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Week 24: Daytona Championships

Week 24: Daytona Championships

Week Twenty Four

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Practice 1 started with a promising display from the junior drivers, as Charlie Bradburn and Jack Bromham set the early pace. The competition among the junior drivers was intense, with a mere 0.455-second gap separating the top ten.

In the cadet category, Sarah Telford initially claimed the fastest time with a lap of 55.803 seconds. However, on lap 6, Ceasar Chen surpassed her with a quicker time of 55.195 seconds. Not to be outdone, Sarah reclaimed the top spot on lap 7 with an impressive lap time of 54.855 seconds, making her the only driver to break the 55-second barrier.

Moving on to Practice 2, Jamie Warner made his mark in the junior category by setting the quickest time on the first lap with a time of 52.852 seconds. Hamish Bishop followed closely behind, securing the second-fastest time of 52.554 seconds.

In the cadet class, Adam Telford took charge early on, establishing himself as the pace-setter. He finished Practice 2 with a time of 54.987 seconds, 0.119 seconds ahead of Josef Davies.

The first heat saw an exhilarating battle among the junior drivers. Jamie Warner, Jack Bromham, and Max Winfield engaged in a fierce fight for positions 2nd to 4th. However, Leo Edger emerged as the standout performer, surging from 5th to 1st on lap 2. Leo continued to dominate, extending his lead to 2.097 seconds by lap 6 over Max Winfield.

In the cadet heat, Andrey Vasyukov claimed the lead on the first lap, but Adam Telford quickly overtook him on lap 4. At the end of the heat, Adam held a narrow 0.529-second advantage over Daniel Marutyak.

Heat 2 for the juniors witnessed a fantastic start for Harrison Bishop, who climbed from 1st to 3rd on the opening lap. However, it was Charlie Bradburn who set the fastest lap on lap 3, clocking in at 54.129 seconds. By lap 6, Charlie took the lead and held onto it.

Meanwhile, in the cadet heat, Adam Telford maintained his strong form, securing the top spot from the first lap. He engaged in an exciting battle with Jack Edger, with only a 0.397-second gap separating them.

Heat 3 saw James Finlay make an impressive move from 2nd to 1st on the first lap in the junior category. Jamie Warner responded by taking the lead on lap 2. The race intensified on lap 5 as James Malcom and Nicolai Eidsgaard fought fiercely for 3rd place. By lap 7, the gap between Jamie and James was a mere 0.169 seconds.

In the cadet heat, Josef Davies maintained control of 1st place from the first lap, leading ahead of Felix and Ceasar. Andrey Vasyukov overtook Ceasar Chen to claim 3rd place. Josef ultimately dominated the race, finishing a commanding 7.749 seconds ahead of the second-place driver.

Heat 4 in the junior category saw Max Miller start in 1st place, while William Bradbery made a remarkable jump from 3rd to 2nd on the opening lap. James Malcom displayed an impressive performance, overtaking Max on lap 4 and taking the lead on lap 5. Charlie Bradburn defended his 3rd position on lap 6 and later surpassed Max on lap 10, securing 2nd place.

In the cadet heat, Sebastian Mejer initially defended his 1st place position against Josef Davies. However, Josef made a successful overtaking maneuver on lap 2, claiming the top spot. Josef continued to extend his lead, eventually winning the race with a commanding 18.789-second advantage.

Moving on to the B Finals, William Bradbery had an outstanding start, leading the juniors. Joshua Cooper received an ABC penalty on lap 2, resulting in a drop to 2nd place. Stanley Williams set the fastest lap time of 52.987 seconds, while Zarchary Bance steadily climbed to 3rd place with consistent lap times in the 53-second range.

In the cadet B Final, Arno Nurijanyan took the lead at the start, with Sarah Telford overtaking Marcus Cooper on lap 7 for 2nd place. However, Marcus retaliated, reclaiming 2nd place while Sarah dropped to 3rd.

Finally, in the A Finals for the junior category, Jamie Warner stormed from 3rd to 1st on the opening lap. James Finlay rose to 3rd place on lap 4, and by lap 6, the gap between 1st and 5th place was a mere 0.874 seconds. Jamie Warner maintained his lead and secured 1st place on lap 8, with James Finlay closely behind.

The top five drivers, including James Malcom, Leo Edger, and Charlie Bradburn, engaged in a thrilling battle throughout the race. Max Winfield caught up with the leading pack on lap 11, adding further excitement to the competition.

In the cadet A Final, Adam Telford led the pack, followed closely by Sebastian Mejer. The highlight of the race was the intense battle between Adam Telford and Josef Davies for the lead position.


