Daytona Tamworth InKart Championships 2017
Round 5 Race Report (PDF Download Link)


Heat 1
Benjamin Dawson is in Pole position for Heat 1. Liam Dorman second and Joshua Borton in third. Sam Cole gets a great start and is up to 3rd while Dawson holds the lead. Callums Stanley and Shand have made their way through the pack and are up to 3rd and 4th respectively. Arian Kafaie takes a bit too much speed into turn 4 and ends up in the tyre wall. The race is red flagged as a safety precaution and the race is halted. Kafaie is okay, just a bit winded and continues. Cole is rapidly catching Dawson but just runs out of time. Dawson takes first, Cole second, and Shand holds off Stanley for 3rd.

Heat 2
Former InKart Champion, from Sandown Park and Milton Keynes, Fraser Brunton makes a fantastic start from the back and is up to 3rd by the 4th corner, eyeing up the race leaders. Jacob Vickers finds himself in the lead from 3rd on the grid. But Sam Wilson and Brunton are breathing down his neck. Brunton gets passed Wilson with more speed off the hairpin and into T1. Vickers holds out until lap 3 but Brunton and Wilson get past him at T6. Brunton takes the win, Wilson is second and Vickers is third.

Heat 3
Samuel Halle-Hinxman leads the pack into Turn 3, holding the lead from Toby Purbrick, Ethan Kirkby and Jacob Vickers. Vickers has cut through the traffic and is up to Halle-Hinxman’s rear bumper. Callum Stanley looks like his arms are hurting and is well off the pace. Vickers is putting Halle-Hinxman under pressure, fantastic fair racing from these two rivals. Into the final lap, Vickers makes a move round T9 and gets a better run into T10. By T11 he makes it stick. Chequered flag is out and Vickers takes a close win over Halle-Hinxman. Lewis Tyler has raced very well and finishes 3rd.

Heat 4
A clean start from all as Phoebe Doyle holds the lead into turn 3. Danny Gould is up from 4th to 2nd and takes the lead on the inside of T7. Andrew McWilliam is showing great pace and is up to 2nd by lap 3. Doyle gets caught by Alex Jackson and is up to 3rd. Gould stretches out his lead to 9 seconds. Geraghty and Doyle are wheel to wheel battling for 4th. Gould takes the win, McWilliam puts in a blistering few laps but can’t cut the lead. Jackson finds a bit of clear air and finishes in 3rd.

Heat 5
Fraser Brunton makes a great move from 2nd on Ethan Kirkby and is in 1st by turn 4. Jacob Vickers and Liam Dorman are having a great tussle for 3rd but seem to be holding each other up as Benjamin Dawson and Danny Gould come past and are up to 3rd and 4th. Dorman spins out and finds himself last. Brunton is holding the lead but only just, Dawson and Gould are on his bumper. Although Brunton is 0.3 seconds slower than Dawson, Dawson cannot find a way passed and Brunton holds out for the win. Gould in 3rd.

Heat 6
Toby Purbrick gets a good start, William Green takes too much speed into T3 and spins out. In the confusion, Sam Cole leaps up to 3rd. McWilliam holds the lead into lap 2. Dawson finds himself in a great battle for 3rd with Purbrick. Cole gets passed McWilliam to take the lead. The pack spreads out. Dawson puts in a personal best lap of 1:03:956, but is too far away from the leaders to gain another position. Cole takes the win, with McWilliam in 2nd and Dawson in 3rd.

Heat 7
Wilson gets a great start and gets his nose ahead of the pack. Halle-Hinxman has got passed Kirkby and Shand. Lewis Tyler is keeping pace with Wilson in 1st and holding his position on 2nd. Halle-Hinxman makes a great move on Kirkby and is catching up with Tyler in 2nd. Wilson wins a comfortable heat, Tyler is second and Halle-Hinxman has run out of race time and settles for 3rd.

