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Week 29: Daytona Championships

Week 29: Daytona Championships

Week Twenty Nine

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Milton Keynes



At the start of the day, it looked like it was going to remain a wet track however once the karts started going round the track started getting drier and drier as we went on, by heats 3 and 4 we were on dry lap times which meant the finals were going to be fast and competitive.

Heat 1 got under way, and it was Charlie Csepreghi who took the win in the junior karts with Kimi Densham the first Cadet home on the drying track.

Heat 2 saw Championship rivals Aidan Hammond and Jacob Csepreghi in same heats but heat 2 it was Aidan who led Jacob home closely followed by Callum Franklin as they stepped out onto the track for the first time. Rayaan Malik was the first one home in the cadets in this heat followed very closely TJ Rickard.

Heat 3 saw Charlie Csepreghi home in first setting a very fast lap time in the process, 2nd home was Archie Davis with William Hayter the third driver home in the juniors, in the cadets it was James Devereux who won this heat with a lead over Caelen Keith and Kimi Densham in third.

Heat 4 it was Callum Franklin who was first home in the Juniors followed very closely by less than 2 tenths by Aidan Hammond. Louis Bishop was third in this one with the title contender Jacob Csepreghi in fourth. In the Cadets it was Rayaan Malik who won this one by quite a margin again with TJ Rickard in 2nd place, third was Brandon Edwards.

The B Final got underway, and it was closely fought battle for 2nd and third place in the juniors but Jacob Smith got to the front and built a lead of 18 seconds by the time he got to the checkered flag. Second was William Hayter and third was Liam Wetherall. In the cadets it was Kimi Densham who was the first one home in this B final with Brandon Edwards in 2nd and Shaylan Sreekantan in 3rd.

The A final got under way with a fast and competitive start which stayed throughout, Aidan Hammond was the driver who was victorious in round 6 followed closely by Charlie Csepreghi and Louis Bishop in third, an unfortunate kart failure for Jacob Csepreghi meant he fell down the order on the final lap, Rayaan Malik brought home the A Final win in the Cadets which backed up his championship win followed by Caelen Keith in 2nd and it was James Devereux who finished in third place.




Heat 1

There was an eventful heat 1 for the Sodi champs. All drivers initially were very evenly matched with a competitive start for the first 2 laps. The front 4 drivers began to create some distance from the rest of the field with an intense match beginning to form between Charlie Fenton, Harry Asher and Luke Power. Positions frequently changed through some dramatic side to side racing that saw Charlie Fenton take pole position. Luke Power eventually stole pole position after an excellent racing line through turn 1 and 2. Matthew Glazebrook quickly closed the gap on the top 3 and quickly began climbing positions. Following outbreaking 3rd position around T5, Matthew Glazebrook managed to claim P2.

Heat 2

Heat 2 saw a less eventful race to that of heat 1 but saw each driver performing consistent on each lap. This heat showed textbook driving standards with little to no calls. The racing pack didn’t see much variation to position however demonstrated how competitive and well matched the 2023 sodi camp drivers are. Excellent race that saw Matthew Glazebrook claim P1, tightly followed by Luke Power and Harry Asher.


The sodi champs 2023 final saw Matthew Glazebrook quickly steal P1 after 3 exciting laps. Harry Asher began the final in P1 but after an unlucky excite at turn 4, allowed Matthew to squeeze through into the lead. Matthew Glazebrook managed to maintain this lead throughout the remaining 10 minutes of the race to gain an impressive 11 seconds lead. Harry Asher held his P2 throughout the remainder of the final but Luke Power was close on his heals throughout. With only 0.8 seconds between them across the finish line there was no lull in excitement and became a real nail biter as we drew to the later laps. Harry had a slower exit from Turn 10 than that of Luke however unfortunately Luke was unable to pass Matthew around turn 11 resulting in a well earnt P3.