Junior Sprint League

In the Junior Sprint League Championship, the race was filled with thrilling moments and intense battles among the drivers. Max Sheldon-Heywood showcased an impressive performance, making a remarkable leap from 3rd to 1st place. Meanwhile, Jamie Warner exhibited great skill, climbing up to 3rd position by lap 3 from a starting position of 7th.

A close and exhilarating battle unfolded between Max Miller and Max Sheldon-Heywood throughout the race, allowing Jamie Warner to close the gap and join the fight at the midpoint of the race. However, Jamie encountered some trouble at turn 6 and the subsequent corners, causing him to drop back to 5th place as Max Winfield seized the opportunity to overtake him.

On the last lap, Jonathan Fuchsel received a penalty, which resulted in him dropping from 4th to 5th place. James Malcom showcased his overtaking skills by passing two drivers on the inside of turn 7, skillfully navigating between them and securing 9th place on the final lap.


Thursday Night League



Jack Harrison leading after qualifying with a laptime of 52:923. Lots of yellows throughout qualifying so difficult to achieve quick lap times.


Jack Harrison gets ahead by a full corner after the first lap. Karol Wajs (kart 29) receives a black flag for gaining an advantage by contact against Steve Hannon (kart 18). Lead drivers are already catching up to back markers by lap 5. 3-way battle for the lead between Connor Elmore, Dan Giles and Jack Harrison in lap 7. No penalties for overtaking under yellows so far. Big battle between 5th and 10th places and 12th to 15th. Megan Li (kart 5) and Ahmed Ijanahi (kart 1) receiving calm down boards. Halfway through, Luka Nik has the fastest lap time with a 52.392. With 2 minutes left to go Jack Harrison seems to be going strong with a 1.8 second gap. Jack Harrison wins the race with Dan Giles in second and Connor Elmore in third. Luka Nik also had an impressive race, coming 4th after dropping down due to traffic at the start. For the Heavies, Reece Harris takes first followed by Marcus Simmons and then Pablo Escondrillas.


Lights – 1st- Jack Harrison, 2nd - Dan Giles, 3rd - Connor Elmore

Heavies – 1st – Reece Harris, 2nd – Marcus Simmons, 3rd – Pablo Escondrillas




Robert Guymer seems to be setting the pace in qualifying but then drops down to 3rd by lap 5. Tom Brown sets the quickest lap of the qualifying with a 47.878, Jack Luggar is second quickest with a 48.368. Track limits boards go out for Mike Bennett, Robert Guymer, Joe Dobbe, Claudio Ciancerelli, Billy Reymond and Gennaro Dell’Acquila. Christopher Taylor receives a calm down board.


Tom Brown is on pole followed by Billy Reymond and then Aidan Edgar. Tom Brown has a great start, Aidan Edgar moves up to 2nd but encounters some traffic and moves down to 5th. At the start of lap 3, Tom Brown is still leading followed by Billy Reymond and then Justin Hammond. Tom Brown also sets the fastest lap with a 47.697. David Taylor has received a clam down board and Mike Bennett has received a track limits warning. Gianmarco Rizzo and Aidan Edgar both receive bumping warnings before 5 minutes into the race. Not many yellow flags so far. By lap 9, Tom Brown is catching up to backmarkers whilst also setting a new fastest lap of 47.200. Gianmaro Rizzo now receives a calm down board and Robert Guymer gets a warning for exceeding track limits. Aidan Edgar, Jack Luggar and Justin Hammond engage in an intense battle for 3rd. Adam Palmer and Jack Luggar are added to the list of drivers to receive warnings for exceeding track limits. Tom Brown and Marco Olivieri also receive the same warning. Justin Hammond is shown a black and white flag for blocking on the chicane. Gennaro Dell’Aquila also receives a black and white flag for bumping Marco Olivieri. Tom Brown finishes first followed by Billy Reymond and then Jack Luggar overall.


Lights – 1st – Tom Brown, 2nd – Billy Reymond, 3rd – Aidan Edgar

Heavies – 1st – Jack Luggar, 2nd – Justin Hammond, 3rd – Mike Bennett

Milton Keynes

InKart (Photos)

We welcomed back thirty-four drivers on the morning of the eighteenth of June for the fourth installment of the summer InKart Championship at Daytona Milton Keynes. Our drivers battled their way through the busy heats phase of the morning, where their finishing position and best lap times contribute to the starting position in the 'A' or 'B' Final. After much entertainment, and a few penalties, we had the set the stage for our finals.

