Daytona Milton Keynes hosted its International 24 Hour race over the weekend of 6th/7th October and the track saw the closest finishes ever in both DMAX and SODI classes after 24 Hours of racing!

Following a wet start to the race on Saturday, the teams saw the track drying slowly overnight but temperatures as low as 3 degrees celsius at dawn!

Versive Racing were victorious in the DMAX Class and overall race honours – but they won by just 13.381 seconds from Six Helmets Racing with both teams completing 1063 laps of the 1200 metre International Circuit! March Racing finishes third overall with 1045 laps completed.

The Sodi class saw an equally close finish with Rugby Kart Club beating Network Motorsport by just 20 seconds at the chequered flag on 1039 laps. This place in class went to Team PFK who completed 1034 laps.

All 35 teams completed the full distance, with 188 laps the spread across both fields – meaning at all 80 teams who have raced in our two 24 Hour Races this year completed the full race duration! To register your interest in racing in 24 Hour races with us in 2019, please email or call us on 033 033 27870

The overall result are detailed below – and you can watch highlights from the final hour of the race and the podium celebrations:

The Daytona International 24 Hours 2018 Daytona MK International
PosNameClassLapsDiffGapBest Tm
1VERSIVE RacingD24 DMAX106301:06.0
2Six Helmets RacingD24 DMAX106313.381s13.38101:06.1
3March RacingD24 DMAX104518 Laps18 Laps01:06.4
4BMW Vines Banter GPD24 DMAX103924 Laps6 Laps01:07.5
5Rugby Kart ClubD24 SODI103924 Laps14.79401:09.5
6Network MotorsportD24 SODI103825 Laps1 Lap01:09.9
7Team PFKD24 SODI103429 Laps4 Laps01:09.8
8Midnight SurpriseD24 SODI103132 Laps3 Laps01:09.6
9OutlawsD24 SODI102142 Laps10 Laps01:10.0
10CQR RacehubD24 SODI102142 Laps7.98101:09.8
11SMY RacingD24 SODI102043 Laps1 Lap01:09.8
12Team ForzaD24 DMAX102043 Laps10.34301:07.8
13SKA RacingD24 SODI101845 Laps2 Laps01:09.7
14Team Camo GirlsD24 SODI101350 Laps5 Laps01:09.8
15Team Camo BoysD24 SODI100855 Laps5 Laps01:09.4
16Team KartForceD24 SODI100261 Laps6 Laps01:10.9
17Grindr MotorsportD24 SODI99964 Laps3 Laps01:10.3
18AZ TechnologyD24 DMAX99271 Laps7 Laps01:07.9
19Black n RoundsD24 SODI99271 Laps8.37301:10.7
20A La KartD24 SODI99172 Laps1 Lap01:10.3
21Guys Guys Guy GPD24 SODI99172 Laps5.59901:11.4
22Chilli Con CarnageD24 SODI98875 Laps3 Laps01:10.3
23Too Much TorqueD24 SODI98281 Laps6 Laps01:10.7
24MasterCart sLolaD24 DMAX97687 Laps6 Laps01:08.6
25All TorqueD24 SODI97390 Laps3 Laps01:10.8
26CQR ClubD24 SODI96895 Laps5 Laps01:11.1
27ILR Karting TeamD24 SODI951112 Laps17 Laps01:09.9
282SLOWD24 DMAX941122 Laps10 Laps01:08.9
29Dr Love & The MedicsD24 DMAX939124 Laps2 Laps01:08.7
30Mithril RacingD24 SODI936127 Laps3 Laps01:12.7
31Maple MotorsportD24 SODI932131 Laps4 Laps01:10.6
32Baby DriverD24 SODI923140 Laps9 Laps01:11.1
33The GeneralsD24 SODI915148 Laps8 Laps01:11.2
34Comms365 LimitedD24 SODI893170 Laps22 Laps01:11.6
35SilverfindD24 DMAX875188 Laps18 Laps01:10.1