Heat 8
Fraser Brunton gets a fantastic start from 3rd and is up to 1st place into T4, holding his nerve running on the outside of the track. Wesley Swain and Leo Davies have got in a personal battle with each other, the distraction lets Toby Purbrick passed them both. McWilliam is clearly in good form and is up to 2nd but under pressure from Sam Wilson. Wilson defends his 3rd place from Purbrick. Brunton gets the win, getting his nose in front and keeping it there. Three from three should see him very near the front for the A Final, if not in P1. McWilliam is 2nd and Wilson in 3rd.

Heat 9

Old rivals Sam Cole and Danny Gould are at the front of the grid. Gould gets more pace out of T4 and gets up the inside of Cole round T5. Lewis Tyler and Cian Geraghty are neck and neck through the hairpin and having a great race. At the front Gould and Cole are on lap record pace! An astonishing 1:03:440 from Gould to break the lap record, but Cole put in a 1:03:542 which would have been a new lap record as well! Gould and Cole are close and Cole showing more consistent pace, but couldn’t find a way past Gould. Gould takes the win with Cole in second and Tyler in third.

C Final
Callum Shand is at the front of the C final, and gets away clean. No changes of position into T5. Leo Davies gets taken by Arian Kafaie round T6, but dives back up the inside into T7 to hold his position. The drivers are starting to space out. Dorman has moved passed Swain and is up to 3rd. Shand and Kafaie are on amazing pace and are pulling out a lead at the front. Shand holds out for the win, and earns a place in the B final. Kafaie narrowly missing out, but a great result.

B Final
Phoebe Doyle has made a terrible start from 5th and finds herself last place. Lewis Tyler in 1st leads  Halle-Hinxman, Kirkby and Purbrick in the chasing pack. Purbrick sneaks passed Kirkby and Halle-Hinxman at 8 and is on Tyler’s exhaust by the hairpin. A fantastic move at the hairpin secures his place at the front. Tyler tries to get his place back at T1 but puts a wheel on the grass and loses a second. Kirkby and Halle-Hinxman are having a fantastic race in the battle for 3rd. Doyle has recovered really well and has got her 5th place back with some confident overtakes. Purbrick is in a race of his own at the front as Tyler is forced to defend from Halle-Hinxman and Kirkby. Purbrick takes the win, Tyler just keep his 2nd place and Halle-Hinxman eventually gets his nose in front of Kirkby to pick up 3rd.

A Final
Brunton gets off the line clean and takes a defensive line into Turns 3 and 4. Gould and Cole are right up his exhaust and clearly showing good pace. But some fantastic defensive driving from Brunton is keeping him in the lead. Behind them, Wilson and Dawson are having their usual battle, once a month you can guarantee Wilson and Dawson will be wheel to wheel as there is never anything to split between them! At the front, there is nothing to split from the 3 drivers. Cole gets passed Gould and is up to 2nd, but two corners later, Gould is back up into 2nd. Gould makes a bold move at T7 but loses a bit of pace off his kart and Brunton takes it back through T8 and T9. Cole is keeping them both honest in 3rd and is waiting for them both to make a mistake. 1 lap to go, Gould gets up the inside at T5 and takes the position up the hill into turn 6. Brunton dives down the inside at turn 7, there’s contact! Gould is pushed wide, Brunton takes the lead, but at what cost? Advantage by contact is called by the Race Director as Brunton takes the chequered flag. Gould is a very close 2nd and Cole is 3rd. With Brunton’s penalty applied, Gould, Cole and Wilson inherit the top 3 spots on the podium. An unfortunate ending to a great debut for Fraser!


C Final
1. Callum Shand
2. Arian Kafaie
3. Liam Dorman

B Final
1. Toby Purbrick
2. Lewis Tyler
3. Samuel Halle-Hinxman

A Final
1. Danny Gould
2. Sam Cole
3. Sam Wilson



Heat 1
First race of the day, and Williams in Pole gets a good clean start. Williams is under pressure from Freddie Bates and Danny Gould. Alisha Palmowski and Owen Fitzpatrick are close together and having a great race. Gould gets a good run out of T10 into T11 and makes it stick round the hairpin. Williams and Bates are holding each other up and letting Gould get away. Gould holds out for the win with Williams and Bates in 2nd and 3rd.