Heat 1

With a much later grid than that of the sodi class, it proved to be a challenging round for the 14 drivers with such a wet track at Daytona Milton Keynes. With little more than 1 second between the lap times of the top 10, there was a very competitive energy that could be felt through each corner. Barry Morris quickly climbed from P15 to an impressive P7 in a matter of 2 laps. He managed to continue to claw his way through the grid to finish in a respectable P5. James Bettison and Iain Riley were neck to neck throughout the latter stages of the session with 10ths of a second between them across the finishing line. Justin Elliot had a beautiful race held P1 from race start to chequered flag.

Heat 2

Heat 2 saw an intense battle for positions in lap 1 where all drivers attempted to gain on each other through turn 4. A very busy lap with a black flag call made against kart 110 through turn 5. Not a lot separated the top 4 with a very close race happening between Jamie Tiley-Gooden and Ethan Pritchard. Ethan Pritchard fought hard to maintain his P2 start but James Bettison managed to work his way through the pack at turn 3 to gain the P2 spot on the 3rd lap. James managed to clear the gap between them whilst P4 Jamie Tiley-Gooden closed his gap on Ethan. Ethan managed to hold off Jamie but only 5 10th separated them at Chequered. Barry Morris had an exquisite Heat 2 where he began in P1 and held it throughout. With a very competitive grid and poor conditions he worked hard to hold the sort after position.


With everything to fight for in the final, the whole grid gave their everything through each and every corner. With many dramatic moments, it saw Barry Morris, Justin Elliott and James Bettison fall into the P1,2 and 3 positions. With constant position changes James managed to work his way a head and held this to the chequered flag. With the excitement or potentially exhaustion of such a head to head battle James span after receiving chequered to many cheers from the thoroughly entertained spectators.


Thursday Night League 20.07.23


A very wet start to todays race due to the rain earlier in the day meant the track was slowly drying throughout the qualifying session and meant very few clean laps for any drivers due to the constantly changing conditions. For the start of the race it was Paul Granger on pole, James King in P2 and Lee Schnitzler in P3.

The race got off to a good start with all drivers coping well in the damp conditions. James King and Paul Granger were neck and neck fighting for P1 whilst Lee Schnitzler and Jimi Holder were battling out for 3rd with Lee holding the position for the majority of the early race. Lap times improved throughout as the track dried up which meant drivers of all strengths got a chance to show their stuff. In the final few laps of the race Jimi took the position from Lee and managed to hold it until the finish ending with Jimi Holder taking P3 on the podium. James King nearly took the win on the last lap as he was still neck and neck with Paul Granger throughout the race up until the last corner, but Paul managed to hold his own and took P1 over James King in P2.

Overall some very impressive racing with the changing conditions and busy track.


With a slightly damp qualifying session all drivers did really well to keep it on the tarmac with a lot of good opportunities for some competitive lap times.Qualifying ended with Lee Schnitzler on pole, Jack Stewart in 2nd position and Carl Stephens in 3rd.

Very clean racing throughout the entire race with a high standard of driving across the board saw faster and faster lap times as the drivers were all pushing for any slight advantage they could get over the driver ahead, a notable battle was for P3 throughout the race with James King and Carl Stephens neck and neck for the majority of the race with Carl taking the spot at the end of the race and thus taking 3rd on the podium.

The top spot was taken by Lee Schnitzler with Jack Stewart in second on the podium. As the track dried out the lap times improved and made for a very fast paced race by the end of the time out on track.


Thursday Night League 27.07.23


On a crisp summer evening we welcomed twenty-four drivers to the International Layout of the circuit for the ninth instalment of the SODI Thursday Night Sprint League, with championship contenders Harry Asher and James King present, we knew the race would go down to the wire! It did just that!

Harry Asher, Harrison Williams and James King all fought tooth and nail for the victory and were covered by just point seven of a second heading into the final lap! Harry Asher executed a superb overtake on the exit of turn eight, and flew past James King who was then under pressure from Harrison Williams into the challenging braking zone of turn ten!

Harrison sent it down the inside and managed to claim the position and would take second place behind Harry Asher in first, and in front of James King in third in what was a truly fantastic battle between three talented drivers!"