In the Junior B Final, which was fairly tame, Daniel Harrison would take home victory after finishing five seconds in front of Oliver Sanderson, and Ellis Owens completed the podium in third place, fourteen seconds off the lead. In the Cadet B Final. There was a very close battle for second position between Kimi Densham and Gillen Townsend, but it was Kimi who would prevail and finish in second place, behind Zayn Perry, who dominated proceedings. Gillen would come to take third place in the Cadet B Final race.

The A Final saw plenty of action across the board, in the Juniors, a close battle between Charlie and Jacob Csepreghi, Louis Bishop, Archie Davies, and Jacob Aston saw that Aidan Hammond in first, and Blake Southan in second were able to get away. Jacob Csepreghi had a surprise seventh place finish. While championship rival Aidan Hammond would take full points from today's event, with two heat wins, the fastest lap, and the A Final race win! Blake Southan would claim second place in an impressive display all morning, and Charlie Csepreghi would clinch third position, after holding off Louis Bishop through-out the race.

In the Cadet category, the race was closely contyested through-out.  The top four were separated by just one and a half seconds over the line! Rayaan Malik would take first position, with Lewis Bowey in second place and James Devereux in third, Caelen Keith came home in fourth place but all four of these drivers displayed outstanding ability to race each other fairly. 


Junior Sprint League (Photos)

The rain in the early hours of the morning meant that as the sun broke through the clouds over Daytona Milton Keynes on the 18th of June, there was a damp track to contend with for the fourth round of the Junior Sprint League. Twenty drivers came to the circuit, many of which also competing in the InKart championship, and shortly after their briefing on the conditions, they took to the track and chased victory.

It was Blake Southan who took pole position, and would go on to dominate the race, taking the checkered flag by almost sixteen seconds! Behind Blake, the action was plentiful. A titanic battle between Charlie Csepreghi, Solomon Adeniji, Freddie Hill, Callum Franklin and Billy Moore meant second through seventh were all jostling for position!

The final braking zone unfortunately saw Callum Franklin make contact with the rear of Solomon, which caused him to bump into Charlie Csepreghi and cost him third place! Following a hard-fought final lap, we can confirm the top eight finishing positions. 1st: Blake Southan, 2nd: Solomon Adeniji, 3rd: Freddie Hill, 4th: Jos Bardell, 5th: Billy Moore, 6th: Samuel Aston, 7th: Charlie Csepreghi, 8th: Callum Franklin.


Thursday Night League

SODI RACE  (Photos)

A very busy round this week with 27 karts filling up the grid making for a very busy qualifying session and a few yellows meaning that consistency was key to get a good lap in. The final qualifying top three were Will Stephenson, Alfie O’Brien and Callum Wilderspin

Lap 1 Will Stephenson (pole position) pulled away from the pack immediately, leaving Ryan Taylor, Alife O’Brien and Harry Asher in the fight for 2nd place.

Very early in the race Callum lost 3rd position due to an incident involving multiple karts at the bottom end of the circuit.

Having just returned to Daytona and never driven a SODI before, 2nd position on the grid Alfie O’Brien traded places with Harry Asher and Ryan Taylor over the next few laps.

Will Stephenson Lost his drastic lead generated in the early race when he came up against back markers and created an exceptional battle between himself and Ryan Taylor

After 20 minutes of some exceptional racing, the podium consisted of William Stephenson in 1st,Ryan Taylor in 2nd Only 0.608 seconds behind Will across the line and Alfie O’Brien in 3rd 3.067 seconds behind 1st position. Harry Asher narrowly missed out on podium, being only 9.780 seconds behind 1st place.

DMAX RACE  (Photos)

A frantic qualifying session began where drivers were searching for a clear track to get a good lap in.  

Pole position was traded between 4 or 5 drivers but at the end of the 10 minutes it was Lee Schnitzler who took pole position closely followed by James King and Jack Stewart after 4 rounds out returned to take 3 place on the grid.  

The race got underway with the sun getting even lower and Jack Stewart pounced to take 2nd place on lap 2 of the Race .  

Further down the order Sam Slater and Carl Stephens were having a good battle from the outset.  

Ryan Taylor had a steady race holding 4th place and keeping Ollie Sergeant  

The top 3 were close for most of the race but Lee Schnitzler had the pace to keep his kart clear at the front, the only issue came when having to overtake a few back markers.  

By the end of the 20 minutes, it was Lee Schnitzler who took the win with a 2.7 second lead over Jack Stewart and only 2 tenths back to James King in third place. Ryan Taylor just missed out on the podium coming home in 4th place.  


Sandown Park

Milton Keynes


*Tamworth's TNL points will be updated on Monday*

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