Heat 2
Kyle Dunford leads the second heat with Oliver Manton and Alisha Palmowski holding position round T4. Palmowski comes off in an unusual place, unfortunately it looks like a problem with her kart. A kart is run out to her, but she’s now a lap down. Dunford is struggling to keep his nose ahead with Fraser Brunton and Robert Taylor breathing down his neck. Dunford goes wide at T6 and Taylor moves into 1st. Brunton keeps up the momentum and takes 2nd around T7.  Taylor holds out for the win with Brunton 2nd and Dunford 3rd.

Heat 3
Kyle Dunford gets a great start from 5th and is up 2nd by Turn 4. By Turn 6 he’s in first place! Thomas Alman makes a great move on Zak Summerill and is up to 2nd. Dunford is pulling out a comfortable lead and it looks like the rest of the pack are going to have to settle for 2nd. Alman, Dillon Davis, Summerill and Freddie Bates are less than a second apart and are desperately trying to find a way past each other to catch Dunford. Reiss Dutt makes a mistake at T3 and collides with the tyres, costing him a good 5 seconds. Dunford has a comfortable win with a 6 second lead with Alman coming out of the pack in 2nd and Davis passing Summerill on the last lap to pick up 3rd.

Heat 4
Alex Whipday gets a good start but Fraser Brunton seems to have a bit more speed through Turn 3 and is up to 1st. Danny Gould has got past Joe Williams and Reiss Dutt and is hunting down Brunton. By lap 3, Gould and Brunton are only a paper-width apart. The rest of the grid seem to be content with their positions and are spaced out. Gould seems to have a bit more pace that Brunton but can’t seem to find a way past. Turn 6 Gould has finally got him, but Brunton keeps his toe in round T7 and gets a better line into T8 taking back his place. Through the last lap, Brunton continues to drive defensively holding out for the win. Fantastic race. Whipday is in 3rd.

Heat 5
Off the line Freddie Bates gets a great start and is up the outside of Zak Summerill to take first place. Borghini Lam gets a bit of contact through the hairpin and gets a warning. Dillon Davis and Lam are in a great tussle for 4th. Oliver Manton has made a gap from 3rd and is chasing down Bates. Bates holds out for a narrow win; another lap and Manton would have probably had him. Robert Taylor defends 3rd from Davis.

Heat 6
Robert Taylor is slow off the line and Lam finds a way passed. Alex Whipday is up from 5th to 3rd within 2 corners! Williams is up to 3rd and gets passed Taylor after an unusual mistake by Taylor. Whipday takes the lead from Lam with a new personal best of 1.04.183. Fantastic pace. The field spreads out and Whipday takes the win. Lam is 2 seconds behind and Williams is in 3rd.

Heat 7
Kyle Dunford and Danny Gould get a fantastic start to the race and are up to 2nd and 3rd by T3. Brunton moves from 3rd and gets the lead through T5. Gould gets passed Brunton at 10 and is in the lead. Fitzpatrick gets caught by Manton for 4th. Gould is pulling out a huge lead at the front and smashed the lap record with a 1:03:565, improving his previous lap record by 3 tenths! Dunford has found a way passed Brunton and holds 2nd place. Gould takes the win, Dunford is 2nd and Brunton is 3rd.

B Final
Oliver Manton finds himself in an unusual position having not made the A final for the first time this season. Lam has been quick all day and is on pole and gets away clean. Lam holds the lead and is on lap record pace lapping under 1:04. Blistering times form the B final! Manton continues to put Lam under pressure. Davis and Alman are having a fantastic battle for 3rd, Alman gets the better of Davis and finds a way passed. Davis gets caught up defending from Dutt and Alman gets away. All eyes are at the front, as Lam and Manton push each other to the limit. Manton gets a better run out of the hairpin and holds the lead through turn 1. 4 laps and there is nothing to split between the two front runners. Manton takes the win but only with 2 tenth to spare. Lam is furious with himself as it was his race to win. Alman kept out of trouble and ended in third. Manton gets a place in the A final.

