Report 

7th January 2018

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Qualification for the Finals was tight with just 1 point separating the back row of the A Final and the top 3 places in the B Final, showing a real strength in depth in the field. Cian Geraghty took Pole for the B Final, followed by Joshua Borton and Joe Lorenz.

In the A-Final, 2017 Champion Danny Gould started the season where he ended last with wins in both his heats, while Sam Cole and Daniel Munro were split by just a couple of points with Cole taking a win and a 2nd and Munro a brace of 2nd places. Casey Baughan and Ethan Kirkby completed the Top 5 as we proceeded into the Finals…

B Final
An early spin from Jacob Wright on the first lap collected both Nathan Britain and Oliver Flint. All three made it back onto track unaided and got underway. Cian Geraghty maintained his lead, with Joe Lorenz and Joshua Borton battling for 2nd. Borton made it through albeit with the use of contact and sportingly waved Lorenz back through. Borton regrouped and had another go at taking 2nd, successfully this time until he ran wide at Turn 11, allowing Lorenz to get back through. As the race progressed, Lorenz spun out in the tricky conditions, allowing William Bomberg to take 3rd place. Bomberg then made it through to 2nd as Borton had a small spin but was quickly back on Bomberg’s tail. There was late drama involving Oliver Flint and Joshua Borton at Turn 8, resulting in a penalty for Oliver Flint. Geraghty took the win, followed by William Bomberg and Joe Lorenz.

1st Cian Geraghty 2nd William Bomberg 3rd Joe Lorenz

A Final
Sam Cole slipped in behind Danny Gould as the pair began to pull away from the chasing pack early on. Sam Wilson moved from 6th up to 4th then back down to 6th. Gould was managing to pull a lead over Sam Cole who in turn was dropping Casey Baughan who had made it up to 3rd place. The battle for 4th was being contested by Sam Wilson, Daniel Munro who had dropped back from his 3rd place start and Ethan Kirkby. The three of them were lapping within tenths of each other, with McWilliam and Woodall a further second behind. Gould took a commanding win from Sam Cole, with Casey Baughan completing the podium.

1st Danny Gould, 2nd Sam Cole, 3rd Casey Baughan



Dillon Davis looked to be the man to beat at Round 1 of the 2018 Junior InKart Championships with wins in both of his qualifying heats, putting him on Pole for the A Final. Newcomer Mike Okonski was looking impressive in his InKart debut with a pair of 2nd’s setting him up for a good shot come the finals. Daytona Milton Keynes regular, Olly Hood, was unfortunate not to make the A Final in his first round of InKart at Tamworth having to settle for Pole in the B-Final with 2nd to 4th split by just a single point. The Final grids were…

B Final
The B Final commenced with Olly Hood and William Green on the front row. The first lap saw a number of changes for the lead as Green managed to get ahead of Hood, before being demoted back to 2nd and then regaining the lead on the 2nd lap.
Thomas Jex was handed a penalty for contact on Jack Sherwood at the final hairpin before Olly Hood was adjudged to have made contact as he made his move to retake the lead. This resulted in a penalty for Hood and although he was able to break away from Green, this would ultimately be in vain. Hood took the chequered flag from Green and Sherwood. The penalties would mean Green took the win, with Sherwood and Mark Whitbread 2nd and 3rd respectively.

1st William Green 2nd Jack Sherwood 3rd Mark Whitbread

A Final
After a false start the A final got away cleanly with Dillion Davis maintaining his lead and Joe Williams moving up to 2nd. Joe Williams made a move on Davis pressuring him for 1st position which he won but he was going to have to defend with all he had as Davis was right back at him. Dillon Davis stayed glued to Williams rear bumper for the next couple of laps, biding his time before retaking the lead with 4 laps to go. Their battle continued through to the chequered flag, with Dillon Davis taking the win by less than half a second. Alex Jackson completed the podium.

1st Dillon Davis, 2nd Joe Williams, 3rd Alex Jackson


DMAX-GT Lights

Matthew Spencer took Pole for the first round of the brand new DMAX-GT Lights Championship after a hard-fought win in the opening heat and a strong 4th place in the 2nd. He was joined on the front row by brother Andy, who had managed a 4th and a 2nd, showing how competitive the field was. Tony Welch took 3rd whilst 4th to 7th were split by just 4 points. Alex Bomberg lined up 8th on the grid, with James Cook, George Kenning and Ricky Goodwin 9th – 11th all on 27 points after the heats. Daniel Perry and Alex Stewart rounded off the grid…

The Final
Matthew Spencer leads the group out of the start with Andy Spencer behind him and Tony Welch in 3rd. Welch drops back to 5th with Philip Mosscrop and Harry Darby taking 3rd and 4th place in this exciting race.

Welch moves back to 3rd with Harry Darby in 4th. Matthew Spencer is way ahead of the battling pack. Welch moves into 2nd ahead of Andy Spencer with Harry Darby remaining 4th. The trio continue battling lap after lap until a minor incident at Turn 1 results in Welch dropping to 5th. Welch retires.

The battle for 2nd has allowed Kurt Fawdry to get into the mix for a podium position and with Welch now out of the picture, Fawdry has Darby and Spencer just ahead of him. With Matthew Spencer clearing off up the road.

