Daytona Tamworth is perfectly situated in the Midlands on the outskirts of Birmingham and offers exciting race events and unrivalled hospitality.

web tam grid sodi squareWhether you want an exciting team-building occasion for staff members or a fun day out to entertain clients, Daytona delivers. Our superb facilities can comfortably accommodate your event –  with a range of karts, exclusive hire of the track or venue, our exciting Pit Stop Challenge, a range of hospitality options and our comprehensive conferencing facilities.


We offer a variety of race formats to suit groups of differing size or experience and can of course design bespoke formats to suit your requirements.

web tam club grid squareSprint Racing

With all drivers on track simultaneously, sprints are the classic race format. Following a comprehensive driver briefing, your event begins with a short practice in which drivers must warm up, learn the circuit and set their best lap time to determine their starting position for the grand final race. The grid is set and when the lights turn green, drivers race non stop through to the chequered flag  – Choose your race duration … 20minutes? 40minutes?  its up to you! The top three drivers are rewarded with trophies on Podium, and all receive electrionic laptime data.

287Heats Racing

An exciting tournament format, with drivers racing in a series of short qualifying races todetermine their starting position for the finals. Our computer timing and scoring system awards points to drivers for their finishing positions in the heats and the top point scorers line up on the front row of the grid for the Grand Final.

The top three drivers are rewarded with trophies on Podium, and all receive electrionic laptime data.

280Team Endurance Racing

Perfect for larger groups, this is the epitome of team building formats. Drivers race in teams – with the objective of completing as many laps as possible in the time allowed.

Race lengths start at 1 hour but we can and have staged 12 hour and even 24 hour races! Teams must work together to plan their race strategy and tactics, and must work as a well-oiled unit when it comes to driver changes and refuelling pit stops!

All team members initially take their turn to practice and set their best lap in an attempt to clinch pole position for their team. The top three teams receive trophies on the podium.

What’s Included?

Our Exclusive Race formats include :

  • sole exclusive use of the track for your group
  • helmets, race suits and gloves for all drivers
  • a thorough format and safety briefing
  • Trophies for the top 3 Drivers / Team Members
  • Photos of the Podium Trophy Presentation.

If you have specific needs for an event or would like to discuss combining racing with conferencing then we can help – call the Team on 033 033 27870