In the DMAX karts, we had yet another fantastic turnout of twenty-one drivers competes for victory.

Headed up by William Stephenson, Lee Schnitzler, James King, and Paul Studd, the stage was set for a fantastic race. Title contender jack Stewart found himself starting in ninth place after a difficult qualifying! The start of race was full of chaos in the midfield as a late braking driver made contact with the pack and sent drivers into a spin, one of those was Jack Stewart who had to claw his way back to fourth position, behind Lee, William and James.

Another race that had the top three covered by less than a second with brilliantly executed overtakes through-out the race, William Stephenson would emerge victorious over James King in second place, and Lee Schnitzler in third.

Another round of Thursday Night Sprint League, and another action-packed evening on the race track! Thank you to all drivers who took part and did your bit to create some fantastic racing!




Round 7 of SuperChamps saw a mix of new faces and old join us for a good morning of racing. A roster of young drivers including Blake Southan and Neil Hampson joined the talented ranks of N35 Lights, while an overseas guest in Omar Aswat gave the N35 Heavies a run for their money.
In N35 Lights it was Blake Southan who would dominate, winning both heats and his final by an incredible 15 seconds. The battle behind him between Charlie Edge and Neil Hampson went all the way to the line, with just 1 tenth of a second splitting the two across the line. The battle behind them was for first place in the Heavies with Omar Aswat on his debut to the championship taking the win in the final after two great performances by Ben Tomkinson-Gray in the heats including a 3rd place overall.
Bertie Bream continued to stretch his legs and extend his lead in the DMAX Lights standings with a clean sweep of both heats wins, a finals win and a fastest lap point all secured comfortably. Ben Smiles, Oliver Michaeli and Ewan Reeves all found themselves fighting for the remaining podium places in the lights, but in the end it was Ben Smiles who took 2nd in the Final and Ewan Reeves in 3rd.
The DMAX Heavy championship is now even closer following great performances from both Justin Elliot and Mario Nacarlo, taking us now to just a two-point difference between the two after their dropped scores as we head into the final round. The two traded wins in each heat but it was Justin Elliot who this time took a commanding win in the Final and secured his fastest lap point, allowing him to close the gap to the championship leader.
With just one round left to go in SuperChamps Season 2, who will end up on top in the standings?

Sandown Park

Thursday Night League 20.07.23

In the SODI category, during the practice session, Oscar Joyce emerged as the fastest driver, setting the best lap time of 52.605 seconds. He finished 0.149 seconds ahead of second-place driver Jack Harrison, who recorded a lap time of 52.754 seconds. Steve Hannon secured 3rd place with a best lap time of 53.001 seconds. The competition was fierce, with the top 13 drivers separated by only 1.536 seconds.

Moving on to the race, Jack Harrison showcased an excellent performance, executing a great overtake on the last lap to claim victory. He finished just 0.063 seconds ahead of 2nd place driver Oscar Joyce. Steve Hannon led the race for a significant portion but dropped to 3rd place on the last lap. Luka Nik secured 4th place with a best lap time of 53.385 seconds. Reece Harris delivered an impressive race, finishing in 6th place, closely behind Lucian Joyce, who took 5th place.

In the DMAX practice, Tom Brown showcased his dominance, setting the fastest lap time of 46.542 seconds, finishing 0.543 seconds ahead of 2nd place driver Michael Miao. Jack Luggar secured 3rd place with a best lap time of 47.172 seconds, rounding out the top 3 quickest drivers in practice. The top 6 drivers in the DMAX category were separated by only 1 second, highlighting the competitive nature of the racing.

During the race, Tom Brown delivered a brilliant performance, leading from the front on lap 1 and maintaining his position throughout the entire 20-minute race. He finished with an impressive lead of 14.668 seconds. Billy Reymond started in 4th place but made a decisive move on lap 20 to overtake Michael Miao and secure 3rd place, finishing just 0.200 seconds ahead of Michael. Jack Luggar defended his 2nd place throughout the race, securing a podium spot with a best lap time of 46.930 seconds.

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