Harry Darby is hot on the wheels of Andy Spencer but for now, Spencer’s got his wits about him and keeps Darby at bay. Unfortunately, Fawdry loses control through the Esses and spins off at Turn 3, dropping him down to 9th.

The exciting battle for 2nd continues between Andy Spencer and Harry Darby who now have a comfortable gap back to another battling pair; Demetri Wade and James Cook who are split by just a couple of tenths.

Matthew Spencer takes a comfortable win with Andy Spencer beating Harry Darby to 2nd by a fraction of a second. An excellent race.

1st Matthew Spencer
2nd Andy Spencer
3rd Harry Darby



DMAX-GT Heavies

Chris Munro made the most of his favoured conditions to stick it on Pole for the first DMAX-GT Heavy Championship final, with a 5th place finish and a win. DMAX Champion winner Tomasz Zaustowicz lined up alongside him having secured a 4th and 2nd in the heats, with the top 4 drivers split by just 4 points. With 10 good drivers on the grid, the right bit of luck could see any three on the podium come the chequered flag…

The Final
Chris Munro kept the lead going through Turn 1 before running a little wide on the exit allowing Tomasz Zaustowicz a run on him up towards the Esses, squeezing through with a little help from the right-hand kerb. Munro stayed on Zaustowicz’s bumper through Turn 3 with Ryan Welch and Paul Studd going side-by-side through the right hander. Zaustowicz’s lead was shortlived as he went deep into Turn 4 allowing Munro to pass with Studd following him through going into Turn 6.

Lee Schnitzler moved into 3rd place and the constant change of positions allowed everyone to close up. Zaustowicz dropped to 6th. Good hard racing so far from the Heavies.

Paul Studd made his move on the 4th lap, taking the lead from Munro, while Xian Campbell steadily made his way up past Ryan Welch into 4th and then took 3rd from Schnitzler on lap 5. The battle wasn’t over there though as both Schnitzler and Welch made their way back through on the following lap.

The onus was now on Chris Munro to defend from the charging trio of Schnitzler, Welch and Campbell, whilst trying to keep Studd honest up front. Schnitzler was first passed and set about chasing down Studd ahead. Munro managed to keep Welch and Campbell behind until the penultimate lap when at the final hairpin, Munro’s kart bogged down initially allowing Welch to pass, before stalling allowing the train of karts behind to pass. A horrible end to what could have been a great podium finish.

Up ahead, Schnitzler was less than a second off Studd’s bumper as they completed their last tour, with Paul Studd taking the win, Schnitzler finishing 2nd and Welch rounding out the podium.

1st Paul Studd
2nd Lee Schnitzler
3rd Ryan Welch



Sodi Endurance Championship

The Race
A good clean start with Willis & Spencer taking the lead. A couple of individual drivers came in and did their pit stop early doors on lap 1. Welch & Mosscrop working their way up the grid as are Schnitzler & Studd. Good showing so far from Summerill & Smith, with Summerill having moved up from the Junior category for the 2018 season. Willis & Spencer and Liam Russell-Smith are having a great battle for 1st, frequently changing position. James Cook doing well moving into 3rd with Schnitzler & Studd dropping back. Darren Holliday moves up to 3rd. George Kenning made his way to 4th by lap 12. Team Pritchard are up to 7th by lap 13. Quickest kart on track is newcomer Romain Farigoule.
Our first retirees come with around 20 minutes on the clock; Adam Ellis and the Taylor & Kumari team retiring on the 13th and 15th laps respectively.

Less than 2 seconds separating top 2 on lap 17. At the halfway point Liam Russell-Smith leads from Willis & Spencer with Darren Holiday bedded in to 3rd and George Kenning in 4th. Most karts now dipping under 1min 10sec as the track dries. Farigoule moves up to 4th pushing George Kenning down to 5th. James Cook is moving back up the grid. Jordan Fitzpatrick receives a black flag after contact with Greg Owens at Turn 10 and receives a 30 second stop/go penalty. Willis & Spencer are now catching Liam Russell-Smith at a rate of 2 seconds a lap with Romain Farigoule moving into 3rd ahead of Darren Holliday. James Cook continues to move slowly up the grid.

A third driver pulls into the pits, the race taking too much out of Dion Ellis.

The Top 5 are holding position. Another black flag for Jordan Fitzpatrick for a move against Schnitzler & Studd at Turn 1 but Fitzpatrick fails to come in for his penalty, ignoring the flags and boards resulting in disqualification from the race. It looks as though James Cook and Darren Holliday may have hit the wall after their day’s antics as they drop to 9th and 8th respectively having been up in 9th and 4th.

One man who doesn’t appear to be tiring is Romain Farigoule, who slowly but surely has closed down the gap to Liam Russell-Smith and with just 3 laps to go, takes 2nd place! Has Russell-Smith got anything left in the tank?

As the Start Marshal readies the chequered flag, Willis & Spencer take a comprehensive victory, winning by over 20 seconds in the end. Farigoule takes 2nd in his debut race at Daytona Tamworth with Liam Russell-Smith finishing 3rd just over a second behind.

In the Heavy class, Darren Holliday takes the win, followed by Schnitzler & Studd and Team Pritchard.

1st Willis & Spencer
2nd Romain Farigoule
3rd Liam Russell-Smith


1st Darren Holliday
2nd Schnitzler & Studd
3rd Team Pritchard