DMAX GT50 Championship

The GT50 Championship will return in 2022 with the same race format as last year.  Each driver will compete in a 10 minute practice/qualifier and a 50 minute race and be awarded points for their finishing positions.  9 rounds with best 7 to count per driver.  Early Bird discount is available as usual with a £10 discount being applied for bookings made 1 month in advance.


Senior DMAX-GT 125cc Rotax

  • £140 per round
  • Drivers must be 16+ years of age.
  • Drivers aged 14 and 15 years of age may enter provided they have passed a DMAX-GT Assessment and have been authorised by management to race in a DMAX-GT.
  • All drivers will race as one with a minimum weight of 80kgs*.  Any drivers who weigh less than 80kgs will be required to weight up to this level.  When determining the weight of a driver, all relevant race clothing, including helmet, suit, gloves, boots, knee pads and seat inserts may be weighed.
  • Trophies will be awarded for the top 3 drivers overall and the leading Super heavyweight driver.
  • There will be a trophy awarded at the end of the season for the best placed super-heavy driver.  Anyone weighing over 92kgs* will be eligible provided they have completed the minimum 5 entries.

*We can provide ballast up to 22.5kg + a seat insert at 2.5kg if required

  • Sodi World Series qualifying

Round dates

Round 1 Saturday 22nd Jan
Round 2 Sunday 13th Feb
Round 3 Saturday 26th Mar – Reverse GP Track
Round 4 Saturday 21st May – Alternate Forward Track
Round 5 Sunday 19th Jun
Round 6 Saturday 23rd Jul – Alternate Reverse Track
Round 7 Saturday 24th Sep – Reverse GP Track
Round 8 Sunday 16th Oct
Round 9 Saturday 19th Nov

*Any alternate or reverse track layouts may be subject to change if required due to operational restrictions.  These changes will be announced prior to the event if they occur.

Early bird booking for Round 1 must be done by Sunday 19th December.