The Current Top 20 lap Times in Daytona Tamworth's Winter Hot Laps Competition

Want to win £500 to spend on racing at Daytona? Simply drive in any weekday daytime Sodi Arrive&Drive between Monday 30th October and Friday 17th November at Daytona Tamworth and if your best lap time is amongst the top 20 lap times, then you will win free entry to the Winter Hot Laps D-Sprint Shootout at 1900hrs on Wednesday 22nd November at Daytona Tamworth – where you will race against the other best 19 drivers at the circuit – with the winner taking home a £500 Daytona Race Voucher!

PosNameLaptimeDate Set
1Kallum Jones00.59.6349th November 2017
2Andy Spencer00.59.7766th November 2017
3James Willis00.59.8843rd November 2017
4Matthew Spencer00.59.9056th November 2017
5Paul Cox01.00.15213th November 2017
6Kurt Fawdry01.00.15215th November 2017
7Adam Hadfield01.00.23417th November 2017
8Andy Hodson01.00.25417th November 2017
9Tony Welch01.00.29117th November 2017
10Nick Bradley01.00.35810th November 2017
11Jo McCarthy01.00.42015th November 2017
12Julian Schirle01.00.4403rd November 2017
13James Cook01.00.46217th November 2017
14Gabriella Martinez De Luca01.00.48215th November 2017
15Darren Holliday01.00.50217th November 2017
16Andrew Mooney01.00.5046th November 2017
17Neil Graham01.00.52317th November 2017
18George Kenning01.00.7516th November 2017
19Flavian Mitroi01.00.8156th November 2017
20Christian Bessell01.01.02015th November 2017

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