A Final

Danny Gould and Fraser Brunton have been wheel to wheel all day.  The green light comes on and Gould dives on the defensive line at turn 1. He holds the lead through lap 1 with Brunton on his bumper. Gould shows a lack of pace through 3-4 and Brunton flies passed into 2nd. Manton has made some great moves to make his way up to 4th, Williams has followed Manton from the back and is now up to 4th. Looks like Gould has a problem with his kart and is showing a lack of top end down the straight. Williams makes his way through amid the confusion and takes Manton and Gould. Taylor gets a close battle with Whipday at the back, but it’s holding them up from catching any of the leaders. Brunton is stretching out a commanding lead. Although Gould’s kart is down on top end pace he’s still fighting to for position with Manton and Dunford. Brunton holds out for the win, what a result for the young drivers first time at Daytona Tamworth! Williams takes an amazing second. Great effort. Manton who only just made it to the A final gets the last podium slot.


 B Final

  1. Oliver Manton
  2. Borghini Lam
  3. Thomas Alman

 A Final

  1. Fraser Brunton
  2. Joe Williams
  3. Oliver Manton



Super Pole Qualifying

A full grid today. Beautiful weather for racing. With practice done the groups line up for their flying laps. Group 1 goes out and it’s Andy spencer with the 59.903 to put himself in first. Ricky Goodwin grabs second place with 1.00.4. Matthew Spencer is the fastest heavy with 1:00:544. Closely followed by Harry Darby and Aaron Greenfield.

Here’s how the Top 10 line up…

  1. Andy Spencer – 00.59.903
  2. Ricky Goodwin – 01.00.400
  3. Matt Spencer – 01.00.544
  4. Harry Darby – 01.00.668
  5. Aaron Greenfield – 01.00.959
  6. Kyle Walker – 01.00.959
  7. Kurt Fawdry – 01.01.061
  8. Simon Stansfield – 01.01.083
  9. Alex Bomberg – 01.01.228
  10. Jarrod Swain – 01.01.269

Heat 1
The field is through the first corner safely. Lots of jostling for positions during lap one, with Fawdry and Stanfield making up 4-5 places. Wade gets it wrong at Turn 4 and collides with another driver, taking his position. A black flag is issued.  Andy Spencer has pulled out a small lead but Goodwin is hunting him down. Matthew Spencer is holding his own with the lights drivers to lead the heavy drivers. Very close racing from 4th to 15th, barely 5 seconds splits 11 drivers. Chequered flag is out and A Spencer holds out for the win but only by a second. With Goodwin taking 2nd and M Spencer in 3rd.

Heat 2
With the grid reversed it time to see the guys at the front to defend and the quick guys at the back to attack. There is lots of contact in the first 2 laps and the Race Director gives a warning out to all drivers. There is an incident at the hairpin as too many drivers try to make it around the corner at the same time. The drivers need to take responsibility for their overtaking manoeuvres and realise that 10 drivers into 1 corner does not work! Cook gets squeezed onto the grass at T4 and loses 5 places. A black/white warning for contact is given out to a group of 4 drivers. Perkins takes the win with Darby making some excellent moves through the pack to secure 2nd. Stewart is 3rd.


After a break and a calm down the finals are underway. Darby is on Pole, Perkins is 2nd, Goodwin in 3rd. The race is go and everyone is away cleanly. Darby goes wide at T3 and Goodwin and Spencer find a way up the inside. Smith tried to avoid an incident in lap two and cuts the corner at 3, gaining a huge advantage and is black flagged for exceeding the track limits and coming back onto the track dangerously. Stansfield gets a knock at T6 and ends up in a tyre wall. He removes himself from the race and retires. A Spencer, Darby and Goodwin are clear at the front and building a gap, less than a second separates them. A great battle for 4th between M Spencer and Perkins. Woodman and Fawdry lead the chasing pack, but are being held up defending their position to compete. A Spencer takes it by a nose with Darby and Goodwin taking 2nd and 3rd. M Spencer is the first heavy to finish with Welch in 2nd and Schnitzler in 3rd.

 Final Results


  1. Andy Spencer
  2. Harry Darby
  3. Ricky Goodwin


  1. Matt Spencer
  2. Ryan Welch
  3. Lee Schnitzler