The Daytona Tamworth InKart Championship


The Daytona Tamworth InKart Championship is back!

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Race Format

All Race Categories will enjoy an initial 10-minute practice followed by three 10-minute heats with rotating starting positions. The points scored in each heat will be totalled to determine the Top 3 drivers at each round. A drivers’ best 9 scoring rounds out of 11 will count towards the Championship Standings.

The Calendar

Round 1 01/09/2019
Round 2 06/10/2019
Round 3 03/11/2019
Round 4 01/12/2019
Round 5 05/01/2020
Round 6 02/02/2020
Round 7 01/03/2020
Round 8 05/07/2020
Round 9 02/08/2020
Round 10 06/09/2020
Round 11 04/10/2020


Race Classes:

Cadets – 8 to 11 years / 160cc BIZ Karts – £75.00 per round Entry Fee *

Maximum 13 Entrants Per Round

Drivers must be 125cms tall and aged 8 to 11 years. To participate in InKart, they must first graduate from Daytona’s Cadet Race School and purchase InKart membership at £35.00

Entry Fee * – An Early Bird Discount of £10 applies if you book the next months’ round on or before this months’ race day.

Daytona Tamworth Inkart Cadet Championship Standings

NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11TotalDrop 2
Alessio La-Malfa6267686966696769062599537
Brendan James059677563657266059526526
Jake Perry5975626107258646562578520
Oliver Flint6769600676162676460577517
Reece Checkley57625861505961596959595488
Jack Phillips6057675766555559650541486
Archie Potter5655580676361595460533479
Freddie Chapman057535459545357600447447
Hayden Adams48535349564752506168537442
Jake Grindrod0505451475350515052458411
Ollie Grindrod0495051504952464949445399
Alexander Taylor0000504956465554310310
Archie May0000005852550165165
Naglis Cepulis0000554954000158158
Rivenn Welsh000000005067117117
Jimi Murray000000560005656
Ben Goosey470000000004747
Joshua Plimmer000000450004545

Juniors – 12 to 15 years / 390cc SODI RT8 Karts – £85.00 per round Entry Fee *

Maximum 25 Racers

Drivers must be 145cms tall and aged 12 to 15 years. To participate in Junior RT8 InKart:

  • New entrants must Graduate from Daytona’s Junior RT8 Race School
  • Existing InKart Racers must successfully complete an RT8 Assessment
  • Purchase InKart membership at £35.00

Please note – The minimum age to participate in SODI Arrive&Drive, a SODI Open Race or a private SODI RT8 event is 14 years of age. Being a participant in the Junior RT8 Inkart Championship does not permit drivers aged 12 or 13 to participate in any other Sodi RT8 Kart session or event.

Entry Fee * – An Early Bird Discount of £10 applies if you book the next months’ round on or before this months’ race day.

Daytona Tamworth Inkart Junior Championship Standings

DriverR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11TotalDrop 2
Dillon Davis75606151636367597061630520
Sam Cole6053065756755566275568515
Michael Burrows62566364635447596064592491
Alex Jackson0605563595956725661541486
Andrew Mcwilliam63516450655258636751584483
Casey Baughan48526263466256635361566472
Ben Foden61615656595956434553549461
Sam Halle-Hinxman5259666405757474857507460
Abi Sanders42514742544451525442479395
Spencer Billson40524454545039385247470393
Jan Lopich5259414838410495442424386
Ethan Kirkby43495043404937425045448371
Jakub Dube324843454844524100353353
Mark Whitbread36374138393642343532370304
Dylan Deakin30333435343034414346360300
Alex Rakowski0293128394338393940326298
William Potter2034480254133413539316296
Eric Su0504850494648000291291
Antony Wypych0004046480564654290290
Nathan Britain32343430302831283931317261
George Cullinan3535394238380000227227
Harry Sanders004648404934000217217
Mackenzie Stevens4857590000000164164
William Bomberg04135045290000150150
Ewan Thomas0000000394350132132
Jacob Mcdonald0003500036420113113
Alexander Mirzoyan000000054460100100
Owen Roberts0000000320387070
Roman Kalas0000353200006767
Jacob Holley0000000030316161
Archie Johnson000000000484848
Zak Owen000410000004141
Max Cole390000000003939
Grace Lee-Davis380000000003838
Max Westwood035000000003535
James Musselwhite000000250002525
Zack Wilson025000000002525


Seniors – 16 years and above / DMAX-GT 125cc Rotax – £115.00 per round Entry Fee *

Maximum 30 Racers

Drivers must be 145cms tall and a minimum of 16 years of age – Experienced drivers aged 14 and 15 years may be considered subject to an assessment and specific approval. All Drivers must ballast up to a minimum of 85Kgs, and it is the driver’s responsibility to make ballast arrangements.


Entry Fee * – An Early Bird Discount of £10 applies if you book the next months’ round on or before this months’ race day.

Daytona Tamworth Inkart DMAX-GT Championship Standings

DriverR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11TotalDrop 2
Andy Spencer750705964750646472543543
Harry Darby005970636265596264504504
Joe Hamblett59645458644855605340555467
Alex Bomberg0525761476060545960510463
Patrick Kelly56645060574652505550540444
James Cook5450063445663564449479435
Richard Lavender56545444504349536355521434
Frazer Jamieson4749525305350626237465428
Darren Holliday - SH59505461474550504643505417
Kieran Coombs62364643454759484338467393
Ben Sanders5347047474954404943429389
Ryan Welch - SH from round 56160575252404942340447413
Thomas Bradbury00474954546739053363363
Tom Lee-Davis55058504852480050361361
Mark Blaine0383842354743363840357322
William Toon003143424243403743321321
Patryk Welna480420383148244140312312
Jack Bebbington003340453340364043310310
George Kenning - SH000056540635963295295
Jim Earp00032374844423543281281
Ivan Norris44333132253434000233233
Anthony Whitehouse560044049027400216216
Steve Login - SH42026323400000134134
William Woods0000000294144114114
Tony Welch000055005100106106
Paul Hyden3700340031000102102
Jordan Saywood - SH3838000000007676
Nick Rowland - SH0000330041007474
George Cullinan0000000393407373
Tom Kempynck000000007007070
Mark Smith0033034000006767
Steven Sanders000000000636363
Steve Thompson - SH3228000000006060
Adam Walker400000000004040
Josh Lightfoot000000000363636
Matthew Clarke000000035003535
David Hodkinson330000000003333
Neil Stanley - SH330000000003333
Paul Bond000000330003333
Wayne O'Brien000000310003131
Edward Kime - SH000002800002828
Liam Berrington - SH000000260002626
Leon Berrington - SH000000260002626
James Hanson000024000002424
Mark O'Brien - SH000000170001717


If you’d like to race in The Daytona Tamworth InKart Championships, call 033 033 27870 or email to register your interest.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Championship!